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  1. You guys at Mount View East actually talking Field House tours right now?
  2. Here we go with our yearly, "It's Tazewell's year!" nonsense again...
  3. Providence, IN in 1995. I've always heard a few different stories on how the game came to be and a few things that transpired after the fact but I have never had those stories confirmed.
  4. Yeah, I heard the Patriots and Packers have declined an offer to play the Bulldogs. Steelers and Cowboys are on the fence though. Maybe they'll be competitive enough to have the Dawgs primed for a 1 and done playoff push...
  5. Some of y'all have never heard of Howard Mayo and Erin Gibson and it shows.
  6. I took a time travel once back to the fall of 1929. I said to a nice gentleman I met, "What time do the Blue Tornado and G-Men kickoff?" He said, "What the Hell is a G-Men?" It all makes since now.
  7. But why would he mention the number of state titles in a tweet about the regional quarterfinals?
  8. I can only imagine the bitching we'd hear from parents if a trip to Harrisonburg or Lynchburg was on the regular-season docket.
  9. Someone give me one good reason why Region D should have more than 6 teams in the playoffs.
  10. Surprised by them getting rid of Cheyenne, seemed like he had things trending in the right direction there...
  11. If they don't know how to fight at an Applebee's, they're city slickers.
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