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  1. If they have AA numbers, they should play AA.
  2. 1. Graham 2 - 4: V-High, Tazewell, Richlands (any of these 3 could wind up 2nd) 5. Marion
  3. I agree. They look to have good size and strength. They have a few speedster too. They could make another run at it, if they play their carda right
  4. The scrimmage is not on the schedule of upcoming events for George Wythe on NFHS.
  5. A lot of the coaches in Tazewell County are non-paid volunteers and go through a background check. Maybe Union does something similar.
  6. https://twitter.com/Greg_BHCSports/status/1557195245393256448/photo/4
  7. I'll Start. https://twitter.com/Greg_BHCSports/status/1557059985594515458/photo/3
  8. Kid that moved away when little and moved back.
  9. Anybody got any links to media day pictures. If so, post here please.
  10. East River Soccer had over 700 kids participating in spring soccer a few years back. They have added a u-4, possibly a u-3 division since then. Wouldn't surprise me if they have 1000 kids in the spring and about half that in the fall.
  11. And the fundraisers usually benefit the sports programs or the band. It is money well spent. In this area, the schools operate on a shoe string budget.
  12. https://wvmetronews.com/2022/08/08/after-fifth-consecutive-semifinal-appearance-bluefield-eyes-return-to-wheeling-island/?fbclid=IwAR071PbyoDXWir4vWVBRC_x21N9Sf1EnT5-P9ro_El6QXQQzfvKr0J81hiM
  13. Tazewell @ Radford will be at 6:00 and will be on NFHS.
  14. Don't know much about Division 1, but in Division 2 - you have to go with Graham and Ridgeview as the favorites. It wouldn't surprise me to see Union in the mix as well. Some of the other teams may pose a challenge.
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