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  1. Next fall is looking promising however. This spring season may have some cancellations and delays.
  2. I hope they keep the Plus-One option, even if things get back to normal. It could be just that "optional". Sort of like a Bowl-Game for teams. Lord knows, the athletic departments are going to be in a pinch for cash after this year. On a side note: It would be nice if teams were to stream their games online this season. I know, I would be willing to pay to watch, if I had to.
  3. After reading opinions on here. My personal opinion is a 5A system with A 12 team playoff (top seed in region gets a bye) and teams not qualifying for the playoffs have an option of a plus one game against an opponent of similar skill level. Could be a rematch or somebody not on schedule.
  4. Unless they play another 0-10 team and feel like they have a chance to win one. Also, the plus one could be optional. Not every team would be able to find an opponent anyway. Maybe both teams could agree to split the revenue also.
  5. I say keep the plus 1. That way everybody geta to play an extra week and quality teams make the playoffs.
  6. I say keep the "plus one" If VA goes to a 4A system. That way everybody gets an extra game and maybe we can give them all a snack bag and trophy.
  7. 4 classifications is the plan for now. Until they realize they make more money with 6 and let everybody and their uncle make the playoffs.
  8. I think it should be based on the capacity of the venue. It is ridiculous to throw out a number like that. Also, since Graham plays their home football games in West Virginia, will the same rules apply?
  9. Nothing to me compares to Graham-Bluefield. However, the atmosphere at Appomattox last year was a great experience. Going to Union and Giles is always a nerve-racking experience for the opponents. The tradition that Appomattox has started over there is a little intimidating. Very fun to be a part of. Graham-Bluefield took a hit when the powers that be ruined the tail-gating experience. Would literally have a couple thousand folks in the parking lot pre-game tail-gating, playing corn hole, etc. . Even so, nothing like 10,000 to 12,000 bitter enemies who go back to being friends after the game is over.
  10. Penalties were a problem with Graham all year last year. It hurt them badly in the state semis. As for that Richlands-Poquoson game, Richlands couldnt get in rhythm because the ref kept standing over the ball until Poquoson got their defense set.
  11. Prayers for coach Smith and his family.
  12. They all finish with a record of 0-0-0. Unless Ralphie takes action.\ Not sure what Galax has returning, but they are always a top pick in 1C.
  13. Still in phase 3.... and the Governor has not even mentioned sports. It's tine to start asking questions and demanding answers.
  14. I say with the political environment in Virginia- the answer is NO. One side wants to keep the country open. One side wants to shut it down. In Virginia, the party in control wants to shut it down. Im guessing no sports.
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