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  1. I'm predicting if they stay healthy, Tazewell may have a better year than they have had in recent years.
  2. Tazewell 74-73 over Richlands (Boys) Richlands girls beat Tazewell.
  3. I heard tonight a player from Lebanon and one of the refs. I guess that’s called a double whammy. Hate it for both teams.
  4. I believe they had a player from last night's game test positive thus quarantining GMen team. Someone with more information may be able confirm this.
  5. I’m pretty sure Wilmore is originally from Wythe County not that it really matters, lol.
  6. What happens if a football team.is in violation of "dead period" by still lifting in weight room? If they're found out that is, lol?
  7. Call me selfish but I’d take messy playoffs, a few cancellations, etc. over no football at all. Good for WV & TN for getting in some HS football albeit not perfect scenarios. I juat hope VA teams get to play. I still have nothing good to say about Ralphie in general. 😂 actually most politicians in general.
  8. Union is the rowdiest home fan base I’ve ever witnessed. That dang train horn 😂😂😂😂. The atmosphere for Graham/Beaver game is unsurpassed! Thousands at a HS football game in SWVA/Southern WV is amazing! Ain’t nobody getting rowdy if King Ralph doesn’t lift his 25 person mandate! That’s not even enough for every player on home team to have one parent. He’s ruined sports for our kids!
  9. Hey, that’s an improvement! I’m sure next season will be an even bigger improvement!
  10. Anyone know how local boys did at 7 on 7 in Charlotte on Saturday? I know Richlands went, Graham and I believe Bland not sure if any others went.
  11. His running mate is far left and those who will “guiding" him definitely have a far left agenda planned. I don’t watch much TV especially news. I prefer to read information.
  12. Me too! This election is more about “what” than “who”. I don’t want to imagine “what” our country will look like four years from now if Biden/Harris win. They are not the good ole southern Democrat types many of our grandparents were. They are the leftist leaning candidates ever put forth. Their policies if enacted will fundamentally change the fabric of America and not for the better. Anyone voting simply for Biden because of their hatred of Trump is very shortsighted in my opinion.
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