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  1. Pulaski Abingdon George Wythe Fort Chiswell Radford Central Ridgeview John Battle Patrick Henry Graham Galax Grayson Grundy Hurley Twin Valley Chilhowie Burton Thomas Walker Florida Wisconsin Auburn Florida St UNC West Virginia Virginia Georgia Buffalo Kansas City Minnesota Houston Cleveland Narrows 30
  2. Galax Radford Graham Ridgeview Gate City John Battle Burton Union Grundy George Wythe Tazewell Tennessee High Grayson Honaker Patrick Henry Thomas Walker Rye Cove Twin Springs Lord Botetourt Penn St Tennessee Virginia Tech NC State UCF Marshall Florida Clemson Virginia Minnesota Tennessee Seattle Dallas New Orleans Atlanta Pulaski 48 Chilhowie 45
  3. Pulaski Abingdon Grayson George Wythe Christiansburg Central John Battle Ridgeview Graham Narrows Galax Grundy Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Patrick Henry Holston Rural Retreat Bluefield Virginia Boise St Virginia Tech Missouri Clemson Tennessee LSU Miami Cleveland Philadelphia Jacksonville Los Angeles New England Union 46 Chilhowie 56
  4. Nah I'm not a insider just a realist... I hope Marion proves me wrong I don't see it happening.
  5. Who cares really Chilhowie wins this game regardless of what was tweeted out
  6. Ridgeview Northside Abingdon Carroll County Fort Chiswell Blacksburg Radford Central Richlands Union Honaker Chilhowie Tazewell Glenvar Grayson Narrows Grundy Tug Valley Patrick Henry Rye Cove Cumberland Gap Northwood Holston West Virginia South Carolina Tennessee App St Virginia Tech Marshall Oregon Virginia Oklahoma Bluefield 51
  7. Chilhowie wins I don't know if Marion could beat a JV team
  8. I wonder if Anthony Harris or any of the other 2019 recruits will decommit now that Buzz is gone
  9. I hate to see him go he brought the spread offense to Marion and was successful with it and it was fun to watch. The coach wright days was run the ball up the middle constantly and it got old real quick. I hope the new guy comes in with an offensive mind like Carroll has.
  10. Thanks man we've gotta keep the train chugging right along lol
  11. I'll represent the minority then if Marion played for a title I about guarantee you wouldn't see many Chilhowie fans pulling for the Canes and I don't blame them. It's not personal I just can't pull for a rival and if Chilhowie wins it Kudos to them
  12. I'm making predictions on who I think is going to win the game if you think I give 2 rats a$$es if I make myself look bad because I might be wrong on the pick you've got it all wrong Good Lord
  13. Mac 0-3 from the floor all 3 point attempts. I know he's just a freshman but he's going to have to get a jump shot going to play at this level you just can't be a great athlete and jumper to play D1 basketball
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