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  3. Can you be more overdramatic? Jesus Christ. Union shot 1-2 from the free throw line and less than 30% from 3pt. I wouldn't count on both of those going forward.
  4. One person, not from Union, said one thing. If losing by that margin against Abingdon is getting run off the court, a nip and tuck game, then I'd hate to see what an actual blowout is called. Losing by nine at Abingdon is getting run off the court. That's hilarious.
  5. It's so difficult to win the Super Bowl in back to back years. 2003-2004 was the last time I believe. Which says to me Mahomes has to lose at some point. I don't think I have the guts to bet against him. Wouldn't mind seeing a Bills/Tom Brady reunion in a few weeks.
  6. Graham will have to show up big time to beat Union, I believe. The defense was very lax against Richlands. If Graham plays like that against Union, they may lose by 20. If they play with intensity (the way they played against Pulaski), with their quickness and ability to get to the hoop in transition, it will be very interesting.
  7. I think the Bills win outright even with Mahomes playing. Packers -3.5 seems to be a steal, though.
  8. Seeing if there is any interest from anyone. During the football season I'm up $250 as of right now. Missed out on a parlay because I still haven't learned to NOT bet against Tom Brady. Anyways, the NFL bet has to be Packers -3.5 and Chiefs -2.5 (if Mahomes plays) right? Maybe even hit that over 53 in chiefs/bills. Thoughts?
  9. I quite enjoy this time of year. The same 6-8 people pumping up the M7 to be better than the 1970s ACC, and like clockwork, every January/February, the golden child of the M7 suddenly getting run off the court. It’s almost as if the unreliability of 15-18 year old kids might show up a time or two over the course of a season!
  10. Lol Graham fans are almost as sensitive as Gate City fans (who might make a sudden reappearance now that the Devils have righted the ship) Union also only lost by 9-which would be important to some of you gamblers out there. After watching last night I’m even more confident in my thought that Union/Abingdon are head and shoulders above anything else in SWVA.
  11. So, wait...the unbeatable team, the team that would beat everyone by 20+ points this season, the best team in SWVA, lost last night by double digits??? Had to be some bad officiating that caused that to happen...
  12. Hopefully Covid doesn't rear its ugly head in the Cumberland. Great district race on the boys side. Burton at the top with 1 loss currently. RC, TS and Eastside all tied up with 2 losses so far. Not much difference in all 4 as each has matchup problems for the other. RC avenged an early season loss to Burton Friday. I thought RC blew the game at Norton and Burton kind of returned the favor at RC Friday. Burton gained the lead in the 4th after a 14-2 run only to see RC come back in the last minute and a half to win by 5. RC has Castlewood and TW this week. Big games with Eastside traveling to Burton on Tuesday, and Burton traveling to Twin Springs on Friday.
  13. couldn't ask for a better set of officials for that one, what a joke lol
  14. Abingdon gets it back with a double digit win at home. Teams now tied atop the M7 with one loss apiece.
  15. Last week
  16. Obviously I wouldn’t gamble with that line...and I’m not even knocking Graham...they are the third best team Ive seen after Union and Abingdon. I just think those two teams are head and shoulders above Graham because of their size and multiple scorers.
  17. 20 is a lot, esp in a HS game. Union is very good, but beating one of the top two Region D teams by 20 is a huge ask.
  18. huge win for the bears beating abindon at home, if they can do it on the road tomorrow, it's a statement
  19. Yeah, he retired in Virginia and took a job in Kentucky. The guy was talking about what Palmer had done while he was there, and I was trying not to discredit him.
  20. I reiterate-Union 20 points better than Graham
  21. Another big win for the Bears, beating Abingdon by 12, 54-42, to take sole possession of first place in M7 and remain undefeated in league play. Union is very good.
  22. What do you think about this years team? Seems like they lost all skill players. Not sure the status of the one kid that got hurt last year in post season. Hopefully he has healed and gets to play.
  23. Palmer is a good coach no doubt. Patrick Henry's talent base, like a lot of 1A schools, runs in cycles, but they tend to go from boom to bust quicker than most.
  24. Starting Monday, Tazewell County will be broadcasting their games with NFHS
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