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  1. Bam! I played American Legion baseball years ago and Bishop had a team that competed and I learned from them about the famous 'LA" or Lower Amonate.
  2. With Richlands coaching staff about completed, perhaps a return to Richlands? Richlands years ago and Graham at present have done well, Tazewell needs to step up it's game and hit the LA, Bishop, and Square areas hard, and I am not talking about LA, California. I'm talking about LA.
  3. I think Mercer County owns Mitchell now? Is that correct? My memory is crap, but I thought it's actually in the counties hands now and not the city of Bluefield? For the folks calling the shots on the Virginia side, (not the average person who has no say so), but for the few people calling the shots, I said this back in 2017ish or 2018 on here. A golden opportunity missed when their was discussion of a new stadium in Double Gates and I remember someone even posted conceptual drawings on here. The economy was booming, inflation near nothing and well before Covid and the demented one stepped in. I wrote then, a golden opportunity is now and not moving forward may be a decision the Bluefield, VA, side regrets as the future is very uncertain.
  4. I have no knowledge of how Graham is treated or not treated, but I know this. If the stuff I've read on here over the years about how much both Bluefield and Graham are charged for rent/to play there, then both schools are being treated in a bad way. Beautiful stadium and setting with lots of history and tradition, but it might be time for not just Graham, but also Bluefield to make their own tradition in the form of their own stadiums. The Beavers need to build a stadium right there at their High School and so should Graham. Both schools should communicate to find a contractor for a 2 stadium for a lower price deal and build exact same stadiums. Everything the same and get the price for each lowered by doing so if done together with the same contractor(s).
  5. LOL. Yea, just like Grahams yellow is gold. Ain't no yellow in those unis, just all gold
  6. Will Grahams field be Maroon or Cardinal Red? I am still literally UNaware of what Graham's school colors are basically for the last 50 years. Their fans tell me "Maroon and Grey" and it's in their fightsong, but I don't see Salem or VT Maroon as in......a little more purplish than red. I've always seen Cardinal which is NOT Maroon. If the GMen are going to stay with Cardinal as they've done since Carlock made that adjustment over 50 years ago, then why not just change the school song and colors to reflect it? After 50 years, a decision probably should have been made, lol. I've seen old football games on tape from GC, to Andrew Lewis to Big Creek and u name it, going back to the 50s and 60s. The old or actual school colors Graham reflected looked a lot like a moden day Salem. Not Cardinal or red, but Maroon (leaning to more purple than red.) Anyway, enough of my off season rant. Similar with Tazewell. Didn't Tazewell add yellow to the unis at one time in the 80s? I could have sworn when the Bandana Bunch beat the Dogs in 86 the year Tazewell won the state title, the Dogs had some yellow in their unis. This wasn't gold either. My memory may be wrong though.
  7. Nailed it with simply the classic T from this outsiders point of view.
  8. Still searching last I heard 1 month ago, but Edwards didn't resign until Februaryish from what I recall. Haven't heard a peep in about 1 month.
  9. Well, no "school' does, at least to my knowledge. I suppose a school could put in a bonus for a coach that wins a title, but I have no clue about that. But, a whole other item is Boosters....private citizens on the side is an entirely separate thing, and they........can and do pay. Mike Smith at Hampton High for about 2 decades in the 80s and 90s made more money from Booster payments than he did from the City of Hampton as the Dean of Boys/Guidance Counselor/Head Coach at Hampton High. The late Don Dunford of Tazewell helped out Nick Colobro and Dave Litz. Dunford was a multi millionaire. A Booster and/or private citizen can do what they want. They can give money to a HS Coach if they choose to. A coach wins a state title and a private citizen who is generally a Booster can give the Coach a new car. There's nothing illegal about this either. As for "who does it," and how much paid and who pays......that's hidden info, but it's been done across the USA for nearly 1 century now. In most states, boosters (the boosters club) can not legally pay a coach for his or her coaching services. But, an individual person who is likely a booster can give a coach any gift he chooses, even if the gift is likely and clearly related to the coaches performance on the field. In Texas, lots of HS Football Coaches that win titles have nicely new F250s within a month or so after the title, lol.
  10. The stipend for being a HC Isn't much by any means, but where earning potential is dramatically increased is......IF......IF you can win. If you win and keep winning, that's where Booster money comes into play and HC's that win can pick up lots of extra cash from Booster money. At smaller level schools, there is less population to provide Booster money compared to for example....a Salem. Salem with many more people, great tradition, lots more opportunity and simple numbers of people contributing. Or...a smaller school for example in west Texas with only 4000 people in the town, but they have 4 or 5 multi millionaires with oil money to dramatically bring up that small school Head coaching earning potential.
  11. I've heard they got a guy coming from southern Alabama area that just got out of the military.
  12. Where is Dubois going? If I recall correctly, Dubouse was a 3 star defensive line recruit out of Mount View High around the turn of the century, and was offered by Tech, WVU, and many more. He ended up playing for the Mountaineers.
  13. Goodspeed was a senior. Barrett returns.
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