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  1. If these actually existed Trump would put them up on billboards on the White House lawn.
  2. I love the outrage on this from the same Republican Party that supports a man who admitted to sexually assaulting women, cheated on his wives numerous times, paid off a porn star to keep her quiet, solicited other countries to help him win an election, encouraged people to drink disinfectant, and tweets like he's 5 year old. This lady got a haircut but you would think she was guilty of war crimes.
  3. If you believe all of that garbage you may want to go ahead and move to Tennessee.
  4. Shoemaker went to Wake Forest for basketball. Houseright and Beasley went to VT for football.
  5. They did have a lot of size but they were mostly football players who went out for basketball to stay in shape. Shoemaker played guard for Gate City but he wasn't a threat from the outside which is why I would take him off the starting 5. His size & potential got him the Wake Forest scholarship but Dockery and Hood had a better high school career as far as stats go.
  6. I would take Houseright and Shoemaker out of the starting lineup. Both had good size but there were better basketball players ahead of them. I would add Shannon Carter from Gate City to this list. He was really tough.
  7. Would that happen to be the same guy who admitted that he is trying to dismantle the USPS so people cannot mail in their votes? That's really looking out for the USA.
  8. I'll never understand this argument. I can't think of many professions where having 0 experience is considered a good thing. Just because Jeff Bezos is a successful entrepreneur doesn't translate into him being a great President. It helps to build relationships and make connections in Congress before running for the White House. You say "Greed is destroying the country" yet you want billionaires running our government? I'd rather have officials who can somewhat relate to the average U.S. citizen.
  9. That's always the best place to get your accurate news.
  10. Gonna be fun watching Ms. Harris destroy Mike Pence...
  11. Keep drinking the Kool Aid or disinfectant.
  12. A lot of discussion for a program that will never reach the heights of Appalachia or Powell Valley and they've been closed for over 10 years.
  13. I agree. VT's AD mentioned that they will be putting more of an investment in recruiting by increasing their staff so that should help. Tech makes a living off of player development. While it would be nice to get more four and five star recruits the Hokies have been successful at getting the hungry 3 stars who have a chip on their shoulder and turning them into good players.
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