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  1. https://twitter.com/timesnewsonline/status/1255184351349915649?s=21
  2. Question. How do head coaches bring assistants with them? If these people are not already employed at the school, does the school make positions for them?
  3. Union's year will be next year. Will be surprised if they and Radford do not play for the region championship. Don't forget that Union was only a missed put back at the buzzer against Central from being one of the two M7 teams advancing to regional play this year. I agree with Stan on this one. McAmis as COY is a joke. He took a team picked to win the district, and slightly underachieved. Vermillion took a team picked to finish second in the district, and went to the state championship game. Curious. Wonder how many times a coach has taken their team to the state championship game and NOT been COY in their district and region? It happened to both GC coaches this year. Wonder how many times a coach has won a state championship and NOT been COY in their district and region? Happened to GC's coach this year.
  4. Well.…….GC boys won the regular season, conference tournament, and Region D Tournament...…...and McAmis was the Region COY.
  5. Serious question. How can GC's Coach Houseright NOT be Coach of the Year? GC girls were picked to finish around 4th in the conference, & Coach Houseright took that team and won a state championship.
  6. Stan.......now your posts about GC basketball make more sense to me. Sounds like you have a long held hatred for some reason.
  7. JM 66 GC 52 2:29 remaining GC shot 18% in the third quarter. Hard to have any chance to recover from that.
  8. JM starting to pull away. https://www.spreaker.com/user/gatecitysportsradio
  9. How about we start that policy after the GC girl’s game? 😊
  10. First pic looks like a clear foul. Looks like the foul was on the rebound. Assume Central was in the bonus. Third pic does not look like a foul...…..to me. Second pic is the tough one....for me....to call. Does not look like #22 is fouling. Other guy looks like his hand is all ball, but he might be elbowing the Central kid. Really depends on how the game was called. If this sequence was a foul in the first quarter, it should have been a foul at the end of the game. We are also benefitting from still pictures......which the refs do not have.
  11. *sarcasm font* Great job supporting our local teams!
  12. Wow Stan. Way to be a Debbie Downer. The article talks about the only public high school EVER in the history of high school basketball to have three consecutive 2,000 point scorers, and you try to downplay the accomplishment. *shakes head* I played on one of those “bad” teams during the ‘80’s. We would not have belonged on the same court as the teams GC has fielded the last several years. SWVA is not a basketball hot spot. It has never been. However, that does not detract from this accomplishment. There are a lot of high school basketball cold spots in the nation, but this is the first time this has ever happened. Let’s see........you are 704,000 times more likely to be struck by lightning TWICE than you are to have this scoring accomplishment happen.......and you try to down play it. * shakes head ever so slowly as I reach for the submit button”
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