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  1. I would have to disagree. since this board is based on southwest sports the people of Southwest Virginia and West Virginia benefited from Trump getting "elected" so really someone won
  2. Hats off to Appomattox and congratulations to them on their state championship! But....I still believe graham was the best team in 2a again just let one get by em.
  3. Yeah. Football is becoming more of a sissy sport anymore. When I was playing you were always told to keep your head on a “swivel”. That penalty was the back breaker for graham.
  4. Yeah that might be true. But the game was over 3 hours away and still had a good showing.
  5. Buddy you ain’t wrong. Grass was awful. Not a lot of seating for visitors. Restrooms were awful.
  6. I just can’t believe they throw a flag on a hit like that. It was clean. Just took all the air out of graham. They had momentum
  7. That punt return for a TD called back will haunt me for the rest of my days. the refs just need to let the kids play that was a bs call. I just don’t get how grown ass men can make a call like that in that big of a game. Absolutely unreal.
  8. Idk how many TDS Zay has had this year called back unreal. That changed the outcome of the game
  9. Boy graham got cheated out of one this year.
  10. Graham gives up 3 touchdowns on 3 blown coverages. Gotta come out strong first series
  11. Making the trip to Appomattox! LETS GO GMEN!
  12. Look up J&J news on Facebook if you have it.
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