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  1. We like creek ratz which is next door to dead dog. It has decent food but especially in the summer you can sit outside and they have live music. We haven't gone to Dead Dog much, but I will always support them because of the way they treated their employees after the place burned. They kept them on the payroll and some of the employees actually helped with the rebuild of the place.
  2. We live in MB (Carolina Forest area). Saw that story on the news last night but there was no mention of the AR-15.
  3. Sounds like your OCD kicked in. 😄
  4. They are painting the town "Teal" even closed some of the streets in town to paint them with a Chant.
  5. Just heard that Liberty cancelled and Coastal will now be playing BYU.
  6. He has competition down here for players. Myrtle Beach, Carolina Forest are the bigger schools in the county and they get most of the better talent.
  7. Yes the game is tonight, there were some rain showers and some lighting in the area Friday night.
  8. Who was the one brave soul that voted against the phase 3 model?
  9. b_dawg74

    Mance news

    I know in SC some of the HS coaches are making $60,000 + and they don't even have to teach a class.
  10. If that is the case, then it sounds like a waste of money. If they are looking to spend nearly 10 million on a sports complex then why not have room for Basebal and Football. It doesn't have to be a full field. How big of a field do they use for the 7 on 7? They could have that in there then and not worry about weather.
  11. I see that Tazewell is going to do a "feasibility" study for a sports complex in town. I wonder what all will be in there. Hopefully there will be an indoor area for footbal practice area.
  12. Has the Coppinger tournament finished and what were the results?
  13. Consolidation has been talked about before way back in the late 60's and early 70's. At that time they were talking about combining Richlands and Tazewell.
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