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  1. Youth leagues are the problem area wide. Football does not work locally on the travel baseball model. Get back to the small hometown leagues that allow kids to compete first against each other and develop a love for the game.
  2. I'm going with the Devils. South not impressive.
  3. 50kw

    Ab vs gc?

    Devils make it interesting.
  4. This rivalry used to be super fierce due to the fact that they grew up playing each other in Pee Wee/Midget rec league from flag through 7th grade. Now that league is just a memory and I feel because of that this rivalry has suffered a bit. I am afraid that because parents can't travel just a few miles to Sugar Hollow Park for great youth league competition between City and County that football participation numbers have dwindled for both schools. The City/County bowl championship games were always competitive and controversial.
  5. Could be the best district this side of the state.
  6. Who saw this coming? No 200 wins tonight.
  7. The Blue Devils! Wow!
  8. This pole fiasco should be ended now.
  9. So....Two commenting on numbers but no one talking about Battle's performance against SN? As far as coaches of other sports trying to build their program.....You better be at it year round because your competition is. I made the comment when the VHSL began to allow year round organized practice, less a few "dead" periods, that sports as a whole would suffer. The current participation numbers along with fewer true athletes to distribute between sports has taken it's toll.
  10. What about the very first one at John Battle? I guess they just done pregame and didn't broadcast it live. My bad.
  11. Did they make it on twice last year?
  12. Tennessee will always get priority because of it's larger population. It doesn't mean football is better one place or another or if it seems to be a bad matchup. It's all about getting the largest audience for ratings.
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