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  1. Sixcat, speaking of Whiteville, they just won tonight in the state semi's in game one, and are 1 more win away (first team to win 2 games) from playing for another state title. They have two D1 players on the team this year in UNCW pictching commit Ty Lawson (pictcher-UNCW commit) and Bud Baldwin, Centerfielder, who has narrowed it down to ECU, UNCW, and Coastal Carolina. Bud Balwin is the younger brother of former Whiteville player and graduate- Brooks Baldwin, a former Clemson commit, then decommit and commit to UNCW who was just named the CAA player of the year today for UNCW. He's another one that will play minor league ball and likely have a potential run at the Majors. It's absolutely silly how this little town does this and just reloads every year with seemingly 1 major D1 player on the roster every year, and often 2, and another 2 or so will play small college. The Baldwin brothers father, Chuck, played at Clemson, was ACC POY in 1986 and an All-American, and made it to Cleveland Indians triple A, and never made it to the majors, but played 3 years with the Indians Triple A team before calling it quits.
  2. Beavers was absolutely incredible at LB and Fullback. One of the more underrated players in Richlands history. Chris Patton was First Team All State LB at Graham his senior year. He had the same attitude and mentality as Beavers, just nasty and vicious, tried to inflict harm on the opposing running back/wide receiver/blocking back every play. Another great linebacker that few in SWVA talk about was Gate City's Rusty Pendelton. He was a 3 year starter at Tech from 87 through 89, and much like Beavers at Richlands, he played on some mediocre to above average Gate City teams in the early/mid 80's, but he would drop 15 tackles in a game like it was chump change. Fairlawn, you weren't chump change yourself. I remember watching you at W&M when I worked for a year in the shipyard. I still don't know how they called an illegal procedure on you at Mitchell Stadium in that 89 playoff game when you were kicking the extra point. Ya'll almost had Graham and that illegal procedure on the extra point attempt was a huge penalty.
  3. Beavers Father and Uncle played at Richlands. Whether Brandon Beavers stays at RV or goes to another school, he's in good hands. His father and uncle are good dudes.
  4. Nailed it with Giles/Narrows. With Covington/Alleghany, I don't know enough about it to comment. The take with Giles and Narrows is spot on.
  5. Coal Canyon Express. Love the nod to the railroads. That train logo is cool. In SWVA, the Coal mines get lots of well deserved love historically, but the railroads provided and still provides an equally valuable service.
  6. What year did Thad Wells join the military? Has he done any overseas tours yet?
  7. My prediction is that Galax plays for the state title. I hope I'm wrong and Giles can surpass em. What are the odds? I don't know, but I know this. Going back to about 2013ish or so, lets just say 10 years. How many times has Galax won the region? How many times has Galax won the semi-final game and played for the state title, not to mention winning a state title. Galax, 50 years from now will be known as having a great run in SWVA (and there is still no indication it's over) but lets just say hypothetically, it's over. (Again, I don't think it is, but lets say it is). What they have done the last 10 years in Virginia Single A ball could and would be talked about for 80 years across the state, if Riverheads had not gone on a run that has now likely topped Southampton in the 70's, Hampton in the 90's, Phoebus in the 2000's. It's borderline unprecedented, but Galax, if having a normal Eastern opponent in these title games over the past years, if the team were just a normal Eastern (top level) 1A school for that given year playing for a state title, Galax has at least 3 more titles in my opinion, and their run would start to rival the Hampton of the 90's, Southampton of the 70's. I don't think this is hyperbole. I think Galax has been a near miss for one of Virginia's greatest runs in history, and it's still been a great run (even with Riverheads) but the timing is incredible bad luck (in one sense) when considering Riverheads has just pulled something not seen before in the state of Virginia at the exact same time. With what Galax has done the last 10 years, even as a Giles fan, one has to be nuts to pick against them to Not play for another state title, at least from the perspective of before the season starts. With this written, am I going out on a limb by picking Galax to win Region C and win the state semifinal game? Uhhhh, No, clearly not.
  8. Sir, I don't know who you are, but "Austrian Ben Shapiro"? That's freakin awesome. Iove it. Beavers is a stud. His daddy and uncle were Richlands guys, so anything is possible. My guess......100% pure guess and no knowledge, and Ryan would know most. My guess is Richlands is going to run it a whole lot more than many years past. Now, I know I say this every year and it doesn't happen, but with what they lost in the QB and D1 Webb, and Mance now far gone from the program, my guess is we see more runs. All of that certainly will not be the case if the two from RV come there. Also, I wonder where the two kids from RV live? Please don't answer that on here. It's a hypothetical. The Haysi area is a whole lot more doable than the Clintwood area. The Haysi area doesn't require a physical move as much as Clintwood would regarding distance to Richlands, if I remember my SWVA geography correctly.
  9. Nick Colobro is coming back to Tazewell and Gate City is leaving the M7 District to join the Southwest. Also, Dennis Vaught is returning to Richlands. You can take that to the bank! Book it!
  10. Real Sasq, I am sure you know more about the SWD and Bluefield than I do, but favoring Graham over Bluefield? What will the prevailing opinions be in the Bluefields on the favorite in this game? Based on what I have read on here from last year and this year from what fans say the lose and return, it suggests to me (from a distance) that this will be a tossup game. Now, I know it often is and the history and stuff, but it has sounded to me like these two are going to be evenly matched regarding ready-available talent on the field. What are your thoughts? Also, Richlands. Does anyone know what the Blues lost on the line of scrimmage? I know the QB and Webb are big at the skilled positions, but what do the Blues have from tackle to tackle returning/lost?
  11. EC Glass, Salem, Blacksburg, Pulaski County to be played in some form or fashion (scrimmage or regular season.) Looks like Palmer is going back 80s, 90s, and early 2000s to his former coaches' (Glynn Carlock) approach in tusseling with the Big boys. I remember one year when Graham scrimmaged freakin Varina, and Varina was a powerhouse then. I think Bradshaw was on that team. Got to hand it to Graham. Just has zero shi@s given regarding fear in playing anyone, and has been that way for decades.
  12. Parry McCluer Head Coach calls it quits after going 9-4 in his first year for the Blues last season and taking them to the Regional Championship Game. (This is kind of late news, but oh well, it's probably not known in Region D very well). The PM coach did not have a "falling out" with McCluer. He cited a better opportunity at Nelson County, as he takes over for them. His home is in Rustburg, so he was making the commute to Buena Vista daily, over an hour, and the drive to Nelson County High is still not chump change from Rustburg. It's a 40 minute ride give or take. In addition to the shorter driving distance, he cited a pay raise at Nelson County. Here is the one central problem though.........Did I mention Nelson County above? Talking about being awful for a long time, and there are some places where you just can't win. I just don't know if he can win there. Maybe he can. We will see. As for McCluer, they return a lot of their skilled position guys, but lose a bunch on the line of scrimmage. I think Giles will surpass McCluer in 2022, and would be surprised if we aren't playing in the regional title against Galax. Surprised may not be a good word. Disappointed would be a better word.
  13. Why no DooktheCook and Tommy Walker? Did they lose a lot? Not having them in top 3 is maybe on spot, but they've been decent. Did they lose a lot? Played Union tough, even though the game was a blowout and Union called the Dogs off, they still had a nice comeback and nice showing against a far more talented and potent team. I understand JI Burton, but TS and Eastside both over T. Walker?
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