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  1. Wheeling Park Bluefield Miami Marshall Liberty TCU Appalachian St Texas A&M Virginia Packers Buccaneers Ravens Bears Seahawks 52
  2. George Washington James Monroe Summers County Webster County Sherman BYU Indiana Texas Virginia Tech North Carolina Marshall Appalachian St Georgia Arkansas Titans Chiefs Steelers Buccaneers Patriots Clemson 44
  3. Princeton Bluefield River View Tolsia Meadow Bridge North Carolina Liberty Marshall Alabama Oklahoma St Virginia Tech Texas Tech Minnesota Miami Cincinnati Saints Packers Buccaneers Rams Steelers 45
  4. Bluefield Montcalm Mount View Tennessee Syracuse West Virginia NC State Wake Forest Marshall Virginia Tech Titans Steelers Buccaneers 49ers Cardinals Alabama 50
  5. John Marshall Bluefield Buffalo James Monroe Wahama Florida North Carolina Liberty Virginia Syracuse Georgia Marshall Panthers Bills Browns Seahawks Saints Clemson 58
  6. Bluefield James Monroe Princeton Wyoming East Sherman Van Tennessee West Virginia Liberty Alabama Virginia Tech Clemson Steelers Cardinals Chiefs 49ers Packers Georgia 52
  7. Shady Spring James Monroe Mount View Auburn Louisville Cincinnati Oklahoma St Tennessee Virginia Tech Virginia Georgia Tech Liberty Rams Vikings Falcons Saints Ravens Bluefield 56
  8. Bluefield Liberty Pikeview Summers County Oklahoma St Western Kentucky Duke Pittsburgh Notre Dame UNC UCF Appalachian St Clemson Wake Cowboys Packers Titans Seahawks Saints Louisville 59
  9. UNC West Virginia Notre Dame Florida St Clemson Oklahoma St Carolina Green Bay New England San Francisco LA Rams New Orleans 49
  10. It’s real bad here at Marion now and I’m seriously considering sending my son to Chilhowie schools when he gets old enough.. He loves baseball and they’ve got a good baseball program there and I believe he would have the best chance to succeed with sports and academically at Chilhowie. My wife is from Chilhowie so it’s not that big of a deal even though I’ve always hated them lol
  11. Easy win on 10-23 for you guys lol enjoy that dragon trophy another year
  12. No leadership at all the last 2 seasons on and off the field in fact I believe it’s the worst lack of leadership I’ve seen at Marion in any sport since I’ve been going to Marion games since 1987. I’m not going to get on here and hammer a bunch of kids but you’ve gotta have leaders on and off the field
  13. Come on man Marion will go 1-9 don’t count us out yet... lol it’s really bad here at Marion I’ve only been to 3 games in the last 2 seasons and before that I went to every one of them no matter the location
  14. I’m really surprised he chose Texas Tech in my opinion I thought that would be last school on his list he would’ve chosen because they play defense there lol and if he doesn’t learn to play on the defensive end he won’t be playing that much.
  15. I think Texas Tech is biggest long shot they actually play defense there lol...
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