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  1. For Gmen Lester 11 carries for 20 yds Booker with 5 carries for 4 yds Appo with 380 yds total offense
  2. Scruggs with a INT for Appo Appo in victory formation
  3. TD Appo Lawing QB keeper 28-13 Appo 1:19 4Q XP wide
  4. Turner with a punt return TD negated by a PF
  5. Lawing on a QB keeper goes from the 17 to the 42 on 1st play of this possession.
  6. Didn't get it. Booker loses a yard Appo takes over on downs
  7. Gmen with a t/o I question the pass on a 3 and 2. Now with incomplete pass one time to get the 2 9:02 4th
  8. Ferguson coughs ball up and Landon Adkins recovers for Gmen 1st and 10 at Appo 38
  9. Gmen with a big 4th and 6 Lester pressured and ball falls incomplete Appo with ball at own 26 (I think)
  10. After 3Q Graham 13 Appo 22 Gmen on a 2nd and 6ish at Appo 26
  11. Appo couldn't capitalize on pick Gmen 1st and 10 at own 43 1:41 3Q
  12. Appo with a pick 1st and 10 Appo at own 22 4:27 3Q
  13. Appo with a 4th and 23 False start - now 4th and 28 punting 1st and 10 Gmen at own 30 4:56 3Q
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