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  1. I remember a playoff game @Wythe vs Clintwood too!
  2. I would call it an upset but not surprising! Galax is usually Galax!
  3. Galax has tied Radford 27-27! 3:14 4Q
  4. Appomattox County 21 Lord Botetourt 7 3Q 1:25
  5. 3Q ... Appomattox County 21 Lord Botetourt 14
  6. Halftime scores... Appomattox Co. 7 Lord Botetourt 0 Radford 20 Galax 10
  7. After I recover ... it's gonna be a GREAT ride back to Roanoke! What a game! Safe travels back to BSG for the Union folks. You guys have a great team. But for now ... CAN'T HIDE THAT G-MEN PRIDE!
  8. Graham comes out in the yellow ... I just get that sinking feeling! 😉 I have issues! 😅🤣😂
  9. I am right there with you in that one! I really wanted to see the gun-metal gray tonight.
  10. Arrived from Roanoke around noon. I am over at my parent's house in South Bluefield. Rained ... steady... here for about 30 minutes around 2:30! Now it appears to be clearing. 🤞🤞🤞 #GrahamPride
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