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  1. Ive got a bad knee, back injury (that has healed with time and daily stretching) and a bad shoulder(both are damaged but my left more so) from playing football. Also a few other injuries from weightlifting(one of which actually bothers me more than any other injury). As far as concussions, well I got my bell rung a few times, I'm no Doctor but those were without a doubt concussions. I didn't play football until 7th grade so I cant speak on the effects of little league. I think for the game of football it would be better to play only flag until they're 12 years old: too many bad habits are formed and too many players lost from sitting on the sidelines or being told "just block somebody". Better to play 7 on 7 flag and keep them interested in the game. I wouldn't trade my playing experience for anything. I wasn't the best player but what the game taught me and gave me, is still giving me, is irreplaceable and without a doubt made me the man I am today. Well worth the injuries and long term effects to me.
  2. I didn't know they did it that way, definable hurts with consistency. Change can come fast and be sweeping
  3. As far as comparing number of kids who participate in football between Lee and Graham. Id guess 80% or more of Grahams students are within 5 minutes of the school, for Lee thats probably more like 20%. Also just guessing but id say no one who attends Graham has more than a 20 minute car ride to the high school, some of the Lee kids have double that. Distance makes a difference. Whats wrong with M*A*S*H reruns? lol "My boy hes lazy, just plain lazy. All he wants to do is play his Play Box 6, and watch all them funny videos on the tiktok, and ride his 4--wheeler, and deer hunt with his bow and muzzleloader and rifle.And turkey hunt. And fish. And txt girls all the time. Cant get him to play a lick of football, no matter how many times I tell him how much tougher we were back in my day and how his generation is soft. Just aint got no interest for some reason." Not trying to offend anyone, just my take on things.
  4. Video games certainly cut down on numbers. I completely understand wanting to be a really good gamer rather than the 5th best Tackle on the team. Its not necessarily laziness, just choosing something with a more immediate payoff that they're probably better at anyway. Don't get me wrong, I want every kid in the country to play on their respective football teams(im a huge fan of what you gain from football outside of playing time and learning the game) but I understand why they don't.
  5. What does Iron do to Brass? J/k, its a decent matchup. Close geographically (relatively) and is a game a developing TW team needs.
  6. The answer is to bring in a local coach that is knowledgeable and the kids like, and for the adults to leave him alone for 5 years. Do that and Lee could reach the 6-4/7-3 range pretty easily. From there it's not a big jump to regional contender. But it takes time, patience, and community support. They had a applicant the last time that would have imo been perfect and passed him over. Honestly, they probably had a few but 1 I know for sure.
  7. @TwhscoachT has the right term with "respectable"
  8. www.fourseasonsfootball.com There is a wealth of knowledge on there, EVERY football game in SWVA from the beginning of time until now and basically every game in the state. I know WV, KY, and TN are also well covered. Just pick a state, a team, and go wild
  9. I would think they would opt for a more seasoned prospect. A tough situation with a lot of community pressure, I wouldn't throw a 20 something young man into that situation. Not saying he wouldn't do a good job, just probably not the right fit
  10. Dude was still living in TN and driving a few hours to teach/coach, it was a short term gig. I dont know the guy but I assume he thought it would be a good stepping stone move in a few years, I dont think he understood the monumental rebuild that Lee was/is. At this point a losing culture is pretty much established, it will take years to truly break that and make the Generals a competitive program, idk if the politics will allow a coach to ever be there long enough to get that done. Some talent from Lee has moved East, I'm sure some players don't come out due to distance. The Little League football program in Pennington Gap (maybe Jonesville too, idk) didn't play this spring so some of those kids played with the Big Stone Gap program, that will surely have some negative long term effects.
  11. I watched the A/SD game up until half, SD had a chance there to get another score but poor clock management kept them.out of the endzone. Very competitive, what I saw anyway.
  12. Anyone seen the full All-District team?
  13. They made it this far by not making mistakes, today they made a lot.
  14. There's got to be some balance to it all. We (my wife and I) went on vacation, I shopped and went pretty much wherever I wanted. We also didn't go around our parents or grandparents for months until we knew more about what was going on and how to handle it. By my standards what we did wasn't reckless but by others standards it certainly was. To each their own.
  15. Literally their recipe for success. Tough to beat a team like that
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