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  1. That's ok. VT still beat UVA in 2018.
  2. Well this seems like kind of a big deal. Timing is really bad to try and find a new coach when most hires have already been completed.
  3. Everyone on here knows everything. Just look at the Covid 19 discussions. You would think every poster on here got their degree in infectious diseases from Harvard and works for the CDC in their spare time.
  4. If I were a UT fan I'd probably worry more about my team losing to Georgia State last year than anything that Va Tech does.
  5. Tech would love to have ODU in the Coastal. It would be an easy win on the schedule and a chance to rest their starters. VT beat them 31-17 last year without Hooker starting at QB. They tend to lie to sell their product. See James Franklin or Butch Jones.
  6. A lot of false statements on this thread about VT. Times have changed. NOVA & Richmond are where a majority of the top recruits are at not the 757. If you talk to people who actually know Justin Fuente they will tell you he is very personable but he's not a used car salesman. He's not going to lie to a recruit just to get them to sign with the Hokies. It's still early in the recruiting period and Tech's class will continue to improve as the summer progresses. A majority of the transfers (which happened a couple of years ago) were Beamer recruits that didn't make the transition to Fuente and that happens at any program when there is a change at the top. Check the preseason predictions and you will see VT and UNC getting the most votes to win the ACC Coastal this year which is far from the doomsday predictions on this thread.
  7. Wing Stop in Kingsport is really good too. I think it's better than Buffalo Wild Wings but it is on the pricier side.
  8. Tuesdays and Thursdays are BOGO at Buffalo Wild Wings.
  9. True, but this is one of the many reasons why I dislike the NBA. NBA teams draft mainly on potential as opposed to the best college basketball players. The Big East has excellent basketball players who may not get the attention coming out of high school or go early in the NBA draft but they can play. I wouldn't bet against McClung to succeed at this point judging by what he has done so far. If averaged 15 a game in the Big East he will do it it any other conference.
  10. I disagree. The Big East can compete with the SEC & the ACC in basketball. Villanova, Seton Hall, Marquette, Butler, Creighton, and Xavier have competitive programs that regularly make the NCAA Tournament. Then you add in Georgetown's non con schedule where they played Duke, Texas, and Syracuse. I still think he will average double digits in scoring in the ACC or any other conference as long as he's healthy.
  11. Tiller finished with a 16-18 record and one playoff win. A losing record is a fantastic job?
  12. Great question. Who are the top 5 current coaches in SWVA? I'd have to go with 1)Turner (Union), 2) Wells (Richlands), 3)Owens (Wise), 4)Robinson (Chilhowie) and 5) Palmer (Graham). I'm probably leaving off some good ones but out of those five I don't see any of them leaving to coach at Patrick Henry. Probably going to have find a good coordinator or younger coach with less experience if you're PH.
  13. Where is Dean going to college? I haven't see anything in the paper about what schools are recruiting him.
  14. Absolutely, especially the early spring window of the NCAA tourney, MLB opening day, the Masters and the English Premiere League. Once those are over I don't watch hardly any sports over the summer. Right now I would welcome just about any sport to take my mind off the horrible stories related to the Coronavirus for a couple of hours.
  15. Or 1 horrible foul call from putting Gate City out in district play.
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