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  1. Union has two assistant coaches from Haysi.... Dickenson County is totally sabotaging the Union program from within. Only reasoning as to why Union got spanked by Graham. It can't be the fact that Graham is actually, I don't know... maybe good or something?
  2. I wish the hammer would come out on that train horn. It's inferior and a cheap rip off of the Giles one anyway. 😄
  3. I am backing the Pack all the way. I just don't see them winning this one though. Win or lose, it's been a milestone season though. First ever Elite 8 appearance and first region title game appearance. I'll be in the stands next Saturday rooting them on.
  4. You won't have to influence any officiating Saturday me thinks...
  5. Meanwhile over in Tennessee, the county of Carter will be shut down next Friday night as Elizabethton, Hampton and Cloudland all won tonight and ALL will host state semifinals next week. Hampton and Betsy will both be favored to advance to Chattanooga for the finals. Cloudland will most certainly get massacred by South Pittsburg, but the run for the Highlanders has been incredible.
  6. Well, it's gameday! Not a lot of chatter about this one. Can the Wolfpack repeat their defensive mastery of week 2 or will the Warriors turn the tables and get revenge from the regular season? Also, how will the cold weather come into play?
  7. Thanks @GMan! While you're at it, will you pay @EH31 Frosty bill too? I need my Frosty! 😄
  8. I'll be at the Norton Walmart Friday night. Freezing my @$$ off up there on the hill.
  9. What's funny is that William Blount which is actually on the far side of town from Maryville IS in Region 1-6A. The Govs wanted to be in 1-6A to avoid playing Maryville. What did they get for their wish to switch districts? Still an 0-5 conference record and 1-9 overall. Lol
  10. No controversy at all. Beavers got both feet down, bottom line. I was standing right at the pylon and saw it plain as day. Ridgeview play calling tonight was questionable at best. Beavers is the best player on the field. Shouldn't take till the fourth quarter to figure out how to get him the rock, but somehow it did. I hate it for his dad, but unless he stopped somewhere over on the Richlands side before he walked out dejected at said play calling, he missed his son catching the game winning TD. Falcons are playing 3A boys now, not whipping up on the 2A's.
  11. Neither team impressed me greatly at all tonight. However, 95% of my time is spent watching 6A ball on the Tennessee side these days, so that probably clouds my judgment somewhat. Although the two other times I saw Ridgeview earlier in the season, against Burton and Union, they looked worlds better then than tonight. My two cents... a lot of Ridgeview fans were livid about Koda Counts not getting that TD on 4th and goal. FWIW, I was standing right on the goal line, and it appeared to me he definitely was short. Having to come back out of the end zone to make the catch probably caused the shortage, however in hindsight that actually worked out better for Ridgeview in the end since they got the safety. Also, Richlands had plenty of opportunities to put the game away but instead settled for 5 field goals. I believe they would have converted at least one if not multiple of those 4th down opportunities and should have had the game on ice to not even let it get to the point it eventually did. If Ridgeview plays like they did tonight next week at Central, Central will win by 4 scores.
  12. True story: I bought my one and only Ohio lottery ticket at a convenience store just across the river from Point Pleasant two years ago. I won $500 on that scratcher. Lol, guess I need to go back to Point Pleasant at some point.
  13. Ridgeview and Richlands for sure. May go to Twin Springs and Eastside Saturday just to eat at Teddy's.
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