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  1. HIAC '98 was insane. Just incredible brutality in(and around) the ring. Truly an iconic match. Undertakers battles with Kane were great. Two great big men with tons of in ring ability and the aura they projected... shew. That may never be seen again in pro wrestling. To build off that statement, will we ever see another wrestler with those type of "supernatural powers" in wrestling again that is (at least in the sphere of pro wrestling) believable and not just corny? Its gimmicky but damn if they both didnt make it work. Bray Wyatt channels that with his entrance and whole persona but idk if its the same
  2. @JDHoss What makes Anderson Co so special?
  3. @BigWinners I think ultimately VA will see just as many issues as WV/TN even with the delay, its not gonna be cleared up. Hopefully we will learn from their mistakes and handle those issues better.
  4. If the larger schools want reduced classifications then let them have it; Set a HARD enrollment number at 350 for 1A (31 total teams) and reduce the number of playoff teams to 8 statewide and keep the +1 since the pool of potential teams is smaller, it also almost guarantees that a 2-8 team doesn't have to travel to the #1 team in the region and get slaughtered in the first round, instead they get a competitive game. Divide the rest of the state into equal fifths and then combine the largest two fifths (5/6) into the largest classification - 5A, and keep their playoff eligible teams at 8 per region since there are so many schools in that classification. 2A, 3A, 4A - keep 4 teams per region in the playoffs and the +1 if the group so chooses(I think its a great idea). Thats not equal in any way but if fair to the needs of the schools based on size. Just a thought.
  5. I guess thats the decision he has to make, does he want to play the position he wants or does he want a shot at the NFL. Thats a decision only he can make. Imo he can play D1 RB, but there are gonna be guys more suited to the position. His frame lends itself to OLB, Safety, maybe Hback imo. He reminds me of Jalen Hurd from UT: can he play RB, yes. Is that his best position? No. Granted Hurd is bigger but similar build and running style. Im far from a college recruiter though.
  6. Hes going to a place where he wont get lost in the shuffle and with potentially (most likely) changing positions its a good fit vs the P5 schools. Best of luck young man!
  7. they lost 2 guys that were big time contributors: the FB/MLB Culbertson and a WR/RB/DB... cant remember his name but he was their go to guy on offense
  8. JI Burton should be very good, they return quite a bit and were young overall last season
  9. Ridgeview 2/22 v Central 2/27 @ Lee 3/5 v Battle 3/12 OPEN 3/19 @ Gate City 3/26 @ Abingdon 4/2 v Union Central 2/22 @ Ridgeview 2/27 v Battle 3/5 v Abingdon 3/12 v Gate City 3/19 @ Lee 3/26 @ Union 4/2 OPEN
  10. It blows my mind how anyone can believe that his acumen is on a level that's acceptable of being the head of this country for the next 4 years. No one is voting FOR Joe Biden, they're voting for the Democratic Party. That's fine, just admit it and don't act like anything Biden says is what he actually believes or is capable of doing. Want to know how I know what im saying is accurate? Look at how defensive he gets when hes challenged and has to think of a response quickly, he attacks and comes across as arrogant, which ive honestly believed he was. Now its obvious that those instances of him lashing out are early signs of Alzheimers or dementia. If the DP wanted Kamala as their candidate then they should have ran her, Theres no way Biden makes it through a full term, just look at how much hes slipped in the past few years
  11. I originally considered going to that one anyway before some things came up. Glad its on TV. Props to WCYB for having these backup games in place
  12. Is it better to back a winner or vote for someone you believe in? Voting for bad candidates is what has gotten us to this point. For me, im voting for what I believe in, not who I think can win. Maybe im throwing it away, idk but I felt like I wasted my vote in '12 when I voted for someone I didn't believe in, voted for Johnson in '16 and didn't feel that way. Until a 3rd party gets a significant number of votes (double digit percentage) I dont think either party will adjust their current courses - running whoever they want and adopting platforms that are not representative of the majority of US voters.
  13. you don't have to, you choose to. My candidate isn't going to win, I've accepted that. For me personally I cant sign off on a candidate that I don't believe will do a good job and represent this country well
  14. The strategy since '16 should have been "shut up and let the other fool mess up" but Clinton, Trump, nor Biden has figured that out apparently.
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