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  1. I talked to Cheryl Ellis today ... she is the Facebook lady. She told me that Appomattox was waiting impatiently for the arrival of ... in her words ... "the DEFENDING STATE CHAMPS!" I told her to be careful for what you wish for ... She is very appreciative of all the support she received in raising the funds for the livestream. She is a class act! Appomattox County has much respect for the Graham football program. The Raider fans ... like most of us ... were wanting this matchup last year. Finally, this long awaited game is one day away. 伐伐伐 #grahampride #finalfour #vhsl
  2. I talked to Cheryl Ellis earlier today ... she is the Facebook lady! She said Appomattox is waiting impatiently for the arrival of the G-Men! I told her to be careful for what you wish for. 伐伐伐 She is a great Appomattox Raider football fan. She is so appreciative of the contributions made for the livestream. Class act for sure! #grahamgmen #finalfour #vhsl
  3. GRAHAM G-MEN ... 2019 REGION D2 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS! #finalfour #vhsl #grahampride
  4. Thanks! I now remember that Appy and/or Jonesville was 5-5 but pulled it all out in the end! I was always a fan of those far southwest Virginia teams!
  5. Am I correct in thinking ... Appalachia's only loss was to Powell Valley that year?
  6. Blacksburg D4 Graham D3 Powell Valley D2 Jonesville D1 1989 ... it was a great year for southwest Virginia football. All won State Championships in their respective divisions. I believe it was the last year of existence for Jonesville. Graham defeated Blacksburg in the regular season. Graham's only loss was @ Salem but Graham returned the favor on Salem in 1990.
  7. Graham lost to Bluefield and Union @ Mitchell Stadium during the regular season. One thing some may not know ... Graham and Bluefield alternate each year as the designated home team. Every other year one team (home team) occupies the home side of the stadium which is the press box side. This year Bluefield was the home team ... and Beaver fans occupied the home side. Next year, Graham fans will occupy the home side while Bluefield fans will sit on the visitor's side. Every other year is a home and visitor rotation. Kinda cool!
  8. Interestingly ... I also watched that YouTube replay last week. I was there in attendance in 1989 ... great memories! After watching ... including numerous times before ... I had that gut feeling that Graham would roll into Big Stone Gap and wallop Union! Therefore, I drove 3.5 hours to witness the game and I'm sure glad that I did. Chalk it up to ... #grahampride
  9. With all due respect ... When you are wearing thin from other Graham fans it is time to stop!
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