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  1. They were the higher seed from the regular season. Since none of the bottom 3 seeds advanced beyond the opening round of the distriict tourney, the highest finisher in the regular season moves on.
  2. If referring to softball Union beat GC, and I believe Central beat Ridgeview. Ridgeview and GC are done for the year and Lee will be the 4 seed traveling to Richlands to open the region tourney. Before the year started I thought there was a great chance these two played each other in the region tourney. Just thought it wouldnt be the opening round.
  3. And favorites of AAA. They have a lot of really good pieces around her.
  4. And an 8th grader who has the potential to be the best one if I remember right also.
  5. Hard to throw much out there before they have a chance to do an interview.
  6. This is sarcasm right? They had 18 more wins this year than last year and made the state playoffs winning the region.
  7. Oh dang, I hadnt heard about them missing the plate on a HR last night. Was impressed they went extras with TN High though even with Compton not starting.
  8. Going to have to haul in a lot more rock to get that crown back in the middle though.
  9. Awful situation. Prayers for each of those who lost family members in the accident.
  10. I hated to learn of Dougs passing yesterday. Its hard to believe the impact this man had on the game of football and didnt allow his disabilities to keep him from the game.
  11. I was thinking he told me one other AOA guy for sure. Couldnt remember if it was an entire crew or not as they sometimes mix them in state games. This person also worked the GW/Auburn game at Tech so he had some solid games to end the season.
  12. Yes I know of at least one official who worked the Auburn/Lancaster game.
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