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  1. Strictly from an exposure/education point of view, I would have never left G-Town.
  2. The move doesn't make much sense to me but what the hell do I know.
  3. It would make sense if all the other coaches in the county were employees of the system, but they're not.
  4. That '87 team was probably on the short list of great Richlands teams to not make a long playoff run.
  5. I'm still trying to piece the Grundy girls situation together. Why was Compton dismissed again?
  6. How the hell else are you supposed to find out during a pandemic, carrier pigeon?
  7. I'm bored as hell. Let's start something here. Let's go back in time, and talk about what could have been for some local athletes had they not had their career cut short by injuries or otherwise...
  8. Well... It's 2020, so you must ask how they identify.
  9. Levise River High School, Home of the Town Movers
  10. Graham will be the SWD #1, Virginia High the #2. Winner of today's Consolation game between Richlands and Lebanon will be the #3, loser the #4.
  11. I remember a game between Graham and Richlands in the 90's where the score was 9-6... #OffensiveExplosion
  12. Thank you for being perfect in your Grammar.
  13. It's called an oxford comma precious.
  14. For someone who knows everything, you sure have a lot of trouble with capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.
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