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  1. I didn't really see that last season. In games vs top teams they protected him and didnt have many called runs or options. Not saying that was a bad move, just that he wasn't used the way say Graham uses their QBs. Now he's a Soph and like you said full grown, it will be interesting to see how he develops. I'd be willing to bet that more emphasis on the run game will be at the top of the "to-do" list for Stanley
  2. Thats right! Wise Co gave/cheaply sold the property to Norton so Walmart could move up there, then Norton sold the property back to Wise Co for them to build Central
  3. Isnt Central in Nortons city limits? I know Central has a Norton mailing address
  4. Rv has the potential to be the Region D Champion but they will have to improve considerably from last season, they have the talent but can they do it? Graham lost some key players but looks to be very good again this season. Come November it will all be sorted out
  5. I think a lot of the more talented players from SWVA would fit nicely at Morehead. It could be a huge benefit to their program to recruit this often overlooked area.
  6. Its my understanding that it wont but I could be wrong. If they do include Council id say half the students will just go to Honaker Again, a regional school system would have been SOOOOO much better
  7. Buchanan to the SWD with an enrollment around 750. Honaker and Council to the Hohoheegee.
  8. A 12 team league,13 when Buchanan Co consolidates? Those week night games between Lee and Buch Co, Lee and Graham. There are some long trips there that would be regular trips
  9. Ridgeview is in the M7, not the SWD
  10. 7/8 - Central will be very good from what I hear. JV - Chandler from Union will be on Varsity. Central won't be bad and neither will Union, toss up there. Varsity - Rv is the team to beat but Abingdon will be right there with them imo.
  11. TW makes 9 SWVA schools with vacancies this season alone: NW, Marion Castlewood, Honaker, Lebanon RC Central RV TW
  12. The Galax run is similar to JI Burton in the early 00s or Central Lunenburg in the late 80s/early 90s. Very good programs that had great runs but weren't the top program of the time.
  13. My guess is Hill would move to QB
  14. They have at least 1 regional runner up trophy (01) and another playoff appearance or two. Not Earth shattering by any means, but it was St Paul with something like 60 boys in the school.
  15. He was encouraged to interview for RV, which he declined. Why? who knows, maybe its just not the right fit. Palmer runs a good program, always has. I said it was a good hire when PH got him and the Rebel faithful cried that he wasn't a good coach and had only coached losers. The man won at Ervinton, St Paul, and PH. Those weren't/aren't powerhouses but he had success. Castlewood will be a solid 1A program in a few years and be a 2nd round playoff team, just give the man time
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