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  1. In all the times I have been to TS, and its been a lot, I cant think of ever seeing cows in sight of the field was why I said it. At the Cove, now one year we had to practice around scooped up cow patties that wasnt from a bingo, but due to a fence issue with the neighbors. Even had some break into practice a time or two.
  2. First when were you at TS? Second, I cant ever think of cows being near their field in all my trips there.
  3. Always check out the goal post in the west end zone. Seems like every game I worked there they were swaying like crazy. Almost like they were anchored into an active fault line.
  4. I will be very surprised VA wont have cancelled games in both the regular season and playoffs at this point.
  5. I believe it was 0-0 at halftime, but turnovers dominated the 2nd half.
  6. When I saw the HT score I was kicking myself for not trying to go. I did watch part of St. James/Conway on TV. Wasnt really quality football from what I saw. Conway had a 6-1 257lb TB who was a brute at times but they still lost 28-7. I think St. James had lost 2 QBs by the time I started watching the announcers said, but then had a kid get Dak Prescotted with a couple of minutes left in the game. It was nasty to see on TV.
  7. Debating watching them this Friday if I am in Surfside this weekend as planned.
  8. Prayers for Coach Smith and his health.
  9. RC will be led by a mostly JR class, with Mason Hardin being the lone SR making a big impact on the team I would believe. Depth may be an issue but should be pretty decent through their first 7 with 4 kids who can score. I dont get to watch them much, but last years TS game was fun at the Cove through the first half. RC tried playing through contact driving the ball into the lane, where as TS would drive and kick out for 3s. Contact wasnt being called around the basket on either side and TS adapted to it better taking the 3 balls given to them. Those two have played a lot of ball against each other over the years.
  10. Pure poop fest. Neither person was impressive in anyway possible. Democrats will hammer at Trumps stand back and stand by comment. Republicans will hammer at Biden not answering about increasing the size of the Supreme Court.
  11. Planning on heading to Surfside for Halloween and if so I may make the trip to see them play that Friday. I think they are to face Green Seas Floyd that day.
  12. For the Big Red Army's sake John Marshall best not drop again.
  13. TS returns talent. No doubt about it. Young talent at that. What will be hard to fill is the kids who done the dirty work.
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