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  1. Tonight's Richlands/Graham game from the House of Hostility will be live on 97.7 and https://star95.com/richlands-blue-tornado/ 😉
  2. Is Cody Edwards a dark horse?
  3. What you're seeming to forget is all those years the SWD had to reserve one of their 4 playoff spots in region play for Grayson County if they were to qualify. The Mountain 7 never had to give up a playoff spot in the matter because Grayson would drop to 1A before it came up as the M7's turn to relinquish said spot. So... in the grand scheme of things, you could classify this as payback. Quit whining, deal with it, and move on.
  4. Grundy lost on a buzzer beater to a very much improved Lee squad. Had they beat Lee, they could have competed for that tournament's title.
  5. Abingdon is 3A, they'll be in the 3D tournament.
  6. I'm pretty sure Council and Twin Valley have won at the Arby's
  7. Tonight 12/13 (unless ppd) Richlands will travel to Ridgeview. Action will be on 97.7, star95.com/richlands-blue-tornado for you listening pleasure!
  8. Imagine if our region were a state. South of Beckley to just north of Knoxville and Roanoke west to I75 in Kentucky. Imagine if you will a state playoff system that had the likes of Graham, Bluefield, Elizabethton, Belfry, Pikeville, Paintsville, Johnson County, etc, all battling for the right to call themselves Appalachian Champion. Oh, and we wouldn't have to fight for gun rights.
  9. With her Facebook Live she is in deed taking away from radio stations who put in work to broadcast these games to fans. Anyone can put a camera up and let people see the game, but people who put in work to do a professional broadcast for their local school, doing research about both teams, taking time to travel for little or no pay, etc, and STILL have to pay schools/districts/regions/VHSL broadcast fees are always the ones who suffer.
  10. What is also bullshit is broadcast fees for radio. They want money from stations to broadcast games and then these same schools ask the stations to air their closures, fundraisers, etc for free....
  11. I'd get there early Graham fans, not much sitting room at Appo.
  12. Show me where I said Richlands had a perfect program?
  13. Here's a guy who knows some of Graham's best players aren't from Bluefield, Virginia, yet, speaks as if his program is perfect never the less.
  14. None of those people mentioned were then patriarch of your precious school either...
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