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2019 College BB FINAL FOUR

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Josiah TurnerVerified account @JosiahsTurn

Texas Tech’s first Final Four in history
Auburn's  first Final Four in history
Virginia's first Final Four since 1984
 This tournament, man.
Eric Hobeck Retweeted
 Bruce FeldmanBruceFeldmanCFB
Auburn goes to the Final Four as a five-seed and knocks off the three winningest hoops programs in college history to get there:
Kentucky, Kansas and UNC. Wow.
Eric Hobeck @eric_hobeck
If Duke wins, it would be the first all-South Final Four since 1983 (NC State, Houston, Georgia, Louisville).
great state

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Josiah TurnerVerified account @JosiahsTurn

Michigan State vs. Texas Tech Virginia vs. Auburn Wonder how many people had that Final Four in their bracket.
Scott AbrahamVerified account @ScottABC7
Virginia and Auburn will be the first game on Saturday at the Final Four! 6:09 pm opening tip!
Eric Hobeck @eric_hobeck
What a great Final Four this will be. Three new-or-basically-new fanbases living it up, plus a solid Michigan State program.


             ABC13 Sports Retweeted

 Dave WallsVerified account @DaveWallsWSET

The #FinalFour is now set: #1 @UVAMensHoops vs. #5 Auburn - Sat. 6:09pm ET

#2 Michigan St. vs. #3 Texas Tech - Sat. 8:49pm ET



Eric Hobeck Retweeted ESPN Stats & Info

1/4 ain't bad.

ESPN Stats & InfoVerified account @ESPNStatsInfo

7,928 out of 17.2 million Tournament Challenge entries correctly predicted Virginia, Michigan St., Texas Tech and Auburn would comprise the 2019 Final Four.


Jim Sacco Retweeted

 Stewart MandelVerified account @slmandel
This will be the first Final Four since 2007 with no schools from North Carolina, Kentucky or Kansas.
Jim Heath @heathbar757
So its Michigan State, Auburn, Virginia, Texas Tech in Final 4
Lipscomb, Wichita State, TCU, Texas in NIT semis
South Florida and DePaul in CBI finals
Marshall, Texas Southern, Green Bay and...HAMPTON in CIT semis #stilldancin
great state

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On 4/4/2019 at 11:00 PM, Bearcat Bob said:

Got have him...if UVA’s big 3 can get it going at the same time...I’d bet the house on UVA winning it all. 

And that’s exactly what happened in the 2nd half and overtime last night.  So thankful and satisfied today!  From a pipe dream to reality.

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@Bearcat Bob

My families (both growing up and current) have had an unusual Tech-UVA mindset.  Different members of the family had their favorite school but never pulled against the other team.  I'm a Hokie first but still pull for the Hoos as they represent the Commonwealth and Conference.

My earliest memory of college basketball was watching the '76 ACC Tourney with my dad.  I remember us being so excited about UVA's unlikely run which ended with Virginia shocking the tobacco road elites by claiming the title. That winter I pretended to be Wally Walker with a makeshift nerf hoop in my house.  The Ralph years were particularly special but the title proved elusive .  We all watched more special teams come and go but a natty seemed agonizingly out of reach.  And now, 43 years after a young Terry Holland won UVA's first ACC Tourney, Tony Bennett has now brought home the ultimate trophy.

Congratulations, Hoos fans!

Banners hang forever.

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