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  1. The emergence of Arizona State's new found recruiting in the Central Appalachian region is intriguing.
  2. Played ball in college with a guy from Salem. He was a douche so I assume everyone else from there is as well.
  3. A lot of these kids already do 2 sports at a time. Either play football on Friday and then travel to a baseball or basketball tournament on Saturday and Sunday. I would much rather my kids be busy practicing and competing in sports than sitting around the house or worse.
  4. I didn't even know they had food at Hooter's...
  5. What if I told you that different people enjoy different things...
  6. I hope that no one in Richlands gets staff this season.
  7. Strictly from an exposure/education point of view, I would have never left G-Town.
  8. The move doesn't make much sense to me but what the hell do I know.
  9. It would make sense if all the other coaches in the county were employees of the system, but they're not.
  10. That '87 team was probably on the short list of great Richlands teams to not make a long playoff run.
  11. I'm still trying to piece the Grundy girls situation together. Why was Compton dismissed again?
  12. How the hell else are you supposed to find out during a pandemic, carrier pigeon?
  13. I'm bored as hell. Let's start something here. Let's go back in time, and talk about what could have been for some local athletes had they not had their career cut short by injuries or otherwise...
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