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  1. Yes, but those rankings are high for VA mainly due to schools located in the NOVA area, not SWVA. The closest schools to SWVA that are ranked in the top 100 are in Blacksburg and Roanoke.
  2. Probably because recruiting isn't an exact science and D1 schools miss out from time to time. Playing in SWVA against smaller schools doesn't help in getting offers.
  3. I would take Ridgeview, Gate City, and Union over any team in the Southwest District. Wise would be more than capable of finishing 2nd or 3rd in the SWD. Battle and Lee would still finish towards the bottom of any district. We will find out the answers in about two weeks.
  4. He would be a lot better if 90% of his articles weren't devoted to what happened in the past. Those folks got plenty of press back during their glory days. These kids playing today hardly get a sentence.
  5. When did this nickname begin? I don't recall Richlands ever being good at basketball so to call their gym the "House of Hustle" seems like false advertising.
  6. Marion might finish 5th or 6th in the Mountain District.
  7. This is a great win for Gate City but is DB supposed to be good this year? I thought they lost their best players to graduation.
  8. You don't have to do that now....
  9. Um...1996 Appalachia and Powell Valley would like a word.
  10. This game was a blowout last year in PHś favor and they didn´t graduate a lot from that team. Burton did have a few turnovers early in the game to give PH some help. This is a good size (PH) vs Speed (Burton) matchup but I think PH wins by running the ball and not doing anything to beat themselves. Burton does have an advantage in their schedule has been more competitive than Patrick Henryś so that may help in preparation for this game.
  11. I agree but the defense has come on strong the last 2 games to help out. Bud has done a magnificent job with this young group.
  12. Agree that Battle does not finish ahead of Wise Central or Gate City with a healthy squad. They would probably finish with 4 wins instead of 2 and get blown out in the first round in the playoffs like they have the last 3 years. Disagree that this Friday will come down to the fourth quarter. Union should be up by 2 to 3 scores by the end of the first quarter. Ridgeview could have had a running clock by the middle of the second quarter at Battle. Union shouldn't have a problem...
  13. I readily admit I do not know Marion's situation very well but I don't believe travel ball solves the problem with youth sports. When travel ball teams form the kids who suffer the most are the ones who come from low income families who can't afford to make the trips or pay the dues to pay on these teams. Rec league at least allows a majority of the kids in your town to participate and possibly turn into a contributor for varsity sports on down the road. It seems like a majority of towns across SWVA are turning to travel ball and I've not seen it pay off for many schools. I do see a lot less turn out in sports because the kids are either burnt out once they reach high school or they were not developed at the elementary or middle school level because of a lack of participation in rec league.
  14. I'm leaning towards Wise Central but their struggles with VA High are concerning. Battle lost to a bad Marion team and Wise played with Abingdon for a half so I'll give Wise the edge.
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