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  1. So, Grayson County beat Marion yesterday 32-13. Yes, you read that right and yes that is a baseball score.
  2. They'll beat D-B when they play them as well... However, don't count out the ole Wolfpack. Going to be interesting who gets to the regional final between Richlands, Lebanon and Ridgeview.
  3. A Cumberland team is NOT winning state. Eastside may beat Auburn, but I think G Dub beats both Burton and Eastside.
  4. Floyd vs. Ridgeview will apparently be played at Auburn.
  5. Girls Region 2D finals have been moved to UVa-Wise Saturday at 2:00. If Union beats Graham tonight, I would expect the boys finals to follow suit.
  6. Wonder if Battle holds on to beat Graham would the Region D semis and finals be moved cause if that happens, none of the 4 teams left will be nowhere remotely close to Bluefield?
  7. Wise Central wins by 20. BUT, I hope it's the other way around.
  8. On a side note, I will be glad to take a 3 win Graham team in opening round of Region. 🙂
  9. Consolation is Union vs. Battle at 6:00, Championship is Gate City vs. Central afterward.
  10. If the points system is correct, then this is the scenario: Gate City is locked in at 1 and John Battle is locked in at 4 regardless of what happens Friday. Wise Central is 2 with a win or a Union loss, Union is 2 with a win.
  11. According to the Bristol paper today, Lebanon, Graham and Richlands are all locked in to region in boys. I have to assume that Virginia High is as well which means Grayson County is out?
  12. This has been a few weeks ago, but at that time Grayson would have been a 2 seed from what I heard from someone else, because of wins over Carroll County. I have no idea where they are now or if they are even still in the picture.
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