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  1. Yep Loris can get to about any section of the Grand Strand in short time. Head to NMB or Murrells Inlet for some good seafood either way.
  2. When did Scott not have a school board? I disagree also about who should be members. Its fine for retired teachers to be on there, but that narrows the view points somewhat.
  3. AB parlayed that title into another nice gig I assume at Irmo just outside of Columbia. Not sure what his record was last year.
  4. Scott County doesnt have the infrastructure road wise to consolidate in an efficient manner. Cutting off the extra funds may help force consolidation though.
  5. My math back in October had us spending 10,990 per student roughly in Scott County. The state average was 10,400 if I remember correctly. State funding makes up over 70% with federal and county money almost split. Yes, it costs the county some money in the end, but we are making far more than we are losing for the system we have. If we lost those 300 we would be best off shutting down a couple of elementary schools most likely. I had a lot in my district question me on this. I told them I needed more info before I would commit to anything but at the time sided with the status quo. I wouldnt mind seeing a small fee setup for the flood we may see doubling that number after next year. Grandfather the ones in already. Give all teachers children the option to come in with no tuition and all county taxpayers. That was if anything was done but we dont need to make huge adjustments at this time. If the state ever changes how they fund schools, then it could cause a major issue.
  6. Its going to be an interesting time. I may be really happy that I lost the election now. The BOS cannot enforce anything the School Board does not agree to though. What will be very interesting is seeing how many try to migrate over with North closing. A lot of folks in the TS communities posed this question to me about tuition as they feel like tax money is being wasted on out of state students that only benefits GC. Right now, those TN students bring in a ton of state tax money to the Scott School System. Yes it is costing the county a little extra money but if all of those TN kids left and went back to TN the system would lose just shy of 3 millions state and federal funds.
  7. I doubt it gets played tomorrow. Flooding will probably prevent it from happening. That being said, it was odd to see a coach talk about no pressure and say the opponent has some long win streak, I dont know how long then later go on to mention a number later in the interview. Plus why keep your team in the locker room longer usual after a win to discuss this game? It seems like the psychology of the game is an issue. I would like to see the game though. If it is postponed I hope it will fall on a day I can watch it.
  8. 1948 Rose Bowl game I believe with Michigan on O.
  9. The opportunity to play at IMG doesnt just mean an opportunity for more coaches to see you, it allows for a higher level of training leading up to college as well.
  10. No clue who was there, but I guarantee it wasnt the worst officiating crew.
  11. I probably wouldnt quote Greg Schiano very often.
  12. Probably should add the last game in Clintwood history to that as well vs Patrick Henry. Great coach who believes in being great at a few plays than being average with a diverse playbook IMO. Didnt he turnover offensive play calls to Grant a couple of years ago too though?
  13. it seems like DB has turned into a feeder program for Christ School over the last 5-6 years.
  14. Copy of the game film posted to YouTube or such.
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