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  1. No dog in the fight. I love both programs. I want to see Gate City get back to deep playoff runs and old form. I think they are heading that way also. I'm just saying, it will be very difficult for GC to replicate those 3 big plays like that again if Union and GC were to meet again this year in my opinion. As for that game, GC deserved to win. Big plays are a part of the game and the Devils made em at crucial times and that's a part of football.
  2. Dillon and Loris. Loris has a very, very good football team in 3A this year in South Carolina. They are probably a top 5 type school. Dillon showed what they are in the second half last night. They are just some kind of impressive. A machine. Still, a pretty dang good effort to come out and lead Dillon at the half. Even that rarely happens for other opponents. Mance has Loris in dang good shape.
  3. Just to be clear, two Giles guy say that Giles talent is the same. Hasn't changed a bit and the same it was 10 years ago, and the only issue at Giles is coaching. That's your argument, and your argument is one held by maybe 1 in 10 people at best. Keep that delusion alive. You two are brilliant.
  4. Halftime in Northwest Horry County SC, Loris 14, Dillon 12
  5. Keeping it classy as always. Well done.
  6. Lets be clear on one thing. I don't know how many Union fans have complained about their coach or coaches, but we have 2 on this board that has complained about Giles, and these complaints are new. It's not like a huge portion or sizeable majority from Giles are complaining about the Coaches, or half the town wants him out or something.
  7. Pot was stirred long before that post. I've known the man for decades and I take issue with a keyboard warrior slamming the Coach when I personally know the man is just as vested and intense and focused about winning as he ever was. I also know the issues that go on with parents (as we are probably a bit to close to Blacksburg and the influence of the radical completely out past left field radicalism) that SOME of the parents have bought into. The excuses and non-sense excuses made by SOME parents regarding weight lifting and off season workouts for their kids is laughable, but I can't share that on here, and that's the part the two posters have ZERO clue or concept about, and what the coaches have to deal with. I do. I know exactly what the deal is. But....even with that, it's not the central problem. The central problem is that we don't have the incredible talent we once had at this time. We have it coming up and the future is very good and that cycle will turn very soon, but we aren't there yet.
  8. Well, here's what happened. Williams became a good coach again last night (over the 24 hour period from Monday through today) he was able to regroup and become a good coach again. And of course, the talent stayed the same. It was never the problem. It was all about Coach Williams getting his mind right and now that his mind his right, all is well with Giles. We will win everyone from here on out, because after all, the talent is there.
  9. I hope he's another future D1 kid and NFL player from SWVA. I love it when kids in SWVA get in the spotlight at an early age. I'm going to be sure to keep an eye on Rye Cove over the next few years. It's going to be fun watching him.
  10. Whether it's the top 8 or the top 4 in each district, the AD's and Coaches are aware of this. This isn't something that is decided later in the season or around week 10 or 11. Whatever the format for seeding is, it is already been agreed on by now. I just wanted to know if anyone had heard anything? We found out last year that the Coaches/AD were aware of the playoff seeding from very early on in the season, and most of the public didn't really learn this until later on in the season. If it's top 4 in each district. Va High will be an interesting case. They are quietly 4-1 and has one more game on the schedule in Graham that they should lose, but should be favored to win the other 4, likely putting them at 8-2 going into the playoffs, yet Tazewell beat them straight up, so if both beat Richlands, you are going to have a scenario where VH is higher in power ranking than Tazewell, but head to head Tazewell would get the 2 seed from the SWD, IF........they take the top 4 of each district instead of the top 8 overall. Same or similar scenario for Gate City who lost to Richlands and Graham, but may end up finishing higher in the M7 district final standing than a Union or RV, only to have a power rating lower than both of them.
  11. Good Lord! An 8th grader with an offer already and man is he big. That's outstanding!!!
  12. The tell of the tale for Ridgeview is......can they stop the run against a Union/GC/Abingdon/Bluefield? How well will their defensive line do against the tough opponents. We've talked at length about RVs offense...spreading the ball, giving Beavers more touches, RVs run game, short pass, long pass, etc. RVs offense is FINE. They are effective enough to win a state title on Offense, or at least go deep in the playoffs on Offense. If you have any doubts or worry or unanswered questions about RV, then worry about their defensive line. If the defensive line question is answered and it turns out they can soundly stop or limit the run, and they can get pressure on opposing team passing QBs, then it puts RV in the seat most thought they would be in after last season coming into this year. That seat is....a team good enough to possibly go the distance to Salem. Its ALL about RVs defensive line to me, not the offense. Only my opinions here. Offense is fun, emotional, and exciting to talk about, but RV will go as far as their defensive line allows them to.
  13. Central Woodstock similar (not as good as KW last year) but a similar situation brewing out in the East (reg c, not to far east, but still east). I told yall about KW in game 3 last year and I mentioned Central Woodstock 2 weeks ago. They are dangerous. This is a Union and Graham type team that is very physical, very well coached, huge in size up front, and they can throw it when they need to. Woodstock lost in the semi's to KW last year in a close football game and their team in 2022 is senior laden. Region C in Class 2 is notorious for NOT winning state titles and picking them is scary, but they are a serious threat this year. They are on the level or possibly slightly better than a Graham, Radford, Appo, RV, Union, King William, Draft this year. I think they play for a state title and come out of the east and beat Region A in the semi's which will probably be Poquoson or King William. KW is good again, but not as good as last year. Poquoson bested KW in a scrimmage early this year from what I read, but it sounds like Central Woodstock is just a bit better than both of them.
  14. Dang good team. I use to be pretty good friends with George Shupe. Great dude who later became a game warden. George and I would hang out for about 3 weeks in the summer in Hillsville at the old RJ Ranch Canpground in Hillsville and our families did this for about 5-6 years. I also went to Church camp with him in the summer in the Bluefield area. I think (the late) Clint Roberts was also on that team.
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