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  1. I don’t have a dog in this M7 fight as I stated but no disrespect to Coach Stanley but Coach Houseright was definitely more deserving in my opinion. It’s sort of archaic if Coach of the Year automatically goes to district winner when another coach exceeded expectations and brought his team into contention when no one could have predicted that preseason. It’s just my personal opinion & isn’t worth a hill of beans. Had Coach Stanley taken Graham to the woodshed, then I might be on board with him as COY.
  2. Beavers is technically an outsider with his family being from Richlands not originally from Dickenson County. I know absolutely zero about if politics plays any part in athletics there but maybe that comes into play when choosing which one to use on 3rd & 4th downs and short plays. There has to be a reason Beavers is one that often gets double and even triple covered by opposing teams. He’s a threat to other teams! @EH31 I reference to D1 offers; Perhaps the coaches at Ridgeview haven’t been promoting Beavers as a possible D1 recruit like they have Hill. Maybe the coaches didn’t appreciate Beavers checking out Richlands during the off season (That came from a Richlands person) & they chose not to utilize him as much as Hill. That’s only conjecture on my part , I have no insider info. nor do I have a dog in the M7 All District fight. Like @BandanaVTDavis4321 said we’re all entitled to our own opinions and I still think Beavers is the better of the two but Hill is no less deserving by the same token.
  3. I know this is probably unpopular but I think Beavers is probably better than Hill given the chance to play. He’s definitely faster. If it’s about stats then it should go to the player with the best stats. I guess that’s the most unbiased way to do it.
  4. I knew you didn’t have it in you to cheer against the GMen 😂😂. Enjoy your trip & safe travels! I-77 is a nightmare!
  5. Maybe call the school to see but I’d say if veterans were admitted free at last year’s state playoff games, they would be this year.
  6. Everyone should be aware that may not know that this is from the VHSL not a decision by Graham High School to only sell tickets online. This is the same for all VHSL state playoff games, online tickets only. We must never forget, with the VHSL it comes down to the almighty $$$!
  7. @oldfool is Appo coming down on Friday again and spending the night? I always wondered if 2019 outcome would have been different if Graham had spent the night rather than make that long trip the day of the game. They seemed to come out really flat that day. Traveling day of or spending the night may not have any bearing whatsoever though.
  8. I’d almost have the kicker kick it as far as he but out of bounds & take the 5 yard penalty. Most teams don’t make you kick it over unless the kicker can manage a touchback 99% of the time. Unless your special teams can drill the receiver , that’s a big chance kicking to one like Bradshaw or some other teams fastest guy. Our kicker has kicked it out of bounds every times but I don’t think purposely, lol. I will say “knock on wood” early in the season I felt like the weakest link for Graham was special teams but they have improved as the season progressed.
  9. I’ll be in the 50 yard line home side, top row and every time Appo scores I’m going to be giving you the stink eye 👁️ across the stadium ! 😂😂😂
  10. Are any ant farms on the line? I’m in the market for some prime real estate?
  11. I think Bristol paper said 145 penalty yards for Graham.
  12. I guess Grayson who should be in 2A next season but have a douche superintendent who threatens a lawsuit has entered the queue also. I really don’t think I can in good conscience cheer for them next year as a 1A team when they should be 2A.
  13. The wildcat worked great and it let them use Meadows sparingly which is good due to the nature of his most recent hand injury. I wouldn’t risk re-injury of him if I didn’t need to , they may need him more against a tough Appo team and if his hand got hit the wrong way or something, he might be out for the next game. Kid is tough but seems to have the worst luck as far as injuries. He’s a good leader though along with the other seniors. I’m just glad our coaches don’t unnecessarily risk players like a certain coach did in a nearby county & had kids end up in Roanoke Memorial.
  14. I think Graham had a game plan if they moved Beavers to slot or put him in motion earlier but it wasn’t needed since RV offense made zero adjustments.
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