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  1. There are definitely some feel good stories coming out of the current situation. Thats a commendable move by Kraft
  2. WWE has been pretty much unwatchable, AEW on the other hand has been pretty good from what ive seen. The in ring action is MUCH better imo
  3. Its funny how peoples perspectives are different in terms of what they like, I would sacrifice the entire sport of basketball for eternity just to have next football season, and I enjoy basketball(HS and NCAA)
  4. I missed the NCAA Tournament but thats it. I dont watch baseball or NASCAR. My interest in any sport outside of NCAA and High School football has been dwindling for the past few years. The National Anthem issues with the NFL were the beginning of it, football was my escape from the real world and that was invaded by bs. I still watch the Cowboys when they're on but other than than I watched parts of maybe 3 NFL games last season and the Superbowl. I did watch a lot of college football and ive been fortunate enough to watch more high school football in the past 3-4 years than I ever have, nothing better than traveling around SWVA eating hotdogs and watching some high school football. I hope something we as a culture take away from this is that we refocus on whats important and find other interests. Ive been sketching, something I haven't done in years, and depending on how things go I may end up reading more.
  5. True. From the outside it just seems like theres a lot to deal with down there. Huge linemen, plenty of FB/TE/DE types, always at least 1 serious RB contender. Seems like a great situation, just a matter of getting it all together
  6. Cant keep and run off are two very different things. That being said, imo their latest hire didnt know exactly what he was getting into.
  7. redtiger

    Mance news

    Unless he wants to be a Running Back id say that would be a bad move lol
  8. I would imagine the Hogo just to keep the districts even (Hogo currently has 5 schools, Cumberland has 6) and they have historical ties to the Hogo but they have played a lot of the teams from both districts regularly.
  9. If the school wasn't going to be in top of a mountain Levisa River is a great name
  10. Dickenson County put together a group of teachers and students to work on the colors and mascot. If I remember correctly they came up with a few different mascots and color schemes and then let the kids decide from those choices. They allowed suggestions for colors and mascots, whatever you wanted to submit. Im sure they had some creative ideas, I know because I entered some myself lol. I do know that when Wolfpack was suggested all other mascots fell to the wayside, same with the electric blue/black/silver color scheme.
  11. Looks great but im a traditionalist. What happens when these neon colors arent in style and you're stuck with electric blue like Ridgeview or neon green? It does look good though Black Diamond High is nice, but imo you almost have to go with Miners in that case
  12. I guess im just in the minority, I do think it would look good with the Elk/Herd theme. If youre going Miners its gotta be Black with silver/grey, it just looks great.
  13. redtiger

    Mance news

    Hate to see Mance go, Top10 ever in SWVA Sounds like hes stepping into a VERY nice situation, one that will help his retirement tremendously. Best of luck to him
  14. redtiger

    Mance news

    Im not a beach guy either, but we did go to Myrtle in December a few times. No ones there and it was pretty nice, low 70s, warm enough for me to wade in the water and actually enjoy walking around shopping and stuff. I prefer North Myrtle, Surfside or Murrells Inlet though
  15. Thats grey and its terrible (I despise grey as a main color, I HATE teams that use it when its not a school color) along with a terrible shade of yellow. Now this is where its at. Brown and a nice Mustard yellow, Western Michigan uses Old Gold and it looks pretty good too imo
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