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  1. Good luck! Region D is rooting for you.
  2. Any personal fouls against 44? If not, that’s a miracle in itself.
  3. I think Bland only had 14, maybe 15 tops granted they didn’t win and I don’t think were competitive but at least they attempted a season. Craig should have just played for the fun of it.
  4. Is this really a surprise to anyone? Except maybe Narrows folks, no offense intended.
  5. I agree, perspective is in order and we obviously have a different one which is no biggie. We can agree to disagree. There’s so much more than “a season” or “a year of year”. Unfortunately, not every kid has a support system to help him or her navigate a pandemic successfully. There are some divisions in Virginia where kids have not stepped foot in an actual school building since last March. For a lot of kids school is their safe place; it’s where they get the only hot meal of the day they eat; it’s where qualified professionals recognize signs of neglect, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse-the list goes on. How many special needs kids are not getting what they need via virtual schooling? How many kids have fallen so far behind academically that they have no hope of catching up. To gloss over the deeper issues concerning lockdowns, restrictions, and virtual school is a bit short sighted. I stand by my statement that the “true ramifications of this past year on our (some) children will not be known for years.” Now, the children of the June Cleavers or Carol Brady’s will be fine, learn life’s not fair, and carry on; a lot won’t be scarred for life. That point I can concede to you, my friend. But for a population of kids that’s not true. Hopefully, all schools will be five days a week in the fall and activities as normal as possible.
  6. I’ve seen several virologists and other doctors interviewed on the topic as well as several articles. Can a kid spread it, probably in some instances but much less likely than adult fo adult transmission. Does that mean, we don’t take precautions, no. At some point, life has to go on as normal as possible though.
  7. Schools/teams have to be vigilant to mitigate the spread including locker rooms & weight rooms. Of course, it can spread but we need to get back to a more normal for these kids. They have been robbed of so much. Some suffering irreparable damage, socially, emotionally, physically, & educationally. The ramifications of these lockdowns, restrictions, virtual learning won’t truly be known for years to come.
  8. It’s a big crock as far as whole teams having to quarantine like this in my opinion. I know coaches have died but I bet if we researched individual instances, those who did get it, didn’t contract it at practice from players. I’d say more likely from family, work, etc. If you follow the science, kids are unlikely to pass it to adults and kids have a 99.999999% recovery rate. At some point things have to get back to some semblance of normalcy.
  9. Last season at the Appo/Graham game, Graham was asked not to bang cymbal while Appo was on offense or band play if I remember correctly while Appo was on LOS. I only knew because I was sitting near the band when the guy came over.
  10. This is probably why a lot of people hate that horn. I'm all for it at various times throughout the game especially if your team scores but grown men blowing it incessantly while the other team is huddled & then at the line of scrimmage seems a bit much. Others may disagree and that’s your prerogative. I can remember Cam Allen not even been phased at all by it but not every HS QB has the composure that he did at that game in BSG.
  11. I hate it for them and can certainly empathize. Covid has wreaked havoc on our kids’ lives. Definitely heartbreaking for the seniors especially.
  12. This would be about the time someone inserts that Michael Jackson gif eating popcorn into this thread. 😂😂😂😂 I guess some rivalries never die 🤣😂🤣😂 🚂Choo 🚂Choo🚂
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