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  1. I always get the pulled pork... plenty of fatback in there too.
  2. Have you ever tried Ridgewood (Bluff City)? They are amazing!
  3. East Coast Wings (Kingsport, JC) is where it's at. Best wings I have ever had. Their sauces are unique (Washington red apple sauce is so yummy and sweet). And there's plenty of meat in the boneless wings. I like BWW, but I usually don't get wings from there. I get the cheese curd bacon burger. It is amazing!
  4. I was in the upper deck and had to use binoculars to watch that match. Lol The two noteworthy HIAC matches are surely what everyone will remember that are old enough to remember. I am old enough however to be one of those who didn't even start watching WWE/F until the mid 90's because I didn't have it in my TV package until then. So, who is old enough to remember Mean Mark from WCW? And who thought that guy would be the most iconic wrestling superstar of our era?
  5. I said a lot of that to get you fired up... Lol.
  6. I think Union might possibly go 4-6, maybe even 3-7... Definite losses to Wise Central, Ridgeview, Paintsville, Richlands and Graham. (especially since y'all have to go to Paintsville this year and deal with KHSAA officials... lol) Possible losses to Abingdon and Gate City as well.
  7. I wonder if Robbie Colley is in consideration since he's an assistant there...
  8. Wow... there's too many to list: Haysi/Powell Valley 1993 (Blaine Hackney 99 yard punt return TD for the win in the closing minutes in the slop) Haysi/Powell Valley 2005 (Allen Owens GW FG as time expired) Haysi/Galax 2014 (The Call) All of those were playoff games, here are a couple of regular season games I distinctly remember: Haysi/Pound 1999 (I probably shouldn't count this one, since I missed most of it. Haysi trailed 28-0 in the second quarter, so me and my buddy gave up and went on to Wise to watch J. J. Kelly upset Powell Valley. Came back and saw the parking lot at Pound was still full and wondered what in the world was going on! We pull in and go back in the stadium just in time to see Haysi score the tying touchdown in the final minute of regulation. Haysi goes on to score a TD in OT to win it 35-28.) Haysi/J. J. Kelly 2008 (I missed the end of this one. Usually when you're trailing by 14 in the final minute and DON'T have possession, it's a safe bet that you're probably taking an 'L'. So I left. Listen to the rest on the radio. I don't remember the details of how it happened, maybe @redtiger can fill us in, but Haysi scores twice in the final minute of regulation and then kicks a FG in OT to win it 41-38.) Haysi/Honaker 2013 (This is memorable only for the atmosphere and the crowd. Both teams entered the contest 9-0. Haysi ran the opening kickoff back for a TD and won in a rout 47-18 to clinch top seed in 1A West and win the Black Diamond. But man, what an atmosphere to be a part of and perhaps the biggest crowd in the history of Sandlick.) Ridgeview/Union 2018 (The game that killed social media updates and cell phones everywhere due to the crowd and the inability for the cell tower to handle all the traffic. Just a fantastic atmosphere and arguably Ridgeview's biggest win so far in the short history of the program.) As far as a game I wasn't emotionally invested in, I would go with 2015 Galax vs. Riverheads in the 1A title game. A 7-6 defensive struggle where Riverheads goes for 2 and the win in regulation but comes up short.
  9. It was and I want to say it was bitterly cold that night and might have even been snowing...
  10. I agree AEW is killing it. They're even killing nXt at this point.
  11. I am not a big fan of the spring sports season at all. I have tried to watch high school baseball over the years and just get bored with it. I enjoy softball some but I am ok with not having it. Real NASCAR is only good to watch when they're at Daytona and Talladega and Martinsville. The iRacing races they have been doing the last couple weeks have been much more entertaining than the real thing. I do miss Indycar though and Moto GP, which was finally going to be back on American TV this year after several years away from it. I don't care what anyone says, Moto GP is by far the most exciting (and dangerous) motorsport there is.... I miss wrestling. Notably New Japan. But it appears they may be starting back up soon. At least my good buddy, Chase Owens is still being paid while New Japan is on sabbatical. WWE is still going, but Wrestlemania is going to suck hard this year being taped in advance. I'm one of the lucky ones, who always has a full DVR, so I always have plenty to watch. Even with everything being shut down, as of last night, my DVR is still at 48% full.
  12. Yeah I believe Union girls had 6 seniors. Could be wrong. They should take a step back next season.
  13. Update: Classes 3-6 state championship games now CANCELLED! All finalists to be declared co-champions. I guess @GMan sorta called it!
  14. Classes 3-6 played on Friday and Saturday will only have immediate family members and credentialed media. Not sure why Classes 1-2 today are still being played today with normal attendance. Doesn't make a lot of sense.
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