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Liam McPoyle

Congratulations to the 2018 All Region 1D Teams

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All-Region 1D



QB – Jordan Rasnick, Eastside, sr.

C – Blaze Hughes, Chilhowie, sr.

OL – Tristan Justus, Grundy, sr.; Kolby Jackson, Patrick Henry, sr.; Tyler Spriggs, J.I. Burton, sr.; Daniel Boardwine, Chilhowie, sr.

RB – Greg Sanchez, Chilhowie, sr.; Gabe Fiser, Grundy, sr.; Zach Brown, Patrick Henry, jr.

WR – Derrick Allen, J.I. Burton, sr.; Chandler Hubbard, Honaker, jr.; Jake McCoy, Grundy, jr.

TE – Jake Kegley, Chilhowie, sr.

K – Daniel Hutton, Chilhowie, fr.

Kick Returner – Ethan Guerrero, Holston, sr.

All-Purpose – Zack Cale, Chilhowie, sr.


DL – Alex Adams, Chilhowie, sr.; Austin Jones, J.I. Burton, soph.; Matt McCowan, Grundy, sr.; Kolby Jackson, Patrick Henry, sr.

DE – Trevor Williams, Chilhowie, sr.; Jason Cowden, Thomas Walker, soph.

LB – Logan Branson, Chilhowie, sr.; Mikey Culbertson, J.I. Burton, jr.; Evan Bellamy, Eastside, jr.; Austin Farris, Holston, jr.

DB – Chandler Hubbard, Honaker, jr.; Ethan Guerrero, Holston, sr.; Derrick Allen, J.I. Burton, sr.; Jake McCoy, Grundy, jr.

P – Leo Ezzell, Holston, sr.

Punt Returner – Greg Sanchez, Chilhowie, sr.

All-Purpose – Jason Amaro, Chilhowie, sr.



QB – Leo Ezzell, Holston

C – Justin McCoy, Eastside

OL – Cameron Fry, Honaker; Colton Justus, Grundy; Peyton Redinger, Thomas Walker; Jason Amaro, Chilhowie

RB – Trevor Dye, Honaker; Garrett Whited, Eastside; Cody Smith, Patrick Henry

WR – Najee Steele, J.I. Burton; Grayson Whited, Eastside; Ethan Guerrero, Holston

TE – Taylor Justus, Hurley

K – Leon Grohman, Thomas Walker; Matthew Ball, Honaker

Kick Returner – Gabe Fiser, Grundy

All-Purpose – Dawson Lee, Thomas Walker; Tylor Keen, Twin Valley


DL – Ethan Armstrong, Chilhowie; Travis Musick, Honaker; Johnny Williams, J.I. Burton; Zach Hess, Honaker

DE – Taylor Justus, Hurley; Levi Glymp, Honaker

LB – Brandon Lester, Twin Valley; Ean Rhea, Patrick Henry; Jaron Warf, Thomas Walker; Jarred Johnson, Chilhowie

DB – Xzavier Ward, Twin Valley; Wesley Gilliam, Thomas Walker; Zack Cale, Chilhowie; Zach Brown, Patrick Henry

P – Jake McCoy, Grundy

Punt Returner – Gabe Fiser, Grundy

All-Purpose – Houston Thacker, J.I. Burton


Honaker – Levi Miller, Zack Hess, Connor Wallace; Hurley – John A. Justus, Jacob McClanahan; Rye Cove – Matthew Gibson, Mason Hardin, Chase Love, Lucas Lane; Twin Springs – Kaleb Carter, John Lane; Holston – Austin Johnson, Quaheim Brooks; Thomas Walker – Kenny Ball; Twin Valley – Brandon Lester, Isaac Hampton; Chilhowie – Lucas Doss, Anthony Blevins; J.I. Burton – Esau Teasley, Tyler Springs; Grundy – Derick Endicott, Mike McCowan, Gabe Fiser; Castlewood – Caleb Meade; Patrick Henry – Caleb Walk

Offensive Player of the Year: Greg Sanchez, Chilhowie

Defensive Player of the Year: Logan Branson, Chilhowie

Coach of the Year: Jeff Robinson, Chilhowie

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