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  2. I don't know the kid but when 7 on 7s roll around he will feel the hunger for football and be out there...id bout bet on it..
  3. Ok if the kid chose on his own not to play football then that is completely fine, but use common sense. Assistant coach was at Eastside and none of the basketball players played football, as soon as he left they all start playing football. Now he is at Union and it is becoming a problem there.
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  5. Gary Thompson‏ @VHSLscorer Gary Thompson Retweeted Tim Hayes Tim Hayes‏ @Hayes_BHCSports Darrell Taylor confirms he has stepped down as Castlewood High School’s head football coach after six seasons at the helm of the Blue Devils. #VHSL #HCFH great state
  6. We tried to pick up Science Hill and it was thought to be a done deal but they wanted a home and home deal.
  7. Va All Star Senior Team 1. Miles Jones -Radford 2. Quinton Morton -Robertson -Radford 3. Drew Baker-Graham 4. Cam Allen -Graham 5. Race Moir -Richlands 6. Noah Garrison -Union 7. Ben Hulbert -Holston 8. Brett Boyd -Honaker 9. Chase Love -Rye Cove 10. Taylor Justus -Hurley 11. Nick Livingston -Eastside Coaches John Hubbard -Holston -Todd Baker -Graham Tenn All Star Senior Team 1. Blake Atwood -Jognson County 2. Mello Wadsworth -Dobyns Bennett 3. Marae Foreman -Dobyns Bennett 4. Brody Potter -Dobyns Bennett 5. Dustin Bartley -Sullivan East 6. Adam Davison -Sullivan East 7. Ryan Bledsoe -Cherokee 8. Christian Webb -Tenn. High 9. Cade Mitchell -Tenn High 10. Kendle Cutlip -Science Hill 11. Ben Williams -Sullivan Central 12. Eric Wilson -Elizabethton Coaches John Dyer Sullivan East- Roby Witcher -Tenn High- Greg Barnett -Daniel Boone Should be a great game. 3 Point contests and Slam Dunk at halftime. Game at King U on April 29th , 7,30pm
  8. Games are set for April 29th at King University. Girls play at 6pm . Boys play at 7.45pm.
  9. A good softball pitcher is worth her weight in platinum. What colleges are looking at her? I would imagine there are loads of offers...
  10. What a performance by Mac. 67 pitches, 54 for strikes and 18 K’s. That’s insane.
  11. Tim Hayes Retweeted Brady Hess‏ @JBHess66 #VHSL Softball, Final/6: Richlands 10, Graham 0. Richlands pitcher Mac Osborne with a night that no one will forget anytime soon. A perfect game from the circle. 18 Ks. On the offensive end, Osborne hits two homers. What a night for the Blue Tornado junior. #SWD great state
  12. BlueTornadoLive Retweeted Coolbreeze‏ @coolbreeze024 Replying to @JBHess66 @z_helton and When the Lights go down in the city.... Brady Hess‏ @JBHess66 Rhonda Blevins Field will light up tonight for the first time around 7:30 as the Graham G-Girls roll into town to take on the Richlands Lady Blues. One of the more historic nights in the history of the softball program. @z_helton & I on the call 97.7 FM & http://star95.com/richlands-blue-tornado …
  13. I agree with what SXSW says above regarding CTE / concussions, etc. At the same time, I feel that the group on this page are all die hard Union fans, and we believe this young man needs to play football. Hopefully, some of his teammates will speak with him at the end of school and over the summer, and potentially change his mind before the season kicks off next fall. But I wish the young man all the best with whatever choices he decides to make. If it's not him, hopefully we can find the right person going forward at quarterback.
  14. Looks like SWVA is balanced with talent. Good to see Softball and Baseball representing.
  15. Abingdon Falcon Head Boys Basketball Coach Welcome to the nest Coach Williams
  16. You shouldn’t post things like this while people are drinking beverages. Darned near choked on my sweet tea. (BTW, Bluefield’s got a pretty darned good little league program these days, and since they’ve fixed the middle school program, Graham’s going to hold their own for a while.)
  17. If he teaches his team to do that before every shot, I promise I will make the trip down there just to see it.
  18. I think a decision not to play football is a pretty easy one to make now! With CTE issues and the great unknown of the damage it does, if you can make it to college on scholarship in another sport, you are wise to do so. At a football crazed school like Union it is probably insulting not to play. Somebody, somewhere has done some thinking with their head instead of their heart and realized that education can get paid for by other means and that you can still be able to tie your shoes and recognize your children when you are 60!
  19. Seems to be the trend at PV/Union the last 10-15. When football is rolling b-ball is just ok when b-ball is rolling football is ok. Reminds me of the Tyler Vernon years when he didn’t play football but the b-ball team made the state tournament.
  20. I give up. I've inserted a meme into this a half-dozen times and it keeps screwing up. We have had massive network issues all week at work. I would be more productive anywhere else at this point!
  21. nannanannannaanannana nananananananannan nanananannannanannana
  22. Nothing wrong with that, I think even Burrell Paye kinda wanted his players in the gym and not on the field, JIMMY MITCHELL and CATBIRD were exceptions during the state title run. Ihave seen him play both sports , and I would say that he has a better shot at a football offer than basketball(he is very good in both)When you compare the % of high school who get offers from div 1 schools they are this: baseball 2.2%, basketball 1.0% and football 2.8%, so as you can see its a numbers game. The kid has great size and arm strength , and you cant coach height. Good luck
  23. Heard Aaron Williams will be announced as head coach at Abingdon this morning.
  24. Nice write-up on SWD baseball... https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/lebanon-the-favorite-in-southwest-district-baseball/article_8e2967b0-617f-11e9-abfc-bfe037f91997.html?fbclid=IwAR2I8KOSkLFm6L56tI92uLxFr5Tpnhe4vH__jbfhb6QB2NzvofblxAO8U7Q And BTW, Graham "run-ruled" Tazewell the other day 16-6...never thought that would happen...
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