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  1. https://www.bdtonline.com/news/justice-high-school-sports-summer-training-programs-can-begin-june-8/article_477a72fe-a1da-11ea-b785-cffa18d2d5ff.html#utm_campaign=blox&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social
  2. Hopefully, June to squash all rumors and get on with it! I really don’t have a dog in the fight as far as coaching staff at Richlands. I’m satisfied with Graham’s. If Davis comes onboard I’m good with that if not, I may have heard wrong. I just hope we have football and they can start up in July. The kids and coaches need it. Heck, as fans we need it! Spring has really sucked as far as sports at all levels.
  3. Care to clarify? Lol I was Davis was going to coach at another county school close to my heart and I heard Compton didn’t apply for head coach so I cannot imagine he’d leave UVA-Wise to be an assistant high school coach but stranger things have happened I guess. Maybe coaching assignments will be approved a June meeting and we can all quit speculating.
  4. I saw where Ohio is allowing practices starting May 26th I believe.
  5. https://www.pilotonline.com/757teamz/vp-sp-vhsl-summer-restrictions-20200515-p3t4bwux35bjfj542m3x5fqote-story.html?fbclid=IwAR1zPfWaOqltXKN7wCwmPZg9zfgLbs6Ofh19k0pR1Z7jK86JF6tvwrj3TLs
  6. I guess Mrs. Mance needed a roommate to share expenses since she’s staying behind in Richlands. 😂
  7. I believe TC SB meets Monday night. I would imagine head football coaches had to submit list of assistants for approval this month. If so, we should know who Wells is taking along for the ride next year. I’m standing by that it won’t be Davis as DC at Richlands. I actually heard Wells might have a couple dozen helping but who knows. Rumors, spectulation...you know how that goes.
  8. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32205204/ This study from France seems to dispute that finding. I think the earlier in the illness receive the treatment the better the outcome. I saw an interview with French physician.
  9. The AD isn't part of the coaching staff at Graham. I agree best wishes to Coach Palmer.
  10. I miss March Madness & MLB but other than that, nothing. If HS football is canceled in the fall, I may need medicated to cope.
  11. Xayvion was fun to watch during basketball season. Brody looked like he’d slimmed down. I bet he’ll be a lot better this fall. I hope we get the chance to see them play.
  12. No high school football will make me cry 😭 ! I mean football is basically life.
  13. I seriously doubt anything will happen after that as far as spring sports. Football coaches will be chomping at the bit to get started. I bet they’re going crazy as it is but they’re all in the same boat so I guess that’s plus. Hopefully, our local boys are putting in time on their own to stay in shape.
  14. I think you are mistaken on this one buddy but we’ll see.
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