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    Trevor Lawrence

    https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/26847097/trevor-lawrence-most-nfl-ready-sophomore-ever-now-what "Whether it's in the NFL or having a job in the real world, it's hard to be a regular person. So I think it's important to work on yourself, on your soul." Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence
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    Jim Adams

    I have a daughter in high school and another in middle school. Action would be warranted on our part as parents if they attended this school system! As a father, especially a father with daughters, how could you not?
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    Burrell’s Pearls

    Union Basketball

    If the “lack of institutional control” began before b-ball season began how could he be held liable? Seemingly nobody wants to find out the answer to that. Thats the whole problem here. You can’t expect any coach to have control over kids at all times. It’s not possible, students were disciplined. Not sure what else could be done. Holding any coach responsible for this is absurd. The only people who could want Moore removed are either A) Without knowledge of what happened B) Wanting some unknown political move C) Never want the basketball program to win or D) Still holding some grudge over Pat Jervis not getting the job when the school opened. Let the man coach and move on, if something else happens handle it. One issue that possibly carried over from the fall over an entire career is not worthy of removal.
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    Jim Adams

    I'm not sure about the whole transferring him from the high school down to the elementary/middle school either. As a parent who has a daughter going into middle school in August, I would be outraged by that move if that were the school she were attending. I know I said earlier in the thread that I though Jimbo was an a-hole, but not that TYPE of a-hole, it's quite hard to argue when 16 people have come forward now.
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    NBA history best players

    I did. Although I was only about 10 years old at the time, I took an active interest in the NBA (along with a lot of other people) when Magic and Bird came into the league. But everybody was already aware of Moses Malone by then. He was an absolute beast in the early 1980's. Pretty much put Houston on his shoulders and carried them to the 1981 Finals. And he was the missing link that allowed the 76ers to briefly break the stranglehold that the Celtics and Lakers had on the league when he moved to Philadelphia. I will always argue that the 1983 Sixers were the very best team in the history of the NBA -- but that's only true because of Malone. And the team was never the same after his ankle injuries the following year. That's the kind of impact that I observed.
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    NBA history best players

    27 > 0. 😂
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