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  1. His running mate is far left and those who will “guiding" him definitely have a far left agenda planned. I don’t watch much TV especially news. I prefer to read information.
  2. Me too! This election is more about “what” than “who”. I don’t want to imagine “what” our country will look like four years from now if Biden/Harris win. They are not the good ole southern Democrat types many of our grandparents were. They are the leftist leaning candidates ever put forth. Their policies if enacted will fundamentally change the fabric of America and not for the better. Anyone voting simply for Biden because of their hatred of Trump is very shortsighted in my opinion.
  3. Congratulations, Coach Mance from a loyal GMen fan! Hope you have a great rest of the season. Jealous we aren’t having football here!
  4. Not to offend my Bluefield friends but I predict if the game had been played, Graham would have won Battle of the Bluefield’s. I could easily see Graham 5-0 if the season went on as normal. I’m not saying 100% certainty but a good chance. Now we just sit back & lose a month of weight room and practice.
  5. Heard sports practices shutdown until November for Tazewell Co. A month out of weight room & off field for football boys , sad to see this happen
  6. My guess is the reason for playing twice was they didn’t want to do a three or four hour road trip. That’s just my own thinking and I could be wrong. I believe the 2nd game between the two will be only that counts as far district.
  7. Point being, we should have played football this fall even if we limited attendance & only district games. I have nothing for VHSL & Billy Haun at this point.
  8. This thread is anything but Dismal.
  9. Soaring like an Eagle!
  10. That was interesting! Not what I was expecting. Princeton has a very good kicker! Bluefield not as good of a kicker but congratulations on the win.
  11. Watching this live stream makes me 😡 at VHSL.
  12. I believe his stepson plays for Bluefield. I think he’s helping there now.
  13. I concur! Maybe Bluefield just has jitters?? Lol
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