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  2. I think we are probably betting the same way. It's not fair really, I'm sure the kids are working hard, but I'm with you I'm not sure the program as a whole is prepared to do what it takes to make that next step. It's became somewhat of a punchline, who will RV give a game away to this year? They made the region finals last year but this year I think they gotta be thinking it's our time now.
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  4. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    I agree. There is an impending sense of “How will they shoot theirselves in the foot this time?” with this program. From the outside looking in….it seems they are a bit lazy and not properly prepared….like they don’t put in the extra work that is required. Let’s put it this way….if you have to bet the farm on who is working harder, RV or Union, or RV and Graham, how you betting? I know how I’m betting and I’m keeping the farm.
  5. For you iOS users out there I'm going to try and make a game for the Apple version of the game
  6. A few additional notes: There is an iPhone version of the app and an updated Android version but neither are as customizable as the version I use The minimum number of teams in a league is 84, max is 130 Minimum number of teams in a conference is 8, maximum is 16 & the number has to be even (8, 10, 12, etc) with divisions I had to get a bit creative with how I split teams into conferences but feel free to play around with it
  7. A few years ago I discovered a basic text-based college football simulator on the Android app store and have played it quite a bit since then I finally got around to making a custom league within the game (which you can do, but with pretty strict parameters) and I made a 92-team league comprised of teams from Southwest Virginia, Southern West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Northeast Tennessee The team ratings have to start between 25 and 95, so I used the 5-year CalPreps average for each school and did a linear regression (yay math) to make them fit the range The link to download the app is here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=antdroid.cfbcoach The link for the custom game is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tDkmVhiVL_Zr68PmkSW_CrXkdjJr10zNj3GqvHRjiFQ/edit?usp=drivesdk Open the link and download it as a CSV file Once you open the app, select Custom Game and select the CSV file you downloaded Select no for custom roster/coaches (coming soon!) and you're good to go I hope y'all enjoy it, please leave me any feedback you have and feel free to play around with the numbers/conferences/etc
  8. VHSL Dead Period for this summer is July 3rd-July 9th.
  9. I don't tbh. I don't mean it as an insult but I do not believe the staff at RV has done a great job showcasing their best attributes and scheming for each team. I've been critical of the Union offense at times but they have done a much better job overall of building a team and playing to their strengths compared to RV. the game RV lost against Union in Adkins' last season was, to be honest, one of the poorer coaching games I've seen in a while. Still stands out years later. The staff is not the same but it speaks to the overall uncertainty and disarray in Clintwood. If RV doesn't throw the ball 30+ times a game against their tougher opponents, it'll blow my mind. There's zero reason why they shouldn't average 40 ppg and be the clear best 2D team in M7. I'm not sure the M7 has seen a team with this much passing talent ever. Even the best Union offenses or Abingdon offenses didn't have so many weapons on the edges with such a proficient QB. I think there is considerable pressure on RV this year and if they lose 2+ games and aren't competitive with the SWD winner, it'll be a clear disappointment. Union is in transition, Wise has to replace a lot, Graham lost a lot of talent, Richlands in transition, Tazwell still building, this is the prime situation for RV. With that kind of talent, you should be able to cover for any weakness on the OK with quick throws and such and still beat most teams around here. I'll end with this: if Graham (or even Union) returned the firepower RV brings back, there would be legit pressure to be in a state title game at least.
  10. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    Prevailing thought in a lot of places is that the coaching staff and program is the weakness. Curious question: How would you rank the coaching staffs in the M7 or Region 2D? Does anyone have RV staff as a top 3 staff in the Region? Heck May not be too 3 in M7 (Abingdon and Union are both ahead).
  11. Yeah I know, it was a quickly and not very well constructed joke. I'd be shocked if any 2D team besides RV wins the M7. If they do, it's a pretty big fail for the Pack. Can't waste this group of talented athletes, doesn't come around every cycle.
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  13. Hurley at Twin Valley...three of the last four have been one score games.
  14. Dead period for the next 2 weeks, then things will start ramping up in the middle of July. Just 5 weeks until 2 a days start. Football is almost here friends.
  15. Probably going to come back to this list myself later on. Good games to choose from.
  16. Sorry, meant to "edit" instead of "quote". Duplicate post.
  17. If I were doing a "High School Gameday" broadcast and had to choose the week's biggest games, I'd pick: (1) Week 1 - Bluefield v. Graham (Runner-Up: Virginia @ Tazewell) (2) Week 2 - Graham @ Tazewell (Runner-Up: Union @ Richlands) (3) Week 3 - Central @ Ridgeview (Runner-Up: Richlands @ Graham) (4) Week 4 - Graham @ Union (Runner-Up: Radford @ Galax) (5) Week 5 - Galax @ Graham (Runner-Up: Tazewell @ Riverheads) (6) Week 6 - Abingdon @ Central (Runner-Up: Richlands @ Ridgeview) (7) Week 7 - Union @ Ridgeview (Runner-Up: Tazewell @ Richlands) (8) Week 8 - Central @ Union (Runner-Up: George Wythe @ Galax) (9) Week 9 - Ridgeview @ Abingdon (Runner-Up: Pulaski Co. @ Graham) (10) Week 10 - Radford @ Glenvar (Runner-Up: Union @ Abingdon) (11) Week 11 - Richlands @ Virginia (Runner-Up: Grayson County @ Galax)
  18. I think @Counts was referring to "that bunch" as the Ridgeview OL, not the former Union QB. 😄
  19. EH31

    7 on 7

    I was hoping for a Lakeway Christian vs. Richlands matchup
  20. Graham @ Union has to be maybe most intriguing OOC game, esp early in year. We will know who's gonna be tough to beat in 2D after that game usually.
  21. This article I am attaching got me thinking about this. https://heraldcourier.com/sports/a-look-at-13-intriguing-prep-football-games-in-far-sw-virginia-for-2022/article_d4fdef3e-f426-11ec-8b8a-5f771e82c265.html#tracking-source=mp-homepage The games I am most interested in seeing are Graham vs Bluefield. Graham vs. Tazewell. Tazewell vs. Richlands. Tazewell vs. Colonial Heights. Graham vs. Richlands. Graham vs. Union. Richlands vs. Ridgeview. Union vs. Richlands. Tazewell vs Virginia HIgh. I hope to be at as many of these as possible.
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