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  1. tbgfan

    Honest Answers

    Absolutely, the others I listed are the front-line defenders.
  2. tbgfan

    Honest Answers

    At times like this, I need to step back and remind myself that people like you Ryan, medical personnel, police, firemen, grocery personnel are on the front lines in this war. Admiration and respect for all who are making a difference for the rest of us. God bless!!!
  3. It will be 10 years the 27th of this month that we lost an incredible young man to this awful disease. 31 is on-point with what TJ could have accomplished if the cancer hadn't occurred. Watched him play football and saw my first soccer game watching him. Special young man!!!
  4. tbgfan

    Mance news

    Excerpt from article in the Richlands News-Press dated 6/11/97 "Mance's biggest concern is bringing stability to the program, which has fielded four coaching changes in Mance' seven years. "I didn't want to see some outsider come in and take over the program for two or three years and then move on," Mance said. "Hopefully, I plan to be in this for the long haul, but those wins are what makes the difference." "One key to Mance' success as a coach will be his familiarity with the students at Richlands High. "I've had about every student at Richlands High School at one time or another by teaching phys-ed at Richlands Middle School," said Mance. Woodrow Mullins, Tazewell County Public School superintendent, believes Mance' on-and off-the field performances of the last seven years have created a strong coach for Richlands. "I have complete confidence in him as a head coach," said Mullins. "Every kid he's ever had in class or on the field loves him." Mullins said the record Mance has established was one basis for hiring him as the coach. "He's motivated, and he's held in high regard based on all his teaching experience," said Mullins. Assistant Coaching Staff JV- Craig Barber, Pete Ball Varsity Staff- John Hammond, Doug Addison, Dennis Palmer Last year record (96) 4-6 District record 2-2 Lettermen returning: 9 Lettermen lost: 13 Info when Mance took over as coach in 97. 1997 AA Region IV Football Divisions School Enrollment Grades 10-12 Division 4 Carroll County 922 Richlands 861 Lee 783 Abingdon 721 Grundy 675 Marion 645 Tazewell 590 Martinsville 587 Division 3 Magna Vista 585 Patrick Co 575 Virginia Hi 574 Bassett 551 Lebanon 496 Graham 494 Gate City 465 Fieldale- Collinsville 420 Laurel Park 407
  5. Is the Gate City/John Marshall game being streamed on any radio station?
  6. tbgfan

    Mance news

    Awesome read and story Brady, thank you. This is bittersweet for me because of personal connections. Sitting in the stands, seeing the Blues come out for warmups, Coach Mance with his visor on during warm weather. Can remember a game with Falcons, I believe 2006, it was a monsoon that night. Sheltered up near the press box, but still was soaked by end of game. Remembering the game with Bulldogs for region title in 2008, so cold, but so exciting. Came away with a "W" next to the lighting R. Close, but a win none-the-less. Remembering 2006, Austin's scamper on a 4th and 19th in the championship game. The INT he picked to end the game and seal the championship!!! Was so nervous that 4th qtr had to get up from bleachers and go stand at the top, praying all the while. The 2010 championship game with Poquoson that should have been a win for the Blues. Zebras had other plans. Coach Mance always so gracious to the opposing teams and coaches. They say behind every good man "there is a good woman", well, Ann is surely that. She worked countless hours along side and behind the scenes, helping make the program the success it became. An era has ended, but memories, what memories. Knowing Coach Mance's work ethic, I expect good things for the Loris Lions. Blessings to you Coach Mance and Ann
  7. The graphics are awesome, I like the color scheme, but the symbol NOOOO!!!
  8. Per Bristol Herald Courier 65-63 Grundy Grundy: Looney 23, McCoy 11, Keene 3, Meadows 4, Cole 12, Thacker 12 G-Men: Graves 17, Turner 16, Owens 9, Dales 4, Dawson 8, Cline 2, Blevins 7 3-pointers: Grundy 2 (Cole 2) Graham 4 (Turner, Owens, Blevins)
  9. For Gmen Lester 11 carries for 20 yds Booker with 5 carries for 4 yds Appo with 380 yds total offense
  10. Scruggs with a INT for Appo Appo in victory formation
  11. TD Appo Lawing QB keeper 28-13 Appo 1:19 4Q XP wide
  12. Turner with a punt return TD negated by a PF
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