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  1. Why not the "Golden Eagles?" In reality, Eagles isn't good. So many better options imo.
  2. I think a termination has already taken place. I hope he gets the help he needs, and I hope Honaker gets their guy.
  3. You had me until you stabbed me in the heart with your Crimson Tide comment... lol Buy you are right. We played with pride in representing our area and wanted and played to win, but playing and learning were the main objectives it the grand scheme. I get that our population can't handle 5-6 teams in Richlands like the old days but there should be more than 2 so that kids can get some time in game situations.
  4. Fundamentals have fallen at some Class 2 schools as well. The importance of a Pee Wee Championship trophy has taken a hold of some coaches and made them forget what they are there for. Pathetic really.
  5. Is "We Borrowed Money From Former Rival Graham's Hidden Funds High School" too wordy?
  6. Plot twist, a dome stadium built around the new turf at GHS becomes the premiere facility in the Bluefield area while Mitchell Stadium becomes a Cole Auto Mall location.
  7. Which shade a green have you guys decided on?
  8. The words "Former Home of Greg Mance" was going to be a tough fit in the end zone.
  9. Anyone else hearing the rumblings of a potential lawsuit in regards to the folks living close to the GHS project and the runoff from said project destroying some property?
  10. What percentage of McDowell County kids does the VHSL count as the future Tazewell County population?
  11. Great hire. Proven winner and knows how to run a program.
  12. Nothing about education is easy. One of the most overworked, underpaid professions there is.
  13. But... If you don't teach, you can recruit outside of the school.
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