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  1. Is Richlands that bad or is Tazewell better this year? That's 2-0 over Richlands right? Wonder when the last time that happened was.
  2. Lots of "no brainer" bets on Draft Kings since it just became live in VA. I made $100 yesterday on over 0.5 TD's in the AFC/NFC Championship games.
  3. It's so difficult to win the Super Bowl in back to back years. 2003-2004 was the last time I believe. Which says to me Mahomes has to lose at some point. I don't think I have the guts to bet against him. Wouldn't mind seeing a Bills/Tom Brady reunion in a few weeks.
  4. Seeing if there is any interest from anyone. During the football season I'm up $250 as of right now. Missed out on a parlay because I still haven't learned to NOT bet against Tom Brady. Anyways, the NFL bet has to be Packers -3.5 and Chiefs -2.5 (if Mahomes plays) right? Maybe even hit that over 53 in chiefs/bills. Thoughts?
  5. It's going to be the same story for Graham. Coast through the SWD. When region play begins, their season begins.
  6. So if Central wins Graham will more than likely play Friday instead of Saturday right? I don’t know how this works with the Holidays.
  7. If Bluefield wins will they travel next week or do they have another home game before they travel?
  8. I thought if they declined it the kick would have been good. I think the refs meant to blow it dead. I was in the press box so maybe I just didn’t hear the whistle and I missed the refs trying to stop the play.
  9. Anyone that was at the game please correct me if I am wrong. What I saw was Union kick the field goal and the flag was thrown. I never heard a whistle until after the ball went through the posts. Ball was originally on the 5 yard line and after the penalty it stayed on the 5 yard line. So either they declined it and the refs messed up. OR The refs meant to blow it dead, so they still messed up So we'll just blame the refs I guess
  10. Game over. Union wins Union - 37 Graham - 35 WHAT A GAME!!!
  11. I'll try to explain what I saw once the game is over. I'm getting a headache trying to send these out.
  12. GOOD Union - 37 Graham - 35 5.4 seconds left
  13. Timeout Graham 7.7 seconds left Still 35-34 Graham Field goal after the timeout
  14. Field goal is good. Offside on the G-Men Re kick
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