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  2. What would this be for the west? 7 in a row?
  3. I’d be surprised if Appo doesn’t win. I’ll be pulling for you guys.
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    M7 champs

    KACHEA @ Central for tonight 12/10/19 has been cancelled and rescheduled for Thursday 12/12/19.
  5. #BBN

    M7 champs

    Central on paper should be the top pick. How that plays out will be seen.They have not been impressive in their first two games, one being the benefit against Lebanon, and the other at Twin Springs. Central plays KACHEA tonight at Central, and I plan to check it out, I agree with the post that said if they play team ball they can compete and possibly win the M7! If it is the same way it has been in years past, the will under achieve based on the talent and experience they have. GC obviously has to be picked to win the M7, how many years have they won it consecutive? Until someone knocks them off, how can you not consider them the favorite?
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  7. Johnson Centrals offensive line is one of the best I've seen in a long time.
  8. I doubt any VA team would break the top 10 depending on where the lines are drawn.
  9. Girls 12/9 Thomas Walker 61 Lynn Camp KY 32
  10. you sir are living the dream
  11. Thats your Appalachia Champ right there. Elizabethon 2nd and Pikeville 3rd. Can we not get some of these games as benefit games???
  12. Yeah. I’d be shocked if SD pulls that upset.
  13. That's the thing with the coach at central. He was on the hot seat for poor performances in the past. Quite a few wanted him gone before this group of central kids started. He had to start listening or be let go.
  14. Watching film they look nothing like you guys. Graham was talented big time.
  15. What the folks of SWVA say? Will the west make it 5 (or more) in a row? Appomattox vs Stuarts Draft.
  16. DB schedule has it for Thursday.
  17. It can be summed up pretty simply in most cases I think. They all follow the Golden Rule. He who has the gold makes the rules. I know this political fact was the case several years ago at Tazewell with one coach in particular. Also a certain sideline doctor got ticked off about his girl not playing volleyball after she was rightly suspended for something and he defected up the road. Makes me sick that he is back now. Very easy to get rid of a coach not doing what you want him to do if the team is average or even above average when the purse strings are overflowing from some high members of society. Much easier to ignore when you are bringing titles or championships back. Problem is most coaches aren't given long enough to turn the program.
  18. I wasnt sure if all the games you posted were regular season or if some were benefit games or not.
  19. Lee High looks good. Better pick it up on defense if they want to beat Burton friday.
  20. too young to drive, so yes he was young, this isnt GATE CITY,where you are 19 years old as a holdback
  21. I Believe GC plays @ DB this Thur., the 12th instead of the 16th.
  22. Here we go! ESPN confidence league again. we’ve got 10 days. Let’s get a bunch of players!! Get in the action now: http://fantasy.espn.com/college-bowl-mania/2019/en/group?ex_cid=bowlmania2019_email&groupID=250107&groupp=aGFtbWVy&inviteuser=e0M0RThBOTRBLTAwMTctNDI4NS04QUZFLTRDNUU0MTdFOEFFQX0%3D&invitesource=email Group: 2019 SWVA Sports Pickem Password: hammer
  23. Appomattox vs. Stuarts Draft Hopewell vs. Lord Botetourt Lake Taylor vs. Tuscarora Maury vs. Stone Bridge Oscar Smith vs. South County Army vs. No. 23 Navy Houston @ Tennessee Denver @ Kansas City Cleveland @ Arizona LA Rams @ Dallas Buffalo @ Pittsburgh GotW Galax vs. Riverheads
  24. You just gotta love the offseason where everyone is undefeated and hope springs eternal. There are schools that always look to next year but everyone needs to understand is that these are kids and it's all attitude and what you get this year you may not get next year and then there are transfers and coaching changes. So enjoy a decompression period and try to save the drama for August!
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