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  1. Ridgeview Pulaski Abingdon Carroll Co. Rural Retreat Blacksburg Radford Central Richlands Union Honaker Chilhowie Tazewell Glenvar Grayson Co. Narrows Grundy Tug Valley, WV Patrick Henry Rye Cove Cumberland Gap, TN Twin Springs East Mont West Virginia South Carolina Tennessee App. St. Boston College Marshall No. 16 Auburn Virginia No. 4 Oklahoma GotW Bluefield (38)
  2. Since I am not officiating this year I guess I will give it a crack.
  3. We would have welcomed the Devils to the Eagles Nest Im sure.
  4. That wouldnt surprise me. It may depend on the number of carries a younger back shares with Brown where Humphreys carried a heavier load I believe. I have been happy with what I saw on HUDL for RC. I didnt realize until Friday that one of their best lineman had transferred to a school in Bristol (not sure which one). Hated to see that he wasnt in a RC uniform this season. They subbed quite a bit with Lebanon and Northwood as well.
  5. JIB and TS were to be at TV yesterday I believe. Not sure if Eastside and Holston may have faced each other. That used to be a common first scrimmage matchup.
  6. Anyone going up to Garden Creek today, or be there for the long haul? Looking forward to some reports from there today.
  7. That I won’t be wearing stripes this season.
  8. Burton opens up at Ridgeview to start 2019 I believe instead of Union.
  9. Not sure if anything else has been announced but Auburn I believe was open on 11/8. That would be a good opportunity for them and Fort to setup.
  10. RC had 23 I believe come out. The 7th/8th grade team will probably be around 30 or so. Some good size classes are coming up at RC and almost everyone of them has more males than females in them.
  11. Rye Cove 8/17 @ Twin Valley Jamboree 8/23 Twin Springs jamboree which will have TS vs RC from Crunch Bunch through Varsity. Fun little jamboree for the two communities.
  12. Definitely a great move. Growing market and opens up opportunities for some kids who may not be able to participate in other extracurricular activities in their school.
  13. Ah...I could only remember the white ones.
  14. From the camp tour it looks like Tazewell is back to a green helmet. I wonder if the large dog is on one side in white now.
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