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  1. If that is the case, then it sounds like a waste of money. If they are looking to spend nearly 10 million on a sports complex then why not have room for Basebal and Football. It doesn't have to be a full field. How big of a field do they use for the 7 on 7? They could have that in there then and not worry about weather.
  2. I see that Tazewell is going to do a "feasibility" study for a sports complex in town. I wonder what all will be in there. Hopefully there will be an indoor area for footbal practice area.
  3. Has the Coppinger tournament finished and what were the results?
  4. Consolidation has been talked about before way back in the late 60's and early 70's. At that time they were talking about combining Richlands and Tazewell.
  5. I too believe that it is a combination of reasons. I think the biggest is the lack of jobs in the area other than coal mining. The need for manufacturing and other service related jobs contribute but you can't get those in the area because of the lack of access to the major transportation hubs (Highways, Railways and airports). There is also not a lot of tourist related jobs because of the lack of attractions and again the roads. The other reason falls on the access to tv, videos, and electronic games. Disappearing are the days when a bunch of kids get together at "Johnny's House" to play football or baseball and even basketball. I too am one of those that left the area because of work and was gone for almost 30 yrs. I did return for a couple of years but there was nothing there and the crime and drug problems are bad. So with that you can't attract anything. Now I live out of state in an area where we can't build houses, apartments and schools fast enough because of the growth. The football programs (and baseball) programs have a lot of participation. And yes a bigger number of D1 and D2 level players (plus it seems that they grow bigger down here). They have a spring football practices and 7 on 7 games.
  6. Why don't they break the state into 2 sections east/west, upper/lower state. They do this in SC. They end up with more schools involved then the 2 champs in each class play for the state championship.
  7. Heard that RHS pulled there team off the field before the game was over. Any truth, if so why?
  8. Pay back is He@#. Guess they can"t take it.
  9. Bound to be an empty cow pasture somewhere around to use. Also don't need bleachers that way everytime you have a game you can have a standing room only crowd!
  10. In S.C. they use the same type of classification system (6A,6AA, 6AAA etc.). The games just don't seem to have the same "feel" as when you have districts. And with the playoff system you can have a good record and get beat out of a spot by a team that may be half way across the state and not have as good of a record as you.
  11. Does anyone have the 2013 football schedules yet? Could not find them on the VHSL website.
  12. Like normal, nothing in the BDT (online) about the game. Didn't even find anything in the Roanoke paper.
  13. In some places, the HS coach is the "Commissioner" of the little league. He works with the coaches and in some cases he gives them :"basic" plays that he uses in high school. Also when the kids get to Jr. High level the coaches are using the same plays as the HS so by the time these kids get to HS they know the basic plays and the HS coach can move on to more advanced formations without having to go back and teach the basic plays he uses.
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