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  2. I thought the same about the Union nick, but daggone if we aren't seeing SO MANY black bears roaming around BSG the last few years. It kinda fits now.
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  4. Very Very Very tough schedule as always for PC
  5. Pulaski County 8/30 Northside Home 9/13 Lord Botetourt Home 9/20 Princeton, WV Home 9/27 Christiansburg Away 10/4 Patrick Henry Roanoke Home 10/11 Salem Away 10/18 Blacksburg Home 10/25 Graham Away 11/1 Hidden Valley Home 11/8 Cave Spring Away
  6. J. I. Burton 8/30 Ridgeview Home 9/6 Chilhowie Away 9/13 Patrick Henry Glade Away 9/20 Twin Springs Home 10/4 Eastside Away 10/11 Lee Home 10/18 George Wythe Away 10/25 Castlewood Away 11/1 Rye Cove Home 11/8 Thomas Walker Home
  7. Southern Gap - Good choice Black and Gold color scheme - Good choice Eagles for a mascot - Really? Did someone put a poster with the NFL team logos on a wall, blindfold themselves and throw a dart? This is the way I felt about Union... Union - Excellent choice Blue and orange color scheme - Good choice Da Bears? Talk about generic. Could've had the Miners, Engineers (as in railroad), Bolters (as in roof bolters) or even something like the Paladins.
  8. I would say based on enrollments of the schools involved, it should be somewhere between 630 and 670 for grades 9-12.
  9. Years ago Bulldogs and Tigers were two of the most popular mascots but both have fallen out of favor. Eagles seems to lead the way, along with Patriotic names for schools but that's changing too now. Navy/Orange bears is wildly popular : Bland County, Union, Grainger County TN
  10. Seems familiar 🤔 Herd would have been MUCH better imo.
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  12. Very good Question. Their enrollment should be solidly in 2A. Not sure which district they end up in. That's for the VHSL to decide. I think the SWD is a better fit for them, personally. But I'm sure others would disagree.
  13. Knowing how and willing to is two different things
  14. That wasn't even a survey - it was an online suggestion box.
  15. The March, 2026 numbers for grades 9-11, which the VHSL will use for the '27 realignment, would be 23-24's grades 7-9. 7th, 8th, 9th grade April attendance numbers from the school board website : Grundy - 62, 85, 86 = 233 Hurley - 43, 41, 55 = 139 TValley - 42, 40, 35 = 117 489 would put us in the upper half of Class 2 today, just behind Richlands, Marion & Battle, and just ahead of Gate City, Central & Glenvar. If we lost 20% of the Hurley & TV kids, 438 would barely drop us into the lower half of 2, just ahead of Union, with another 80 kids to spare.
  16. It's not like they don't have anyone else who knows how a spreadsheet works.
  17. John Battle 8/30 Abingdon Home 9/6 Virginia High Away 9/13 Holston Away 9/27 Patrick Henry Glade Spring Home 10/4 Lebanon Away 10/11 Central Home 10/18 Ridgeview Away 10/25 Gate City Away 11/1 Lee Home 11/8 Union Home
  18. Union 8/30 Lee Home 9/6 Richlands Away 9/13 Science Hill, TN Away 9/20 Graham Home 9/27 Gate City Away 10/4 Twin Springs Home 10/11 Ridgeview Away 10/18 Central Home 11/1 Abingdon Home 11/8 John S. Battle Away
  19. Carroll County 8/30 Grundy Home 9/6 Grayson County Away 9/13 Galax Home 9/20 George Wythe Home 9/27 Patrick County Away 10/4 James River Buchanan Home 10/11 Alleghany Home 10/18 Floyd County Home 11/1 Radford Away 11/8 Glenvar Away
  20. Radford 8/30 George Wythe Away 9/6 Giles Away 9/13 Virginia High Home 9/20 Galax Away 9/27 Alleghany Away 10/4 Glenvar Home 10/11 James River Away 10/18 Patrick County Home 10/25 Floyd County Away 11/1 Carroll County Home
  21. Rural Retreat 8/30 Fort Chiswell Away 9/6 Eastern Montgomery Home 9/13 Grayson County Away 9/27 George Wythe Home 10/4 Patrick Henry Glade Away 10/11 Lebanon Home 10/18 Chilhowie Home 10/24 Northwood Away 11/1 Holston Home 11/8 Honaker Away
  22. If you are disagreeing with me on the name, colors, and mascot, then you aren't disagreeing. You are agreeing with me because I actually like all 3 as well. I think Eagles are cool, but..... Where we disagree is on the authenticity of a "survey," being a true representation of the majority of Buchanan County's population preferring Eagles over something related to the Coal History/Industry.
  23. I disagree, just my opinion though. I like the school name, colors, mascot. I'm a fan. GO Eagles!!
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