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  1. Northam and his staff have both said they are not attempting to track those who test positive but are not hospitalized to see about recovery.
  2. And there lies the biggest issue with how VA doesnt handle COViD19 worth a dime. There isnt anywhere near 47k active cases. There is zero follow up with those who have contracted the virus unless they are dead or released from a hospital. Of the 56k who have had it only 9k have died or been hospitalized from it if I am not mistaken.
  3. Yes the M7 has dominated, but theres more bad basketball than there is softball. Both have tons of youth participation. We are certainly ready to kickoff 2020 this weekend with the yellow ball.
  4. They start as early in basketball as they do softball. Volleyball is slightly different in that regard but more are starting earlier. Scott Rec has been running volleyball starting in 2nd grade for quite some time that was much earlier than anyone else for a long time.
  5. Softball is the most competitive sport in SWVA by far. Its not close. I heard a month or two ago Davis is probably leaving Richlands softball also and who may replace him from someone I think has a decent idea. Im not guaranteeing it but I think its more likely than not his last game as the coach at Richlands was a state championship.
  6. I would not envy replacing Dixon either. I did see today that Big Stone native, and former AOA football official BK Walker is also the new principal at Galax.
  7. Scott County Telephone CO-OP installed a wifi system at all three county football stadiums, and gymnasiums last year to try and improve connectivity for fans/teams.
  8. As I said originally this is 1 of the top 2 spots it made sense if the NBA was the reason for leaving. I wish Mac the best.
  9. He played one season under Pearl. He was a Buzz Peterson recruit and was on the NBA trajectory when Pearl got to TN his SR year. Thats kind of like saying Coach K got Zion to the NBA.
  10. UVAO hit the nail on the head with what I was trying to get across. Beard could be the next Brad Stevens if he desires.
  11. Why is anyone acting like a degree from Gtown or Wake will make a big difference? If you can be an impact at any of these univerisities are are mostly set for life without a major screw up. They all have big money donors who like to help look after those who allowed their school to shine in some athletic event. If NBA is driving the move then Texas Tech of Arkansas. Beard is a guy the NBA respects and may see teams go after as a coach. Musselman has plenty of NBA connections also. Pearl has yet to get a PG to the league. Enfield has a fun system in LA with the old Dunk City but will USC even play basketball this year. BYU is interesting. They should have a top 10-15 team next year. Penny?? I don’t want to have to follow Tiger High basketball haha. I would like to see him at Wake. I hope Forbes succeeds and if Mac could go make that happen it would be the most enjoyable pick of the group to follow. That being said I certainly hope wherever Mac feels is best brings him a ton of success. No doubt he will put the work in wherever it may be.
  12. Lee Girls filled by Brandon Mosier from Big Stone.
  13. Is Compton a teacher? If not, possibly a situation where if a school system employee wants the job they are to receive it over someone outside the school system?
  14. I believe Lee Girls may be filled by the TW boys opening. Could be wrong but wouldn't be surprised.
  15. Lee got beat by Heritage in the D4 semis on a late FG that year also I think they went on to win the next week over Tabb maybe but I couldn't swear to it. Very close to all 4 state champs in A and AA coming within a 3 western most counties in VA.
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