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  1. Tazewell defeats Marion in the Dragon Bowl, but is forced to retain the trophy for another year. I call that a draw.
  2. RVHS girls teams were the "Lassies". Rich Valley said it referred to the Scottish term for adolescent girls, while Chilhowie and Saltville claimed they were named after the Collie.
  3. Not a group to be messed with. Rich Valley players were farm boy strong. Their strength and conditioning program consisted of working in the hay field, cutting firewood, building fence, and milking cows.
  4. It's been 52 years since JI Burton began a season 0-7. The Black Raiders were 0-10 in 1969 in the old LPD. (Source: fourseasonfootball.com)
  5. Don Williams: Dual Legend
  6. I love the old school beauty of Appy's plain blue helmets and no-frills mesh jerseys (Photo Credit: BHC Sports)
  7. Prior to naming the horribly generic Northwood Panthers, Smyth County had some great mascot names including the Saltville Shakers, Rich Valley Steers, and Sugar Grove Maple Leafs. Chilhowie, a Cherokee word for "Valley of Many Deer", is of course the Warriors. Ironically and unfortunately, CHS was constructed on an Indian burial ground.
  8. I challenge anyone to find a better look than Mount View's all gray unis with gold numbers and a chocolate brown helmet.
  9. Suggested topics to make new friends on SWVA Sports include: Mask Policies, Vaccines, Tazewell-Richlands Rivalry, Consolidation, Holdbacks, Richlands Recruiting, Riverheads' enrollment, Cleatgate '92, Thad Wells, Chris Akers, VT vs UVA, the Decline of Gate City, Fastest Player in SWVA, Best Fanbase, Loudest Stadium, the Importance of Bands, and Train Horns.
  10. That box has a quality-level usually found in hunting blinds and chicken coops. I feel confident it was built as a 1970s shop class project.
  11. Before any talk of consolidation, the Scott Co School Board has to consider the significant investment they've made at Titan Stadium. (Photo Credit: Fourseasonsfootball.com)
  12. I only consider teams in the Smyth Co News & Messenger coverage area and Mater Dei.
  13. Hey, don't blame it all on Ohio drivers. I've seen Michigan and Indiana idiots in there too.
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