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  1. They don't have one, hence struggling.
  2. Im far from a GC fan but Jeremy uis a good guy and will get things turned around, its honestly hard seeing the Blue Devils be as bad as they have been.
  3. Unless im mistaken GC graduated almost half their team from.last season. That's basically a complete rebuild. While Battle, I believe, was young last season.
  4. @Counts I imagine we will see a lot of defensive battles. Totally agree about experience, it will be a major factor early.
  5. See I've heard that the Abingdon game wont count for the M7 teams. Again, HEARD that, don't know it for sure. I thought maybe the out of district or district duplicate games wouldn't count.
  6. Webb gets lost a little when talking about the top tier guys locally but the kid can flat out play. Does this one count toward power points and seeding? If so it could be good, if not I expect a JV game with both teams just feeling each other out and getting some quality reps in.
  7. I've seen them line up in Wing-T, Double Wing, and Wishbone backfields with 1 or 2 TEs but the plays are the same: Trap, Belly, Crossbuck, Counter, Power, Superpower. Occasionally they have a really good passing game. It seems like they never really have dominate backs but they're very balanced and execute with precision. Very impressive team from year to year. I'll put it in the top 2 games for the week. One I'd LOVE to see in person
  8. Wing-T but their offense most closely resembles a Double Wing in style, alignment, plays
  9. What they did to Abingdon's Basketball team was insanely ridiculous
  10. Just my thoughts. No one really knows what's coming this season. Central @ Ridgeview – Central is a veteran team and that's a big edge under these circumstances, RV has the best Back in the District and the best in the Region right now and that means a lot. Battle @ Gate City – GC lost a lot, how do they bounce back? Does Battle have any bounce at all? Lee @ Union – Lee, better but still not good. Union rolls with a stable of strong backs even though their passing game will be fresh out of the gym. Northwood @ Grundy – The Wave may be little more than a ripple this season. NW, who knows? Honaker @ Castlewood – Castlewood had a solid season in 2019 and is looking to build, Honaker has over achieved (relative to school size), constantly punching above their weight for 2 decades but that seems to have ran out. Hurley @ Rye Cove – Word is the Rebels lack athleticism but can execute and are tough. RC has been building for a couple of years and look to continue to do so. Twin Valley @ Twin Springs – TV has quality players, can they get over being TV? TS, its always a uphill battle for the Titans. J.I. Burton @ Chilhowie – Is the run over for the Warriors? Are the Raiders back? We will see Saturday: Gate City @ Abingdon - The Falcons may be a little down from where they have been but should still be solid. Graham @ Richlands (Non-district matchup) Does this one count toward Powerpoints? If not then it’s a glorified JV game imo Tazewell @ Riverheads – Props to the Bulldogs for scheduling the toughest nondistrict game this side of Charlottesville, but the Gladiators may be too much to handle. Lebanon @ Honaker - Lebanon got in the Power-I and improved as the season went on, will they use that formula and continue improving this season? Chilhowie @ Marion Everyone says the Hurricane will be little more than a summer breeze, this game will let us know just how bad Marion will be. Battle @ Central – The Warriors should be too much for the Trojans to handle. Grundy @ Virginia – The Bearcats will have size up front and athleticism in the backfield, probably too much for the Wave to handle. Hurley @ Eastside – Unless im mistaken the last time Hurley went to Eastside the Rebel QB out on a fine show running the football, that wont be the case this time. The Spartans had some bright spots last season, they should be too much for Hurley to handle. Thomas Walker @ Twin Valley – That’s a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG drive. That’s all I know for sure. TW looked to be pretty good a couple of years ago but it never materialized, maybe it will this season. Patrick Henry @ Holston – PH wears Navy Blue and Holston wears Red… or maybe Black now, that’s all I know.
  11. Mount Rogers - Bland, Carroll, Grayson, Smyth, Washington, and Wythe counties, and the cities of Bristol and Galax Lenowisco - Lee, Scoot, Wise, Norton Cumberland - Dickenson, Buchanan, Tazewell, Russell
  12. They tore Clinchco Elementary down several years ago. It did have a nice gym though
  13. A downside to playing 2 games in 1 week
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