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  1. I think you are mistaken on this one buddy but we’ll see.
  2. He was, you’re correct. He will be the next DC at Richlands.
  3. You probably have more "insight" than me. I'm sure it will be known soon enough. Which three is he rumored to keep?
  4. https://wvva.com/2020/03/26/thad-wells-named-richlands-head-football-coach/
  5. I heard he was most likely bringing in some of his own and keeping a couple Richlands people. But you know...just rumors.
  6. Had Devon Johnson not been plagued by injury I feel like he could have made a good run in NFL and possibly still have been here today. Rest easy ~ gone too soon.
  7. Kansas has closed for the remainder of the year. My guess isi that is the first of many states to go that route.
  8. Word on Front Street in Richlands, Davis & Wells were two finalists and decision will be "official" at March 26th meeting. Wells has acquired a rental. I know this is all speculation but one simply doesn't rent a house unless one is relocating. We'll definitely know soon though. Best wishes to whichever one gets it. Thankful something has kept football page a little active since it's normally dull during the winter months.
  9. I feel sort of bad for 2A losers. I mean if the Governor had been a little more timely with his declaration we could have had another set of co-champions. The Gate City girls can tout they are the true champions! They proved themselves on the court. I guarantee the co-champions would have preferred to win outright too. I know this is serious especially for elderly and those with weakened immune systems other health issues but have mercy. The media has made the panic a 100 times worse.
  10. Good luck Lady Tigers! Hope y'all bring it back to SWVA!
  11. I think they're doing second interviews this week. I'm not sure who got second interviews but I'm sure it's just a formality to make sure i's are dotted & t's are crossed before officially offering Wells the position.
  12. If I were the mother, I know what my next step would be $$$$$$
  13. 9 total I believe were interviewed, maybe four or five of those current assistants and none were Mike Compton & Thad Wells was among them. You may know more specifics than me. I'm getting secondhand info., Lol. Yes, I'd say you're right sooner than later.
  14. Heard they held interviews today. I'm still hearing Wells is likely HC and bringing some people with him, won't keep more than three current assistants. I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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