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  1. Southwest Virginia community College has an ESports team now
  2. Graham & Richlands care more about beating Tazewell than Bluefield does
  3. BSG + Appalachia + the surrounding areas is what I was getting at. I know it’s tough knowing how much it is exactly but that was the point I was making
  4. Bluefield & Big Stone also have kids attending that are not in their town limits. VA High & Radford do not get to do that so that comparison doesn’t really work
  5. One rule I thought would’ve been re-evaluated by now is touchbacks being brought out to the 25 instead of the 20
  6. Kinda hard, considering there are 130 schools in FBS
  7. Wale forest has been a top 25 team this year
  8. The zoomed out version showed them blowing it dead at the 5
  9. I thought 2 teams from region a or b went 0-10 and made it the same season. I can’t remember who either
  10. I’m not sure if he is or isn’t. I sincerely hope he is. I do believe he could get on the field for a FCS school, possibly a smaller FBS like App State. But, do I expect him to get a scholarship offer? No, I don’t. Thats not a knock on him. He’s one of the better all around players that we’ve had in the area in a while. The problem is that he’s more than halfway done with his senior year and doesn’t have any offers yet. In 2019 offers are earned at camps in your freshman, sophomore & junior years. Schools are looking at how fast, quick & strong you are in shorts and think that they can make you into a great football player. Polier is already a great player but his measurables aren’t exactly what a D1 coach is looking for. Do I agree with that? Not necessarily, but I understand the thought process. Mason reminds me of Jake Lilly from Bluefield & Jamorya Cousin from graham. Those players were also true football players who dominated most games in this area but weren’t able to get to a D1 school, but had careers at the D2 level.
  11. UVA has offered 3 graham players in the last 3 seasons. VT had two SWVA players on their roster this past year. Polier is a heck of a football player but in D1 recruiting measurables matter more than tape
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