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  1. Does VHSL give reasoning behind these decisions as to why some are granted and others are not? It’s not like Bland is a big threat to anyone in MED or Hogaheegee. I’m not sure why they wanted to switch though, maybe less travel???
  2. From what school? I was told Graham players were staying put.
  3. Pennsylvania is going ahead with fall high sports minus spectators. https://www.fox43.com/mobile/article/sports/high-school/piaa-no-fans-permitted-at-fall-high-school-sports-events/521-1d3b806d-9e04-4eb9-8f26-568ded00a1a4
  4. I heard one of the local teams was doing "travel ball" through local rec department and planning to practice at rec dept. to side step restrictions but hadn't actually scheduled games to play. I would hope no head coach is "pretend playing travel ball" to skirt taking precautions. I agree it's not feasible or realistic to have high school level travel football.
  5. I see lots of kids playing travel ball in other sports. Are there any teams in the area doing travel football? I would guess teams wouldn't be bound by restrictions like they are with conditioning.
  6. Trying to tie the thread into football here....it’s a damn shame there won’t be HS football this fall because of a virus with a 99+ recovery rate and with younger age groups least affected. A damn shame...no Friday Night Lights! Are all area teams continuing with conditioning? Or have any cut back? Graham is still doing four days a week.
  7. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfqW6i5aThyt9k0vNKLVRH6MFNIZBRJtLS6Z-_d28IIcajNMg/viewform VHSL Poll
  8. Honestly, I think they should have tried to have fall sports &. if need be once it was underway if circumstances warranted then look to cancel or move. There’s no perfect solution I know and you can’t please everyone but kids need to be in school for more than just educational reasons just as some kids need extracurricular activities. We’re putting them in classrooms and on busses together, but we can’t put them on a football field. Kids are the lowest risk group and now we’re learning numbers aren’t accurate but I digress. I hate it for all of them but especially Seniors.
  9. Just sharing articles, I tend to read most to find information not just listen to news. American Academy of Pediatrics article on school reopening. https://www.gpbnews.org/post/children-less-likely-get-transmit-coronavirus-georgia-doctor-says https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/school-openings-across-globe-suggest-ways-keep-coronavirus-bay-despite-outbreaks I’m not arguing with anyone but I think schools can be open in most of SWVA for in person learning with measures in place to curtail the spread of COVID. Some counties have had very few cases. School is doable if people in charge are smart in their reopening guidelines.
  10. I’m just glad King Ralphie & DOE are leaving it up to local school boards how to reopen. It wouldn’t make sense for Tazewell County to reopen the way Fairfax might need to, most of rural VA has faired much better than urban areas. I read Grayson County is going 4 days. I’m not sure which other counties have released reopening plans. I know Tazewell is supposed to maybe next week.
  11. Graham started yesterday. Not sure about Tazewell, Richlands is tomorrow I believe. Hope things work out for all the boys to get in at least an abbreviated season.
  12. I believe someone said it in the chat box, endless rabbit hole that’s where we’re headed. It won’t end and it’s looking like it was never really about George Floyd. It just gets more ridiculous every day.
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