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  1. The first school I remember was Gate City in the 1970s. I believe it was a steam engine train whistle either on a flatbed truck or trailer. GC dominated the 10 team SWD throughout the decade. The train horn was loud, intimidating, and menacing. You could also use those same adjectives to describe Blue Devil fans who circled Legion's track while taunting both the visiting team's bench and their fans.
  2. Is he the new basketball coach at Gate City?
  3. If the new name of a high school could be used in a Disney Channel movie or to name an apartment complex, it's probably a bad choice.
  4. Central should've been named after Pound native and U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers who was shot down while flying a reconnaissance mission over the Soviet Union. The team nickname could've been the COLD WARRIORS.
  5. Are you saying Josh Shoemaker's only 6'7"? He's 6'9" ALL DAY LONG! I'll find a relative to come on this site and confirm.
  6. The last SWVA QB that tall played hoops at Wake Forest .
  7. You knew you were almost to Tazewell when the bus made the right turn at the Frog Level Yacht Club.
  8. Narrows playing some Graham '89-caliber D
  9. ...Or Yugoslavia to Nickelsville
  10. The number of losing seasons under Harry Fry and Nick Colobro in 55 years? 6 The number of losing seasons under Bill Houseright, Chris Akers, and Jeremy Houseright in 12 years? Also 6
  11. I still like the call by Coach Harris to go for the win.
  12. Okay boys, we're 1-2 and we lost to Tazewell for the first time since George W's first term. You know what would feel really good...?
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