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  2. Looks like someone posted w/o reading. LMAO when ppl. do that,
  3. From a talent standpoint I do think Brown is a better ball carrier. They do have very different styles where Humphrey’s was more of a smash mouth bowling ball type of running, Brown is an upright runner with strong vision and top speed once he gets on the outside. Brown came close to some of Dakota’s numbers with about 150 less carries last year. He also is someone to watch in the return game, having returned several for six.
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  5. That wouldnt surprise me. It may depend on the number of carries a younger back shares with Brown where Humphreys carried a heavier load I believe. I have been happy with what I saw on HUDL for RC. I didnt realize until Friday that one of their best lineman had transferred to a school in Bristol (not sure which one). Hated to see that he wasnt in a RC uniform this season. They subbed quite a bit with Lebanon and Northwood as well.
  6. Better than the humphreys kid a few years back?
  7. Somebody should rename this thread “Why Graham or Richlands will be better than the other” LOL
  8. I heard from a coach that the Rye Cove score was 3 -1 Lebanon, and the Rural Retreat score was 1 -1. From my understanding the pioneers subbed a lot and tried to avoid injury and overwork. They are a young team that will keep improving. They also used the scrimmage to test and tune things. I would take most of it with a grain of salt. The running game will be better than you think. You are right they do lack size but they are more athletic than you let on. I think they will be able to spread teams out some. While they might not finish with a winning record, I as still expect them to win at least 4 games. They do have a lighter schedule than in the past couple seasons out of district. They are definitely headed in the right direction. The players want to be successful and they work hard. They are a team I wouldn't take lightly as the season progresses. Honaker will have their hands full week 1.
  9. In the last part of Bluefields scrimmage they got a TD and had a FG blocked. PC had negative yards in the last part of the scrimmage. PC scored both TDs on Bluefields 2nd team . School started first week of practice in Mercer co so they had zero 2 a days. Total of 11 practices before the PC scrimmage. Bluefield has a way to go to catch up but things will be a lot better by the first game.
  10. I was at PH/Roanoke Catholic. I will say that I feel like PH is legit this season. They were able to control the line of scrimmage most of the day especially with the 1's in. I thought that may be a problem with some of there losses from last year but that didn't seem to be the case on Saturday. Also, they are opening up the playbook a little more as well. IMO, Brown was the best player on the field and feel like he could have another great season. This is a kid that ran for 2k yards and scored over 30 TDs last season so the expectations should be very high.
  11. Abingdon looked sharp with their 1's in on offense and defense. The backups played very well and scored some TD's. For a first scrimmage they are certainly coming together as a complete unit.
  12. As for the Ridgeview/Tazewell scrimmage I think both teams have alot to be happy with and both teams see areas that need improvement. RV looked to be ahead of the game running out of multiple sets and showing verity in the offence that honestly i have not seen in a RV/Clintwood team. I think the running game looked tight and was effective even with the #2 and #3 Backs in the game. The passing game was ahead of last years passing at this point but needs work there looked to be a few miss reads and a few passes that were not as accurate as you would like to see but Much more positive than negative to report on that. Starting QB has some speed I think teams will have a tough time accounting for his ability to tuck it and run in the passing game assuming that Adkins draws the type of coverage that he should drow from the Defense Backup QB looked solid and defiantly plays more poised than a 9th grader should makes me feel good about our QB situation going forward Hard to tell about the line they opened some nice holes at times but were not quite the road graders i would have liked to have seen. That being said I do not remember any D penetration occuring at any time during the scrimmage (Other than the 4th 10 play set between the teams) I would have liked to have seen a little more from the DLine in pass rush but most of tazewells passes were quick and it could be I am not giveing there line enough credit. Receivers caught the ball well (Only 1 Drop that i can remember but it was a big drop LOL) Not sure the speed is there at the WR spot as it has been the last few seasons. But they were able to get behind the D a few times so a few more weeks watching will be needed before i can say for sure. Backers looked solid but Taz did not try to run up the middle much so it was tough to get a solid read on them. DBs are a mixed bag.The starters were all solid Adkins will probably be able to take away the other teams best WR but I think if the D has a weak point it will be pass coverage. as for Tazewell They have some real talent at the skill positions and a huge line but do not seem to utilize ether of those things There inside running game is next to non existent and there passing game is short screens and deep balls down the sideline I can not say I can remember a pass that was between the hash marks (There my have been but nothing sticks out ) On D I think Tazewelle needs to get more out of there LBs in run support but other than that I thought they played well D Line made few plays but were holding there own in the trenches and there DBs were quick to the ball and tackled well. Over all impressions RV will be a improved team this season but needs to stay healthy and continue to develop there depth at WR and DB. Taz will be solid but I have no reference point to judge them against. so at this point Solid is all I can say about them
  13. The observations from Bluefield and Pulaski were pretty much what was expected. The offense was bland and not going to open it up the entire time with teams scouting etc. Granted the offensive line play could have been better but the Beavers were without one of their main studs (6’7 319 OT), which would have obviously helped out the situation. They also had 4-5 kids on the sidelines with injuries, all of which will be starters on the team. Pulaski looks like they will have a nice season and could make some noise this year. Last observation, when people see the final score was 12-7. On the 10 and outs, Bluefield didn’t score which was fairly concerning and Pulaski had 2 TD’s. 1 of the TD’s was more of 2 point conversion type heave with a nice catch in the end zone. On the final part of scrimmage (move the chains), the Beavers looked totally different on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball and that portion of scrimmage was 7-0 Beavers. Just a friendly observation from a local sports fan. There are definitely plenty of areas on Bluefield's squad to shore up before the season opener but I for one am fairly confident that will happen. Especially when the kids that were out are back on the field.
  14. Grayson County fared quite well against Radford on Friday. Radford was the better team but it was far more balanced than anyone expected. Either Radford's dominance or Grayson's demise are greatly exaggerated! Maybe a bit of both?
  15. Graham lost Cam Allen, cant replace him. Lester is good but hes no Cam. lost 3 starting O lineman, cant replace those. was at their scrimmage and their right tackle is to say the least not good. so we will see
  16. I look for the Blues to to just fine this year I figured 7 wins but we may catch 1 out of the 3 nobody's sees the Blues beating and finish at 8 and 2
  17. I could be wrong -- but I'm not sure Graham returns as much on the defensive side of the ball as Richlands does. The Blues return 10 starters and have an entirely senior-laden line. Graham may win -- but I think a lot of people are sleeping on the Richlands defense and how good it will be this year.
  18. Not quite. Graham did win 12 of 15 before Richlands won the 15 out of 16. BUT -- in the storied history of this county rivalry, only once since the first game in 1926 has a team won 10 straight -- and that was Richlands' 11 straight from 08-16. Graham's longest winning streak in the history of the rivalry is 5 straight, set multiple times.
  19. What’s the wager? I’ll take it lol. The Blues cross midfield and Fle is in range. They’ll at least get 3. He hit a 57 yarder against Belfry with live rush. And it was good from at least 61-62.
  20. Richlands won in 92 -93-and 98 in pretty sure
  21. It won't let me post the article but it's on Appalachia prep combine...it talks about him being a QB and says uva atleast offered him to play on offense but ever body else recruited him as a db....
  22. Yes controlled. Holding onto the football and moving the ball in short increments. It was a 3 point game in the 2nd with Richlands scoring on a pass to take the lead only to be nullified by a silly penalty. That was definitely a subpar Richlands team but they scrapped. Anything can change in the course of 6 games. And Richlands definitely has the tougher schedule and they have depth. Those tougher games could deplete their ranks or make them tougher. Graham will have a somewhat tougher task with Union than Central Wise and Tazewell will be improved but what happens when they lose a key player? Where will their heads be at after those games? Will they blow those cupcakes off the ball and get complacent? If Richlands has improved on the defensive side , I wouldn’t count them out at all.
  23. Same principle applies when you consider the last 2/3 of the Max Meadows, VA - Williamson, WV circuit is on U.S. 52, which is enough to fry any school bus’s brakes. You can’t come close to hitting 55 MPH around those curves in a Subaru Legacy, much less a school bus.
  24. And didnt Graham win something like 17 of 18 before that? Nobody cares about that either.
  25. I don't really care one way or the other either, but we need to look at this from the assumption they'll be traveling by school bus. I know a lot of districts have governors on their buses but, I am not sure at what rate(55 or 65) and the speed limit on 77 and 81 in VA is 70. Also, keep in mind that a bus does not handle like a passenger car. That's where the mountain roads will add more time too. FWIW, I will buy anyone a Frosty if they can make it from Hurley High School to Auburn High School in 2:47 driving a school bus. It takes every bit of an 1:20 in a car running the speed limit to get to 77 from Grundy(middle of town) after traffic lights and the bipolar speed limit changes on 460. And from that same spot in Grundy in a car, the best you can do to HHS is going to be around that 30 minutes if you don't get hung behind a slow poke, school bus, coal truck, side by side, or horse. Yeah, I've been stuck behind everyone of them at some point in time heading to Hurley. Sometimes a combination of the 5. Hurley's wild ya'll.
  26. Richlands controlled the first half in the playoffs 🤔 that's an interesting statement. Richlands played a more respectable game in playoffs than the regular season game but you might be reaching a little bit using the word "controlled".
  27. It won’t, bet on talent and not luck. Richlands May keeps it close for a half but Graham will be to much for them in the end.
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