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  1. I played for him at Marion during his first season as head coach and his second when Marion won eight ball games. I never saw a coach who worked harder. By Saturday morning he had already had the game from the night before scouted and would have players scouting sheets.We would of went to war with him, that's how much respect he received. Some did not like him at Marion, that is true. But he played the best kids. Their parents didn't matter. We were there to win. "There is no substitute for victory" He always said it was really hard to ask the players to work hard if the coaches wont. Coaches job is to do everything in their power to make sure the kids have everything they need to win. His first year at Abingdon, they did not have scrimmage which set them back. the second year Bowles wouldn't try to find one and Coach Briscoe got Abingdon a scrimmage. The record that second year was better.
  2. What about Coach Mike Briscoe. he still lives in Abingdon. Played football and was all state at defensive end. He loves the town of Abingdon and im sure he would be interested in the opening. He coached under Bowles one year and they played the best defense in the Bowles era while Coach Briscoe was the defensive coordinator. He led Marion to their first ever 6-0 start 2009. He could bring Abingdon back to glory days of the 70s.
  3. Who do you think will make it to states out of the region?
  4. well i think TNT will make it to the NFL straight outta highschool...haha...
  5. amen brother...i work there
  6. two things there big guy... our RB this year avgs more yards a game than lyons did last year and the nut house is still up and runnin on the hill...
  7. he better end up in charlottesville...the wahoos need all the help they can get!
  8. yeah...because its the only way to do it! cobras and venom baby cobras and venom. get to whompin
  9. they can beat nothwood by 40 points...they just need to keep the ball in the hands of 21 and 41 all night.
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