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  1. Joining in sending prayers for Kirk's family, his classmates and the community. After hearing this news yesterday and knowing his graduation was last night, my heart was so heavy. I did not know this young man, but my heart was comforted by the statement quoted in today's BHC by his Pastor Allen Jessee. "Our hearts are broken in learning of the passing of Kirk Nairn. Kirk was an incredible young man who always had a smile that would light up a room and a Christian faith that was a model for all of us." For all who Kirk was a part of their lives, there is no explaining the why of something so tragic and sudden. This short story from a book by Linda Evans Shepherd titled "When You Can't Find God" hopefully will bring comfort to mourning hearts. "My four-year-old son collapsed at my feet during a late night of Christmas shopping. He wrapped his arms around one of my snow boots, looked up at me, and said "Mom, I can't go on. Could you drag me for a while?" "No", I told him, "But I can carry you." I leaned down and scooped him into my arms. Then I held him next to my heart as I carried him to the car." This is exactly what God did for Kirk, and he wants to do the same for the grieving and hurting hearts Kirk left behind. "Rest your weary head on God's chest. Let him do the heavy lifting, let him carry your burden."
  2. I am a Kyle Guy fan.. Jerome is the gas, but Kyle Guy is the STP additive Jack Salt the ultimate "team player" Go Wahoos!!!
  3. Is anyone locally streaming the Central girls and Eastside boys games today?
  4. So sorry to hear this. He has been in my prayers. May his family find strength and peace at this time with the love and care of their community and God's presence.
  5. Does the VHSL assign these refs for championship games based on merit or seniority 1A and 2A refs today must be newbies
  6. At the half Graham 17 Goochland 3
  7. Off setting penalties negates a 68 yd k/o return by Devin Lester for Gmen
  8. Graham 7-3 7:27 2Q Hayward for GL with a 26 yd FG
  9. Announcers said today would have been his birthday.
  10. Listening to the game...it was defense that ruled the 1st half. Riverheads made the necessary adjustments at the half. helped by the Warriors turnovers to seal the win. The Chilhowie coaches probably had a beef with the refs, the espn guys said there were a couple of times RH could have been flagged for roughing the passer. Proud of Chilhowie and their season. Their heads are hanging now, because of the loss, but Warriors you can be proud of a great season. It doesn't lessen today's hurt, but today doesn't negate your great season. GOD BLESS
  11. Riverheads 21-0 1:25 3Q Warriors Logan Adams with a 5yd TD reception from Cale
  12. Riverheads 21-0 5:33 3Q Phillips with a INT pick 6
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