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  1. I'd say you are right on that. I was still very surprised at last year's game with Graham at the attendance from Richlands. Just wasn't the same crowd you normally see at a Richlands game. First the sake of quality football in our area. I hope they take their time and make the right hire. As someone said earlier in the thread learn from Graham and Gate City. I wish Mance and his family all the best. Thank you for helping raise the level of football here in SW Va.
  2. So true. Great post to close out 2019!
  3. The officiating must have been pretty bad because I don't think I've ever heard the folks from Galax complain about the officials.
  4. Great example of why football is considered a "game of inches". If you are a Galax fan that's depressing.
  5. Well boys our football season didn't go as planned.
  6. Good luck to the Appomattox Raiders tomorrow. Safe travels to everyone going to Salem.
  7. I was not aware the VHSL got some of the money from the benefit game. I would be perfectly fine with eliminating that game. Seems like 2 or 3 years in a row Richlands lost a starter in the benefit game with Honaker. To me the "Bye week" you need to keep. Kids and coaches both need a week to heal, rest, decompress, etc. Just keep in mind one thing. If it can be screwed up, the VHSL will do it. That much we know for sure.
  8. A few years ago I would have disagreed with you completely. Today, I will agree with you especially on 5 year olds in full pads. You will be very surprised what kids learn in little league will carry over to high school. Both good and bad. I see kids today that block a certain way or attempt a certain "move" at the high school level all because they were taught that in the little league. I could give several examples but I better keep my mouth shut.😂
  9. I think what he's trying to say is this. I'll use the punt Graham had called back as an example. When someone on the return team is coming back towards the punt returner and blocks a defender from his "blind side". Instead of laying into him now you are basically supposed to run in front of him and basically get in his way. I have seen some players now even go as far as holding their hands up in the air somewhat like a basketball defender. Football is a violent game by nature. Convincing high school kids to go full throttle all game and then hoping they slam on the brakes in cases like this can be difficult. But.......that's the rule. We have to adapt whether we like it or not.
  10. Graham has good group of freshmen and sophomores. How well will they grow and develop? I guess only time will tell. Hitting the weight room is obviously going to need to be a priority. I think the offense may need to be tweaked just a little bit to fit the personnel. Curious to see how this group of kids develops.
  11. You are correct by definition of the rule that is the correct call. Unfortunately 😊
  12. If I had to describe Graham's performance yesterday in one word. I'd have to say..... Dead. They were flat out dead from the start.
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