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  1. That was a model year for anyone to hold their kid back. I wish I had made the decision to hold my current senior back had I known things would continue like they had.
  2. What about New HS with River as the mascot? Get real Bland with it. No offense to Bland HS.
  3. Especially if Coach Colley is doing color commentary.
  4. Here is what I had after Week 4: Honaker 19.5 Twin Springs 17.3 Chilhowie 16.5 Rye Cove 15.5 Patrick Henry 15.3 Grundy 13.7 Holston 13.5 Eastside 13.0 Thomas Walker 12.8 Hurley 12.3 Rural Retreat 10.7 Twin Valley 9.7 Northwood 9.3 JI Burton 7.8 Castlewood 6.8 I could be off of any of them as well but think I cleaned up some errors.
  5. Tulane has some decent looking uniforms at times with that combo.
  6. Tennessee, TN Pulaski Patrick County Princeton Radford Patrick Henry Ridgeview Graham Lebanon Ft. Chiswell Galax George Wythe Giles James Monroe, WV Honaker Holston Twin Valley Rye Cove Twin Springs Chilhowie North Carolina St. No. 4 Florida St. Marshall No. 10 Oregon No. 11 Utah No. 15 Ole Miss Texas Tech No. 23 Tennessee No. 14 Oregon St. No. 9 Notre Dame No. 7 Penn St. Detroit Buffalo Seattle Dallas Pittsburgh GotW Union 57
  7. Rye Coves JV and Middle School are in good shape also. Don’t believe either have lost to this point but I may be mistaken.
  8. It’s 1A football and who’s healthiest come November will be the first key to moving forward.
  9. I cant wait until I am one of them.
  10. I caught my error on TW. Had the wrong number assigned for Lee.
  11. What value do you have for the Cumberland Gap win so far for TW?
  12. 40 new or 40 total?
  13. If Eastside closed I wonder how many Castlewood students return to Russell County. I would imagine quite a few.
  14. The only way there is every consolidation in Scott County is if better infrastructure is put in place which wont happen. If not you have to locate the school at the intersection of 72/71 or on 23 near the quarry pond. There could be a north of the Clinch plan and south of the Clinch plan which would keep RC but not change its enrollment much at all.
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