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  1. Not taking a shot at him but that’s a play that Bradshaw most likely runs down if he was playing. not sure if it was mentioned or not but on 4th down why did graham throw a pass that even if ur was completed wouldn’t have netted a first down? Seems like taking a shot there or putting to pin them deep would’ve been the better option, Ultimately it came down to union playing to Union playing to win on the last play and Graham playing for overtime.
  2. So someone made two accounts to talk about #52 & #53 after @GDUB brings them up. Interesting.
  3. M7 when they were down 2-0 in the M7-SWD challenge
  4. I’m going to blame it on the yellow uniforms 🤢
  5. If they were to win it’ll be a taller task next week against Central.
  6. I guess what I’m getting at here is - wouldn’t it have been better to say “I haven’t seen a score posted of the Bland game”. instead of saying “Bland isn’t streaming today”... which is false. Because they are streaming on Twin Valley’s NFHS page.
  7. Anyone listening to the Ridgeview NFHS? Who is the color guy? Is it the same guy that is the co-host on the Stories: The History Of Appalachia podcast?
  8. Why wouldn’t you check Twin Valley’s page? That’s what I did. I understand you’re pretty busy keeping up with all the breaks that Richlands aren’t getting but trust me when I say it only took 10 seconds.
  9. Why would you check their page when they aren’t the home team?
  10. Someone asked for the bland score... you don’t give a score & say they’re not streaming... as you say that I’m watching the end of the first half of their game vs. twin valley on NFHS... ?
  11. Graham caught a big break on that first td. Great effort by fritz
  12. https://www.facebook.com/TazewellBulldogRadio/videos/777453929560214/ www.TazewellBulldogRadio.com LIVE NOW
  13. SWD leading the M7 2-0 in the SWD-M7 postseason challenge with 4 games to go 😆
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