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  1. Oh noes... I've struck a nerve. Sorry... not sorry. Nothing new for me. Well let's strike some more. Let's be real shall we? Lebanon will be lucky to win one game. I hate saying that for the people from Lebanon who I like and call friends, but it's fact. After watching them vs. Wise Central, they're JUST. NOT. GOOD! As for Burton, I would take a coach any day who seems to genuinely care about the kids, works with the kids and seems like a pretty stand up kind of guy any day over someone who is facing multiple accusations of sexual harrassment against a minor. Coach Caudill has coached three games. You're already crucifying him. Makes you look as bad as all the Gate City folks over the last several years. You lost to Ridgeview (much better team), you lost to Chilhowie (better team), you thrashed Lee as you should've. You'll cakewalk the Cumberland for the 83rd time in 84 years. Give coach Caudill a break dude. Geez. As for us just being "ain't that good"... maybe you're right. Time will tell. We still have Gate City, Union, Abingdon and Pikeville still to go. I guarantee we'll take at least one 'L' in those four. Likely two.... and maybe even three. Who knows? Good luck to Coach Caudill and the Burton Raiders the rest of the season, I am pulling for them.
  2. If you're insinuating Burton will be playing in December, I will gladly take that bet, Burton's not getting by PH or Chilhowie. Especially with that "horrid" coaching you claim is going on in lower Norton... And before you retort and say "Well Ridgeview won't be either!" I will agree with you on that because that would mean we'd have beat Graham and that's going to be a tall order if that matchup even occurs. But at least I am realistic about things. Unlike you and your new Pioneer buddy.
  3. Were there over 10,000 people there? There were for Ridgeview/Union. They were four and five deep at the fence all the way around the stadium that night. I was stuck in the parking lot for 2 hours after that game. That was also the week most of the games were moved up or back because of the hurricane that cancelled VT/ECU last year because Mitchell was in attendance. There were a lot of folks there that night that weren't even affiliated with Union or Ridgeview. As you may recall, I missed that Richlands game last year. Lol
  4. I think @Michael_389 and @Pioneer pride are neck and neck on who will win the "Biggest Homer" award on the forum this year.
  5. Cannon Hill. Remember that name. He's going to be a good one. Yes, he's the one who scored the garbage time TD against Shelby Valley.
  6. Are you Luke Owens? Lol. That was the exact quote he gave the papers Friday night. 😄
  7. That's because there were way too many people trying to hit the towers. Cell towers are not designed to handle that much traffic. That Union game last year was the only game I have ever been unable to live tweet. Normally I would have WiFi but that got wiped out last year also because of the storm before the game.
  8. Last night he was getting hit a lot... he just refused to go down. Lol.
  9. I think Pikeville may be the only one... I'm telling y'all, Pikeville is the best team we will play this year.
  10. I've seen this happen in Virginia as well... apparently even though it was touched out of the endzone, if it rolls into the endzone it's still a touchback. I think the rule sucks. But I guess it's the rule.
  11. Can't be worse than Grundy's. Grundy's PA guy is the all time worse.
  12. What's going to happen next Friday night on the Ridge? I'm expecting a hell of a ballgame.
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