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  2. Not to mention if You watch the film, Duncan had a quadruple double in the Finals against the Nets but the scorekeeper screwed up.
  3. That Rockets team has five players averaging at least 10 ppg, suggesting Duncan couldn't have done as well as MM did is pure conjecture. Charles Barkley, McHale, etc... all rank TD ahead of Malone, it's not just me. And Duncan played against some of the best of the best. Yeah he had Manu, Parker, Admiral, etc.. But Bowen was never a great player, and Duncan won 3/5 titles when Manu and Parker were super young. Neither were there in 99 anyway. Duncan had to go thru Shaq, Dirk, those great Suns teams, those great Kings teams, etc... to even make the Finals. You can't count Kawhi, he was there for one title. Look at who he beat in the Finals: Ewing, Kidd, LeBron x2, Wade, Bosh, Billups, Ben Wallace, Rip, Rasheed, Etc... He won two rings before Manu and Parker got there, four before Kawhi. Should have six titles if Manu didn't choke away a West Final in 06 and Allen didn't hit that crazy shot in 2015. Stats like win shares, defensive win shares, VORP and PER all take into account eras and pace of play, and Duncan ranks higher in all those stats.
  4. Wise should be even better than GC, they're a more complete team if McAmis is 100%.
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  6. I have a daughter in high school and another in middle school. Action would be warranted on our part as parents if they attended this school system! As a father, especially a father with daughters, how could you not?
  7. As a supporter of all Union sports. My suggestion to the whole community is to encourage that Moore remains coach and shutup. Not more that 650 kids up there so they have to play multiple sports, thinking this was contained to b-ball is naive. If they remove Moore, from an ethical standpoint they’d have to investigate other sports and God knows where that would lead. The kids were disciplined, move on, none of those kids will ever be at Union again.
  8. i dont know when it began thats why i said if what ive heard is true then they really have no choice but to remove him. i dont really care one way or the other. i dont know all the facts. i was giving my opinion on what ive heard.
  9. If the “lack of institutional control” began before b-ball season began how could he be held liable? Seemingly nobody wants to find out the answer to that. Thats the whole problem here. You can’t expect any coach to have control over kids at all times. It’s not possible, students were disciplined. Not sure what else could be done. Holding any coach responsible for this is absurd. The only people who could want Moore removed are either A) Without knowledge of what happened B) Wanting some unknown political move C) Never want the basketball program to win or D) Still holding some grudge over Pat Jervis not getting the job when the school opened. Let the man coach and move on, if something else happens handle it. One issue that possibly carried over from the fall over an entire career is not worthy of removal.
  10. I'm not sure about the whole transferring him from the high school down to the elementary/middle school either. As a parent who has a daughter going into middle school in August, I would be outraged by that move if that were the school she were attending. I know I said earlier in the thread that I though Jimbo was an a-hole, but not that TYPE of a-hole, it's quite hard to argue when 16 people have come forward now.
  11. if he wasnt aware of that stuff goin on with only 8 kids on the team then thats why he shouldnt keep his job. whats the language they use in college lack of institutional control. thats poor supervision if he didnt know
  12. So, 14 more students and/or former students have come forward since the school board decision to reinstate Adams became news-worthy, for a total of 16 accusations!?!?! Good luck getting anyone reasonable to believe the whole "false accusation" narrative!
  13. I did and he had a great game but lost in 2 or 3 OT's to Larry and the Celtics. I should remember how many OT's but it was a bus trip and I had a slight buzz, but Larry the Great had 48, I think it was 48 cause I lied I was hammered.
  14. c81d2034-bb7c-40a8-aa35-2bcd6cd48c4f.mp4
  15. And that’s the sort of impact I’m talking about. Duncan wouldn’t have have carried that ‘81 Rockets team to the finals, or allowed that ‘83 76ers team to come 6 points shy of going “fo-fo-fo”. Duncan was on teams that had Ginobili, Parker, Bowen, Leonard, and ultra 6th man, Big Shot Bob Horry (the first 2 of which stayed around forever). Malone made 2 Finals and won 1 title with a Julius Erving that was in the twilight of his career, and he played with a very young Barkley that only really found himself when Malone had been sapped by injury. That’s virtually it.
  16. http://www.timesnews.net/Education/2019/06/25/Victim-witness-walk-planned-in-wake-of-Norton-coach-retention#cxrecs_s
  17. I did. Although I was only about 10 years old at the time, I took an active interest in the NBA (along with a lot of other people) when Magic and Bird came into the league. But everybody was already aware of Moses Malone by then. He was an absolute beast in the early 1980's. Pretty much put Houston on his shoulders and carried them to the 1981 Finals. And he was the missing link that allowed the 76ers to briefly break the stranglehold that the Celtics and Lakers had on the league when he moved to Philadelphia. I will always argue that the 1983 Sixers were the very best team in the history of the NBA -- but that's only true because of Malone. And the team was never the same after his ankle injuries the following year. That's the kind of impact that I observed.
  18. A depleted West? LOLOLOLOL. Shaq, great Kings teams, the Mavs, etc... Duncan had Robinson, Malone had Erving and later on Barkley. Duncan was playing Shaq, Kobe, Dirk, Weber, AI, LeBron, KG, T-Mac, Wade, later on Durant, Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Kidd, I could go on. Duncan>Malone anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge would agree. Go read some opinions, all the most knowledgeable basketball guys have TD over Malone. You also fail to understand metrics, they adjust for pace of pay. For titles, Duncan beat Ewing, LeBron, Wade, Allen, Kidd, Mutumbo, Bosh, all HOF, and had to escape the West gauntlet of Kobe, KG, Dirk, Nash, etc.... The fact you claim the West depleted shows me this isn't worth my time.
  19. Why? He didn't do anything to anyone. If he wasn't aware of any wrongdoing, why should he be punished?
  20. not now .very sensitive info and we should let the facts come out when it's over.
  21. I said the number was closer to 7%. Or did you miss that part? Not to mention your post lacks a ton of context. What crimes make up the majority of the 1.9%?
  22. Graham's my primary concern with the football board but here goes. 1. Sexual harrassment and sexual assault are not the same. Giving data for assault and attempting to make it applicable to harrassment isn't applicable. 2. But, since the discussion turned to sexual assault data, the data shows from the 2010 study referenced in this thread that the 2-10% false accusations number is closer to 6% (5.9%) to be exact and not closer to 2%. The FBI concluded the number approaches 8% for false reporting (allegations). 3. The FBI concludes the number of total prisoners that are found guilty of a crime that are truly innocent is approximately 1.9%. This puts the rate of false reporting or allegations for sexual assault at approximately 400% higher than all other crimes in which the accused is found guilty in criminal court. 4. The media and many articles and studies will say, "the rate of false accusations for sexual assault are really low." The fact is, compared to false accusation for other crimes, its dramatically HIGH. 5. The above data are for sexual assault, and not for sexual harassment. The numbers and studies are not quantifiable for false sexual Harrasment claims because the overwhelming majority of those who falsely accuse are never prosecuted. Also, it's hard to prove or disprove what is true or false regarding sexual harassment, but if sexual assault is 5.9 to 8% in flase allegations, common sense says false allegations for the lesser offense of sexual harassment is much higher than assault. In conclusion, I'm not saying the Coach in discussion is guilty, innocent, liable or not liable. I also hate sexual assault and harassment. I Am saying that false allegations or reporting for sexual assault and most likely harassment are overwhelmingly High compared to other crimes. Finally, sexual assault is underreported. But, because it's underreported does not mean the rate of false allegations for it are high, and the false reporting rate is actually High compared to other crimes.
  23. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/26847097/trevor-lawrence-most-nfl-ready-sophomore-ever-now-what "Whether it's in the NFL or having a job in the real world, it's hard to be a regular person. So I think it's important to work on yourself, on your soul." Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence
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  25. Well...…….is anyone going to enlighten the rest of us?
  26. http://www.timesnews.net/Education/2019/06/25/State-Police-takes-over-new-investigation-of-Norton-football-coach.html?ci=stream&lp=1&p=1
  27. If they remove Zack and no other coaches it’s going to be an obvious political play. Hard to fathom in a school that small this was contained to the b-ball program. Too many rumors going on about this but many claim it was going on prior to b-ball. Strange, they need to do something and move on. Whole ordeal stinks.
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