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  1. I haven't seen any Clinton signs in the areas of Washington County where I've been and I've only seen one in Bristol, VA (Exit 5 area), but there are Trump signs EVERYWHERE.
  2. Anybody seen John Battle's schedule?
  3. http://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/john-battle-hires-basketball-coaches/article_e4d09112-2e5e-11e6-9091-3b2c1c5a5a61.html#.V1q0AcDbiPI.facebook John Battle hires basketball coachesPosted: Thursday, June 9, 2016 12:26 pm BHC Sports Desk Jon Odum (boys) and Jeff Adkins (girls) are the new basketball coaches at John Battle High School. They replace Tim Sholes and Jeremy Humphrey, respectively, in their positions. Battle principal Randy Poole confirmed the hires on Thursday. Odum was a star player at John Battle, earning all-state honors in leading the Trojans to a VHSL Group A runner-up finish in 1998. He also played at Virginia Intermont College and had been an assistant coach on Sholes' staff. Adkins is a coaching veteran and most recently led the girls program at Eastside. He has 192 victories on the boys side and 193 wins in the girls game over the course of his career.
  4. http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/more-sports/olympic-skater-debi-thomas-is-broke-in-bug-infested-trailer/ar-CC4IDO?ocid=ansmsnnews11 Thought this was interesting since she now lives in Richlands.
  5. Just now got around to looking at the scores from last night. Looks like it was beat down week in SWVA! The vast majority of the scores across the scoreboard were extremely lopsided, lol.
  6. I'm really afraid that the next presidential election will be between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The last couple of elections to me have felt like "choosing the lesser of two evils" but this scenario would go beyond that IMO.
  7. How many different uniform combinations has John Battle gone through in the last decade? And I'm talking about color of the uniforms/helmets, logos, designs, etc. My senior year we wore what amounted to green and yellow practice jerseys (the short-tailed kind covered in small holes where you could see the pads through the material), white pants that fit worse than our practice pants, whatever socks you wanted to wear (or none), and a solid green helmet with two yellow tapered stripes (like USC). And older uniforms for away games since we couldn't afford two sets of new uniforms. The next year they had the same kind of jerseys, but they were black and tore really easily. At least Graham can use either of these designs and look good, lol.
  8. Anyone know Battle's schedule? I've been looking for a while now, but can't find anything.
  9. I've got high hopes for Randle and McFadden and can't wait to see what they do, but I do feel like Jerry Jones will look at some RBs in the draft.
  10. I was pretty bummed at first when they lost Murray, but then remembered that with the monster O line they have, they can stick just about any decent RB back there and get the best out of them. I think Randle and McFadden will do well.
  11. Britt Stone new head football coach at John Battle BRISTOL, Va. – Britt Stone describes himself as a “high-energy†guy. That’s why the past few days have been so challenging for the 29-year-old Alabama native. “I didn’t sleep Saturday or Sunday night. I guess that was part of the reason that I was so at peace Monday,†Stone said. After weeks of meeting, waiting and hoping, Stone was officially named as the new John Battle head football coach late Monday night during a meeting of the Washington County School Board. During an interview Tuesday afternoon, the Ozark, Alabama, native offered insight into his circuitous journey from Osceola High School in Florida and Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia to Battle Hill. “My goal has been to be a head coach one day,†Stone said. “Did I think opportunity would present itself this early? Probably not. But this opportunity at John Battle was special.†Stone, who is married to former Tennessee High and Liberty University basketball star Courtney Watkins, was a four-year starter on the offensive line at Liberty. In addition to guiding the Flames to a pair of Big South Conference titles, the 6-foot-2, 275-pound Stone was selected as all-conference pick as a senior. He earned an undergraduate in youth ministry at Liberty before acquiring a master’s degree in special education in 2009. Stone began his coaching career with a one-year stint as an assistant at Morristown West High School, following up with a three-year apprenticeship at Daniel Boone. For the past two years, Stone served in a variety for roles for Tennessee High head coach Mike Mays. “It’s been a blessing to work under Coach Mays,†said Stone, who favors a power-oriented running attack on offense. “I’ve been able to see all the hard work and the responsibilities that a new head coach faces.†Stone also credits Mays for allowing him to expand his knowledge base in football, including serving in the role as secondary coach. “I always try to learn something new and get better every year, and Coach Mays kind of took me under his wing and allowed me to grow,†Stone said. Due to the inclement weather which forced the closure of Washington County Schools, Stone was unable to meet the Battle faculty, players and assistants Tuesday. “That’s my number one priority,†Stone said. “I want to meet all those people to build those relationships.†Stone has talked with several members of the John Battle community at his church and through informal chats. The topic of stability has been recurrent. “I don’t have a one-year plan, I’ve got a 10-year plan,†Stone said. “I’m really looking forward to listening to everyone and investing in this community.†That community involvement path was the approach used by former head coach Steve Wright, who elevated the Battle program to new heights before resigning after the 2013 season. The Trojans posted a 2-8 record in 2014, a turbulent season in which Wright and Rocky Baker returned as interim co-coaches after Brian Lee resigned after a season-opening blowout loss to Abingdon. Stone attended two Battle games in 2014. “I’ve talked to Coach Wright before at coaches clinics and I’ve heard nothing but good things about him,†Stone said. “Coach Wright did a fantastic job with the Battle program and we share a similar perspective. We believe that football can be a tool that allows you to mold the lives of young men. “I am big on the development of the whole person.†The son of a pastor who lives in the Birmingham, Alabama, area, Stone said he spent many hours praying over his new job. “All my family is in Alabama, but Bristol feels like home to me,†he said. “It has the hometown feel and family values that are important to me and my family. “And I really feel that John Battle is a unique opportunity that will be a good fit for me. It’s all about building those relationships. I see a lot of potential here.â€
  12. Britt Stone, former TN High assistant, named new head coach at Battle. http://www.tricities.com/sports/article_f7cd1d1c-bc54-11e4-94db-d7b83dc48441.html
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