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  1. Bluefield vs. Weir in the 2004 State Semifinals. The "Miracle at Mitchell."
  2. Is it possible to purchase single game tickets? I may be able to make it to tomorrow night's but need to know about getting tickets.
  3. Although the times are very different at Bluefield now than they were when I was there, don't hate on the smaller bands. When I was there we may have been a 1/4 the size of the some of the schools we faced, but we were nearly always cleaner and much more controlled than others. I do know the guy that is teaching there now and I will hold my tongue with respect to him, but I am sure he is doing an alright job with the students. What does it really matter? The only people that EVER watch a halftime show at most Beaver games are the parents or fans who used to be in band. Nothing different than other high schools in the regard.
  4. What's the purpose of owning a weapon like an AR-15 or any other automatic rifle? I don't see many people carrying those around as protection or taking them into the woods with them during the fall. The only reason to own a gun such as this is to have something cooler than the other guy and something fun to "play" with at the range. Maybe people who own guns like this should be required to keep them at their local shooting range and be able to use them whenever they would like to go relieve some stress by popping off a few hundred rounds. I have no problem with people owning guns or possessing them in public. I own a gun myself, but see no reason in carrying it because in a situation like the theater shooting, I could do more harm than good. I do disagree with the fact that I could walk up to Gander Mtn. and purchase a weapon such the AR or even a .50 caliber rifle. I do realize that criminals will always break the rules, but why do we make it so easy to obtain these types of weapons?
  5. What has to happen for the Beavers to make the playoffs? What are the chances the "stars align" for them to make it in?
  6. LSU is a much better team. I don't see WVU pulling this one, unless they are playing this game in wonderland.
  7. Holy crap! Something we agree on! I too enjoy my roundness. (not quite as catchy as relish)
  8. Yessir that was me! Glad you noticed. Thanks for taking the personal stab by the way.
  9. Rocks: I am not trying to say that I am better than anyone because I haven't drank alcohol. I don't really wanna make you guys mad or anything, but I just hate alcohol and it effects, whether it be too much or any at all. The things you listed, for the most part, are not bad for your body and your health. I just hate that all these people are taking a chance on ruining their lives and bodies. Oh yea, I am not little! Lol.
  10. I have never had a single drink of any alcoholic beverage and I am very proud of that, sorry I am not like the rest of the teenage guys in the world.
  11. Oh yea. You were to other reason why I left. Cause you are simply a complete asshole and if anything ever happens to doesn't make you happy, you just kick them off. Why must you be an ass all the damn time? Are you pissed off that McDonald's doesn't pay enough or something?
  12. No, alcohol is the damn problem. Nothing good comes from consumption of alcohol. I don't give a shit what age you are or how much you drink. I am sure all of you who go out all time and drink will disagree with me and jump me like usual, but imagine if there wasn't alcohol in the world. No one needs it to live do they? No. Call me dumb or whatever insult you prefer, but alcohol is the root of many a problem everyday throughout the world.
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