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  1. I probably wouldnt quote Greg Schiano very often.
  2. Probably should add the last game in Clintwood history to that as well vs Patrick Henry. Great coach who believes in being great at a few plays than being average with a diverse playbook IMO. Didnt he turnover offensive play calls to Grant a couple of years ago too though?
  3. it seems like DB has turned into a feeder program for Christ School over the last 5-6 years.
  4. Copy of the game film posted to YouTube or such.
  5. It is basically representing teams/districts that makeup the KTN coverage area which isn’t uncommon.
  6. I do wish a copy of the game was found somewhere online.
  7. Hardnosed ballplayer who leaves it all on the field. Played most of the season with a rib injury. Didnt run the ball a lot this year because he is such a good blocker, while his younger brother took most of the carries. On D he was basically schemed around. I was happy to hear how well he played Saturday. He is the type who could play for anyone around here on either side of the ball. A friend from Elizabethton messaged me Saturday night talking about how impressed they were with him, and how their staff would have loved to had him.
  8. Or what almost was "The State of Franklin". Although I guess State of Franklin was going to be a bit bigger than mentioned here.
  9. A great game didn't surprise me at all between those two teams. I attended the Graham/Union game but told coworkers and others I thought Central/Ridgeview would be the best game in the area Friday. Ive seen those two groups of kids battle since they were 9-10 years old and its always been battles between those groups. Central has put it together a little quicker than many expected but they will be a force in Region D the next couple of years at least.
  10. Toughest place to play: Hurley. The Clift is an interesting place. Best Concession Stand in SWVA? Rye Cove. The Eagles Nest, Screaming Eagle, Bald Eagle for those who can't handle the heat. Pickle Pops. Chili Cheese Fries. Bacon Ranch Cheese Fries. Apples Slices and Caramel. Baked Potatoes. BBQ Baked Potatoes. Mozzarella Sticks. Best Helmet in SWVA? Thomas Walker Best Uniforms in SWVA? Im partial but RC's road white top, gold pants is sharp with the gold domes w/ navy & white Philadelphia Eagle wings. Biggest Coaching Staff in SWVA? Twin Valley on average 1D Coaching Staff of the Year? Lots of worthy options. Keith Warner and staff at Twin Springs for almost getting that team to the playoffs after a 1-9 season. 2D Coaching Staff of the Year? Luke Owens and Central due to their postseason success with a bunch of sophomores mostly. Dark Horse Team of the Year? JI Burton. Lost a lot of key personnel and the events over the summer to now reach the region finals. Best Game of the Season? Union @ Graham Biggest Upset of 2019? Gate City over Richlands to start the season
  11. That was going to be a point I raised, especially in EKY. They are basketball crazy.
  12. So, which side will be the easiest to sit on, or will fence standing be the route to take? Kind of hoping the rain makes it easier to find a seat.
  13. I didnt think playoffs were the implication at all there, just that a school with very limited numbers won a share of a district title over the course of an entire season, not 1-2 weeks of playoffs.
  14. On a 3A team your opponent may have 25 players also, but occasionally on a 1A team your opponent may have 50 players. Either way you can only play 11 at a time. Coach up what you have and let the chips fall where they may.
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