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  1. Y'all Blue Tornadoes can't take a joke! Lighten up buddy!
  2. Or give them a little field house tour (back in the day, of course) and a place to live...😂
  3. Lebanon 4-0 over Richlands in SWD softball championship game. Lebanon will host playoffs.
  4. Or the AD position to get anyone to stay on as football coach 😂 😂
  5. Heartbreaking for the parents, teammates, Abington community, and all who knew and loved this young man, Kirk Nairn. Fly high young man! https://amp.wsls.com/news/virginia/southwest-virginia/18-year-old-man-dies-in-i-81-crash-in-southwest-virginia?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=wsls10&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=snd&utm_content=wsls10&__twitter_impression=true
  6. She is a great young lady on and off the mound.
  7. I know Jake too and he's a great athlete and all around good kid. He actually chose not to play football his senior year but played basketball and has had some impressive outings in baseball this season which isn't surprising. Mabe boy from.GW is good also but not sure if he's a senior.
  8. Mac is phenomenal. She’s had a great travel ball coach since she was about 7 or 8. The best players on the team have had him as coach most of these years. He’s definitely coached them up and they’ve definitely answered the challenge with hard work and determination. Kudos to these young ladies! Hope they can get that ring this year.
  9. In my humble biased opinion, I feel like Graham is the team to beat in Region D even without Cam Allen. If their defense mirrors last year’s in the least (after about mid-season when they got their act together) & Lester going to QB, he’s not Cam but he’s close; then GMen will be hard to beat. Richlands losing Moir will hurt them but with Forrest, he’s a phenomenal kicker but a kicker can’t carry the team. Union is always tough. If the kid decided on his own to not play, that’s his choice. I say let him be...if AAU coach convinced him not to, shame on him. Good athletes can excel at multiple sports. VHSL has so many things wrong with their decisions & rules these past few years. Adding year round practice is just one of many. Final note, hurry up August!!!!
  10. They should have won state the past two years. Maybe this year will be their year.
  11. QMR is to basketball what Cam Allen was to football this year. Cormany has his moments as does his dad. His dad is a phenomenal coach though and the boy is a talented player. Congratulations to Radford on winning!
  12. Would like to see Gate City take it, Radford will be hard for them to beat though. What do they say, offense wins games, defense wins championships. It will take a great defensive effort to beat Radford. Gate City will need to drive it or shoot from outside fairly quickly or Radford will shut them down. Graham didn’t drive it and held it too long trying to set up plays, cost them a lot of time.
  13. Wishful thinking, Region Runner Up, thanks for correcting me.
  14. Good luck Gate City! Bring home the win to Region D! Very proud of GMen, SWD Champs & Region D Runner Up.!
  15. I would place Drew Baker above Cam Allen. I don’t know where Drew ranks among the rest of your picks but he’s hands down a better overall player than Cam.
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