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  1. So Council will not be a part of consolidation? Not sure which is worse, Council to Rural Retreat or Council to Thomas Walker.
  2. Infrastructure is the single biggest hurdle in Scott County. Bringing all the kids to one location will be quite interesting given the roads in the county. Fort Blackmore may be a central point but no 4 lane getting there from any direction. Some argue Midway as 72 will run by it. I think if it ever happens the school needs to be placed either near the golf course with 72/71 intersection or near the quarry pond on 65.
  3. TW played Knox Catholic back in the day so why not.
  4. Honaker would most likely go back to the Hogoheegee I believe.
  5. No time soon unless the state comes up with an incentive to do so.
  6. I think you are probably correct, although I may flip TW and RC for next year. TW will probably have the best player on the floor in that matchup.
  7. I believe Gate City and Central are tied going into tonight for the softball lead. Lee almost pulled off the upset of Central last night.
  8. I figured he had enough time in the system but wasn't sure. I believe I had heard he had 0 assistants at CG last year. That lack of help would burn a person out quick though if I am remembering correctly. Hes a good coach though and with that time in, I would stay across state lines as well for a few years.
  9. And Kevin Mays just announced Nick Johnson was hired by Wise County last night. Thomas Walker is now looking for a new HC. I do wonder if Brett McPherson would have any interest being just across the stateline at Cumberland Gap. I assume he was in VA long enough to be working toward the retirement option in TN now to supplement the VA retirement. Cumberland Gap is not an easy place to win at, but the pay is probably better than Lee County but that is just a guess.
  10. He did. The Cumberland will have a few new faces with old Cumberland ties.
  11. Say what you want about losing seasons but I tend to look at how coaches done based on what they have to work with. When Palmer had a few Jimmys and Joes he won games. When you dont have the better Jimmys and Joes you tend not to win no matter who you are. Im not saying hes Lombardi, but hes a great person from all interactions I have had with him from HS til now, and wins the games he should and a few that he shouldnt.
  12. That first year at Anderson County I watched some of their games online. Talk about mismatches. He got short handed on time with the kids due to CoVid and then they played teams who were way more athletic than they were. Bad combo.
  13. That was the name I was hearing. Hes the type of person they need at this time.
  14. I think theres a couple of schools who will present Tazewell a lot of challenge. Central and GC are very deep at the plate. I think GCs pitching is a little better but not always consistent.
  15. Lark done a good job at Castlewood. The biggest issue IMO for them coming up is the lack of a feeder system. Unless something has changed I dont believe they have had a youth program since around 2018 or so. I have heard of one person the job is most likely going to and if so its an absolutely great hire for the Devils, especially this late in the spring.
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