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  1. More teams need to utilize the Oopty Oop.
  2. Would love to see some of those guys play in the Appy League.
  3. This era has been fubar'd from the start. If you really wanted to coach the last game, resign Monday, or on the radio after the game. Let us begin the AT (After Thad) timeline today!
  4. It's been such a sure thing at UVa Wise this whole time that he's actually going to UVa in Charlottesville. Go G-Mens!
  5. No matter the choice, someone will be offended.
  6. And please, no "Twin" or use of the color purple. I say the East end of Tazewell County use East River Mountain in some way and the West end utilize the Clinch River.
  7. "The '84 Beavers could have beat the Packers that year!" - Overheard by me from someone at the Mountaineer one time in college
  8. He should probably get that looked at, could be a blood disorder.
  9. Would take a Graham guy to fight Tazewell's fight...
  10. So... Is Richlands going to Radford now?
  11. Lebanon Abingdon Twin Valley Grundy Union Rural Retreat Patrick Henry Floyd Co. Covington Tazewell Castlewood Holston Narrows Gate City Auburn Grayson Co. GotW Pulaski 42 Richlands 35 Galax 32
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