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  1. Yeah I looked it up after I sent it... my bad.
  2. Yeah, have to remember that all 3 of Honaker's losses came to 2A teams. Ridgeview x2 and Marion.
  3. They were co-champions with Honaker in girls basketball in 2020 weren't they?
  4. Love ya man, but I have to disagree with your first two points. The sports editor for the BHC now is..... Brian Woodson. Who used to work for..... the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. Woodson covers the 3 Tennessee schools the paper covers about 90% of the time. However, when he does cover the Virginia side, he is 100% Tazewell county. Mostly Graham... but all Tazewell County. Hayes is the 1A guy and Gregory is the 2A/Abingdon guy. I don't see any bias at all and if there was, I think it'd be for the SWD based on who the editor is and where he came from. I think I saw someone mention earlier in the thread about the Kingsport paper. The Kingsport paper only covers one SWD team and that's Virginia High. Only other Virginia schools they cover is the M7 and the Cumberland. So that's obviously why you don't see much if any SWD players on their all-area team. I don't recall if there were any but if there were, it was probably only Stevie Thomas or maybe Patrick Poku as well.
  5. Seems bigger than that... That surprises me.
  6. Pike County Central and Betsy Layne at the 15th Region tournament this weekend had a similar ending. A couple of Pike Central players were shoved hard to the floor during that melee. Officials and coaches quickly got order there though. One Betsy Layne player left the bench and was ejected as well as the two Betsy Layne players who shoved. No one from Pike Central was tossed.
  7. So, on Saturday, I decided to make the drive over to Pikeville to watch the 15th Region basketball tournament at Appalachian Wireless Arena. A couple of observations: The girls championship game between Lawrence County and Pikeville was very high level. Pikeville defeated Ridgeview during the season by close to 50 if I recall. Both of these teams would beat any team southwest Virginia or northeast Tennessee has to offer and it wouldn't be close. Folks in Kentucky love their hoops. I am not sure of what the capacity of Appalachian Wireless Arena is, but the Buck Van Huss Dome in Kingsport holds 4,200 and AWA is much larger. I'd guess it holds around 7,500. The arena was probably 75% full on Saturday. Around 6,000 people at a region high school basketball tournament is very impressive.
  8. UVa-Wise has NFHS capability now. Enough folks complained about the Region 2D tournament not being streamed, so the Prior buckled down and got the stuff to make it happen, I reckon.
  9. Yes that's accurate... same situation when Farragut travels to play us tonight in the sectional.
  10. Maybe he don't like Union? Lol.
  11. Something isn't right in that whole county... glad I left it 15 years ago...
  12. A lot of folks have known this for some time, wasn't really a surprise.
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