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  1. True! I was editing my post just as you responded
  2. And once a lifetime there's something like 440 days between games. Well, at least in Virginia
  3. I've been looking for VRBO near the confluence of Mudlick and the Clinch.
  4. You've got fatherhood figured out lol. I can tell you're a great dad.
  5. Surfside is a great compromise if you have kids (or adults) who insist on Myrtle and others who want something more laid back. It's amazing how the atmosphere changes once you're south of Ocean Lakes Campground. Supper at River City Cafe is mandatory.
  6. I love visiting any place where wild ponies outnumber people, such as the Eastern Shore, Grayson Highlands...
  7. 37 years! Dang, did Ernie Hicks hire Tarter?
  8. Those Williams boys they still mean a lot to me, Hank and Tennessee... and Hank Jr. and Don and Robin and Billy Dee and Doug and Pharrell...
  9. Baseball wasn't always king at VA High. Ballard Lee and Fred Fisher produced some outstanding basketball and football teams in the 70s and 80s with star players like Darryal Wilson (UT), Oakley Clay, Tyrone Mitchell, Milton Franklin (VT), Mike Pender, Flipper Sensabaugh...
  10. IMO, Joey did a great job here in Marion and would be an excellent hire. He's a proud Lee Co. native who'd understand the unique challenges of the position.
  11. Perhaps I'm missing something as well. The statement regarding Graham and Lebanon seems incorrect. The schools listed below would all be Class 2 under the proposal. "Schools with enrollments of 375 or below would be in Class 1; 376-751 in Class 2; 752-1199 in Class 3; and 1,200 and above in Class 4." March 31, 2020 ADM Graham 492 John Marshall 484 Giles 477 Buffalo Gap 476 Fort Chiswell 472 Washington & Lee 468 Lebanon 463 Grayson County 460 Central -- Lunenburg 451 Riverheads 443 Northampton 430 Essex 415 George Wythe - W 410 Patrick Henry -- GS 409 Chilhowie 394 Cumberland 392 Auburn 387 Eastside 383 Rappahannock 382 See accurate figures in subsequent posts
  12. It's bad news for the rest of us when Riverheads has a freshman RB that has been dubbed "The Freak". Cayden Cook-Cash's (6'3" 195 lbs) first varsity TD was a go-ahead TD against Tazewell. In the state-semis, he had 135 yards and 2 TDs. Last Saturday against the Maroon Tide, Cook-Cash carried the ball 9 times for 97 yards and 2 rushing TDs in addition to returning a kickoff for a score.
  13. An 8-man classification in VHSL could address both the competition gap and the inability of some schools to field teams.
  14. Liberty Christian Academy successfully won an antitrust lawsuit against the VHSL https://wset.com/archive/lca-vhsl-settle-lawsuit-bulldogs-to-join-virginia-high-school-league
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