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  1. I just don't see the VH$L getting spring sports off the ground at any point. I could be wrong but these are all non-revenue sports and that will come into play IMO. I hate all of this for each kid but especially the seniors.
  2. I try to never judge anything based on still images. That being said to me watching the footage I have seen I thought it was a foul myself. But was there similar contact throughout the game not called or called? I dont know as I havent watched the game.
  3. I dont think Lee was overhyped coming into the season. They started strong by winning the Grand Home Furnishings tourney by beating Union in the finals which caught a lot of attention and seemed to struggle shortly after that point in the season.
  4. Not sure if they will end up going 19 or 81/77 but I figured at least some extra highway time helps. Work the next day is going to be rough for me though.
  5. Yes it is a one year deal as of now. VA will be in the 2nd year of their two year cycle. RC was hoping to replace Jenkins with a home game but it looks like JM was needing a home game badly as well. I don’t know if any discussions we’re held about the next two year cycle in VA.
  6. That was the reason I was asking about the field. Going to be a similar length of time as a trip to Hurley I figure. A little longer but at least RC will get 10 games this year with Jenkins folding their program.
  7. And Chris Peters and Tony MacDonald. I cant remember how much Tony played for that team though. He is an overlooked freak athlete to come out of GC as well.
  8. I completely agree and that is why I think it would have been more likely back then than now which makes it even more impressive. Plus GC hasnt played a soft schedule overall with the competition historically being larger TN schools, Arby's and the Florida tourney this year for OOC scheduling.
  9. Im not sure I agree for one reason with that though. I remember games from the 80s where both teams were pushing 100 points. Offenses seemed to be much better overall until around 2000 in the area. Then things swung to either really good defense, terrible offense of a combo of both. I would venture to say more 1000 point scorers came from this area in the last 20 years of the 1900s than the first 20 years of the 2000s in this area.
  10. I plan on going to the boat parade this year. Its been on my list for a while. We have camped for years at Pirateland but this fall the inlaws purchased a villa in Pirateland so Ive been going down some weekends and working on it. Debating on making the golf cart that came with it legal for the roads in the area. Currently can only use it in the campground. This has created the opportunity for multiple River City Cafe trips thankfully. About the only thing I venture into MB for is to eat at Dirty Don's. Now time to keep checking off all the places in Murrell's Inlet. Russell's Seafood Grill is next on the list to check off. Kind of an older looking place but gets a good review on Yelp without the prices of Drunken Jacks and etc. Creek Ratz is one of my Marshwalk favorites.
  11. Always wanted to fish that pier but never made it up there. We stay in Surfside and fish in the campground, surf fish or now go to HBSP and walk to the Murrells Inlet jetties and fish. Long hike but generally a good way to get bites.
  12. I think they should be called the Cliff't MudCats. Green and brown.
  13. I hear you can't beat their meat!
  14. Yep Loris can get to about any section of the Grand Strand in short time. Head to NMB or Murrells Inlet for some good seafood either way.
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