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  1. I noticed Clements on the sideline injured during the game Anybody know the extent of his injury?
  2. Pulaski's driver has been sitting with the bus running for a while now.
  3. Neither school would pass up the gate receipts for that game, no favors done, just common sense. These schools need every penny they can get for athletics.
  4. Bluefield has a better overall team. Harris is a very good player. Easy to decipher.
  5. Well, he torched Thomas on 3 different occasions when he was guarding him 1 v 1. There is speed and there is football speed. Watch it on NFHS if you don't believe it. Does Bradshaw even run track? If so, who cares, he torched all of them on the football field. They were content to let Thomas guard Bradshaw 1 v 1. We see how that went.
  6. That's what makes Graham so dangerous. They beat Galax and Bluefield, basically without Bradshaw. Bluefield and Galax doubled him all night, so Graham just used their other guys. 2 guys guarding Bradshaw opens up some running room and some good 1 on 1 matchups for Graham's other talented receivers. V-High decided to play Bradshaw 1 on 1 (with Thomas) and we see how that ended up.
  7. I will agree with you on this. I think Dixon will try to control possession against the G-men as well to keep the scoring down. But Graham will still manage 35-42 points, IMO.
  8. Graham scored 56 against V-High in 2 quarters of play. I am impressed with how the rb, Clements is coming along. He follows his blocking very well. Very good ball player, plays smart. Graham will be able to run the ball on just about anybody they play. Hughes and the Braden Meadows are doing a great job of coming in as a lead blocker for the qb and Clements.
  9. "Abingdon", with a "d". Sorry, it bugs me when anybody does that.
  10. Appo had an ineligible receiver downfield on several of their big plays (lined up inside of the TE and went downfield for a pass). It caused a Graham defender to try to cover and left somebody else wide open. It was frustrating to watch, they finally called it late in the game. Would it have changed the outcome if those calls were made? Not sure. Also, Graham was missing a key lineman and had to shift folks around and left them short-handed in the secondary. Two of Appo's TD's came off of blown coverage for Graham and a receiver wide open. At the 2A level, you cannot afford to lose a key player that late in the season and it hurt Graham. They were toe to toe with Appo in that game, if not for a few key plays. As for this season. There are 4 or 5 very good teams in Region D. Let's get out of the region before talking about Appo. Appo has Glenvar to get past, they are looking very good as of late.
  11. Pulaski's wins are against very non-impressive teams. (I think a combined 4 wins between all of them). They lost to a very mediocre Hidden Valley team. I think Graham wins this by 21-28 points. Something along the lines of 35-10.
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