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  2. Ridgevuew vs Lee - This game is huge after Lee’s loss to Abingdon. The loser of this one is going to be in trouble when it comes to make the regional tournament especially if it’s RV. Union vs JSB - Union has just one M7 win and it’s a must win game for the Bears. A loss ends Battle regular season, they’d be too far back to catch up and would be totally reliant on the tournament. Abingdon vs Central - Must win game for the Warriors to stay in the race for first. TJ says he can’t get a fair whistle, be fun to see how his games are called the rest of the way. In past years the AOA has caved to him and sent him the same 5-6 refs for every game, will that happen again? It’s also coach Williams return to Central and their is no love lose between he and TJ dating back to his days at Burton. This is the game of the night. On paper, none of the girls games should be competitive tonight.
  3. Is Adkins from Ridgeview really thinking about transferring to IMG....you think he see the field very much considering all the talent from across the country come to play there.
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  5. Tonight's Richlands/Graham game from the House of Hostility will be live on 97.7 and https://star95.com/richlands-blue-tornado/ 😉
  6. Pretty sure that tracks back to the early years of the Tom Rife era. And to the point about the quality of basketball there, you're probably showing your age with your post and I am showing mine with this response. Beginning with the '82-'83 season Richlands went on a consistent winning trajectory. The Blues won the SWD tournament (under the old 11 team configuration) twice in three years and closed out the end of that decade by sweeping both regular season and tournament titles three years in a row. Even as enrollment was beginning to decline, the program put five different teams on the court on a consistent basis (varsity, jv, 9th grade, 8th grade, and 6th/7th grade) while still cutting kids in tryouts. Oh, and the girls were pretty good during that stretch as well. Pretty much mirroring the boys side -- although the Lady Blues actually had better success in the postseason. 1986 team lost a close game in the Class AA state semifinal (well before the basketball playoffs were expanded to 6 groups). All of this contributed to a solid identity for Richlands as a "basketball school."
  7. No idea when it started. But I know it gets loud and fun in there when the team is good and it’s a good opponent coming in. Its just a nickname. Not sure there’s much more to it than having a little fun.
  8. Newbies be upset. 😈
  9. When did this nickname begin? I don't recall Richlands ever being good at basketball so to call their gym the "House of Hustle" seems like false advertising.
  10. That’s quite the realization for someone who has been on the board for 2 days... 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. Oh I 1000% agree. If Richlands or Graham is the best the district has to offer this season, it's not a good year for the SWD, or SWVA. The sport is better when Graham Middle is loud. Or the House of Hustle is packed and the teams are good. That said -- I'm still pumped to be at the game tonight. Rivalries are rivalries, no matter how good or bad the teams may be lol.
  12. How is it not about him personally? You’re slandering his name by making a mockery of him. It’s literally asinine and childish to continually bring his name up. I’m getting worked up because he’s a colleague, and I will always defend my own. Doesn’t matter what his record is or what ill-conceived notions you have about him based off of people that don’t know him but only through some sh*t show of a message board where a bunch of arm-chair coaches, has beens, and never weres can get on here and pretend they know it all and harass an individual. Admit it, it was an unnecessary comment made, unrelated to the topic being discussed. Again, when someone can tell me how much film they watch, how many hours they spend away from their families, how many days and nights they put in, then I will consider them to have a valid argument. Until then, you’re just being juvenile in assuming you can harass an individual
  13. Yesterday
  14. Youre the only person getting so worked up over Chris Akers. The Akers stuff isn't about him personally, how do you still not get it? It's a meme specifically to this forum. It's an inside joke and it's not used to denigrate Chris Akers.
  15. You are right...but people have to say things that have nothing to do with the original intent of the post.
  16. I thought we were talking about Ridgeview? oh well.........................
  17. I'm not saying the person who said it is credible, but the quote holds a lot of TRUTH.... but I'm gonna quote an NFL and collegiate coach more than I am some troll who has nothing better to do with his life
  18. My point is, the district is garbage on the court no matter who wins it.
  19. I'm just saying, a lot of people get on here and say in jest "I would do this, I would do that....and question every thing WE coaches do....solely based on what you see on Friday nights.... How many people on here can say they watch hours upon hours of film.... I'm gonna say less than 1% of the "Bleacher Coaches" on here if even 1%.... and I get it, coaches are in public eye and should be able to take criticism.... but what I am angry about is the fact that this man, Akers, rode off into the sunset... and left no real wake other than this ill-conceived and asinine notion that you all seem to have about the man...and has moved on with his life...but you people can't let the damn thing go....It must be like heroin to you....if you don't mention his name at least once a week you will start shaking and have violent withdrawals from being absolute trolls who think you know something about something you know absolutely nothing about... if it's that bad I'm sure you all can google a picture of him... frame it... and just go bananas... but again...since it's such a joke for him to apply then I'm sure most of you all would be perfect fits and would go 15-0 and win State championships galore.... So shut up or apply
  20. I probably wouldnt quote Greg Schiano very often.
  21. Wow!! The football season is barely over a month and we thought the forum would dry up. However, the drama is still alive. Looks like some people had hateorade to drink.
  22. Greg Schiano once said "Every man in America thinks he can do 2 things: Work a Grill and Coach Football"..... Better start marinating them steaks, or shut up and Apply for the job.....
  23. I'm looking here...and wondering where I personally insulted him? where I made a joke about him? In the words of Ben Shapiro "Facts Don't Care about Your Feelings"...and the fact is....Havok made an unnecessary and not in the least funny joke and took an unwarranted jab at someone who is doing what NONE of you all are doing.... Would you make the same joke about Nick Saban? BOY HOWDY, he's probably the BEST coach that has ever walked this earth...How successful was he in Miami? It's all about placement and fit, maybe it wasn't the right placement of fit for GC and Akers, who knows....but I GUARANTEE he put the time and effort in to try and be successful......
  24. I don't think anyone called him an asshole. You need to hold his hand just a little bit longer today? First of all, if you have never suited up and taken the field, you should just keep your jokes and opinions to yourself. I am pretty sure that he never played. I guarantee that you all that sit on here and criticize people have no clue about what they do. Probably heard it from one of your little GC cronies.
  25. It's no longer a "light hearted joke" when the horse has been beat and beat and beat....It was personally insulting to mention Akers "as a possibility" for the job because he didn't find success at a school and morons like you keep the narrative alive... did you ever see the time he put in to try and make a program successful? Did you ever see the time he spent away from family? Did you see any of the stuff he did? If the answer to ANY of those questions are No, anything anyone says on this board is invalid....
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