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  1. Does anyone have a link to this game tonight? I'm out of town but would like to listen to it. Sounds like it might be an exciting one
  2. Thanks Stu_ Bean ... very helpful
  3. Anyone have directions to Union's field or an address?
  4. Heard that Richlands QB dad passed away today ... can anyone confirm?
  5. I believe most of those titles were won before the mid 1950s .... not so sure about modern day Reidsville teams
  6. From what I hear, a freshman for Graham broke his ankle
  7. Just hope they don't replace him with defensive coach of the year
  8. Apparently he is going to be out according to the news. Why would DM replace him with another senior without any QB experience as he said on sports last night? I understand there are a couple of sophmores that are pretty decent on the JV squad .... anyone ever heard of building for the future?
  9. Why would he not play on Sat. for the next several years?
  10. Think about where the federal grant money comes from
  11. Strange also that the Marrs boys didn't make the team. I think they both got D1 scholarships
  12. TheFumbler


    RCB - 7 Bluefield - 21
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