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  1. Right choice for the kids and program. Glad Coach Tarter was named to lead the Blues and give them continuity. A heart for the Blues and a mentor for the kids. He did an awesome job as "head coach" against Ridgeview and led the Blues in almost pulling off the win.
  2. I'm still going to be rooting for Holston. They are "the new kid on the block" going against Galax, but hey, in this past year of "unusual" and "unprecedented" happenings, I'm hoping they walk away with the win.
  4. Lord Botty 26-8 2:02 4Q Lord Botty recovers ball on a muffed punt and scores TD on 3 plays
  5. Coach Harless of Lord Botty did a Coach Mance call... Fake punt on their own 36 on a 4th and 2. Punter runs for a 1st down
  6. Abingdon 8 Lord Botty 19 7:52 4Q Lucas with 4 yd TD run McClanahan with 2 point conversion reception Carter and McClanahan with two long receptions to move ball
  7. After 3Q Abingdon 0 Lord Botetourt 19
  8. Lord Botty 19-0 :16 3Q Harvey with a 30 yd FG Falcons with two turnovers in this qtr. Lucas isn't 100%
  9. Lord Botty 16-0 10:11 3Q Wade with 3 yd TD run (2nd of nite) Harvey XP
  10. Hope the Falcons can make some good halftime adjustments. I would like to see their QB throw some slant passes over the middle, or intermediate passes. Think they could have some success with this. The Falcons have not started with good field position most of first half. The 2 points LB got was the Falcon QB threw the ball and it was ruled intentional grounding. Apparently he was in his own endzone when this happened. I couldn't tell and thought it was a penalty and loss of down.
  11. At the half Abingdon 0 Lord Botetourt 9
  12. After 1Q Lord Botty 7-0 The Falcons QB Lambert's Dad played QB for the Bland County Bears
  13. 7-0 Lord Botty 1:35 1Q Wade with 5 yd run for TD
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