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  1. A quick glance at Coach Smith's twitter account shows he loves his family, his players, and his Lord. Prayers for him and the entire Raider community. PO1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3zfHN0buHM
  2. I do, in most cases, think abortion is murder. Rape was given as the reason only 1% of the time, while incest in only 0.5% of cases. There are also extremely rare instances that an abortion is necessary to save the mother's life. These are extremely difficult circumstances where I believe abortions should be allowed. Otherwise, I believe ~98% of abortions in the US are unnecessary and should not be legal. Many of the same people who lament the shootings of criminals by the police staunchly defend women's right to slaughter more than 600,000 unborn babies each year. Statistics: Guttmacher Institute
  3. If you're going to have a protest, I'd think this would be the best kind to have. "Fiery But Mostly Peaceful..."
  4. This thread took off like a Rocket.
  5. Whichever one garners the largest insurance reimbursement for the hospital?
  6. IMHO, these four should/could be in the conversation for Top 15 Scott County since 1990. Rye Cove: Adam Hood Gate City: Jessee McMurray Twin Springs: Landon Bays, Chad Ervin
  7. I think we should have a Top-5 of Twin Springs' Foreign Exchange Students.
  8. We shouldn't just focus on the negatives. I remember the Richlands' community graciously opening their doors for a family from Big Creek, WV after their high school closed.
  9. That's Gold, @RichlandsAlum! GOLD! Strong Candidate for P.O.T.Y.
  10. I hope Isaiah Johnson knows the reason he's playing the game.
  11. Thanks for sharing, @trublue. With so many dissatisfied and entitled young adults in the news, this story was a refreshing change. I appreciated how Aka and his family chose to immigrate to the U.S. and their obvious love for America. Aka's work ethic and willingness to overcome adversity will serve him well as an Army officer. We're blessed to have him serve our nation.
  12. I now know a person who died of COVID 19...or do I? He was in early 80s and had survived multiple battles with cancer. He fell at home injuring his head and was taken to the hospital where he suffered another fall. He was admitted and tested positive for COVID 19 and later passed away. He had not been suffering symptoms of COVID 19 prior to his fall at home. So, his death won't be because of advanced age, natural causes, long-term effects of cancer, or organ failure as a result of the consecutive falls. In the eyes of health officials, he died of COVID 19. Ballad Health will receive a 20% Medicare premium and his death will be counted with the other 148,000+ in the U.S..
  13. I'm so excited for MLB and the Nats to begin play I won't even complain about A-Rod and ESPN.
  14. Straight up honest...it took me about 30 seconds to get it. I'm not the sharpest HOAX in the shed.
  15. When you're talking about voracious eaters in the animal kingdom, I'm coming at you every time with the Tazmanian Devil. We're talking about swallowing 40% of its body weight in just 30 minutes. I used it as a daily goal while on vacation.
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