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  2. More of the later I believe. Any team that can hit Gobble and Hankins that well is a good team. Throw in the fact that they had there own D-1 commit and a few others who will be playing at some level beyond high school and you have a comfortable victory. Quite honestly, the teams out east see 85-88 frequently. It is rarer around here.
  3. Overcoming Chance OU does it. My favorite times in sports watching is when you are watching something that you know right then and there, the moment/event/outcome is so big that you just know this is going to still be talked about in regular conversation in 50 years. This is one of those times and I'm a Hokie and Longhorn guy. Obviously, I don't like OU, but I absolutely LOVE watching greatness and history. This was exactly that. Well....it IS exactly that. It's not over yet. The bunch just isn't losing games.....as in....ANY games. Why so difficult and why so different as teams like UCONN in women's hoops have those long historical streaks? What makes this different? Because......it's Baseball/Softball. Softball/Baseball has more "chance" involved in it by a lot Compared to football and basketball. In Softball/Baseball, you can time and hit a perfectly thrown pitch and rocket the ball off of the fat end of the bat only for the perfectly hit line drive to just so happen to be close enough to a running left fielder that closes the left centerfield gap preventing a double. Or, you can have the perfectly thrown pitch and you are caught completely off guard and get befuzzled and don't know whether to swing or not swing, and you stick the bat out as you are way late in swinging and you are jammed inside with the bat on the ball, and it just so happens that the ball bloops over the first basemen's head for an single. This is what I am talking about with Softball/Baseball and "Chance" compared to Football and Basketball. This is what makes OU's winning streak just so dominant and impressive. They are doing this in a sport where there is simply more "chance" in play and less Control of each outcome Compared To Basketball and Football. So, the odds are, they should at least be losing 2, 3, or 4 games during the season, but they are so dam* good that they can overcome the "chance" involved in Softball/Baseball.
  4. I, along with most others from our area, assumed Battle was the favorite to win Class 2 baseball this spring and so I was shocked to see not just that they lost in the state quarters but the margin of defeat as well Was it just an off night or is Patrick County that good?
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  6. Has anybody heard of any links for Tazewell's semifinal vs Page County tomorrow? Radio or video? I can't find it on nfhs, although they are carrying just about every other VHSL semifinal tomorrow.
  7. she has played several local travel tourneys with most of abingdon's girls over the past couple years!! I don't think it will be hard for her to adjust to them, Jimmy Brown may be a different story though!!!
  8. Regionals only not playoffs for softball. Definitely didn’t play in baseball.
  9. Looks like its Humpheys for POY in M7 and, IMHO, rightfully so. He had the hitting and fielding edge over Beckett. Does anyone have the complete Mountain 7 and SW All Baseball teams? How about the All-Region for 2D?
  10. Three top arms and a very good defense will get it done. That being said, I thought JB had a good shot this year and their 1-2 pitching combo wasn't enough. I think Lebanon's will be enough to win 1A. I look forward to them stepping up to 2A next year. Let's go Pioneers.
  11. In softball they did with RC winning 3-1 In baseball they did not.
  12. Did Lebanon and Rye Cove ever play in the regular season?
  13. Trivette was the best player on the court by far in their games at camp yesterday. They played Honaker and Central. Abingdon was missing a couple of girls, so it will be interesting to see how they play together once they have everyone.
  14. I have just seen a few games here and there. Montcalm coach told me that they were playing Bland too.
  15. Good luck to the Falcons with that 😂 ! Nothing against the girl, wish her the best just referring to the baggage that comes with her.
  16. Last week
  17. its the reynolds girl that is transferring to abingdon, not lowe!!
  18. Hard to change without 2 factors. 1- understand and believing you NEED to change (this is why Narcissism is so difficult to treat) and 2- if someone understands and believes they need to change, they have to put the work in to make it happen. After years and years have gone by and someone is well into middle age or older age, it's even more difficult.
  19. Not sure if it was mentioned previously but Koda Counts (SS, WR) from Ridgeview will be playing at Bluefield this fall. That makes three from the Wolfpack with Hill and Beavers at E&H. Speaking of E&H, they will have (4) kids that played in that Region 2D Championship game with Roberts, Watkins, Beavers and Hill. In another bit of football news, I'm hearing that Trenton Adkins is looking to suit up for UVA-Wise in the fall. I really hope so because that kid is one of the most talented to come out of this region in the past 20 years.
  20. Does Bland have a full schedule or just playing where they can pick up games?
  21. Mac McClung gets all the press from down that way which is understandable but it would be cool for Rye Cove softball to bring home a state title to Scott County.
  22. I’m inclined to think same shit show, different gym. 😂 People like that usually don’t change, maybe he can contain it some but it will eventually surface again.
  23. TWIN VALLEY 08/25 (H) Phelps KY 09/01 (H) Montcalm 09/08 (-) Open 09/15 (A) Northwood 09/22 (H) Craig County 09/29 (H) Bland County 10/06 (H) Grundy 10/13 (A) Thomas Walker 10/20 (A) River View 10/27 (A) Eastern Montgomery 11/03 (A) Hurley
  24. Still looking for schedules for these Virginia schools in our board's service area. Grundy Northwood John Battle Giles Galax Narrows Lebanon Castlewood Twin Springs Rye Cove Carroll County
  25. HURLEY 08/25 (A) Sherman 09/01 (H) Eastside 09/08 (A) Van, WV 09/15 (H) River View, WV 09/22 (A) Holston 09/29 (-) Open 10/06 (A) Thomas Walker 10/13 (A) Grundy 10/20 (H) Tolsia, WV 10/27 (H) Castlewood 11/03 (H) Twin Valley
  26. The Trivette girl is a welcome addition to any team, not really sure what the current talent is level is in Abingdon, but the Reynolds girl is no Ansley Trivette. She also brings a bit of baggage in the form of a crazy step dad that cannot sit in the bleachers and watch a game, meaning if she doesn’t start and play a lot, it will be the same shit show, different gym.
  27. Hes been everywhere man....across the desert bare man......hes breathed the mountain air man.
  28. Since it is now official. All time leading scorer Adam Hood is moving from JV girls coach to varsity boys head coach at Rye Cove. Aaron Williams is joining his staff as an assistant.
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