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Marketplace rules! READ THEM or be banned!

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-RULE # 1 - if you do not like the price someone has or person thats selling something...keep it to yourself! Do not say "you can get them on Ebay for $5 cheaper" or whatever...that's rude and will not be tolerated. The FIRST violation of this rule will result in you being banned from this site.


-RULE # 2 - if you rip anyone off here, you are gone...period.


-RULE # 3 - consider attaching a picture to your post with whatever you are selling...it will probably help you and the buyer out and help you sell your stuff faster.


-RULE # 4 - Buyers beware! This is a community marketplace, the owners of this website are not involved in ANY transactions between it's members, thus we are not responsible for ANY transactions that go on here. If you lose your money, do not come crying to us about it. Be smart, be safe, keep it legal, and pick your items up in person when possible or use Paypal and a verified address to reduce your risks.


- RULE # 5 - Everything bought and sold here must be 100% legal...do not even try to sell anything you would not want to sell to a State Trooper...because there are a few that hang out here :)

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