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  2. RCCTC was closed and students at LHS were not counted absent if attending services.
  3. From what I heard this week…that’s the idea they have put in place.
  4. I saw them early in the season. They are good and getting better but not like the boys team. Wouldn't be a contender in one of the larger classes. Their best player went to Courtland two years ago and a private school last year. Plays for Team Loaded of course.
  5. I saw on the VHSL page brackets they beat Page County 103-44. Have they created a super team for the girls program as well???
  6. Heard someone was raising hell that one of the martinsville players made a shot and was celebrating by shooting a finger gun at the v high player. So they are definitely undisciplined. Not a fan of the way v high acts by no means but that is completely uncalled for. All of this stems from the coaches imo
  7. No he did not. Losing Hankins is a huge blow though.
  8. Did Gobble graduate from Battle?
  9. turner ashby had a 6'5'" center, she gave Abingdon's girls fits all night!!!
  10. So all Region D teams advanced besides Chilhowie?? Great night for the regions.
  11. Just for my information what did Martinsville do that made you think, in your opinion of course, that they were undisciplined? I didn't see the game but from what I saw all year the reason they were competitive, was their discipline. I agree they didn't have alot of talent, they lost 3 players before the new year, 2 of which were starters, a 6'2 guard and a 6'6" post player. They had to be some what disciplined just to make it this far. So I was just wondering what you saw.
  12. So it'll be a triple header at Wise with 1D & 2D girls?
  13. I watched the 2nd half of Honaker and GW. I was holding my breath as Honaker inbounded the ball in the last few minutes. Turned it over once, and could have happened again. Honaker had 2 players waiting for inbound pass, and GW with 3 defenders on them. It was dicey. GW was the quicker team, but at the end, their quickness caused them to step on the base line couple of times, and turn the ball over. How many time outs did GW coach call during 2nd half?
  14. Game is being played at Wise - VAHigh/Graham
  15. Anytime a team from 1D takes out a team from 1C in any sport it has to be a fluke..
  16. if there was a better BB game to watch tonight as good as the Abingdon vs Turner Ashby girls I want to watch it,
  17. Agree with both of these statements. Congrats Honaker!
  18. All state semis will be played at the home of the higher seed. If both are #1's, then higher seed top of bracket hosts - see the schedule I linked up earlier.
  19. Same question for me. Where to VH and Graham play? I'm guessing at Va High, and if not, then surely at Gate City?
  20. Virginia High finishes off Martinsville by 14 to get the W. Good night for Region D. What I saw with Martinsville and Gretna were athletes and not great basketball players. Both teams are not very disciplined. They have good quickness, but just don't seem to have elite or great basketball players. Gretna and Martinsville had their athleticism neutralized by Graham and Va High's equally potent athleticism, but Va High and Graham just had better basketball players (at least that's what I saw-my opinion).
  21. Does the Virginia High/Graham game have to be at a neutral site since it's a semi final? If so, where will they play?
  22. Central in a dogfight vs Liberty 26-23 at halftime.
  23. Auburn pulls away from Chilhowie, wins by 22 I watched the 4th qtr of GW and Honaker. GW with just several literally wide open 3 point shots and the ball just rims out. It happens. Teams go cold and 8 minutes is a short quarter, only 32 minutes in a HS basketball game. With that written, got to credit Honaker for scoring more points than GW. GW is very good defensively and Honaker put up over 60. Honaker deserved to win. It wasn't a fluke
  24. V-High over Martinsville 50-36 Graham and V - High will meet for the 5th time this season.
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