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  1. Overcoming Chance OU does it. My favorite times in sports watching is when you are watching something that you know right then and there, the moment/event/outcome is so big that you just know this is going to still be talked about in regular conversation in 50 years. This is one of those times and I'm a Hokie and Longhorn guy. Obviously, I don't like OU, but I absolutely LOVE watching greatness and history. This was exactly that. Well....it IS exactly that. It's not over yet. The bunch just isn't losing games.....as in....ANY games. Why so difficult and why so different as teams like UCONN in women's hoops have those long historical streaks? What makes this different? Because......it's Baseball/Softball. Softball/Baseball has more "chance" involved in it by a lot Compared to football and basketball. In Softball/Baseball, you can time and hit a perfectly thrown pitch and rocket the ball off of the fat end of the bat only for the perfectly hit line drive to just so happen to be close enough to a running left fielder that closes the left centerfield gap preventing a double. Or, you can have the perfectly thrown pitch and you are caught completely off guard and get befuzzled and don't know whether to swing or not swing, and you stick the bat out as you are way late in swinging and you are jammed inside with the bat on the ball, and it just so happens that the ball bloops over the first basemen's head for an single. This is what I am talking about with Softball/Baseball and "Chance" compared to Football and Basketball. This is what makes OU's winning streak just so dominant and impressive. They are doing this in a sport where there is simply more "chance" in play and less Control of each outcome Compared To Basketball and Football. So, the odds are, they should at least be losing 2, 3, or 4 games during the season, but they are so dam* good that they can overcome the "chance" involved in Softball/Baseball.
  2. Did Lebanon and Rye Cove ever play in the regular season?
  3. Hard to change without 2 factors. 1- understand and believing you NEED to change (this is why Narcissism is so difficult to treat) and 2- if someone understands and believes they need to change, they have to put the work in to make it happen. After years and years have gone by and someone is well into middle age or older age, it's even more difficult.
  4. I like to root for Auburn a bunch, but it would be cool to see Rye Cove get it done to win the whole thing.
  5. "How bout em," to echo the legendary Larry Hypes, "How bout them Dogs"! Well done Bulldogs Well done!
  6. Oklahoma beats Stanford and advances to play what appears to be FSU, unless Tennessee can have a miracle comeback in the next couple of minutes with their last few outs down 5-1. OU and FSU will play in a best of 3 series to decide who is crowned Champions.
  7. Vols get the W and so does Stanford. Tomorrow-Monday Oki vs Stanford. If OU beats Stanford in game one, they advance to the Championship. If Stanford beats OU, they have to immediately turn around and play and beat them again in order to advance to the title game. FSU vs Tennessee in the evening. Same situation for TN. They have to beat FSU twice in order to advance to the Championship.
  8. Today's games (Sunday) are Washington and Stanford at 3pm and Oki State vs Tennessee at 7pm. All 4 of these teams have 1 loss and the losers of the two games above are eliminated. Monday at 12 pm, No Loss Oklahoma plays the winner of Stanford and Washington and the Winner of Stanford/Washington will have to play/beat Oklahoma twice IF the Stanford/Washington winner beats OU in the first game at 1 pm. The 2nd game would immediately follow if this game is needed. Monday at 7 pm, No Loss Florida State plays the winner of Tennessee/Oki State and if the Tennessee/Oki State winner beats FSU in game 1 (7pm game) they will turn around and play again immediately following. Final 2 Teams- The Championship is Wednesday, Thursday, and if needed, on Friday. Whoever comes out above and down to 2 teams will play in the Championship which is the best of 3 series. Correct me if I am wrong on this, but I'm pretty sure that when it gets down to 2 teams, it doesn't matter who has 1 loss or is undefeated. Everything starts over and it's simply the best of 3 series for the Final Two Teams. Tennessee may be down right now, but other than Oklahoma, only 1 other team has a Better chance to make the finals than them which is FSU. Tennessee has the same chance at Oki State, Stanford, and Washington going into today's game, so they may be down, but they still have a chance, and the chance is reasonable, it's not something requiring a miracle. They are good enough and thankfully, they are now on the FSU side of the bracket instead of the OU side. Beating Oki State tonight, and then beating FSU twice is far more doable in my opinion than beating Stanford or Washington once, then having to beat OU two times just to make the finals.
  9. For the first time in my life, I will be voting for someone who is a Democrat or Republican for President. I made up my mind last night at 9 o"clock. It's RFK for me. Chances of him getting the nomination for the Democratic side? Well, my opinion is probably a lot like everyone else's. I suspect it's pretty low, but NEVER say NEVER. Here's the problem with RFK. His HEALTH. When you are a threat to the military-industrial-corporate-intelligence (CIA) congressional complex, BAD things can happen to you. Is that conspiracy theory? Maybe. Call it whatever you like. I stand by it. I think it's true. Whether its something criminal or health related, things just don't seem to go well for those who aren't in line with starting wars so the folks in DC and the "complex" can get their pockets full. RFK's uncle and father were probably the most anti-military-industrial-corporate-intelligence (CIA) complex that we've had as either Presidents, or those that have run for President that had a legitimate chance of winning (RFK). This is my opinion only, and I know it's up for debate. Interestingly, RFK and JFK were not "anti-military." They weren't "anti-CIA". They weren't "anti-congress or anti-corporate America." They were anti-"the corruption" that can come from those organizations when all of them are intertwined in power which can quickly stem into massive corruption (which we now have). It's very rare that we have a NORMAL Democrat or Republican. It just don't happen everyday. What's "Normal" to me? One who isn't completely taken over by the God hating Woke on the Democratic Side, or completing taken over by the War Mongering NeoCon Right on the Republican Side. What's war mongering to me? You can still make sure we "dont' enter a war in 4 years (Trump) and be a war mongerer. Well, how is that possible? It's possible by having over 500 military facilities in roughly 70 countries remaining open, and refusing to cut that number in half. That's a start. Last thing I like about RFK. There's moral decency in my opinion. I don't see moral decency in what has become the main stream Democratic Party. I'm sorry. I just don't see it. I don't see the claim of what it once was which was actual love, caring for the sick, helping the poor and helping the poor to help themselves. I don't see love like I once did many years ago. I see anger and hatred and bitterness that rejects those who have a different opinion, which is similar to the old good ole boy GOP guys back in the day that often hid behind the cloak of Christianity to disguise that White Robe with a blood cross symbol and hood on the top. It was more HATRED than love or Christianity. The modern day Democratic Party is no different in my opinion. But, once in a blue moon, we get one that comes along that's different. By the way, that's not to say every GOP person or every Democratic person in DC is filled with hatred or bigotry. There are good one's as well, but I like the fact that RFK is Catholic. I know, or at least I believe, that inside RFK's mind, there is that desire and need to help the sick, help the aged, help the working person, help the poor with LOVE, true love, and that true love comes by first helping them, then giving them the means to help themselves. I like that idea. I'm voting RFK in 24. https://www.kennedy24.com/ The above are my opinions guys. That's it. Just one guys political opinion which are always going to be controversial because it's political, which by its very nature makes it controversial. You do you and vote for who you feel is the best person for President. I'll do me.
  10. TN and Sooners today at 3 pm and Washington vs FSU is at 7pm. Bama and Utah make quick exits in the tournament and are sent home. Oki State and Stanford are still in the mix, but have one loss each. Tomorrow (Sunday) Stanford (who has 1 loss) will play the loser of Florida State and Washington, and Oki State (who has 1 loss) will play the loser of the TN/OU game.
  11. Practice starts in roughly give or take, 2 months from today if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Tennessee smacked Bama around like chump change today and OU gets a close win over Stanford 2-0. Tennessee and OU will now meet in the winners backet. I don't see FSU doing it regarding OU. I just don't think they are good enough. Tennessee is good enough to possibly pull the W. It's going to be trouble for Tennessee or any team if they get down to the final two teams and OU has no losses, thus forcing a TN to have to beat em twice. The upcoming game with Oklahoma for Tennessee is huge as both have yet to have a loss. If TN could get a win, that's a Huge psychological boost if these 2 are the final 2 teams left.
  13. A recent US Federal Appeals Court ruling made a deal or framework in which Purdue Pharma ruling by a US federal appeals court on Tuesday established a framework by which Purdue Pharma will pay out roughly $6 billion in settlement money for its absolute GUILT in fueling or enhancing the US Opioid Crisis. But guess what that powers that be decided? It decided that the Sackler family that owns the company will also be protected from future lawsuits on the subject. In December 2021, a federal judge threw out the bankruptcy deal, saying the law didn't allow the Sacklers to be protected from legal claims against them. But.......an appeals ruling just overturned that. The Sacklers should be in prison....any and all of them that contributed to Purdue Pharma. There's not one of them that should be walking the streets, if they were involved in running the business. Only my opinion of the Sacklers or "Sack of" you know whats.
  14. I'm hopeful you still pop in GMAN. If not regularly, at least on the Graham/Bluefield or Bluefield/Graham week (naming depends on which side of the state line your live on) and your take on it.
  15. I wrote this in the chat box. To do what Gman did simply for free, no monetary gain, just did because he likes High School football in SWVA speaks volumes about his character. A big thank you for the website. I've enjoyed in my time on here. There is swvasports on Facebook, so maybe I will track on over there. Peace out ya'll. And as always, Give Em Hell Bandana Bunch!
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