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  1. I really think so too. For one Graham coming off a win against Union could very easily overlook Galax. And secondly Galax is another team that is strong and will run it down our throat if we don't figure something out on physicality.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Tazewell's line made up of Jrs and Seniors?
  3. We did. I think COVID is keeping people at home. Understandably so. Union had a good crowd at the game too. How was the work attendance on Friday morning? Lol. That had to be rough!
  4. No kidding?!?! That's not much. Then again did we have 200 at Mitchell against Union not counting the band??
  5. Wow!!!! What happened to them?
  6. Nothing against Narrows at all but I'm glad to see Giles playing good.
  7. Union exposed our LBs period.
  8. I really thought they would.
  9. Well dang i would have ate with you!😂
  10. This is when we need a meme of beating a dead horse.
  11. All I know is I have received two speeding tickets in my life. Both of them have been in Russell County. They have taught me a lesson........stay out of Russell County if at all possible. 😂
  12. Watch your speed traveling through Russell County or you'll be sitting in one of those safe driving courses with me!
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