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  1. Maybe they are taking the Jimbo Fisher approach
  2. I have come to the conclusion my assessment of talent isn't the best lol. I really think had Chance not been hurt in Princeton those offers would have been there. Very unfortunate.
  3. Just tell them both to come on up to Bluefield Va. They will be welcomed with open arms. Colleges visit regularly.
  4. I have wondered this myself. Besides Grundy obviously, you would think Gate City of all places would scream wrestling.
  5. No sir you didn't miss anything.
  6. Wyoming East and Westside (Wv) had a brawl at their game a couple nights ago. WVNS news has a clip of it. I can't get it to share. Apparently the school board is considering not allowing the two schools to play each other for a while. If you get a chance to watch, it appears a mom, girlfriend, or significant other dang near face plants on the hardwood trying to save her baby. Worth the watch.
  7. I'm just glad we are talking about football and not basketball!! Someone wake @goose111874 up.
  8. Sounds like the Beavers kid would fit right in at the school in Bluefield, VA. Just sayin.........
  9. I agree. It seems they go off stats and how deep you go in the playoffs. Lomax 2nd Team RB? Maybe I have him on a pedestal he shouldn't be on but the kid had crazy numbers only playing 2 quarters for most of the season. He was a beast. I thought for sure Harris would be 1st team. I have come to the conclusion when the season is over don't look at the awards because you are only going to get frustrated.
  10. In wrestling that's 2 points. Basketball its message board worthy of a "brawl"
  11. Will Travis go to Wise since we fired him at Union?
  12. There may not be anything left if they pressure wash a few of these schools.
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