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  1. Graham hurt themselves tremendously against Union for sure. But Union was prepared and had the game plan to beat Graham. I think Graham learned from that and has made adjustments to stop a strong running game. Should fare a little better. Offensively, Graham has done well against all opponents, penalties killed them early on. They seem.to have cleaned up their act a little.
  2. Xayvion and Lester will both have something to say about that.
  3. Graham has made a couple of defensive adjustments as well. Lets see how that pans out
  4. 0-0 tie. Then both teams have to forfeit due to ineligible players. Goes down as a loss for both teams.
  5. That sounds about right. Would love to see Graham and Richlands in a region title like last season again. Those 4 teams are very close this season and Central looks like a dark horse that could throw a wrench into things as well. Going to be some great games in the region D playoffs.
  6. Ridgeview or Union at 1 is most likely. Would love to see Graham get a #2, but not likely with Lebanon, V-High, Princeton and Giles all having bad seasons. Would love to see Graham at home in the region title (if they make it that far), but they blew it against Union at home. I like the adjustments they made on defense, moving a couple folks around. I think they would match up better against a team that can run well now. A couple of those guys in the secondary need to work on tackling better.
  7. Tazewell is down 2 more starters including the qb. Bluefield will basically be playing Tazewells JV anyway. If starters arent pulled early, it would be surprising.
  8. Refs keeping the Tigers in it for sure.
  9. When you have 11 injuries, I guess that is expected. Several key players are out fornthe rest ofnthe season this year. Been a tough couple of years for injuries for the Bulldogs.
  10. The actions of a few are making the Tigers look bad. Hopefully it will be dealt with.
  11. WVSSAC has been notified. And I agree. There is no place in sports for that type of behavior and poor sportsmanship. The actions of a few has reflected very poorly on PSHS. Hopefully those issues have been dealt with appropriately by the adults in charge.
  12. Torn ACL, LCL, Tibia and pulled hamstring. Wish the young man the best on his long road to recovery. He is such a great kid and did not deserve this.
  13. My concern after the Union game for Graham would have to be defense and better tackling of Unions big running back. The offense made a lot of big plays. Penalties and turnovers hurt them too.
  14. Dont forget the post game antics. smh.
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