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  1. Same pitcher. Some days you have better stuff than others. Lebanon also wasn’t exactly a slouch at the plate.
  2. I did find the news write up about it and Jon Kern for RC threw a no hitter vs TW that day as well.
  3. He’s legit but they were the 4 seed and I can’t remember if they didn’t start him or RC just tagged him and they had a bunch of errors behind him. I don’t think many thought RC would make the run they did as the CD 5 seed and make the regional tourney.
  4. The Cumberland returns a lot this year. The Hogo probably still gets the edge with Lebanon and Chilhowie, but Burton, Eastside, Rye Cove, Castlewood and Thomas Walker all have 1-2 really good pitchers. Twin Springs will be the biggest question mark. They finished last last year and graduated the most. RC returns all but 2 starters off last years team. Grabeel at TW was the top pitcher in the district and returns. Hart at Burton on the mound and Keys returns behind the plate who was player of the year in the district. Eastside will be Eastside and Castlewood always has a shot with Salyers on the mound and has a really impressive freshman hurler also.
  5. Richlands has some girls who have put time in over the years in the sport. Im sure they will be solid. I want to go see the Compton kid at Tazewell pitch sometime. If the weather cooperates may have to make the trip Saturday for their play day.
  6. It isnt as crazy as some people make it out to be, or use to be rivalry wise although it seems to be building back some since COVID I guess. The hardest part is thats the two furthest points of the county away from one another to try and combine.
  7. May not have weeks that line up but I thought I had heard Gate City was sitting at 9 recently looking for a 10th.
  8. Abingdon was scrimmaging at West Ridge last night. Couldnt tell how it went.
  9. 4 Might as well be Coach Colley himself if he played there and combine his coaching history. If not, maybe one of his sons. Blake Owens was a pretty stout back in the day as well.
  10. The district championship game did matter. It was for the 1 seed for the district tourney and auto bid. Central won the district tourney title that meant less than the district title playoff. Mostly though, that was the state title game last night though.
  11. Wonder how much Wooden would be paying children to play for him now a days?
  12. If you know of anyone broadcasting online, especially Eastside girls let me know.
  13. I think GC let TW out of their contract. Not sure who GC has for a replacement.
  14. Three Year Letterman backing Rife up on Twitter.
  15. It was Jefferson Forest. One of the top games I have ever attended as well.
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