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  1. Yes. Thats for sure!! Defense last year was hard to watch the first 3 games.
  2. Could be the best team Tazewell has fielded in several years. East Mont obviously wasnt the best competition, however Tazewell only played their studs, Harris and Jordan very sparingly. They have good depth at skill positions. The qb is decisive and makes good decisions, runs very well and had some beautiful passes that were on target. So I believe the qb play will be good. I like the way that kid plays. O- Line has good size and strength. Defense looks solid, hard hitting, linebackers have a good nose for the ball. Tackling was good (good form). Kicking game is much improved. They look like a good playoff caliber 2A team. Looking at their schedule, I would say 7-3 is very possible, (barring a meltdown and they stay healthy). and maybe a 5 or 6 seed in the playoffs with great potential to make noise in the playoffs. V-High may be in for a long night next week. They have a couple freshmen that are very athletic too. Also, the kids were upbeat and having fun. Lots of comradery on the bench. Lot of smiles on their faces from the minute they got off the bus. Good looking team
  3. 34-0 Dogs to start 4th. Lots of subs playing 2nd half. Ill post the final when its over.
  4. Nunley looking good at qb for Tazewell, running and throwing. 34-0 Dogs. Bad snap on xp.Start of 4th. Mix of 1st 2nd. and jv playing 2nd half.
  5. Kicker is a sophomore. Good kid, solid kicker. Will have him for 2 more years.
  6. Kicker looks solid. 2 FGs that would have been good from 40 - 45 yards. Straight down the middle, good rotation. Lot of kids contributing. They look pretty solid.
  7. I am impressed thus far with the Bulldogs. Multiple kids capable of making plays, line blocking well, the qb can run good and pass. Nice tight spirals on most throws. Defense looks solid with good speed and they play physical on D. Good team.
  8. Freshman Braxton Dowdy with the INT returns it to the East Mont. Jones scores on 1st and goal. Bad snap on XP. #2 makes an alert play picks up ball, reverses field and goes in for 2. 28-0 Dogs, 2:52 2nd quarter.
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