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  1. I think he was saying meet them half way at a neutral site Maybe if Mance asks nicely him and his staff can come up this spring and Turner will do a clinic on the T for him
  2. not to make light of the issue(Covid and the associated precautions) but its all a game, some are going to play the game better than others. Purely from a competition standpoint not getting the vax is like playing basketball and never taking a 3. There's a decided advantage right there and you're not taking advantage of it.
  3. When were talking D1 are we really comparing kids that are getting interest/signing with Power 5 schools to kids that are getting looks from FCS schools??? Those are not the same. Both incredibly impressive and I'm glad for the young men but lets not act like they're on the same level, literally they're not.
  4. The logic is to make them execute 10+ play drives vs rolling the dice and maybe giving up 1 big play
  5. After watching Holston dismantle Battle I'm gonna go with the Dogs BIG
  6. Centrals "on field" time this Fall is an advantage for them. Ridgeview has only had 1 scrimmage and 1 game as where Central has had 2 scrimmages and 2 games. Imo thats a big difference this early in the season for 2 closely matched teams
  7. That would be smart, why wait until he's gone and end up getting a guy in June?
  8. Not sorry Bluefield 🤣
  9. I think one of the big issues there is how the media covered Covid early on: stories from Italy were pushed as the baseline for what was going to happen, later New York was the example of what the results of the Covid outbreak were going to be. The fact is those were extremes. So using that as the standard fear was drummed up and people were generally terrified, now they're looking for a silver bullet to fix the problem or when Covid isn't as bad as those examples they lose trust in what they're being told. I had no intention of getting the vaccine (too new, too rushed, not enough research on long term effects) until I learned that, as you said, the mRNA vaccine technology wasn't new and that really what scientists were doing was focusing an existing vaccine on a different target.
  10. I can only assume some peoples idea of what "SWVA" means is even smaller than mine lol
  11. I believe Sweden has handled the situation better than we have but it hasnt been without their own struggles. Closing their borders is an interesting subject as many were outraged when Trump attempted to stop travel from China. Not trying to spar over politics, just pointing out how politics got mixed intertwined with the pandemic and some rational ideas became controversial for political gain. I firmly believe we could have and should have handled the situation better but got in our own way. And while using percentages to compare the US outbreak to Sweden's its only fair to acknowledge their overall population compared to ours. Its not apples to oranges but it isnt exactly the same either. I believe and have believed since April/May (whenever we started getting a look at statistics here in the US) that we are all at some point going to catch Covid. Its inevitable imo. The key is and always has been to slow the spread, not protect everyone from contraction.
  12. Thats right, they were West during the West/East split. I fixed it
  13. In Region D If/When Union figures out how to do what they want offensively with Jenkins, Lomax, Saterfield, + on the field at the same time watch out! Lots of talent there. Solid Defense too. Central didnt lose as much as people seem to think and they have gained a lot of experience over the past few seasons. Theyre still in the running. Graham is LOADED and always a contender. In Region C Appomattox is Appomattox (LOADED) In the East Poquoson was young last season and returns just about everything. From what I watched of them last season they have some potential. Buckingham is supposed to be very talented
  14. just a guess but it probably has more to do with ref availability
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