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  2. I’d go to that one & even help them hook up that train horn 😂.
  3. Union vs Riverheads would be fun to watch. Would be a "slobber-knocker".
  4. Graham is supposed to play George Wythe, but I believe GW has cancelled. So, it could be anybody or nobody. I'll probably go watch Tazewell and Grundy.
  5. Today
  6. They did all that with him against Radford. Seemed like GC coaches just went through the motions tonight. It was almost like they accepted the loss before the game even started.
  7. Who you guys play next week I don't think in gonna make the trip to Ewing
  8. I agree with you. They use him like a fullback. Probably didn't have 10 yards vs starters
  9. Now back to Gate City vs Union, not my kid not my team Buttttt, Jenkins is being misused , they tried to run this kid inside , he has speed to burn, pitch it to him, wildcat QB , throw it deep, across the middle but get him in space. Good lord , the only time he got loose was against 2nd and 3rd team players. Just not built for inside running. It’s just a shame this kid has so much talent,kinda like using a race horse to pull a plow
  10. Guess that's the reason for the parade they had
  11. Final Holston 21-12 over Eastside
  12. What do they say, “Consider the source”? He started that ridiculous thread last week that got canned about Graham.
  13. Cocoa 56 Treasure Coast 55 Final in 2 OT Fantastic game. The Cocoa QB and RB are sensational...
  14. It was in close proximity to the game. Not at the game from what I gather, I could be wrong..
  15. Well, I live in Ripplemead and have no biological children that I know of in Bluefield, VA, so I will also bet my salary that "he's not his dad." But, as for your ignorant comments about Meadows (and yes, they were ignorant) recruiting services disagree with you............which kind of goes back to why your statement is ignorant. The recruiting services say the following which has a slightly different opinion of yours, Mr. Yoder. "Length, shoulder width and frame ideal for offensive tackle. Physical, athletic and highly coordinated. Strong, accurate initial punch. A mauler in the running game. Plays nasty. Once engaged, overpowers opponent with regularity. Has dexterity to pull. Moves well laterally. Has to work on lightening feet. Continued development with knee bend important for leverage. Keeping lower bad level in run game needed. Use of kick step needed. Multi-year starter at Top 15 program. Day 2 NFL draft pick"
  16. Or Marion, if they play either of the two
  17. Will be an interesting game between lee and battle not really sure who will Win that one.
  18. DOH!!! PAT WAS NO GOOD!!! Treasure Coast 48 Coca 48 2nd OT
  19. Essex vs King and Queen. Shots fired, Shots fired. That's right, gunshots at the football game suspends the game in the 3rd quarter. Classy.
  20. Final ... Honaker 34 Grundy 28
  21. Cocoa 49 Treasure Coast 48 Final in OT What a game
  22. Honaker 1st and 10 on Grundy 17 yard line! Clock running! Q4 1:35
  23. I heard they have had some to quit. Some with pathetic excuses. Mad at coaches. You know how it is when teams are not doing good, it only get worse.
  24. Honaker 34 Grundy 28 4Q 1:46
  25. Abingdon 34 TN High 14 Final Per my home TV
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