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  1. Fritz is playing football? He is about as athletic as they come. Kid is as strong as an ox.
  2. I guess we will have to find out on saturday.
  3. They could have named the score.
  4. Appo looked the part, size wise and athletic-wise. AltaVista was small and un-athletic. I quit watching after the 2nd offensive series by Appomattox.
  5. Watching Appomattox at Alta Vista, the feed is actually pretty dang good.
  6. I think you could stick a sloth in Graham's backfield this year and it will gain yardage. I think the lineplay will be very good.
  7. Plan on listening to you guys while tuning in to NFHS. You all do a great job.
  8. Did you all find more games? Last I heard you only had 3 on the schedule?
  9. It was Carroll over Floyd 20-14. The game was played at Galax.
  10. Carroll 20-14 with 10 seconds left. Video feed went out after that.
  11. A Giant fly just walked across the screen!! Cool.
  12. Floyd 14 Carroll 14 MIddle of 4th quarter.
  13. Watching the Floyd and Carroll game being played at Galax and the feed is horrible and laggy, there's a glare on the window it's being filmed through. I can see a couple of coaches with their headsets on in the reflection. Hopefully it gets better as local schools work out the bugs for the next broadcast.
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