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  1. Im talking in a few years, not this year. Im saying in two years Graham will be a great basketball team! They have a lot of freshman and sophomores that are playing the majority of the minutes and they have already proved they are no pushover. It will be the same as when graham was full of sophmores a few years ago and went 4-18 and in two years was 18-4 or something close. coach carlock will develop these players, they just need time. and the middle school team went 22-2 this year which means they will have some solid talent coming up
  2. Collier and Eades might be sophomores but they saw a lot of time last year at the varsity level compared to spencer who got very limited time and gray who on Jv. Colby Hill was playing middle school ball last year. This team just needs time to adjust to the speed of the game which Bluefield is great at! Bluefield is just to fast for the young gmen!
  3. There a solid underrated team this year, but not loaded. They will be loaded when gray baker, zach proffit,tony hood, corey coppola, and colby hill are all juniors and seniors. That will be the best year for the gmen to make a state championship run! mark my words
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    Graham will be just fine!! They lost quite a bit but coach carlock will have them ready, he always does. With Gabe, lamont, and zach proffit leading the team they should be alright! gray baker and colby should come along as the season progresses and i would say in about two years they will be top of the Med
  5. T.Boyd taking over! clemson 31 Vt 17!!!
  6. Jordan came his freshman year and scored all 1000 at graham! He never even attended mercer Christian so i have no idea where your coming up with this stuff?
  7. Well then IMO he should have won it last year. I thought Scott Brewster or Jordan Bryan should have won it. Im not trying to take anything away from the Roe(sp) kid from marion who i believe won it last year but thats just my opinion.
  8. I think it had a lot to do with the whole 1000 point thing but who knows??
  9. It was a great night for both of them! Christian really stepped up huge tonight and played the game of his life!!
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