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  1. When 2A used it, we advanced only 4 from half state to an 8 man bracket at the state tournament. 2A region/half state has been very difficult to advance out of so far in the 6A system.
  2. If they combine 1-2A for wrestling, then basically that is what we will have anyway. Regions 1D and 2D will be tough to get out of if they are only taking top 4 for a 16 man bracket. Grundy, Rural Retreat, Lebanon, Richlands, and John Battle were the top teams in the 2 regions. Reminds me of the last few years of the old region 4, before Grundy dropped to 1A, when we had Grundy along with all of the Roanoke, Martinsville, and New River Valley schools all in one region.
  3. So does that mean he will be ineligible for 365 days now?
  4. Grayson also has one othe most underrated coaches in the area as well. Coach Coman has done very well in his short tenure so far.
  5. Poquoson 1st, Grayson 2nd, Lebanon 3rd in 2A. New Kent 1st, Christiansburg 2nd, Brentsville District 3rd in 3A Abingdon 6th
  6. https://www.trackwrestling.com/predefinedtournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=false&TIM=1552909620937&pageName=
  7. Coach Go was also at Tazewell and was the offensive line coach on the ‘86 state team. He left Tazewell after the ‘89 season. Great coach and great man!
  8. @EH31 I guess that settles it, you were right LOL!
  9. Michael Webb. He is also the head football coach now.
  10. Keep your eyes on Lebanon. They return a lot from last year. They will be strong for a while too.
  11. One of the best game I’ve seen in a while
  12. Lol ok. Guy in all black on richlands sidelands, visor like the other picture, he’s at the games I’ve been too. Sure looks like the same guy to me. But could be wrong.
  13. He’s at very richlands game I’ve been too. Someone from richlands can name that guy for sure. He was taking pictures of Tazewell warmups this year. Not sure what his reasoning was, but that’s what he was doing.
  14. I'm not going to call a kid out on here, but I know one is for sure, and I'm pretty sure another is. I'll let someone else look that up. Everywhere has hold backs, and not all of them are for athletic reasons. My point is, be careful how much you say Graham doesn't do that, when it is more normal than you realize. The creativity of parents doing this in other grades than 8th grade, makes it a little harder to detect.
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