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  1. nannanannannaanannana nananananananannan nanananannannanannana
  2. Id be glad to be wrong but I dont think he will make the move to Tech with Young. I could possibly see Sun Belt/Conf USA as a landing spot but not a P5 school. Wherever he goes I hope its successful for him whether athletically or more importantly academically.
  3. I know a few who sign up for both associations up that way and we have some from Christiansburg who will work the AOA in one sport and Roanoke in another. Its odd. packfan, I cant remember the full details but basically there could have been some tax laws/workplace issues the way it was setup if I remember correctly dealing with employment status. No other association in the state was overseen by the principals of the schools they covered. Those changes that were made had no bearing on the quality of officiating directly. There wasnt enough done then, nor now to try and bring people in who want do the job, much less do it well. I would love to see a lot of changes but I never see the money coming together to make things happen like a grading system. Football and Basketball have had a lot of instructional opportunities in recent years and more would be nice but they dont just fall into peoples laps either in this part of the world. Due to some folks who have been able to make the jump from the AOA and other local associations to Power 5 jobs and Group of 5 gigs they have done a good job of giving back. I hope it continues and grows for a long time. I will say, when it comes to state appointments for games the AOA tends to draw a large share for the divisions we represent and receive rather good marks for the officials who work those games.
  4. Whether you deem that officiating has gotten worse or better (most would argue at the upper levels even it has gotten much worse in recent years) adjusting the structure of the AOA was the proper thing to do. Its probably the best thing for the schools also in reality.
  5. I meant to say didnt. Forbes was apparently the choice is Musselman didnt take it.
  6. Bruce may have finally figured out how to keep things just outside of arms length reach of him directly. I personally wouldnt trust him around the corner of the building. Heckuva coach who knows how to work the press but hes slime.
  7. If Musselman doesnt take the Arkansas job Forbes has a moving service boxing up stuff right now with a destination for Fayetteville,
  8. I like Forbes a lot and if this stuff comes true with Barnes and UCLA (holy moly the life of a TN fan) I wouldnt be disappointed with UT hiring him but for Tech, Young is a better hire. I think they knocked it out of the park and I am not a Tech fan by any stretch of the imagination. I may be proven wrong in the end but I think Young will do very well at Tech. Im not going to say they are going to go for national titles in 2 years but I think they will be a consistently ranked team long term.
  9. The retirement needle hasnt hit the 10 year mark left on Marshall or many others who are in their mid 50s. Either way, Tech can hire an older proven coach who may have 10 years in the tank and see it out, or hire a young up and comer who will leave them in 5 for something better. Does it really matter either way?
  10. To loosely quote Clarence from Coming to America: Bill Guthridge was 137 years old when Dean Smith retired.
  11. I wouldnt be worried about a 56 yr old retiring anytime soon. Most of those guys are going to coach beyond 70 if they are successful. That being said Marshall is stuck in Wichita due to the money he makes and the honeymoon may be over there anyway but neither can really get out of it very well. Odom, Miller, Mike Young (rumor is he and the Wofford AD arent on good terms at the moment for some odd reason) John Brannen, and the even further out in leftfield pick that I think could be a hit would be Jon Coffman.
  12. Twin Springs is now open as Dockerys contract is not renewed.
  13. http://www.timesnews.net/Basketball/2019/03/25/Williams-steps-down-after-decade-leading-Burton-hoops
  14. This was a rumor going around back in volleyball season even with his son graduating Burton this year. He has a very talented daughter entering HS also.
  15. I have heard Sensebaugh voiced an interest. Id say thats hearsay though. Another name I heard was BI Salyers. He has lot of time in in VA and a decent amount in TN. Son has graduated from DB and would be around 10 years away from retirement in VA I would believe. I also would wonder if Barry Jones wants another shot at being a head coach.
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