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  1. This is par for the course for Lebanon. Has anyone else in the state switched classifications and districts as much as Lebanon? They go down to the Hogo for a while, beat up on Holston and Northwood for a while, build up their confidence and then move again, either back to the SWD or the now defunct Clinch Mountain. You have a damn Pal's and Tokyo, get over the fact that your football team isn't very good anymore and celebrate the good!
  2. So because you "can't compete" in football at the 2A level you should drop to 1A? You compete at the 2A level in Wrestling, Softball and Baseball... must be the great facilities that draw in the athletes there and not football. This is why no one ever takes Lebanon seriously in anything.
  3. Baptism by Fire baby! Throw Meadows in against Bluefield and he'll be ready for anything thrown at him the rest of the year if not high school career. I'd rather have a tested QB with a few scars than one coddled into the spot.
  4. They couldn't get the sod guy from D-B before now.
  5. Last I looked Region B only has 2 teams in the state bracket.
  6. If Trish is still at Sharkey's tell him to tell her, "I told you it wasn't mine!" She'll know what it means.
  7. Lebanon??? Free lifetime card at Pal's!!!
  8. How is it that Baseball is following the points but Softball is not? Example - With the result of the May 18th Regular Season SWD Softball Championship which Lebanon won, 4-0, that puts the records and points as such - Lebanon - 14-6, 5.4 points Richlands - 16-4, 5.85 points But with the win, Lebanon now gets to host the SWD Tournament and per the paper, next week's Region 2D tournament. What gives?
  9. This is the last year Grayson Co. is in the mix as well. If either Grayson softball or baseball team were to qualify they would knock out one of the SWD teams.
  10. You can watch 2 and listen to 1 :) Richlands/Lebanon 2019 Round 3 on WRIC, 97.7, star95.com/richlands-blue-tornado/ LIVE!!! Pre-game show to begin at 1:50 p.m. EDT.
  11. Battle's field is trash, they played there last year. Last year's SWD regular season game was played at Battle, two years ago was at Tazewell. Personally, I wanted to play it at Stuart Land and Cattle but I wasn't asked for an opinion.
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