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  1. It can be hard to look at it this way but all citizens of the U.S. owe what they have to the Founding Fathers; the freedom, opportunity, etc, etc all can be traced back to them. Regardless of how our ancestors came to this country. I feel that the documents Jefferson put together is flawless, and that he left the door open for later generations to right the wrongs of his time. He wrote "all men", when he could have written "all white males". In terms of religion he wrote "Creator" when he could have written "Christian God". In terms of slavery, it could have been listed as a right of whites to won blacks (and given the time that would have been very acceptable) but that wasn't added. The Constitution is very specific in certain areas but vague in others. And they all signed off on it. They put a system in place that could bring about true equality and right the wrongs of society, in time.
  2. It defeats the idea of an equal playing field, especially in the smallest classification. The difference between 1,500 and 2,500 is relatively small, but the difference between 250 and 450 is huge. Not that you all dont know that
  3. @RichlandsAlum that was my point, Nothing wrong with naming schools after presidents or whatever but it doesn't carry a lot of meaning. The directional names are terrible.Wise County has Central(terrible generic name) and Eastside(somewhat better). The only thing that may be worse is Patriot or Freedom (which VA now has 2 of). If a school system is going to change a schools name I like the more meaningful names better. Im ok with them changing the names, but it is a rabbit hole we have to be wary of. If were judging historical figures as Good or Bad based on one bad thing they did then they're all gonna come up short. Were looking at historical figures and their actions as black or white when we all know they're grey. Jackson was someone who was a traitor to his country, a patriot to and defender of his state, and someone who upheld slavery just like millions of others of his time, and held racist views just like the vast majority of the US during his time. Weve also adopted this viewpoint that the South was evil and the North was pro black equality, and thats simply not true. Judging either sides attitude toward blacks from todays viewpoint theyre both terrible.
  4. The names actually mean something to the county and the schools, good change imo.
  5. Had BWW in Pikeville Friday, not our first choice but everywhere had a wait time and it was 12:30 (I eat lunch at work by 11 so I was starving). Im not a huge fan of their food but I love their Mango Habanero sauce. The wife loves Hooters, weve drove an hour and a half one way to get wings and burgers on more than one occasion. My favorite wing sauce overall? I make a General Tsos sauce at home and dial up the heat a few notches.
  6. Well if things arent open for fans the schools wont get anything anyway. and I dont mean you and me pay so you and me can watch on FB live. I mean some members of the community pool their money so everyone in the community can watch. Its not perfect, no close, but its WAY better than what the alternative may be, no fans and no broadcasts.
  7. Hey im an idea man, I throw stuff against the wall and see what sticks. Just about every team records their games with HUDL, doesn't seem like too far of a stretch to stream that feed. The lady from Appomattox was able to FB Live the Appo/Graham game last year by getting a local company to pay the VHSLs fee, why couldnt fans pool their money and do the same thing?
  8. Football without fans, would it be possible for the VHSL to allows schools to live stream the games and have fans pay? I know thats in place for some games and has been used before.
  9. GC lost a lot, without much to replace it unless they get some new players out. Unions style will keep them in games they shouldnt be in. Gotta remember before they lost half of their backfield their running game was nearly impossible to stop. Yes Polier was a stud but much of that offense is based on their HBs blocking and they lost both of them last season. Imo the Bears will run the ball well, and play tough defense. They may surprise some teams, theyre not gonna suprise Paintsville though.
  10. So Dixon can build a program, no doubt, but will his offense work at the 4A level the way he ran it (Single back, multiple TE/Wings, not much passing) or will he adapt with more talent? Dixon also played a TREMENDOUSLY tough schedule at Galax, will he replicate that at the 4A level? Wish him the best, always enjoyed watching Galax play
  11. Imo its a definite possibility. 2 weeks if 2 a days, then start the season. Its not the best idea but it could happen.
  12. Look at just about any game played in the 90s for any team in SWVA and you will see those programs best players. A Golden Age for SWVA football if you will
  13. Thats insane. I know Radford had a much larger enrollment back then but still, thats like big time Texas school numbers
  14. Never did. With PV and GC on the schedule there weren't many years conducive to an undefeated season. It takes a lot of talent and some luck. Undefeated with a State Title is a VERY impressive feat. An undefeated regular season is hard enough.
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