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  1. Lebanon Abingdon Twin Valley Grundy Union Rural Retreat Patrick Henry Floyd Co. Covington Tazewell Castlewood Holston Giles Gate City Auburn George Wythe GotW Salem 19 Graham 0 Galax 40
  2. Coach Palmer must have had some kind of halftime talk with the team lol
  3. Graham taking a beat down. Almost halftime. Tazewell 10 Graham 0
  4. Pulaski Abingdon George Wythe Glenvar Radford Union John Battle Richlands Virginia Galax Grayson County Grundy Northwood Castlewood Thomas Walker JI Burton Chilhowie GsotW Graham 34 Holston 40
  5. Only way Graham doesn't win by 3 td's is if they have their usual bunch of penalties. If the G-Men play relatively penalty free football they win by 21.
  6. So we can expect a lot of laundry then next week lol
  7. Graham can't seem to cut down on the penalties. Tazewell may surprise them if they keep having so many penalties. Penalties are Graham's weakness.
  8. Grayson County Giles Radford Central Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands East Montgomery Galax George Wythe Covington Patrick Henry Twin Valley Castlewood Rye Cove @ JI Burton PPD Twin Springs Rural Retreat Twin Valley GotW Union 53
  9. Agree. If Graham loses this year it will be due to penalties and special teams play. Still don't see anyone local beating them though.
  10. Running clock early in the second half.
  11. Pulaski Abingdon Ft. Chiswell Radford Central Union Graham Virginia Galax Grayson County Narrows Grundy Patrick Henry Castlewood Eastside JI Burton Rural Retreat Northwood GotW Richlands 41
  12. G-Men roll. Lebanon might get a score or two against Graham's JV when they get subbed in.
  13. Christiansburg Abingdon Ft. Chiswell Carroll County Radford Union Ridgeview Graham Tazewell Richlands George Wythe Galax Hurley Twin Valley Castlewood Rye Cove Eastside Chilhowie GotW Patrick Henry 40
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