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  1. The perception (steaming from the Kavanaugh hearings and other public examples) is that women "aren't believed", and nothing could be further from the truth but young women seem to be getting this idea that they shouldn't report these types of things(rape, inappropriate touching, suggestive comments, assault, etc) because they wont be believed. There is also a HUGE difference between an accuser being believed and a accused perpetrator being proven guilty. I read some of those comments on social media regarding the young lady peaking at the school board meeting the other day, "no one believes her" and "the powers that be don't believe her" when that's not necessarily whats going on. The sad truth is claims need to be investigated 100% of the time, but that doesn't mean that convictions will occur 100% of the time, and the accused cant be punished based on accusations - removal from a teaching position based on accusations is a different situation than being found criminally liable
  2. The ' I the white trim does help some though
  3. He wasn't found not guilty. It was decided that there wasn't enough there to press charges or that he hadn't committed a crime. Im not saying he is or isn't guilty but creepy behavior isn't illegal, making inappropriate remarks isn't illegal. Its a matter for the school board to handle, not the legal system. Its concerning to me, and other males that i've talked to, that a man can lose his job based on accusations. One of the reasons that although i'm in the education field I'm glad that I'm not teaching in the public school system. Its a bad situation all around for Norton
  4. My guess is they were trying to dodge the issue of firing him as a teacher, hoping that if he wasnt HC then he would just retire and the issue would be taken care of.
  5. Those are sharp! Hopefully the U logo will be Orange/White. The past few years you couldn't see the orange part against the orange helmet and it looked like a blue L lol
  6. All of SWVA will rejoice if they get rid of those horrible orange helmets. The original Union helmets looked incredible, never understood the change
  7. The way I hear it things may get nasty before its all said and done.
  8. TREMENDOUS GC team. Kicked the hell out of Haysi a few weeks earlier
  9. Thank you, thank you! By far the best ive ever done. I entered the same bracket in the work pool, if not for Michigan State laying an egg I would have won and taken home a cool $610. Oh well, winning this softens the blow
  10. Seems like the use of Black before Raiders comes and goes. When I was in school they were just the raiders and didnt use black in their name or color scheme at all. Then a few years ago black came back. I may be 100% wrong but I think there was a racial connotation to the us of black back in the day at Norton High and they kinda of took it and ran with it. Then it became a no no, then it was used, now its a no no again. Who knows???
  11. I would watch 3 on 3. Its better than not having a program at all or watching a team struggle every season
  12. Ive argued for a few years that the small schools from SWVA(TW, TS, RC, TV, Hurley) plus some of the small schools from EKY(Harlan, Jenkins, etc) and maybe some of the small schools from TN(Hancock Co, etc) should drop VHSL football and form their own 8 man league. There would be some issues but the competition would be better. Single A west, why do you feel that way? Ive never watched 8 man ball. Just curious
  13. Tony did nothing at RC and Tester wouldn't be a good move(why leave a successful Hurley program to take over a worse program to compete against your son?). Finding a good candidate will be tough this late in the game
  14. Yeah, legit offers. Which is what I was trying to figure out. Lots of players get interest, not so many get offers. Pretty impressive for a Freshmen from SWVA.
  15. Yes, MUCH more than I ever received. My high water mark was honorable mention all district lol. But the subject here isint my very average high school career, its about whats going on with a local player. Im glad for the kid, I truly am and I hope he does very well going forward but interest and offers are very different things. https://247sports.com/recruitment/trenton-adkins-120183/recruitinterests Very exciting for him. Keep working hard young man
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