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  1. Bingo. This prevents schools from under counting their attendance and the VHSL missing their full cut.
  2. Was there a Clinch River district or similar in the early 70s? I was thinking Twin Springs was in a district with Honaker, Lebanon maybe, St. Paul and Castlewood before they came to the Cumberland around 76 or 77.
  3. Probably the fastest moving region title game in the state with the way both keep the ball on the ground.
  4. Only saw the last minute of that Galax game. Not aware of Galax personnel but was kind of surprised with the alignment Grayson was running on defense then that Galax didn’t send someone down the seam early in that. Last possession.
  5. Just got back to the villa and had to flip this on. Anything said about Grayson not wearing white?
  6. Any update on Jones injury? I hope it isn't a big major injury with the kids potential future. I expected him to be the difference in this game. With him out I thought Lee would have the advantage.
  7. AJAX won’t remove the Powell River Hot Pox.
  8. Honaker gets a long TD run by someone in a muddy jersey to make it 20-16 Honaker. 2pt conversion so good.
  9. Halftime as Lynard Skynard blares over the PA. Grundy 16 Honaker 14
  10. Grundy kicks about an 8 yard punt. Honaker scores 3 plays later with 8 seconds left before the half. 2 point conversion good. 16-14 Grundy
  11. And the service has only gotten worse since they started doing ads before you can watch what you select.
  12. Honaker stalls out at the 10. 2:20 left in the half with Grundy trying to go 90 yards.
  13. Grundy mishandles the KO and Honaker recovers the muff.
  14. 49 yard TD pass for Honaker. 2 pt conversion no good. 16-6 Grundy with 5:22 left in the first half.
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