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  1. On a lighter note, Xayvion Bradshaw got his first D1 offer from Kansas. With (hopefully) 2 more seasons to go, I'm sure he will be getting a lot more offers. He is very talented and I think about to explode on the high school scene in a big way. Also, Brody Meadows has numerous D1 offers and is ranked as a 4-star, top 100 recruit!!
  2. This time of year, I don't watch many sports. Come fall, if football season is cancelled, then I will miss it big time.
  3. I'm sure most of the coaches are contacting their players telling them to stay focused and keep conditioning. I may be in the minority here, but I'm starting to doubt that we will have a football season this fall. I mean, flu season starts ramping up around October,if it does die down, this thing may make a comeback in the fall if there is not a vaccine by then. (Which is most likely the case).
  4. Governor of Virginia has issued a Stay at Home order until June 10th. So nothing will be happening before that.
  5. Yes, the kids come first and their health and safety come first. I hope and pray they get a chance to play this fall and things get back to something close to normal.
  6. The state requires an interview period. All qualified candidates must be interviewed. Interviews are not over. Everything right now is just speculation. The board met just 2 days ago, I would guess that the public won't know until at least the next meeting, next month. Unless they hold a special board meeting. To hold a special meeting over a football coach would be unusual. As mentioned before, usually candidates are interviewed at the board office, send a few of their finalist to the school to be interviewed and the school Principal makes a decision and recommends to hire. At least, that's what the process in most districts. Would not at all be surprised if Wells ends up the coach, but need to let the process work itself out. There is no coach until approved at the School Board meeting.
  7. Doug Marrs or Chris Akers.
  8. Not a fan of the NFL at all the past few years. I like the XFL, hope it expands and becomes a fixture. I don't watch the NFL anymore.
  9. Can we wait until the tournament is over before anybody starts chest pounding? I would be willing to bet that nobody from region D will make it one round past regionals this year.
  10. How long is the city manager of Bluefields term in office? Is he appointed? When is the next election?
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