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  1. This has never been enforced. As a former member of a drumline in an SWVA school, we deliberately played certain (loud) cadences when the opposing team was about to snap the ball to be as loud as possible. There would be times on crucial plays where we just beat the absolute crap out of our drums, being as obnoxious as we possibly could. I can remember other schools doing it as well. It's never been enforced. Or maybe there is a difference between the drumline playing and the entire band playing. Now, I think our football team won 5 games in my 4 year band career, so either it didn't effect the other team, or people felt sorry enough to not report us. I have a feeling if you get beat by 35+ it probably doesn't need to be reported.
  2. I'm kind of torn on this one. Union just got finished with an emotional roller coaster last week. That could play a part. I'm probably not as concerned with that playing a huge part on the high school level. Kids are gonna play hard. I really want to pick Union to upset Central. I think it'll be close. Union is such a well coached team IMO. They rarely beat themselves (at least from what I've seen the few times I've watched them). But, I'm taking Central in a close one, 28-23. Book it.
  3. 2 days of practice in 2 weeks doesn’t help. I feared that would hurt Graham. Then missing a couple players obviously hurts big time. Those are usually hard obstacles to overcome but even more so at the high school level. Not to toot my own horn but I do believe I called whoever has the ball last would win. Just saying. Anyways, what a fantastic game that was. One of the best games ever played at Mitchell. Safe travels to the Union fans and team. It was so good seeing so many people in the stands. Let’s hope next season we can get back to full capacity. Best of luck the rest of the way. Next time Graham plays will be the wonderful Graham/Beaver game. Can’t wait!
  4. Union just knows how to win at Mitchell. I remember a couple years ago they ran the entire field and kicked a field goal to win the game. They just figure it out in Bluefield. Congrats to Union. What a game.
  5. WOW Union takes it for a touchdown with no time left
  6. Incomplete. Union ball on their own 41 11 seconds left. Union still with 1 timeout
  7. Graham drops a well covered TD pass. 4th and 22 for Graham. Looks like they are going for it after the timeout. :15 left
  8. Holding on Graham. 1:30 left Graham now back to Unions 39
  9. Late hit on Union. Had the QB wrapped up and someone threw him down after the whistle. Graham now on Unions 29 1:43 left Timeout by Union
  10. Facemask on Union. Graham on Unions 49 2:13 left in the game
  11. Big 1st down for Graham right there. 3rd and 17 inside their own 10
  12. And the rain has officially started. Gonna be a fun ending to this one.
  13. Holding on Graham on kick return. Refs have taken over this game this quarter.
  14. 3 yard rushing touchdown for Union PAT is good Graham - 24 Union - 24 4:24 4th quarter Union with 3 timeouts left compared to Grahams 1
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