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  1. The allegation itself isn't. A tenured teacher has to have substantial proof of issues before they can be fired without legal ramifications. There was a case in North Carolina a few years back where a tenured teacher took a leave of absence while fighting felony drug charges. The school district fired said teacher during this absence. The teacher took it to the Supreme Court and won because they had not been convicted yet, and the leave of absence request had not been denied by the school system.
  2. Not speaking directly about this situation, but when it comes to tenured teachers......its not easy to fire them generally.
  3. Wife called and knocked out my listening experience. Just got it back and sounds like Richlands has won the title. Congrats!
  4. They have attempted to bunt a lot throughout the game. A few strike 3 bunts foul even. This isnt a bush league situation but a style of play for Madison I would believe. Plus its 1-0 in the title game, you do whatever gives you the best chance to win.
  5. Going to the 7th. Madison strands the only baserunner of the game so far. 1-0 Richlands.
  6. Perfect game ends in the top of the 6th on a bunt.
  7. I didnt catch that at first but apparently the throw went between Estes legs. I was assuming it was on the play at the plate originally but apparently not.
  8. Nothing doing for Madison again. Osborne has struck out 13 of 15 who have came to the plate.
  9. Richlands on the board after a 2 out double. Advances to 3rd on a wild pitch. Then scores on a passed ball and an error. 1-0 Richlands
  10. Do you stay on vacation? Become a teacher or something?
  11. The reality is softball is the most competitive sport top to bottom across the state of Virginia of the major sports. Sure there are some bad teams but as a whole but they are much more scarce than most other sports inside the VHSL.
  12. RC beats Grundy 6-3 to move on to face a tall task in Northwood Friday.
  13. Yep, the Cove travels to Grundy Wednesday it looks like. Should be an interesting game as both lost a lot from last years opening round matchup I do believe. that Grundy won 1-0 on the last play of the game.
  14. Its definitely a bad situation for the kids to not have some direction going into the summer.
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