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  1. Nottoway Amelia Stuarts Draft Strasburg Appomattox Glenvar Graham Central Nottoway Stuarts Draft Appomattox Graham Stuarts Draft Appomattox Appomattox 41
  2. If Duke can miss the NCAA tournament then Richlands can definitely miss out on the playoffs for a year LOL
  3. Bottom line is Richlands lost to Graham and Tazewell you guys had your chance to win enough to get in and came up short and it’s over with and time to move on
  4. Lebanon Abingdon Twin Valley Grundy Union Rural Retreat Patrick Henry Floyd Covington Tazewell Castlewood Holston Narrows Gate City Auburn George Wythe Salem 52 Graham 41 Galax 45
  5. Pulaski Abingdon George Wythe Glenvar Radford Central John Battle Richlands Marion Galax Grayson Grundy Northwood Castlewood Eastside JI Burton Patrick Henry Graham 45 Rural Retreat 45
  6. Fort Chiswell Giles Radford Central Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands East Mont Galax George Wythe Narrows Patrick Henry Honaker Castlewood Thomas Walker Rural Retreat Twin Springs Abingdon 35
  7. Not really lol but I’m glad it’s a short season with the Canes being this bad and another good thing is with the attendance being cut down I don’t have to actually watch it
  8. Chilhowie is a little worse than us... lol
  9. I believe Graham will actually play their second team and leave them in when up 35 or more with little time left in the game and not bring the starters back in to run the score up on basically a JV roster playing varsity
  10. Redemption time lmao you still don’t run the score up on anyone especially up 35 with less than 2 minutes in the game.
  11. Just trying to run up the score on basically a JV team makes you look big and bad I guess lol
  12. Wet field dry field asphalt field concrete field pasture field or playing on Mars or the moon. Graham still wins by a huge margin
  13. Looks like a desert
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