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  1. Train horns should be banned from all sporting events! Only a jackass would use a train horn to intimidate kids! There, that should do it
  2. Even if it is a bunch of guys coaching and being ADs from the stands lol
  3. Both absolutely do, but you cant put the blinders on. You have to be more open, thats tough to do when youre invested and truly believe in a philosophy. Read Option would have been devastating last season. Run Adkins on Zone Dive and read the DE, or fake Dive and run QB Keeper. Either would have made it impossible to completely sell out on stopping Adkins. Mix in a little Jet to Lewis or Hill and youve got a OFFENSE that would be tough to handle vs a Running Back thats tough to handle.
  4. PH is another example, their Tailback Dahley got hurt in their last game of the regular season if im not mistaken and they just werent ready to spread the ball around. The issues with his offense go deeper than just believing in "being great a few plays" imo, his offense is almost completely give the Tailback the ball. Season before last for example they had 2 great tailbacks; one stud D1 prospect and one scat back who was one of the most explosive players in the region. As the season went on Adkins got the ball more and more, while they shied away from running Jet with the other guy and his carries dropped. It made them more predictable and easier to defend. Richlands just attacked Adkins while other, talented players werent touching the ball. Yeah Grant has been the OC for a few years now, idk whether its that he holds the same philosophy as Mullins or didnt have a free hand but Grant has been much the same. The Clintwood teams that were really good had a FB that could also run the ball and 2 TEs, with that personnel Mullins was hard to stop but when they have more slot reciever/scat back types they struggle to use them effectively. Its easy to nit pick, I could do the same with James Colley. He would get caught up in all the possibilities and forget to just give his dude the ball. Happened a lot and cost Haysi some games, the Altavista game in '12. Bowen, a 2000 yard back had a hand full of carries. They were keying on him but hes still your guy, gotta give him the ball. Coach was on the opposite end of the spectrum from Mullins
  5. Idk if youre talking about me or not, but offensive diversity is not something Mullins was ever known for and its bit him in the butt multiple times; Eastern Montgomery '10, George Wythe '12, Grayson County,17, and Richlands '18 really stick out, his teams were better and lost (EM was a toss up talent wise). All of those except GW were at home.
  6. This would be the first im hearing of it but Tiller would be a good choice; kids like him, hes got experience and was successful.
  7. The only plays available are Power to the strong side, Lead to the strong side, G Counter to the strong side, Toss to the strong side, Inside Zone to the strong side, GT Counter to the weak side(tricky, tricky), and Bootleg to the weak side. If you really want to catch the defense off guard either throw it 30+ yards deep on a Streak or run Draw, preferably Draw. Bootleg, Deep Pass, and Draw are reserved for 3rd and long only. Occasionally just to throw him a bone or when we have a superior athlete at the position run Fullback Dive. No need for misdirection, or keeping the defense off balance. All jokes aside, hes a fine man and one hell of a program builder, right up there with Robbins in that regard. Clintwood was a .so-so team that finished in the middle of the pack in the LPD when he took over, when Clintwood closed they were one of the premier programs in SWVA. His ability to put together a program can not be overstated(I do realize his staff played a major role in that but he was the man). It seems like Coach Mullins wholeheartedly believes that offensive strategy can be summed up by putting your best player at Tailback and giving him the ball 30+ times a game. That's his greatest strength, giving his dude the ball but its also his greatest weakness, because when that doesn't work there is no plan B.
  8. Hes a fine player but hes not D1 so experience vs top level talent isnt that important imo. UVA-W, E&H, UPike, etc all have seen his Hudl film and probably saw him in the allstar game. Would he have had a more productive high school career at GC or Union, most definitely but thats got nothing to do with playing for his hometown with the guys he grew up with and thats what really matters.
  9. No need to even change the offense, Belly Keeper would have been enough to keep teams from focusing on Polier.
  10. redtiger

    Losing Decade

    Drastic over exaggeration on both points. This years GC team played like a old school GC team, they werent that talented but the effort and attitude were there, and Central may have something to say about GC being roundball kings...
  11. Agreed all around. A hard number definitely needs to be set for 1A, and 6 classifications is probably really unnecessary, 5 would do it.
  12. I saw stars a lot playing football, but also riding my bike and horses. The two hardest hits I ever took to the head were playing pickup basketball - head bounced off the floor whiplash style after falling, and I stepped into a passing lane and took a hard pass to the temple. MUCH worse than anything I took playing football, granted I wasnt out there in space running around, i was on the line lol
  13. The beauty of the Haysi - Ervinton - Clintwood - Pound Jamboree was that each school took turns hosting, so over a 4 year span it was very beneficial for everyone involved. I imagine for a program like Ervinton it had to be a major fundraiser
  14. never driven the skyway but I came up 68 from GA a few years ago on a trip, some truly beautiful country
  15. Cut the preseason by a week. I dont care for the benefit game or scrimmage setups, personally I like the jamboree setup, team A vs team B for a half, then team B vs team C for a half, then finish things off with A vs C. Easily the best setup imo. The Jamboree with Haysi/Ervinton/Clintwood/Pound was always good; all the teams played each other later in the season so they werent trying to show anything, just out there running their 4-5 base plays from1-2 formations and knocking the rust off. Cut the playoffs back to 4 weeks. Ive went back and forth with this(dont want to deny players games) but were starting to see players just lay down because theyre gonna get destroyed by the #1 seed, thats not helping anyone. Better to just let the last regular season game be their last game imo. With 7 on 7s and all the year round sport specific stuff the season is VERY long. Maybe cut some of the year round stuff too, its just a lot.
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