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  1. Newbies be upset. 😈
  2. At least we have something football related to talk about this off season.
  3. Good job by https://www.kickscountry.com/ covering the game. The ambient audio is pretty good.
  4. How and why should it be different for a FB Live broadcast than it is for any other media outlet?
  5. Train horns at football games are totally uncalled for. I don't care what school you are from.
  6. It's about the baseball my friend.
  7. The "my daddy can beat up your daddy" debate rages on.....😁
  8. If Gate City could just muster a bit of offense......
  9. Castlewood 32 - Eastside 28 end of 3. Eastside will start the 4th at Castlewood 11
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