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  1. Levise River High School, Home of the Town Movers
  2. Graham will be the SWD #1, Virginia High the #2. Winner of today's Consolation game between Richlands and Lebanon will be the #3, loser the #4.
  3. I remember a game between Graham and Richlands in the 90's where the score was 9-6... #OffensiveExplosion
  4. Thank you for being perfect in your Grammar.
  5. It's called an oxford comma precious.
  6. For someone who knows everything, you sure have a lot of trouble with capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.
  7. I would say by the time this goes through the numbers will be closer to 2A in Buchanan Co. And to go along with that, kids will more than likely end up at a closer school such as Phelps, East Ridge, Ridgeview, Honaker, River View, Richlands, etc, which will reduce numbers even further.
  8. Maybe they'll build a plethora of Subway's and Dollar General's to help Greg feel right at home.
  9. Rotating and having the entire tournament at one place is the best scenario for everyone involved. At Hurley, they have a larger gym, their Middle School, it is comparable to the size of Richlands Middle, about 2,000 capacity. The SWD has the semifinals of both the girls and boys Wednesday, and then the finals of both Friday. The girls at Lebanon, boys at Graham.
  10. It's good for you to agree with me, just let it happen.
  11. That may have been the case a decade ago but now with Hudl I think it's rather easy to get noticed.
  12. If he should have gone D1, why didn't he?
  13. The same people who think that there is no chance for the SWD in Region D are the same people who in 2014 were hell bent on Richlands and Union meeting in Salem for the State-Championship... You forget these are high school kids, and it is a one-game playoff, anything can happen. Furthermore, I have been to a lot of games this year, and I have yet to see some of you "experts" in attendance.
  14. The Mountain 7 did invent basketball you know...
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