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  1. So I read the $235.6 million was to actually replace Hurley High and also either replace or flood-proof the Buchanan Career and Technology Center (The new high school could be in Hurley or an alternate location) To the residents of Hurley, Congratulations, you're getting a brand new high school! And the best part, it's only 25 miles and 43 minutes away from your current school. Sincerely, Your neighbors in Grundy
  2. I'm seeing a place named Poplar Gap Park, a county park that was built in 2001 on a former strip mining site. The park appears to contain ballfields (football, baseball, softball) along with a fairgrounds area. Is this the proposed location? @olewave mentioned Corps of Engineers funding. Is Buchanan in-line for COE funding similar to DIckenson Co. when they built Ridgeview? If so, it's a no-brainer. It's akin to your school system winning the Powerball.
  3. This was a meme Trump tweeted just after the impeachment vote. I'm not a fan of all his Twitter activity, but this response was absolutely genius. This is Madison Ave. level brilliance. Simple yet profound. Trump doesn't have to spend millions to re-energize his base for 2020. The Democrats are doing it for free.
  4. I wish more HS football players wrestled. I don't think many players or coaches fully appreciate the benefits. I would dare say much of Spurlin's football success ties back to things learned on the mat from his dad. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2016/July/21/How-Wrestling-Builds-Better-Football-Players
  5. This is game is a blast...unless you're from Galax or Riverheads
  6. Dixon clearly made some adjustments at half. Roll Tide!
  7. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear consolidation will doom the chances of any SW Virginia school from matching or surpassing Powell Valley's eight titles.
  8. I think I read about this place somewhere.
  9. I'd like to go with Wise Central, but apparently Luke Owens is not that good of a coach.
  10. Patrick Henry will feel like they're playing against the entire Galaxy.
  11. I found nothing specific requiring accessible seating on both the home and visitors sides. The links below address the percentage of accessible seating in relation to overall capacity. It could come down to a local building officials' determination if the stadium is compliant. VHSL has broad power and could order a venue change if it didn't deem a facility suitable. This relocation could occur even if a facility had been determined to have met the minimum ADA requirement. IIRC, the DOJ is the top enforcement agency pertaining to ADA by working complaints through the court system. Smyth Co Schools made a number of needed upgrades as a result of a suit. https://aluminumbleachers.com/aluminum-bleachers-ada-compliance-issues-need-addressed/ https://aluminumbleachers.com/ada-bleachers-wheelchair-access-disabilities/
  12. What do Polar Bears and Gladiators have in common? They're both bad at math.
  13. Left: 1971-1981 Long Neck Fighting Gobbler (donned by Lee Corso during Gameday's first visit to Blacksburg) Middle: '82-'86 Short Neck Replacement and first Hokie Bird (The brave 1984 field goal post defender) Right: '87-present Redesigned Hokie Bird Coach Bill Dooley disliked many things about VA Tech and implemented sweeping changes to rebrand the program through elimination of: the 7 1/2 foot mascot, team use of the VPI initials, the Fighting Gobblers name and logo, The old school TV helmet logo, Burnt Orange on Unis, and the lighted Gobbler and gobbling scoreboard. Dooley won at Tech but also got the school placed on probation during Beamer's early years.
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