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  1. When I went to Duke a couple of weeks ago, I went down 421 from Boone instead of 77. Even though it was a little foggy that morning, it was nothing like what you would see on Fancy Gap that time of morning.
  2. That it is... whether you go North or South from Wytheville. Lol. Anytime I seem to go North, there's a wreck in one of the tunnels that either forces a delay or detour. And south, from Statesville the rest of the way is horrible.
  3. Lol, actually I don't believe I'll be in Bluefield myself now. Going to Carowinds Saturday night, and Wytheville is just a trickle closer to Charlotte than Bluefield. So most likely, it's G-Dub and Grundy for me Saturday.
  4. I believe Graham will win comfortably as well, but hope Appo wins by 60. Lol
  5. @BoBob @oldfool you guys making the trip this weekend? If so, save me a seat on the Appo side. Pulling for the Raiders. 😄
  6. I go to the Boro a couple times during basketball season, since I am friends with the Whitson family and go down to watch Courtney play at MTSU. I like it down there, but man it's a drive. Lol
  7. Wished the Murvil and Oakland game was at 825 Lawrence Avenue. Might would have made the drive down for that one if it were.
  8. I'm ok with it if it's for several games, but yes $10 is steep for just one game. Science Hill is charging $10 Saturday, but that's for 16 games scattered across two separate gyms, 8 in each gym and $10 gets you in to all of them.
  9. So a single game ticket is $10? Meaning they clear the gym after each game and you have to pay to come back in to watch another one? At least at Arby's, $10 gets you in for the whole session.
  10. Sitting in chairbacks does tend to spoil you once you get used to it come to think of it... Lol
  11. I rank John Battle as one of the worst due to concrete seats.
  12. I just like giving you grief, because I know I can and you take it in stride. Lol
  13. Well maybe all their fans aren't looking ahead but one certainly was back in week 6 wondering if they would host the semifinal? Wonder who that was again? 😄 Well, compared to Rose Ridge, Tazewell is a thriving metropolis by comparison. 😄
  14. My bet is the Union folks will say it's Bostic.
  15. That is true. Won't be playing basketball his senior season either. Hate that for the kid.
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