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  1. Give the pressure washer guy a raise! The new scoreboard looks sharp, but I hope GC never replaces those old-school goal posts.
  2. They'll beat Marion and stake claim to this majestically beautiful trophy.
  3. Nice one...a literal lol
  4. Marion's new helmets: "Design by Committee"
  5. I don't see Chilhowie having a single standout, but the Warriors have a whole slew of potential playmakers. Keep an eye on Logan Adams, Malachi Thomas, Lucas Doss, Jonathon Gilley, Jordan Williams, and Kyle Plemmons . These are just some of last year's underclassmen that gave CHS such depth. I'm not predicting another 10-0, but every regular season game is winnable.
  6. You have a damn Pal's and Tokyo, get over the fact that your football team isn't very good anymore and celebrate the good! Even in the 70s and 80s, they lived it up. When the rest of us were at home eating red dogs with chili sauce, the folks in Lebanon dined on world famous foot longs at their new Weiner King franchise. Clearly there's a lack of appreciation by locals for that gastronomic nirvana that is Lebanon.
  7. The helmet reminds me of the NY Giants logo during that era, More personally, it evokes memories of Brannon Breeding and his relentless running style.
  8. IMHO, the last few years of AHS's unis have been their best ones in school history. The Oregon-esque designs worked well with navy and silver.
  9. Me winning isn't. You do.
  10. This was a pretty epic play for Giles, a school that has produced many over the years. GHS's TD pass to tie Brunswick in regulation during the 2013 title game. The Spartans eventually win 20-19 in OT.
  11. I watched Cox when Richlands JV played at Marion. I couldn't believe the kid was a just a freshman. He wasn't extremely accurate that game, but the young man has huge upside. He has the prototypical QB build (6'4, 200-ish), strong arm and plays with a confidence and maturity beyond his years.
  12. @UVAObserver @Bearcat Bob My families (both growing up and current) have had an unusual Tech-UVA mindset. Different members of the family had their favorite school but never pulled against the other team. I'm a Hokie first but still pull for the Hoos as they represent the Commonwealth and Conference. My earliest memory of college basketball was watching the '76 ACC Tourney with my dad. I remember us being so excited about UVA's unlikely run which ended with Virginia shocking the tobacco road elites by claiming the title. That winter I pretended to be Wally Walker with a makeshift nerf hoop in my house. The Ralph years were particularly special but the title proved elusive . We all watched more special teams come and go but a natty seemed agonizingly out of reach. And now, 43 years after a young Terry Holland won UVA's first ACC Tourney, Tony Bennett has now brought home the ultimate trophy. Congratulations, Hoos fans! Banners hang forever.
  13. Agree. A lot of good softball down this way. I'd add Volleyball and Girls Basketball as the area's top 3 overall.
  14. The stats of two MLB players next to a perfectly engineered baseball cyborg. Harper: 7.5 WAR Machado: 16.1 WAR Trout: 27.3 WAR (2016, 17, & 18 seasons)
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