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  2. Cannon Hill has an official D1 offer from Army Tazewell’s Cassius Harris signed last month with Richmond & Ricky Compton has committed to Ferrum Princeton’s QB got a PWO offer from WVU
  3. Sounds very good all around. One of my oldest son's LHS teammates played for Emory & Henry a few years ago. My observation is that they are very forthright in their approach to recruiting. And if they've said they'll be watching him then that's definitely a solid option for him. If he wants to broaden his horizons a bit or simply test the waters, then I'd highly recommend attending an ID camp. The likelihood of landing an offer from the host school may be a long shot, but he will at least get a chance to perform in front of their coaches as well as those from several other "lower level" schools who will be there. My 16 year old accepted an invitation to attend an ID camp at a Division I school last month. As a result he received 3 offers from Division II schools and one from a Division III coach who were there. The host school is actually still communicating with him but ultimately we don't really expect anything to come of that. The recruiting companies and sites are in business to make money (no surprise there). But there are sites where he can create a free profile that will garner immediate interest from schools who are looking for players with his particular metrics. Our high school coach prefers fieldlevel.com. Both of my sons also got a free profile from ncsa.com in conjunction with their participation in some travel tournaments. Both generated several hits and immediate invitations from several D-III type schools across the country. But the Division I schools generally operate on direct scouting of their own or recommendations/tips from their ID camp partners. All of this is offered based on my personal observation so far with my two older sons. My oldest decided pretty early in the process that he cared more about where he wanted to go college for reasons other than soccer, so he never seriously considered any of the offers he received. My 16 year old is at least looking into it -- but I wouldn't be surprised if things turn out the same way with him. Good luck!
  4. It looks like SWCC is on his radar and evidently he can get 2 years tuition free there for an associates. I think he’s actually started talking to the school counselor about his options and learning some stuff 😃. He was invited to a camp at E&H last year and had had several invites to FCA tournaments the last few years. He has a friend that’s on the team there, I think that may be some of his reasoning for thinking E&H. Trying to get any info out of him is like pulling teeth at times 😂 but he did say the E&H coaches gave him a some stuff to work on and mentioned they’d be watching him this year. His brother and Sister are both King graduates and that’s where that comes in. He mentioned today that he’d enjoy going to one of those camps from the link you posted above at James Madison. I told him if he’s serious we can make it happen and to let me know. So he has some things to think about now. We were contacted before Christmas by some sort of recruitment company. Sat through about an hour and a half zoom meeting about how they were willing to help him get a recruitment video straightened out and a contact list. Turns out they were very expensive 😂 I think he’s starting to realize that we need to get moving on some of these plans and options if he’s wanting to play soccer at the college level. We also may have military options from my service that he can look into. Thanks so much for the link and advice !! Hopefully they have another stellar year like they did last year. We lost our keeper so that’s going to be a weak point for us but AFAIK most of the seniors came back this year and thankfully our coach decided to give it one more year for his “guys”. His son graduated last year.
  5. Just saw that EC Glass is now open
  6. Yesterday
  7. I think they had 4 varsity (1 starter) , brought up a few jv players. Played pretty well considering the corcumstances.
  8. Right does ETSU not recruit any swva kids not that I think that’s his best option just curious
  9. Most surprising game of the night was Central/Union girls.
  10. Each player gets a certain number of games. They can play those games at either level.
  11. If your son has interest in playing soccer in college but isn't wed to the notion of a four year school, Southwest Virginia CC has a team and I think they are actively looking for players. The other advice I'd offer would be for him to participate in ID camps (and here is a link for ones offered within Virginia: https://www.collegeidcamps.net/virginia-mens-soccer-camps.html). Just bear in mind that those are extremely competitive and a lot of them are stocked with invited players. I have a 16 year old junior who is currently participating in the recruiting process. I'd be happy to share some personal insight into that if you or anyone else might be interested. (And have already done so privately with a few friends here.) Our local school (Liberty-Bedford) will be competing in its last season at the Division 3 level for a while. We lost several seniors from last year's team that made it to the Region 3C playoffs but actually kind of underperformed. Not really sure what to expect out of them this year but a lot of them played travel ball together and did pretty well this past fall.
  12. It sounds like he has a pretty good idea where he is headed. That's more than most kids his age can say. Thankfully, my daughters path doesn't require us to have 2022 income taxes prepared. If it did, we would be in trouble. I still don't have everything needed to begin the process of doing my 2022 taxes. We were able to use 2021 income taxes. Good luck.
  13. Players are allowed to play a certain number of games per season. I'm not sure what the number is.
  14. If JV players play on the varsity it is my understanding that in Virginia they can not go back to the JV team. Is this correct?
  15. Hopefully it will all work out well for your daughter !! We are just jumping in this mess now. We have to finish our taxes so we can finish the FAFSA. We got pretty lucky at the new casino this year so we have to pay extra attention to our taxes 😂😳. For now he says he is going to VHCC for 2 years and may transfer to E&H or King. He’s wanting to play out the season and hopefully he can speak with some soccer recruiters this season and have other options. I’m checking out that Common App now , didn’t even know about that one !! Thank you.
  16. My son said that there was only 3 or 4 varsity players able to play last night that the JV team had to step up and play.
  17. Tazewell suspend any because I saw they loss to Grundy.
  18. I'm not a soccer parent but am a fan. There are a few parents floating around the board as well as a few other fans like myself. I also have a senior. Trying to navigate the sheer volume of forms required for the college application process is daunting. We've found that many of the schools our daughter has applied to have their own forms to be completed above and beyond the standard items found with Common App and FAFSA. College applications have been out since Thanksgiving. FAFSA was completed prior to that. It has been a steady stream of one form or another ever since. I got an email last night asking for additional financial statements for one school in particular. I am in my office early this morning trying to find those to submit. I can only hope, those requests means my daughter is being seriously considered for enrollment. Enjoy your sons senior season of soccer. Keep us posted on the progress.
  19. Ridiculous! It’s not his first time running the score up on other teams.
  20. They were trying hard to get 100 at the end too...smh.
  21. Sadly we are done with Football for good 😭, one more Spring Soccer season left for our Senior. I’m hoping this board will get a little more traffic this year !! I’ll start 😜 2023 Schedule for the Lebanon Pioneers Varsity Soccer Team 3/16@ Marion Hurricanes 3/20 @ Central Warriors 3/23 @ Richlands Tornadoes 3/27 vs Graham G-Men 3/28 vs Richlands Tornadoes 3/30 vs Marion Hurricanes 4/4 @ Graham G-Men 4/6 vs Central Warriors 4/18 @ Honaker Tigers 4/21 @ Rural Retreat Indians 4/25 vs Holston Cavaliers 4/28 @ Patrick Henry Rebels 5/2 vs Honaker Tigers 5/9 vs Rural Retreat Indians 5/12 @ Holston Cavaliers 5/16 vs Patrick Henry Rebels Hopefully we will see some great soccer out of these young men this year. Last year was really amazing !! My heads about to explode 🤯 with financial aid applications and trying to figure out recruitment videos and ways to help him navigate this mess. Seems we are way behind the normal timeline for doing all this stuff 😂. Hopefully this will help take the focus off the financials and possibility of him moving away from home 😅
  22. Thanks for clarifying. The original game was rescheduled possibly or I may have been thinking of another team Graham played (or football season, lol) but regardless, GW isn’t 60 points better & coach is an a$$ in my opinion.
  23. Looking at their schedule this was the first meeting between the teams.
  24. Graham had only one starter , others suspended. I think they only had like 6 or 7 players total. George Wythe continued full court press even with 30+ lead. Why not run the score up? Geez…GW coach should give himself a big pat on the back considering he was going to win regardless. Graham beat GW at home already.
  25. Just saw George Wythe beat Graham 98-34? Did Graham suspend some players or what? I've heard GW is pretty good but 60 points better?
  26. Friday M7 Schedule 1/27: Abingdon @ Lee Central @ Gate City Ridgeview @ Battle
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