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  1. Union would be my guess. No need to run all the way to Tennessee when Union obviously provides enough exposure to get a kid to a big time program and beyond. I believe his family lives in Duffield so its a easy change
  2. No, no, no! This is just like travel ball, if you don't get what you want you just pack up and leave. Never mind the values of dedication, loyalty, working hard to improve ones self, sacrifice for the greater good. No, none of that matters.
  3. Union fans are the most enthusiastic and dedicated to it but aren't the only ones.
  4. If this is any indicator of the situation among the fanbase of Giles, with all of this cohesion and positive, cooperative attitudes the consolidation with Narrows will surely be a great success!
  5. U by 28 Theres a huge gap between 1A and 2A in SWVA.
  6. I think hes in 9th now, not sure. He is a BIG kid. It will be interesting to see how he develops. I will say he doesn't look as impressive to me as Meadows was when he was young but he has a ton of potential. Were about to find out how big the gap between 1A and 2A is in SWVA
  7. No love for GC here but SWVA football is better when GC is good.
  8. Honeycutt is banged up, stays banged up. Not speaking poorly of the kid, that's just how his high school career has gone
  9. The Mountain 7, they've got no business there with 2A schools and 3A Abingdon. Their athletic program isn't strong enough for that imo.
  10. Nah, Richlands thought the random parade idea was so good they stole it
  11. A parade is scheduled for tomorrow at noon
  12. Still saying they exceed max size, idk
  13. @BoBob thats my thought, the announcer should add to the atmosphere, not manipulate it
  14. Ive got several great ones, but theyre too big and unfortunately wont post.
  15. Better athlete than QB imo, at this point anyway They have a couple of good Freshmen QBs, 1 of which stands out as a QB while the other is more of a WR. I honestly don't understand not starting the Freshmen, their passing game isn't great anyway so why not get him some reps.
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