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  1. Gate City at one point was probably the most hated team on this board years ago in my opinion.
  2. However "horrible" it is, Galax is a less horrible than any class 1 team in Virginia including George Wythe. What I saw was outstanding defense by Galax.
  3. Can someone post the field goal clip when you have it.
  4. When u hear words like, "clutch, lucky, got some breaks, hung in there, not pretty" and the team still wins, it wreaks of WINNER. The kind of team down 20 to 14 in table tennis and they real off 8 pts in a row to win 22-20. There are programs like that. There are people like that. Galax is like that. It's called....WINNERS.
  5. LMAO and it's a good LMAO! Lil WINNER Salem known as Galax in a down year, wins the state title. Galax football is the same as.....WINNER.
  6. And to anyone who is looking at points is taking out the flow of the game and the matchup. Fact is, Graham, Radford, Riverheads, Union were all close. Radford was a bad matchup for Riverheads. All 4 teams were close in my opinion. I think Radford had 5 more total yds than Graham in their contest if I read correctly. Graham was 2 dropped TD passes from having a very strong chance to come away with the win. Riverheads was not 2 pass drops short. Radford handled them. Union would have matched up better than Graham against Radford in my opinion. Graham would have matched up better against Riverheads than Union in my opinion. Much of it is about matchups. All 4 were close. The best team won the title, and Riverheads was anywhere from the 2nd best team to the 4th best team in my opinion.
  7. Riverheads is legit, the real deal, but again, they have bypassed being able to be spread out like that year after year. They couldn't avoid it this year. They got caught. That's the difference in Class 1 and 2. Sooner or later, u are going to get spread out at some point.
  8. I said this earlier for a couple of years. If you are using VA High as a standard of coaches ability to win, it's a bad choice. Even Paul Wheeler struggled some compared to Rustburg and Lafayette stints where he won state titles.
  9. Is Bunch as good as his older brother was? His older brother was a freakin baller.
  10. With Thorton at the helm, at least Richlands will still be "slinging" it around the yard.
  11. Gate City had outstanding junior high teams a couple of years ago. I think these kids will be sophomores and juniors this upcoming season. Now, I don't know if they moved or still play football, but the 8th grade team they had a couple of years ago was wicked for an 8th grade team. Gate City already has the coaching thing down pact. Houseright is one of the best, but it's him waiting for the talent to cacth up the last couple of years. It might catch up next year.
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