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  1. Nobody does these videos better than Brad Deel... pretty awesome video.
  2. Yep. Blame good ole Senor El Presidente Ralphie.
  3. Wise Central 14, Ridgeview 7 final. Not much good to say about this one, so just move on and forget about it.
  4. FINAL: Wise Central 14, Ridgeview 7.
  5. Yeah, I mentioned this in the other thread... just terrible, even if James Colley was one of the analysts. On deep balls, NFHS camera couldn't follow the play at all.
  6. It would probably be better if he did it by himself rather than have him talking over the other two who are actually trying to call the game.
  7. This Ridgeview radio crew is horrible even if it does have the great James Colley on it. Finally had to start watching this on mute.
  8. Isn't Ridgeview at Lee one of the Saturday games week 1?
  9. Ridgeview at Union Boys semifinal has been postponed tonight due to the projected forecast. It is now scheduled to be played tomorrow evening at 6.
  10. Ridgeview 74, Marion 63 final. Ridgeview at Union Thursday night in the semis.
  11. Region 2D girls quarterfinals: M1 Gate City 71, S4 Tazewell 30 S2 Virginia High 57, M3 Wise Central 53 2OT S1 Marion 71, M4 Union 55 M2 Ridgeview 66, S4 Graham 16 Ridgeview travels to undefeated Marion on Wednesday night and Gate City will host Virginia High.
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