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  1. Whitney Saunders has been named the new A.D. at Tazewell High School. Great Hire!! Wish her the best.
  2. So. When it was thought that the kid was going to Graham, folks were saying recruitment. It is obvious that this kid has looked at other schools as well. To insinuate they would do something like that is insulting to the hard work and effort they have put into to their program. To say that a kid slipped another kid a coaches phone number at a track meet is either a flat out lie by somebody or somebody is extremely gullible to believe it. Thats just my opinion on that matter. As for Giles players leaving the program? I have only heard of this one kid leaving and I do believe it is just like every other kid that transfers. Somebody (usually a parent)- not saying this is the case here- but somebody close to the kid usually convinces them that they need to be somewhere else to get exposure they need or to have a better chance at a title. That is their decision to make and if they are willing to move their lives around that, it is certainly their prerogative and it doesnt matter what anybodys opinion is except their own. Can we quit insinuating that High School coaches go out and recruit kids?? Whether its Richlands, Graham, Bluefield, Giles or Radford or anybody else, just STOP!! These coaches dont get paid enough to put up with this nonsense!!
  3. Not sure where you get your information, but I don't see the Graham QB going anywhere. https://appalachiaprepcombine.com/va-2020-wr-champion-devin-lester-talks-first-offer/
  4. They could possibly lose the first one. Graham returns 8 players off of a defense that got tremendously better as the season went along last year. Hopefully will be a better ball game than last season. I would expect it to be.
  5. I asked why they didn't recruit locally a couple of years ago when Lusk took over (direct message). I got a reply from the coaching staff that they were going to ramp up local recruiting. I'm still waiting.
  6. I like Grundy putting the 1st week of the playoffs on the schedule.
  7. Graham had a great season. Not sure many expected them to get this far. Fun team to watch. The seniors will be missed. A lot of young talent coming up through the program. I look forward to watching them again next season. Thanks to all of the coaches and players for the tremendous effort this season.
  8. True. I just remember early on, free throw was ugly. But you are right, it did get better. Tonight just reminded me of the struggles early on. On a side note. I thought that when Meadows was in the game, Battle had a harder time getting to the basket. They certainly weren't afraid to attack the rim.
  9. Worst game I saw Graham play was the 2nd game against Princeton. That was hard to watch. They have been sort of a Jeckyll and Hyde this year.
  10. Graham's free throw shooting has been consistently bad all season. The missed layups is what killed them(10-12 points squandered at least) and playing the 2-3 zone too much. They got beat on the press a couple of times, but when they pressed they forced some turnovers. Problem was they settled in and tried to play a half court game when they should have pressed more and tried to get into transition. Battle came to play and out-hustled Graham all night long. I think Graham seriously under-estimated that team and were not prepared for it. Battle played aggressively and with a sense of urgency, Graham did not. If they play like that again, their season will be over in the next round. If the team that played against PH-Roanoke shows up, they move on. Battle played well however and deserve credit for pushing Graham to their limits.
  11. Akers did a fine job a Rural Retreat. He may do a great job at Fort. GC may not have been the right fit for him. Wrong place, wrong time perhaps? Not sure, he sure did get the blame for all of GC's problems. I guess we shall see if he was a big part of the blame, or just a small part of the overall problem.
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