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    Everyone is friends again. It's like a Disney princess movie! 😁
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    Narrows field

    Or, go up 77 to Rocky Gap and take Rt. 61 down Wolf Creek right to the stadium.
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    Tazewell @ Graham Part 2

    Saturday at 1Pm.
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    I think this game may be closer than most think. central has 3 solid backs that can run the ball well. They beat Union at their own game. Smash mouth ground and pound. Everyone had Union locked in once Lomax went down so obviously it was a Polier show. That’s not the key with Central. I picked Central last week in a non-upset, I’m going with them again this week. Good luck to both teams, I think it will be a great game to attend. Safe travels for Central players and fans.
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    We have a better chance of beating VT than Wise does of pulling this off...
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    Graham vs Union Part 2

    Congrats G-Men you smoked us tonite like I said. Union was way too beat up but healthy i still think it would have been the same. Know 1 thing i will be rooting for you guys next week can't stand the Walmart warriors. Man what game next week we have the Walmart Warriors going to The McDonald's G-Men
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    Dookers picks of poison

    Redford loses to G Galaxy over Riner Ridge winds butt close Rub gal sez Gteam. I pick the U Gw roles pass unk virn green water Chill How wins so does Glade Spring Aptomaddox beets Lowlanders of Glenv SALEM winds of large spread over who they compete against. dat be it for dis weeks poison picks
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    I hate that they move these games now. I played in a mud pit in the region d championship game in 2003 @ Lawson Fitchko. We lost but it was cold, muddy and on a saturday. Playoff football in the coalfields. How its meant to be.
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    Graham vs Union Part 2

    Im a Graham fan and disagree. We aren't the same as Richland's and Union who has played them a couple of times in the past 4-5 years. Graham is athletic and a history of doing pretty dang good in state semi games against the Lynchburg area schools over the years.. If Graham gets that far and wins the region , I can assure you there is no fear for Appo. Graham would go to Appo expecting to win, not to keep it close or upset them, but to beat the shit out of them, and if Graham is on its game, they will run Appo right out of its own stadium.
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    One game at a time, Graham has to get by Tazewell tomorrow afternoon.
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    GC at Union Part 2

    Pepto usually works for me.
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    I’d prefer kids not get needless concussions just to feed an ego about “big hits.” It’s not the sissyfication of football. It’s making the game safe. I like the rule and the player safety it is bringing. You can easily run in front of that defender and he can’t make the play. You don’t need to try to hit stick him and risk a concussion. I’ve had several. They aren’t fun. And it’s hits like some of these crackbacks that make me serious question if I’ll let my newborn son play the game.
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    Sissyfication of football
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    Definitely. 3 tds on blown coverages.
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    Graham vs Appomattox

    That was a really in-depth look at each game 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Loved the breakdown of each teams' strengths & weaknesses. Top notch analysis.
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    Graham vs Appomattox

    Good luck G-Men and safe travels. If you’re a civil war buff you’ll love that area. We passed through on our way to and from Buckingham.
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    She makes nothing from it and it actually cost her to travel to games and she has no kids on the team.
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    Just make the trip up to Bragg! Nothing fun to do in Giles on a Saturday anyways lol
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    Bluefield at Fairmont Senior

    The Wheeling Feeling once again! Win it all Beavers!
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    Bluefield at Fairmont Senior

    big yikes
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    Bluefield 20 Fairmont Sr. 10 half
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    Trenton Adkins stats

    I'm no fan of Ohio State but I'll cheer on Adkins if he goes there, lol. Gotta support our SWVA boys. Heck, I'm cheering for Purdue and VT these days.
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    The precedent has already been established...even a VHSL state championship game has been played there.
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    That’s the class we’ve all come to expect from backwater Hokie fans...
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    That’s the million dollar question
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    Like I told Mr @Gridiron60 (much respect BTW)Graham fans have been great and a class act except for this one. A lot of camaraderie between Graham and Union over the video last year, horns this year and playoff games we've had. All in good fun. This guy missed the boat.
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    Tony is a class act. Graham was prepared for the crowd and the team. End of story! Congratulations to Union this season! Y'all beat some of the best in Region D during regular season.
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    Graham vs Union Part 2

    Who cares what happened in the stands in Bluefield? That's almost as dumb as my argument with the other dude.
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    Trenton Adkins stats

    Polier is over 1800 so far. Crabtree at Central is over 1700. Atkins at 2700(which is ridiculous). Running game is alive and well in the M7. Anyone have stats on Calhoun(?) from GC ?
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    M7 > SWD

    As for the M7 being better than the SWD..... Virginia High didn’t tuck their tails and head north to play Richlands, Graham, Tazewell and Marion on longer road trips so their players could take in the culture of far north SW Virginia. Especially when Battle is like 5 minutes away, Gate City is 30 min away and Abingdon i is 15 min away. That is the definition of tucking tail and running right there.
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    I listened to some of the Tazewell broadcast on my way to the game yesterday. I thought they did a great job. Better than listening to Graham's...........I know, I know that's not really saying much. Lol
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    Ron Brown is the GOAT. I could listen to him call a wedding and it would be amazing.
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    M7 > SWD

    The best team in the AFC is probably New England but that doesn't mean the AFC East doesn't stink. Graham winning the region only proves Graham is the best team, not that the SWD is better. This is a dumb discussion bc it doesn't really matter, but on the whole this year the M7 was considerably better.
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    Regardless of the outcome. Gate City must be commended for the way they have played this game and for their remarkable turn-around.
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    Does the WEST win it again???

    Watching film they look nothing like you guys. Graham was talented big time.
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    Graham vs Appomattox

    It was not a terrible call on the punt return...it was the RIGHT call geez I know you didn't like the call and it went against your team but don't call it terrible....call it what it was the correct call
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    Why would you have unhappy parents at Burton and Central? Both teams had great seasons. Not so sure about Union. You can't make everyone happy, but coaches play the people that perform the best.
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    Tn state title games on tv

    WCYB Facebook page indicates the game will be shown on WEMT Fox 39.
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    Graham vs Appomattox

    So then guess you do not have the courage to acknowledge the fact that you are pulling against your region and cannot say Graham
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    So was most of yours
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    Trenton Adkins stats

    Rumors in big stone says he’s going to Richlands. Last year he was going to DB.
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    M7 > SWD

    Yeah. This is over. This is nothing more than an incessant pissing match.
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    Congrats to the Raiders and good luck on the next couple of weeks. You guys deserve it.
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    Chilhowie with a 1st and goal at 5 of Raiders
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    Graham- 48 Union- 7 Final Hats off to Union on a good season!
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    I didn't see this one coming!
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    Ridgeview wins toss and defers to 2nd
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    Biggest coaching staff? Is that by numbers or weight?
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    George Wythe VS Narrows

    GW by 1-2 touchdowns
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    You can disagree all you want but it's been stated on this board before that he had goals he wanted to achieve and the coaching staff was letting him try and achieve them when most would have pulled him to protect his health and the teams ability to make a run deep in the playoffs.
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