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  1. Or 1 horrible foul call from putting Gate City out in district play.
  2. In no way am I a Gate City fan but what John Marshall did should make them ineligible to compete in the VHSL. An AAU coach should not be allowed to to lead that and a high school team in my opinion. It creates an unfair advantage by blatantly recruiting players to create a super team.
  3. Both sides of the Mountain will be top heavy. Boys should be Union, Abingdon, and Gate City. Girls should be Ridgeview, Gate City, and maybe Wise.
  4. Maybe. Union should be there. Gate City is going to drop off a little bit but outside of Abingdon most teams in the Mountain District will be losing some important pieces. Not sure what the Southwest will look like next season.
  5. Is this a joke? The VH$L only cares about one thing and player safety isn't at the top of the list.
  6. No way you can make that call in the closing seconds of the game. Let the players decide the outcome in the final moments.
  7. Yes. 1 win out of 3 is an excellent showing for the Southwest.
  8. Completely disagree with this statement. Look at the offenses a majority of teams run today. Teams are spread out wide to create space for drives or three point shots if help comes to stop the drive. There may be a maximum of one ball screen set before a shot is attempted. In the 1980s & 1990s teams were running offenses that set a lot more screens which brought physicality to the game. There used to be post players who could bang in the paint and score with their back to the basket. In todays game posts are content to shoot threes and not go to work down low. Teams are much softer today.
  9. Yes, but those rankings are high for VA mainly due to schools located in the NOVA area, not SWVA. The closest schools to SWVA that are ranked in the top 100 are in Blacksburg and Roanoke.
  10. Probably because recruiting isn't an exact science and D1 schools miss out from time to time. Playing in SWVA against smaller schools doesn't help in getting offers.
  11. I would take Ridgeview, Gate City, and Union over any team in the Southwest District. Wise would be more than capable of finishing 2nd or 3rd in the SWD. Battle and Lee would still finish towards the bottom of any district. We will find out the answers in about two weeks.
  12. He would be a lot better if 90% of his articles weren't devoted to what happened in the past. Those folks got plenty of press back during their glory days. These kids playing today hardly get a sentence.
  13. When did this nickname begin? I don't recall Richlands ever being good at basketball so to call their gym the "House of Hustle" seems like false advertising.
  14. Marion might finish 5th or 6th in the Mountain District.
  15. This is a great win for Gate City but is DB supposed to be good this year? I thought they lost their best players to graduation.
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