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  1. Has anyone had a taste of critical race theory training yet? It is on the agenda for a lot of woke companies. Trump stopped federal mandate in all branches or stated they do no have to continue, so our company has backed off. We had had one speaker already-if this ever makes It into our schools-time for home school
  2. Yes that is the main holdback. Illinois parents/players now filing lawsuits to play
  3. State senate voting now and will send letter urging vhsl to play football this fall. Survival rate for ages 0-19 99.997%. I think there are 36 health districts in Virginia. If I’m not mistaken I thought dr. Shelton stayed only one COVID case from August 13th to September 24th in all mt Rogers district. Roughly 18-19,000 students in district. Very hard to hear at Galax school board meeting.
  4. The 37 executive board members are on the vhsl website. Call as many as you can. I will keep on as well and post conversations.
  5. I talked to Shawn Knight one of the assistants to director of athletics for VHSL. Talking about a waiste of time, giving him numbers of how the flu affected and infected our nations youth compared to COVID and the five times the deaths for H1N1 compared to COVID also. Then he would come back with well our schools aren’t full time. When I talked about WV and TN playing. No answer. Well anyway, they may play in spring but I wouldn’t bet that they will. The 34-1 by the way, the only vote to play was by state senator David Suetterlein. I have been bugging some executive committee members. You ought to do the same and ask questions.
  6. this is governor map, only Kentucky, Kansas and Pennsylvania don't match football wise
  7. Michigan high school football starts september 18th and had just re-instated football sept. 3rd
  8. I’m Team USA vs Globalist. Erica Kious who owns salon has been shut down for six months and received phone call from Nancy and she arrives and no mask.
  9. Oh ok all republicans bad and dems good. I think most all politicians have taken money they shouldn’t, ie chaney 30 million kickback from Halliburton and bush funneling 400,000 to his brother Neil. Back to other side, John Podesta 35million funneled to llc in New Jersey managed by his daughter. I can go on HRC all day. You feel better.
  10. Governor set the restrictions but point that Nancy Pelosi violating is the story. She can do that though, she can afford 13 dollar pint ice cream and $12,000 each fridge And a nice 91,000 dollar fence/wall. She was on committee overseeing legislation on charge cards and at same time being made available to large amount of VISA stock that netted her a few pennies and all the Raytheon money she takes. Your right she’s one the smartest thieving politicians we have ever had.
  11. Actually Kevin Warren had made it very political when interviewed by yahoo sports in June. He said the The Big Ten could sway the next presidential election. Of course this never made it to espn. With what Jamile and Max have said lately, I don’t watch espn anyway.
  12. Now may start October 10th. Trump and Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren had talked Monday I believe. Didn’t make it about politics- discussion involved government help for safety of players/coaches. Nebraska had some seniors that had started litigation against BigTen. 9 of 14 yes votes from chancellors/deans required.
  13. Volunteer firefighter gave me some information on a group of employees in Blacksburg that had been tested for antibodies 22 of 28 tested positive. Trying to get more info and data if at all possible. If you start adding numbers like that and model them into actual cases and recovered(which VDH will not post) that would change everything because I believe the actual deaths have been inflated.
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