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  1. When I was in school(that time period) I remember looking at the Regional Rankings for football and seeing "Bland/Rocky Gap" listed, which would infer they were still operating as seperate schools and probably seperate in other sports
  2. On that topic, with transferring to higher level programs being what it is now would going to a D2 and playing for a year lead to better positioning as a Sophomore than redshirting and potentially getting buried on the depth chart? Idk, just curious to see how it works out
  3. Blake was a stud on both sides of the ball. Game changer at LB and a complete TE. Robby was a tremendously skilled player, really shined at Safety and as a kick returner. Jake was an incredible athlete and very versatile. Would have been incredible as a WR. You might be right about Coach, very strong career as a player and his impact as a HC cant be put into words.
  4. B. Hackney - 2,000 yard Tailback J. Bowen - 2,000 yard Tailback and a hell of a Linebacker J. Compton - QB, still in the VHSL record book. Led probably the most prolific passing offense in Haysi history #4 gets tricky and im not sure honestly
  5. SWVA more than made up for it last year
  6. Higher levels and lower levels are different, one isn't necessarily better than the other. The Pros have a radio in the QBs headset which makes communication really easy, not so in high school. Higher levels have higher level players, not every QB can process that info quickly and efficiently. Some need time and you cant do that while standing on the line of scrimmage and while trying to communicate that info to the other 10 players on the field. Reads from the sideline aren't easy, the line of sight prevents getting a clear picture of what the defense is doing. The higher you go the better the view, hence most fans not sitting at the bottom of the bleachers and why nobody wants to sit on the sideline in their lawn chair. Having the OC up there is great but most high school programs have a hard time finding a full staff of competent and knowledgeable coaches, the OC may be needed for other duties on the sideline like making sure his QB has his head on straight, helping the Defense with personnel, he may double as DBs coach, etc, etc. You mentioned the QB running to the sidelines, what about the WRs running routes all over the field? They need a break and that's hard to do when you're in a hurry up offense. Running the plays in with a WR is great but when you're 4 wide, who's gonna run the play in? Your #5 WR? Do you really want him on the field over your starters? There's a tradeoff and you have to decide if its worth it for your team. You talk about trends, yes the trend was 4 wide shotgun hurry up offenses, but that's already changing. Teams are incorporating more under center sets and grinding on defenses a little more. In football nothing is new, including hurry up direct snap spread offenses, the next trend will be to slow things down so that 16 year olds can process what they're doing instead of going as fast as possible trying to confuse another 16 year old that was probably already a little confused to begin with. If youre running sound schemes it doesn't matter as much what the Defense is doing. I isn't saying RV did things the right way, I'm saying you're speaking in a very broad sense and while you're generally right you also wrong on several points.
  7. 1) has nothing to do with running the QB to the sideline, that's on the OC. 2) Valid. If the QB is coming to the sideline then you cant run hurry up but going faster isn't always a great thing but ill agree it needs to be an option. 3) Inaccurate, QB can go to the sideline and still have time to talk w the other players, as long as the OC is on his game and doesn't take forever on the sideline. 4) its hard for a OC to make reads and change plays from the sideline, not impossible but idk that it makes that much difference and if the OC is doing his job Sunday - Thursday the QB can make those adjustments from the line of scrimmage. If he cant, that's on the OC I've got no problem with the QB coming to the sideline myself, especially young QBs, but I wouldn't want the offense stuck having to do that. Flexibility is the key imo.
  8. If I understand correctly there is nothing forcing VAs schools districts to be set up by county, counties could group together and file joint school districts if they so choose but they do not. A series of regional school districts would have made the most sense and probably still does. Twin Springs, Castlewood, and St Paul would have been natural consolidation partners Honaker and Council, Clintwood and Pound, Haysi and Grundy, etc
  9. The kid has far greater ability than those schools imo
  10. At Haysi Coach Colley signaled in the formation while a Back ran in the play. Worked well enough. A lot of teams send in a numerical play # with a color code. So on the wrist bands they will have Red, White, and Blue - 21 Red may be Outside Zone, 21 Blue may be QB Counter, and 21 White may be Slot Bubble. OC signals in the formation and calls 21, as long as the player/s know which color we are on for this possession its fairly difficult for the defense to steal calls. A couple of seasons ago Eastside was signaling in things, seems like they had 3 coaches signaling things in (1 live, 2 dummy) and a couple of coaches working picture flip boards. Five coaches to signal in plays that didnt work, it was a mess.
  11. Running the QB to the sideline isn't necessarily a bad thing: gives the coach a chance to talk to the QB, and if you've got a good QB the opportunity to get his input on play calling but the O has to have a way to signal plays in and when necessary go fast.
  12. VT and UVA will find him, but beyond that playing at a small school will limit his recruiting. Imo he's a TE at the next level, he's got it all but isn't terribly quick from what I've seen of him. Fantastic player with a bright future ahead of him.
  13. you wouldn't happen to know Cleveland's mascot and school colors would you?
  14. last time I went up if you stayed in the stadium it was only 1 fee but you had to pay twice if you left. Galax and Riverheads may be a fast game due to Riverheads style and that means a LONG break between games. If I drive up this year I may go grab some food between games.
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