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  1. That takes sour grapes to a new level...what a nut job!
  2. If I knew the truth about most people, I might have to go into seclusion to cope 😂😂😂
  3. I have changed my recommendation. Seeing as how Richlands folks boycotted the Bearded Moose when the owner called out the football team for running through y'all's band last season, I think every Union fan should stop in Richlands and eat there. It's good eats and on the way. You know, sort of a "thank you" for siding with you all.
  4. Unbelievable , that's all I have, unbelievable! @UVAObserver Where did McCoy end up going to college? Did the record help him in that regard?
  5. Well, that's a shame. Somebody has to have it saved somewhere. Nothing is ever gone forever on Internet, lol. (Some HS students should take note, you may delete your Tweets or posts but I guarantee someone somewhere took a screen shot 😂) .
  6. Agree, hope it's not true. I hate seeing any player get hurt especially a season ending injury. He is a great player and athlete.
  7. He got hurt I was told by a grandparent of another Radford student (not a FB player) but don't know details of what kind of injury. He said it was bad. It's really not a confirmation since it's secondhand information just a rumor I guess.
  8. That's a tad crazy. With a friend (in this case, a coach) like that who needs enemies.
  9. Lester was QB against Giles & Blevins came in some. His accuracy is probably same as Lester. He's not as fast. He throw a TD. IMO they'll keep rotating them for now. I could be wrong.
  10. If Mance's only go to move in this "chess match" is settling for field goals then I may give edge to Abingdon.
  11. Union folks, did y'all ever hear how many penalty yards from game at LC? I can't remember exactly but I think Graham had around 125 penalty yards when we played Bluefield. I'm hoping penalities are few Friday night and we see a great game between two great teams.
  12. I don't believe we can pinpoint one thing as the cause. IMO, dwindling population in SWVA which has lead to lower enrollments and smaller talent pool, feeder programs are not producing lots of numbers in some places or lacking in good foundational teaching/playimg, fear of injury, focused on a single sport , etc. I've spoken to several boys and asked why they don't play. I overwhelming get one of two answers, I play travel ball (baseball, basjetball) or I don't want to get hurt.
  13. McDonald's 😂😂😂😂 Or http://www.bigwhiskeybbqco.com/
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