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  1. Coach Mance game tonight with Aynor being streamed on www.wpde.com Starting time 7:05
  2. Prayers lifted for Coach Smith. His skill has been shown time and time again on the gridiron. His Christian walk has left larger footprints than any trophy a case could hold. Excerpts from a message by my pastor... "The Battle Your In" God will give Coach the courage to stand (2 Tim. 1:7) God will give Coach the power to fight (1st John 4:4) Grace is prepared for tomorrow, but is sufficient for today.
  3. Coach Mance picks up his 2nd win for Loris Lions tonight with a 19-13 win in overtime against the Georgetown Bulldogs.
  4. Congrats to Coach Mance on his debut as head coach at Loris High School with a win!!! Loris 12 Waccamaw 7 FINAL
  5. FYI - www.wgth.net is rebroadcasting the 2004 Marion/Richlands game tonight beginning at 7:05
  6. Just heard game was cancelled due to weather. Rescheduled for Oct. 30th
  7. https://www.foxnews.com/health/conjoined-twin-girls-separated-michigan This video is the definition of lives who were deemed more precious then the alternative of abortion. Parents who made a choice for these children to enjoy life. The scales are now tilted to a right being more valuable than a heartbeat. This video touches me greatly because I am a twin. Please watch the video it tells the heart of the story. The skill of the surgeons, the tenacity of the parents, the joy of watching the children interact with each other after separation. Awesome!!!
  8. Prayers lifted for Dillon for restoration and healing. Prayers of peace and comfort for his family and community.
  9. tbgfan

    Honest Answers

    Absolutely, the others I listed are the front-line defenders.
  10. tbgfan

    Honest Answers

    At times like this, I need to step back and remind myself that people like you Ryan, medical personnel, police, firemen, grocery personnel are on the front lines in this war. Admiration and respect for all who are making a difference for the rest of us. God bless!!!
  11. It will be 10 years the 27th of this month that we lost an incredible young man to this awful disease. 31 is on-point with what TJ could have accomplished if the cancer hadn't occurred. Watched him play football and saw my first soccer game watching him. Special young man!!!
  12. tbgfan

    Mance news

    Excerpt from article in the Richlands News-Press dated 6/11/97 "Mance's biggest concern is bringing stability to the program, which has fielded four coaching changes in Mance' seven years. "I didn't want to see some outsider come in and take over the program for two or three years and then move on," Mance said. "Hopefully, I plan to be in this for the long haul, but those wins are what makes the difference." "One key to Mance' success as a coach will be his familiarity with the students at Richlands High. "I've had about every student at Richlands High School at one time or another by teaching phys-ed at Richlands Middle School," said Mance. Woodrow Mullins, Tazewell County Public School superintendent, believes Mance' on-and off-the field performances of the last seven years have created a strong coach for Richlands. "I have complete confidence in him as a head coach," said Mullins. "Every kid he's ever had in class or on the field loves him." Mullins said the record Mance has established was one basis for hiring him as the coach. "He's motivated, and he's held in high regard based on all his teaching experience," said Mullins. Assistant Coaching Staff JV- Craig Barber, Pete Ball Varsity Staff- John Hammond, Doug Addison, Dennis Palmer Last year record (96) 4-6 District record 2-2 Lettermen returning: 9 Lettermen lost: 13 Info when Mance took over as coach in 97. 1997 AA Region IV Football Divisions School Enrollment Grades 10-12 Division 4 Carroll County 922 Richlands 861 Lee 783 Abingdon 721 Grundy 675 Marion 645 Tazewell 590 Martinsville 587 Division 3 Magna Vista 585 Patrick Co 575 Virginia Hi 574 Bassett 551 Lebanon 496 Graham 494 Gate City 465 Fieldale- Collinsville 420 Laurel Park 407
  13. Is the Gate City/John Marshall game being streamed on any radio station?
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