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  2. If you thought 2019 had whippings... I’ve said it before, but I’m legitimately worried for you all in 2020. The one thing that stood out to me last season was that aside from Will Moss and the QB position, Marion had no size at all. If I’m not mistaken, 4 players on the roster came in at over 200 pounds, and 2 of those were seniors. In AA football in the 21st century, that’s a recipe for some sore, beaten down young bodies. Now that I’ve said that, I wouldn’t be surprised at all it Marion overhauled their coaching staff and went 9-1 in 2022. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to Marion’s performances by season.
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  4. No leadership at all the last 2 seasons on and off the field in fact I believe it’s the worst lack of leadership I’ve seen at Marion in any sport since I’ve been going to Marion games since 1987. I’m not going to get on here and hammer a bunch of kids but you’ve gotta have leaders on and off the field
  5. I'm with you, bearing that in mind, the counter argument that folks have is that it was an internal hire, he didn't change the offensive and defensive schemes, so there should have been a learning curve. He knew all the players on the team and lost fewer than five players from the previous years team, that while not the best team in the world, was competitive in every game of the 2018 season minus a game against George Wythe where the wheels completely came off. He returned two all-state players from the 2018 season, and 2019 still turned out to be historically bad, and by that I mean, taking whippings that the school hasn't seen since Pearl Harbor, and getting markedly worse as the season progressed, losing fundamental integrity along the way. I'm firmly in the "it's only been one year" camp, but I recognize that the folks who want blood have a firm argument.
  6. Can you list their phone number and location?
  7. I didn't know that. Then I don't believe it's fair to judge a coach after one year barring something crazy
  8. Have not had Sweet Red Chili yet...not certain I want to challenge my digestive system with too much heat. Have a feeling these might light you up...
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  10. That’s the worry. Football pays for every sport not named basketball. So if you don’t have football with fans (cause football without fans puts you further in the hole than not having the sport at all(, can you have any sports even if the pandemic subsides.
  11. He's been head man for one year, but there are a lot of folks who still agree with that.
  12. Serious question, if there's no fall athletics in VA, is there any chance we see lower funded schools opt to not have any athletics for the 2020/2021 school year due to lack of football revenue? Would local school boards be willing to bail out the athletic departments if they can't afford to pay for non revenue activities without football?
  13. Yes I read the email about start up in August.. My daughter has an apartment leased in Charlottesville beginning June. Will not be the same with the social distancing in classes, dining halls, etc.. She loves UVA and so many friends there. I hate it for all the disruption for our kids and schools and sports. Mid - June seemed to be more clarification of their reopening. Am I Correct in this?
  14. It's crazy. It wasn't long ago Marion was winning 9-10 games and competing for home playoff games and now they're in the toilet. That usually signals a head coach who maybe has overstayed his welcome or an exceptional class of kids graduated and left the cupboard bare.
  15. If Tazwell had to come to Graham, would that change your opinion at all? Graham isn't really known as this dominant home team, but any time the new kid on the block is challenging for the top spot, youd much rather make them come to you. I feel like Richlands is in a better spot than RV, they are bringing in an established coach who knows how to win, they return a ton of talent and will have the best skill player on the field maybe in every game they play in the regular season and it seems they can may be get settled in quicker than RV. I wouldn't be shocked if they won the SWD, but then I also wouldn't be shocked if they finish 6-4. Both teams have a truly exceptional talent at a skill position (I feel like Webb is better as a WR, but getting him 5-6 touches as a runner makes sense) but it seems Richlands returns more overall talent. And is this the year Tazwell was kinda building towards or was it last season and then they just had terrible luck w injuries? I know they were fully rebuilding and really thought a class of younger kids could bring Tazwell back as a legit 2D contender, but I am not sure if this is the year they were circling in particular.
  16. Come on man Marion will go 1-9 don’t count us out yet... lol it’s really bad here at Marion I’ve only been to 3 games in the last 2 seasons and before that I went to every one of them no matter the location
  17. I’m awfully biased when it comes to Tazewell, especially given my duties now, so I won’t be too terribly candid here, but I don’t foresee them finishing lower than last season, especially if the those who were injured come back fully healthy. The SWD race is going to be fun, especially with Graham at Tazewell in Week 2. Graham lost a significant amount; Richlands lost less, but a new coaching staff with what amounts to zero prep time could lead to a learning curve. I agree with you on Ridgeview though, nothing between 5-5 and 9-1 would surprise me.
  18. https://www.bdtonline.com/news/justice-high-school-sports-summer-training-programs-can-begin-june-8/article_477a72fe-a1da-11ea-b785-cffa18d2d5ff.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  19. I can't imagine Lee will be any good but I don't see them at 0-10 so the M7 will have that advantage but then it's also very possible the M7 beats up on each other and with Abingdon being there, every M7 team could end up with 3 losses. I feel like Wise is the favorite but I'm notnsure they are a big time lock or anything, Ridgeview could be very very good with them right HC. Union is usually always good for 7-8 wins but this season both SWD teams could give them out of district losses and then it's a tough battle not to lose one or two more games to AHS/RV/WC. I think Tazwell and Ridgeview are the wildcards. Either team could win nine games and be at the top of 2D or they could lose five games and have to go to a top three seed in opened of playoffs. Ridgeview has enough talent and will prob have the best player on the field in every reg season game they play and that's a huge advantage in HSFB but they've became the Michigan or Dallas of 2D, perpetual underachievers who have a ton of talent but can't win big games. Tazwell seems more bad luck in recent years after their rebuild, the injuries have ravaged them. I believe we will see a M7 team at the top spot in 2D but 2-4 could all be SWD teams.
  20. #LETVAPLAY (Link) #LetVaPlay is an online event dedicated to influencing our state and local representatives to resume High School Athletics in Virginia. The uncertainty of COVID-19 led local, regional and state authorities to cancel many events and activities during the spring of 2020. Among the many activities cancelled were high school athletics, we would like to see those activities resumed beginning with the Fall 2020 school year. We are under the impression that a major factor in re-opening athletics as well as other school related functions is more of a liability issue than so much as a concern for the virus itself. We would like to see high school athletics resumed and would be open to the possibility of relieving schools, facilities, leagues and administrators of COVID-19 related liability. We presently do not feel that the current situation warrants the cancellation of further High School athletic events in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We believe that it is time to #LetVaPlay
  21. UVA released yesterday its plans for the fall, which involves in-person classes resuming August 25th and ending before Thanksgiving. Some special requirements for large lecture classes (online, with in-person discussion sections). Options for students to take a gap semester or year.
  22. The entire SWD is going to be at a disadvantage in terms of playoff seeding because they have to play Marion, which will go 0-10 and possibly in historically bad fashion. There are no power points to be gained there. Lebanon and Virginia High will be marginally improved, but I’m not sure that translates into more wins. The Top 3 in the SWD, though, should have 21+ wins between them.
  23. 8/28 Lebanon H 9/4 Castlewood A 9/11 Twin Valley H 9/18 Bye 9/25 Grundy A 10/2 Tazewell A 10/9 J.I. Burton H 10/16 Hurley A 10/23 Patrick Henry (GS) H 10/30 Northwood A 11/6 Ridgeview H I think this is accurate, but i could be wrong. fill free to make any changes to this.
  24. Will the players have to wear masks alongside their helmets, and mouth guards! LOL! My daughter attends UVA in Charlottesville and their going to release mid- June their college plans.. will nowhere be classes as usual. Our local college at UVA -Wise will take their directions from Charlottesville. This virus has dragged out longer than I anticipated. I'm sure it is emotionally tormenting to coaches and players and fans in all levels of sports. I walked by a Little League baseball field today and was saddened that the little guys weren't playing ball today. So sad.
  25. Looks like at Tazwell and at Union could be really big for Region D standings. Everyone expects Tazwell to be a legit playoff team and Union always seems to be in the hunt, so going 2-0 on those road games could give Graham the path for hosting the 2D playoffs (providing they happen). It's a crazy year even without all the virus stuff. Two of the projected top teams are ushering in new coaches, Union has to develop a new identity with Polier being gone and Graham has to fill some very important holes left by big time talent like Lester. With the shortened prep time, this could prove a great opportunity for a team that is usually looking in from the outside to come in and surprise most and contend for the region title. Is Tazwell that team?
  26. Thanks for the menu ! The prices look good !
  27. How is the Sweet Red Chili? I like sweet with a little heat, but not to the point where I have to chug milk.
  28. There is no seating right now, its pretty much call in order and pick up or they'll deliver. Be careful what you wish for in regards to the heat, they can melt your brain if you want...they have one called "Tongue Torch", it isn't just a name, it's telling what it will do...
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