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  1. If he has his time in, maybe Matthew retires from VA and heads down to GA with his brother Kevin and double dips. Couldn't blame him if he does.
  2. The person trying to throw it in the river so it wont make a mess of the trash outside.
  3. You can only be so tight lipped in a public institution though.
  4. Glad to see it is on the network. Was looking earlier today and didn't see it. Thought maybe it was being played at Appy and wouldn't be on there.
  5. No 9th. 6th/7th/8th. Biggest kid on the team is a 6th grader. Its a talented, hard-nosed bunch. Just got to keep working hard and they should find some success.
  6. Interested to see how things go tonight. RC doesn't have a JV to be accurate, but a middle school team.
  7. I imagine there will be a lot of suitors for the job.
  8. GC with more of a single wing look for most of the drive there on the score.
  9. Correct. Run of the mill PF do not lead to ejections and suspensions. Or 1 UC for fighting also gets the boot.
  10. Its a very talented bunched. If they continue to work hard they will be very good. Probably the best collection of talent we have seen since the late 90s with numbers to boot.
  11. I have been thinking this morning this Union/Eastside game could be very interesting to see how it plays out. Union has nothing to gain so could play their 2nd and 3rd string a lot, while it could be the push Eastside needs to jump into the 4 spot.
  12. Church Hill to Nicklesville was a haul as well but that didnt seem to stop anything.
  13. Blountville to Church Hill is quite a haul.
  14. Rural Retreat will travel to Rye Cove on Thursday for a game at 7PM.
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