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  1. A friend of mine from Appalachia talks about the Pennington teams kicking the hell out of his teams when he played JV as they were playing older kids, in varsity that balanced out lol
  2. 39-21, but if Riverheads converts those two 4th and shorts and possibly go on to score it'd be a different game. It's not like Riverheads got dominated, a few plays made a drastic difference (those two defensive stops by the Bobcats and the pick 6 near the end of the game). I was surprised how Riverheads used CCC on Defense. He was playing Midlde Backer and dropping into a short coverage zone, which isn't his game. Spying Clarke a few yards from the los would have been a better use imo. That being said, I have 0 state title rings and the Gladiators have a bunch. One thing I was surprised by, and I shouldn't have been, was the lack of knowledge by a lot of Riverheads fans: they didn't seem to understand the offense at all and given their success I thought the fans base would be more invested. Several kept saying things like "here comes the end around again" but it's not a end around(unless that's the terminology Rh uses) and "run something different". I guess fans are fans everywhere you go
  3. Imo the speed of Radford took away a lot of Riverheads diversity(Counter and their Buck Sweepish play) and surprisingly their strength advantage on the line took away the FB run game. All the Gladiators had left was Super Power. At some point you have to be able to throw it out in the flats outside of the LBs and/or deep behind the Safties, Riverheads couldn't do either.
  4. I was a country mile away but he didn't appear to be out of bounds, did look like his butt was down.
  5. It was on the opposite side and end of the field from me but I know this, #9 for Essex ran on the field late on the play, never got set, and no flag was thrown.
  6. All it takes is for 1 person on that interview panel to like a guy who isnt the chosen one and remember him. Who knows where that guy from the interview panel is at in a few years. We see Administrators all the time who move and then bring guys along with them.
  7. Just trying to get your name out there and show what you know for Coordinator positions, or just staff positions, maybe someone will remember you for the next open HC position, for interview experience(what kind of questions will they ask, who will be in the room, etc.), maybe the interviewees feel that "those in power at Richlands/TCPS believe they have their guy but just wait til they get a load of me! Ill blow that other guy out of the water" or maybe they think those bunch of dummies on the sports forum don't really know what's going on and are just gossiping. Btw, I've heard that they have their guy (idk who, and wouldn't say on here if I did) and I am in no way connected to Tazewell County or Richlands. Typically the powers that be have a coach is in mind before firing the current one. Coach Tarter took on what most people knew was gonna be a bad situation to try to get the program through it as best he could for a few years before stepping down and riding off into the sunset (just to be looked at by history as a coach who did a terrible job - thats what the record book will show). No offense to him(who made a pretty big sacrifice for R) but those powers in charge probably had the next HC in mind when Tarter took the position, id guess at the latest had the next guy in mind before this season started, and at the latest had the next guy lined up by midway through the 2023 season. Hard to keep a secret that long, word gets around. Ive applied and interviewed for a lot of jobs that I knew I wouldnt get, got several calls and at least 1 job offer from those applications and interviews.
  8. South Pittsburgh vs McKenzie was the best game I've watched today. RB for SP had 3 fumbles that really hurt them, 1 leading directly to a McK TD. Kid was really down, bad body language and taken out on O for a series. 3rd Q SPs QB was injured and went out, SP goes to the Wildcat and the RB puts the team in his shoulders and leads them to a state title. Best play I've seen all weekend was the last TD catch by North Marion, 1 handed catch and got 1 foot in.
  9. Not a huge fan of no defense but it was a good game to watch
  10. NFHS is also carrying the games, just search playoffs and TSSAA.
  11. in 2018 Radford looked like a JV team in comparison to Graham, plenty of talent just no where near Grahams level physically
  12. I'm planning on making the trip to Fuller Field to see it. Other than they started slow and have been on a roll since mid-season idk much about Galax. Honaker looked unbeatable early and has faded a little down the stretch but are still very good, obviously. I'm expecting a close game, both teams have beaten some very good 1A competition to get to this point. What's the start time?
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