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  1. Chillhowie 10 runed PH weeks ago...
  2. Lebanon is good in baseball. Richlands/Lebanon will battle for SWD,Region D, 2A in Softball.
  3. I heard Mac was running for president in 2020.
  4. Either way, I'd rather play Princeton than travel all over just for the sake of better competition. Graham's schdule is already rather solid.
  5. You can pick up a good gate, AAA points, and usually an easy win with Princeton, why would you drop them?
  6. Sure are a lot of hoops in Lee County...
  7. Every team wanting to play in post-season action should send a player of their choosing to fight a rabid animal in a cage. If the player wins, they will be granted access to the playoffs. If they lose, they must change their gender.
  8. Sarcasm lacks in most of you. Remember, it takes smarts to be funny. 😉
  9. WHAT??? You mean to tell me that kids attend schools outside their own area??? I thought this only happened at Richlands???
  10. Who would like to bet that this situation is botched in the worst way possible?
  11. Dipped in chocolate, crickets are delicious.
  12. This must be the first "Home field advantage at a Neutral site" in history!!!
  13. Sounds like football weather to me.
  14. Another newb to the board who's going to "educate" us on good football... Welcome to the Thunder Dome lil guy, good luck.
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