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  2. Kind of talent that can take you very far in the playoffs if not all the way.
  3. Ok, still not sure if you’re trolling or really don’t know that much about M7 football but I’ll do this once. Central doubled Beavers in the playoffs and Cannon Hill destroyed them, so they definitely won’t put three on him. Lee will be much improved…so you’ve got that. They will finish no better than 4th in M7. Beavers went against Jenkins (GC), Webb (Richlands) and Bradshaw…all three D-1 players not to mention the Cook kid from Abingdon, Graham’s other D-2 bound corner and the DBs from Bluefield. That’s a lot of disrespect to a lot of good players.
  4. Yeah I don't even watch much but he's a lock
  5. 100% serious, Beavers will get shut down once he plays a real corner. Central will put at least 3 players on him and Lee county will hurt ridgeview with the pass due to them losing some key defenders.
  6. RV lost handily to Union tonight as well and Bunch got his thousandth point. RV isn't very good. At best 3-4th in M7
  7. Marion vs John Battle for the region title!!
  8. Great prediction! Graham will also have a post championship game hangover which will lead to Marion winning region D.
  9. Eastside should have won this game-they panicked a little at the end and studs do what studs do making tough shots. What Twin Springs did in the Arby’s is pretty meaningless-no one scouted them or gameplanned or anything. In those kinds of games their two studs will carry them to competitive scores.
  10. Exactly. A couple of passes maybe and somebody drives and puts it up. No sustained halfcourt offense.
  11. Heard from a very reliable source today that Tom Crigger is gonna throw his name in the ring for the head job at Central. He’s been out of coaching for a few years but itching to get back in. He and Luke were high school teammates and I’m sure Luke would give him a good word. U heard it here first, Coach Crigger back in the saddle!
  12. Poor choice for officials in this type of game. Both teams ran the ball all night. There was a lot of chaos and back and forth action. For this high paced game you had 100 year old Mack Shupe and little short guy that is quite round in the mid section. They are probably both still sore today. Ridgeview plays most of the game out of control. I made the same comment last night about them looking like street ballers. They have the athletes to be better but somebody gonna have to get them to play with discipline. Abingdon weathered a couple runs by Ridgeview then maintained for the win. The void of losing Ramsey for the season provides more opportunities for Osborne around the bucket. Freshman Honaker is playing solid at the point and Carter provides you the energy and shooting ability. They may not be able to take down union but they will be a tough win for anyone else in M7. I am disappointed that Ramsey is not at least traveling with the team. Not sure of the reason but even with injury he should be there supporting his teammates.
  13. Where are the A and AA tournaments this year? I've lost track due to COVID, I know last year had Graham won Union was going to Graham so does that mean it's the Mountain 7 hosting?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Well anyone can get beat if the other team has a stellar night. TS is probably the more battle tested of all the teams you mentioned. A pretty strong performance in the arby's classic, beat honaker twice this year. I watched the game on nhfs. Ts did not play a very good game and the refs let the fouls get out of hand. I don't think they will have many nights like that.
  16. I agree about Mullins…felt he was more disruptive. Tester dropped into zone often and was able to pick several balls and was an excellent sideline to sideline backer. It felt that he had reached his athletic upside last year…..I noticed that those excellent run stuffing LBs struggled when RV went all in aim throwing the ball against them in the playoffs.
  17. I see Union as the spoiler in the M7. Central is losing their coach and that can be a big adjustment. Union is consistently good and always seems to have enough talent to make a run. I think Ridgeview should be favored to be the top 2A M7 team followed by Union and Central. Ridgeview should be favored to win Region D next season. Graham will be very strong again and are a QB and a short yardage RB away from making another deep run. Also, Graham needs to diversify the offense a bit, they are too predictable and will not beat the better teams by doing the same things over and over. Graham's defense should be flat out nasty next year.
  18. I'm well aware. I played against a Husky Hall led team. Incredibly sound and well coached.
  19. Bandana, we've had a least 1 state championship in every decade since the 1950's, except for the 90's. Total of 15 state winners. Pretty good for sustained success. The Henry Co area in the 80's was unreal for bball talent. Martinsville with 5, Drewey Mason with 3, GW Carver with 2 and Magna Vista with 1 state championship, pretty good for an area as small as we are.
  20. Greg Tester told me that he thought about taking over the coaching job, but his son a DPOY?? I was surprised by this one. IMHO I thought Logan Mullins from central had more skill.
  21. I think ridgeview will be a bust, I've heard lots of bad attitudes from players and coaches. I think Lee is going to go further than Ridgeview IMHO. Central will impress, they will upset Ridgeview in either first or second round and Central will play Graham for Regional final.
  22. This was a good game last night. RV continues to frustrate as they are so careless and reckless with the ball. They try to push the ball as soon as they touch it and it’s because they bog down in the half court set. Additionally, it doesn’t appear they run many, if any, set plays. They remind me of a pick up team at the rec park.
  23. Maybe TS isn’t a guarantee for 1st? They just barely outlasted eastside 51-50 last night. I’d say honaker, holston and rye cove are basically out of the race for it but maybe if eastside/Lebanon/Northwood have stellar nights maybe they can beat TS?
  24. I hear ya pdfan. I hope it gets turned around with Martinsville. It really is sad and the way the world is going is scary. I know we are just talking about a basketball game fight, but it clearly is more than that. What's increased in our society is narcissism. It plagues our culture and has just infected every aspect of it from corporations to government to institutions to individual persons. I don't want to be a debbie downer and would love to be optimistic, but how on earth is that possible when we turn on the news and just watch the senseless evil that apparently, is more than "simply more reported nowadays but was always there." I don't buy that. It's MORE abundant that in the past. Scary actually. Hopefully they get it fixed in Martinsville as it's one heck of a program and in the state of Virginia, among the best ever size for size.
  25. The common denominator in all this is the Martinsville fans. They were the vast majority of fans who came on the floor. Tunstall( not Dan River) had a few but not many. The feeling around here now is if one gets into a scrape they'll all come involved. Less than 2 hours after this happened at a restaurant about 2 miles away from the gym there was a shootout between two groups of people, left 2 dead and 3 wounded. Mentality around here is not what it once was, it's never 1 on 1, it's always a group against another group and usually ends with someone getting killed needlessly. It goes all the way down to the youth league basketball games, they have problems there, between parents where I have seen knives pulled on each other and law enforcement being called. Really sad.
  26. Here's the truth and what is alarming to me. It's not the actions of the players or coaches with Dan River and Martinsville that alarmed me. I get it with them. Emotions run high, boys will be boys and a scrap occurs occasionally. It's happened since mankind's existence. It's not ok, but let's be real, it happens. But...........when 1 out of 2 "fans" in the bleachers come on the court, that's alarming, it's sad and it's scary. I didn't see 1 out of 2 fans coming on the court with the GC/Central incident or the clip with Wyoming East. This tells me, you have a bunch of idiots in the bleachers at the Martinsville/Dan River game.
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