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  1. Well, that explains a lot. I wouldn’t have predicted Graham girls to win a single game. Good for them to at least get one.
  2. I think the most surprising thing was Graham girls beating Tazewell girls. The GGirls play hard but they’re just pitiful. I’m not sure what the answer is to help that program. They’ve been weak for a few seasons now.
  3. Bland County maybe? 😜 I heard Harris Hart resigned but they didn’t field a varsity team this year although they did have a JV.
  4. I thought before the season Graham would be at top of SWD, I don’t believe Brody Meadows is playing this year. He wasn’t an all star last year but he helped team a lot in my opinion as far as height & rebounding. GMen seem to be struggling putting games away late. Grundy best them last night. Granted I don’t know how good or bad the Golden Wave is this year. I won’t be surprised if Richlands beats Graham both games in regular season. Graham may work out the kinks but right now I’m not sure they’re impressing many onlookers. Anybody have thoughts on what they need to do as far as adjustments? Admittedly, I haven’t been to a game yet only read game summaries,
  5. Much better than SWD , end of story.
  6. Richlands has beaten several single A teams while Graham lost two close ones to larger schools. I believe the one loss a couple of starters were sat out. Richlands may take it to GMen but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was vice versa. Absolutely agree on Graham girls, they’ve got a couple girls with the right guidance that could be pretty good but I don’t see that happening, not going to be a very good season for the G-Girls. Richlands girls do have the Ball girl who seems like a decent player. I think both Tazewell teams will be average, maybe a little better. As far as other teams in district, I don’t really know what they return & how well coached they are. Final note, Graham is really missing the leadership of Drew Baker. He was a great player and had a good command of the court like a general, not sure Graham really has a so-called leader on the court this year.
  7. Girls BB: Notre Dame (TN) 63-Richlands 42 GW didn’t fair as well against TN team as they have their VA opponents.
  8. They might be in trouble then. It will be interesting to see how our SWVA teams shake out in the tournament. I believe GW is undefeated.
  9. George Wythe girls are pretty good. I could see them finishing pretty high. I'm not sure in comparison to other teams though.
  10. I'm not sure how these things are determined. I don't know if it's solely based on stats or coaches campaigning for their best players. Maybe someone with more insight than me can enlighten those of us who don't know the exact protocol for determining who gets picked. I think it's fair to think every team could have had more than just one though.
  11. The Blue Tornado Live Twitter does a nice job covering games giving play by play especially on football & updates on other sports. Not sure who does the posting but they do a good job. I wish Graham had someone who would do that with GMen athletics.
  12. I think next year is 2nd year of two year playing arrangements. Someone can correct me if I’m mistaken.
  13. After not fielding a varsity football team, looks like Bears are off to a good start in boys varsity basketball & the JV team is coached by former Bluefield Varsity girls’ Coach Mallamaci.
  14. Glad to see Owens got Coach of the Year , he did a great job with his team this year.
  15. I wasn’t sure exactly how many years Ridgeview had been opened. It’s a nice looking high school & athletic facilities. Definitely, money well spent.
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