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  1. Graham hasn't seen 50 in quite a while, that's great.
  2. He should be a good one. But he needs time in the pocket as all qbs do. Bulldogs need to change up a few things on offense regardless of who the QB is. (Maybe use both). Get the ball out of the qbs hands quickly, roll him out, etc... Running plays may need to come out of a spread formation or something, who knows. Bulldogs have a couple of athletic receivers and a dynamic running back, all with good speed. . Getting those guys the ball in space will be key. They do have a couple of solid linemen returning, but lost a lot up front. It will be fun to watch this team develop this year, can't wait.
  3. They will have to get the ball out quickly. They have a lot of youngsters on the team. They had in the low 30s last year. Lost quite a few seniors. But gained more freshmen then they lost seniors. Thats what I mean by young. And yes, a lot of 14 and 15 year old freshmen. They will have a few very athletic and talented upperclassmen. But, I think with the inexperience on the line they will need to re-structure the offense a little bit.
  4. Did Graham start today or waiting until Monday?
  5. Wasn't able to go by there today but hearing they should end up with about 40. They will have a young team too.
  6. The season is upon us. Some schools start practice tomorrow (29th). Some are waiting until Monday (2nd). Please post #'s here. How many kids are out for practice? Are numbers up or down?
  7. Can't wait. I'll be at as many scrimmages as I can get to and watching as much as possible on NFHS. Some teams are starting this Thursday, some are waiting until Monday.
  8. I don't think it will make much of a difference. It is a nice option to have for those who cannot make it to a game. Most schools do well to pay for the refs and pay for the other sports with gate money from football. The Booster Club and fund raisers is where most schools get enough money for new uniforms etc. I was taking up money for a soccer game several years back and somebody complained about spendong $5 and asked where "all the money was going" (like I knew). I was just volunteering. I told the old grouch that the money we took in wouldnt even pay for the refs for that game.
  9. Anybody know how this 7 on 7 went? Who was there, etc?
  10. I think Russia is actually making the posts, then Facebook is deleting them. But in all seriousness, I believe Region D will end up like this. 1. Graham (Couple of new faces that will contribute + Bradshaw who did not play in Regional Finals). 2. Union 3. Central 4. Ridgeview. I think Tazewell, Richlands, Gate City will be 5,6 and 7 (No particular order). Not sure who will be the other team to make it in.
  11. The benefit game with Graham will be a good gauge of how they may stack up this season.
  12. The Abingdon scrimmage will be on NFHS.
  13. Any scrimmages listed on NFHS? Couldnt find anything up yet for Tazewell Graham vs Abingdon is listed for August 12th @ 6:00. Havent really looked for others. Please post here if you know of any that will be broadcast on NFHS.
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