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  1. Bostics backpack seems to have gotten larger.
  2. The simplest way to think of it is if you are coming up to block a guy approaching them from the side or behind you best block them with open hands. No good Ol school decleaters anymore unfortunately.
  3. And it was basically the exact same crew people female dogged about in the spring.
  4. Gate City/Abingdon cancelled for tonight.
  5. Picking up your future opponents early if they are both open due to opponent quarantines is a smart approach. Get each game in as soon as you can, while you aren't quarantined yourself.
  6. Lee/Eastside should reflect postponed now to be more accurate I guess. First I saw online was cancelled. Lee's AD now saying postponed which makes the most sense.
  7. Eastside and Lee are now cancelled for tomorrow. Pineville just landed Cumberland Gap for this weekend.
  8. That I dont know. But thought it was worth making them aware in case Grundy could by Saturday or something.
  9. A friend from college contacted me this morning as I didnt know he had transferred to another school to help coach. Pineville, KY has missed their first two games due to COVID issues with their opponents. I made them aware Grundy didnt have a game this week due to a contract issue. Wasn't sure if they would be out of quarantine or not. If another A school from the area is in need they may be someone to reach out to.
  10. I remember HogoOnline and crew talking about it being a joke how many flags we were throwing and such. It wasn't a fun night for anyone I can assure you of that. We were just as thrilled as anyone a game like that one was over. I don't remember Joey being tossed. Pretty sure it was just a necessary talk with the young man about what had happened. I may be mistaken though. If memory serves me correctly, Joey or his bother was much closer to being tossed by our crew maybe at Rural Retreat one time.
  11. I currently don't do the job. May get back into it later. After 18 seasons, 17 really enjoyable ones, I stepped aside in the 2019 season as my daughter is a cheerleader and in the band at Rye Cove. As much as I did enjoy officiating, Id rather be there for my girls as time is passing rather quickly. If you enjoy the game, its a great way to stay connected to it. I started officiating when in college as a way to stay involved and hopefully learn a little more before a teaching and coaching career. Life takes some funny turns sometimes and I never became a teacher, now volunteer with athletics at Rye Cove in various capacities and help run a travel softball organization that has grown and became more successful than we ever imagined when myself and two others started it, plus my full time gig I was fortunate to land before I finished college. We need more people to give it a try. People who want to dig in an learn and put forth the necessary effort. I have gear I would give someone if they wanted to start to offset some start up costs. When I started we had around 110-120 officials in the AOA. I believe a friend told me they may be around 77 or so currently officiating. The average age of officials doesn't make you feel any better about the situation.
  12. Jags52 is 100% correct on this. Double birds to the opposing bench/stands along with certain words tends to lead to you no longer participating in the contest. My crew and I worked this game. If I remember correctly 38 combined flags split basically even. It was an ugly game. Both teams were very young. One play late in the game I threw a flag on a Chilhowie WR and a player went down with cramps after the play. Robinson holler and asked me to come to the sideline. He at that time was typically pretty animated so I was expecting this to not be a fun conversation. He asked what they flag was for. Holding on the WR maybe 33 or 34 was the jersey number. He said that’s about his 3rd or 4th time tonight isn’t it. I said it was. He made a comment about the rough number of flags and even said sadly they are all probably legit. Not something you typically hear in a flag fest. Both coaches knew they were young. Thesebwere felony flags not misdemeanors that night. Just way more than anyone wants to see. Coaches. Players. Parents. Fans. Officials. Anyone. You just aren’t doing a team favors if you continually let felonies go and it impacts them down the road though.
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