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  2. Bluefield to scrimmage Cabell Midland in Bluefield
  3. Their assistant recruiting coordinator played at ODU. Possibly has more connections to this area because of it.
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  5. And we get more from those capitals than our own. The last time Richmond cared about this end of the state, the Native Americas were still the majority land owner.
  6. I am just wondering if it is the fact that Tech is in a down cycle in recruiting. Wonder if there is someone on that staff has ties to the area?
  7. Greeneville has numerous Covid cases from a church trip and now Sullivan North has a Covid case and is on hold for two weeks also.
  8. https://wcyb.com/sports/friday-night-huddle/greeneville-cancels-season-opening-football-game
  9. The emergence of Arizona State's new found recruiting in the Central Appalachian region is intriguing.
  10. It is now official. Bluefield at Parkersburg 10-16.
  11. One thing that hurts it is the lack of attention that Richmond gives them. Hell, I live 3 hours from Richmond and just under 3 hours from Charleston. Craig County borders on SWVA and the Virginia Highlands. Richmond would dump the part of the state from Bath County to Lee if they could.
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  13. One of those “perspective” things that doesn’t seem right. Closer to 8 other state capitals than their own.
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  15. VERY good read.... BristolSports @BHCSports Lebanon High School baseball coach Doc Adams keeps things in perspective: https://heraldcourier.com/sports/watch-now-the-bigger-picture-adams-teaches-his-pioneers-not-to-allow-adversity-to-keep/article_1877beb4-d3a6-11ea-badf-df1e31ee579b.html great state
  16. Wouldnt expect them to be. On a serious note, a couple years ago when both programs were having strong tennis seasons the coach at Narrows was explaining to the kids how far of a bus ride it could possibly be to Ewing. They ended up having a round trip to John Battle and got smoked by a loaded team there that season. But the point that hit home to the kids was that TWHS was actually further west than Detroit, MI on a map and it would be a long, full day and trip.
  17. Well there’s those fans. I can certainly understand it if they were on the 92 team. Once Richlands was found out, they probably felt cheated out of something they worked hard for. If they were students during that time and not on the team then they may feel that their classmates got cheated. Not saying the Richlands players cheated. From what I gather, it wasn’t the fault of the players. That cleatgate was on Richlands’ coach. It probably didn’t make a difference. But the Richlands players on that team now have the asterisk on the trophy they won. Most Salem fans I see everyday do not whine about it. Why should they whine? From 1996 through today, they’ve been the cream of the crop in the Roanoke Valley. 9 state championships in 21 years.
  18. Not exactly the version I heard. In admonishing a player (or players) of African descent to avoid behaving at the level of members of the opposing team, supposedly he said something along the lines of, "Let them act like N, but we're not going to do that." Still wrong to say, but context is everything. A long-serving and respected local government administrator in the Roanoke area used the term "N in a wood pile" after Vaught's incident at PH and served on into retirement. Also, Richlands didn't hire him a year later. He was brought in by the Superintendent in 1990 with the notion that he would take over the next head coaching job that happened to be available in Tazewell County. Coincidentally that was Richlands.
  19. Wasn't he at Lexington HS at one point also? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else
  20. He didn't go to a school in the Tidewater area. He was at Patrick Henry in Roanoke in 1989. They played a game vs Homer Ferguson at Todd Stadium in Newport News. At Halftime he yelled at his team because they were losing. He was reported to have said, "Are you gonna let a bunch of N beat you?". He was fired. But Richlands hired him a year later.
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