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  1. They should have won state the past two years. Maybe this year will be their year.
  2. QMR is to basketball what Cam Allen was to football this year. Cormany has his moments as does his dad. His dad is a phenomenal coach though and the boy is a talented player. Congratulations to Radford on winning!
  3. Would like to see Gate City take it, Radford will be hard for them to beat though. What do they say, offense wins games, defense wins championships. It will take a great defensive effort to beat Radford. Gate City will need to drive it or shoot from outside fairly quickly or Radford will shut them down. Graham didn’t drive it and held it too long trying to set up plays, cost them a lot of time.
  4. Wishful thinking, Region Runner Up, thanks for correcting me.
  5. Good luck Gate City! Bring home the win to Region D! Very proud of GMen, SWD Champs & Region D Runner Up.!
  6. I would place Drew Baker above Cam Allen. I don’t know where Drew ranks among the rest of your picks but he’s hands down a better overall player than Cam.
  7. GMen show off their state championship rings!
  8. Congratulations, Ervin and Dean gave our boys an old fashioned butt whoopin’ . Graham has a great regular season, playoffs have been mediocre performance overall. Good luck next week!
  9. Graham has not played their best the past two games. They did well first quarter and then hit & miss after that. Defense has been weak last two games. With that said, I think it will be a fast paced competitive game after watching both teams tonight.
  10. Congratulations to Grundy who continues their winning tradition! Kudos to all the area individual state champions and those others that placed! A big shout out to Justin & Caleb Fritz of Graham!
  11. I recall that now. I hear Jody Fuller does a great job at Bluefield. One has to wonder how the "Dream Team" would have faired that year if Jody had still been the coach. Karma is the darnest thing sometimes.
  12. Haha...The GMen will have to get by Radford before I'm willing to say that though. I'm not saying they can't but Region D is pretty weak this year with a couple exceptions, one of them being Graham. Radford is tough.
  13. Virginia High won handily. Don't recall score.
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