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  1. On the scale of 1-10, what will be the actual Mayhem?
  2. Don't get me on my soapbox here haha. Some involved thought that they could use this a huge revenue tool for the program but from my understanding they only make pennies on the dollar from each subscription that is linked to a particular school. All this after pushing local radio to the brink with their outrageous broadcast fees while barely providing more that a plugin in some places (some schools are better than others). These same schools are at the same time asking for free air-time to promote anything and everything not athletic related....
  3. That's a stretch...
  4. And only another month until they fix said master schedule!
  5. 59 days until Bluefield State's football returns!
  6. Yet George Wythe seems to do just fine...
  7. "Guy's, how can we make this wrong?" - Every VHSL meeting.
  8. Despite Grundy having some really good teams in the late 90's and early 00's, Richlands has had their number winning the last 17, including the one mentioned above. It's like the Golden Wave sold their golden soul (and clock keeping abilities 😉) to get that 1995 playoff victory...
  9. Until Ralph's Country Club opens a Myrtle Beach location, I'll be staying away.
  10. I would put the beaches of Doran right up there with Myrtle.
  11. A Raven trailer has been transformed from meth lab to a laboratory in which to create an Ernie Hicks hologram.
  12. Anyone else thinks it's a little disappointing that so many other local schools have lost and re-hired a football coach in less time than Richlands has?
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