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  1. This is a myth that has been bought into by most high school coaches. A team is more successful with athletes who play multiple sports as opposed to a roster of players who specialize in only one sport. A majority of colleges prefer that their recruits play multiple sports and any high school coach encouraging their players to focus only one is doing a disservice to their players and the school.
  2. Young and small is not the formula for "better than we think".
  3. Scoreboard looks good, turf looks horrible. Hopefully they don't practice on it and give the grass more time to grow. I'm always amazed at how run down they let high school facilities get before they do work to them. The bleachers in those pics don't look like they've been pressure washed in over 10 years.
  4. Big sigh of relief that you are not in the education system...
  5. How many years was Burton a regional contender under Williams besides the most recent one? I don't recall him being that successful at Burton, at least not close to the level it was under Stan Wilson. I think the Adams move is more related to health concerns over "politics".
  6. Didn't you have this same take about basketball?
  7. Odd that Gate City hired a coach with 0 head coaching experience over Reed since he's such an excellent candidate.
  8. No way Battle is dumb enough to make that hire.
  9. And lost in the first round each time. At some point getting a win and advancing should be the goal instead of being satisfied with just making the playoffs.
  10. Mac McClung won a state championship. Everyone else was along for the ride.
  11. 17-26 in 4 years. Finished above .500 just one year. Never won a post season game in a heavily expanded playoff format. I think Battle needs to raise their expectations. At most schools these results would equal hot seat talk.
  12. Time to get a new AAU coach. College coaches do not prefer specialization. They want well rounded athletes.
  13. When I first heard of the hire I was in the same boat. After having more time to think about it I like the hire as long as he's surrounded with a staff of strong recruiters. He can obviously coach and develop talent but there will be numerous hurdles in getting recruits to give Blacksburg a chance. I believe Young cares a lot about Virginia Tech with his SWVA roots. Buzz was always one foot out the door so it will be nice to have a coach who is loyal to the school. It will take time but hopefully it works out.
  14. M7 is a little tougher than finishing 2nd in the Cumberland every year.
  15. They must not have played too hard look at his win loss record.
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