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  1. You're right about the Tribe... good run but sadly it ends Friday night. Just in time for basketball season where DB plays Maryville on Saturday as well (as well as Powell). I predict whoever wins between Greeneville and Elizabethton takes home the trophy in Cookeville.
  2. Well, guess what @BigWinners? Hess got an offer from Dunk City yesterday (Florida Gulf Coast). Guess some folks have taken notice other than yourself after all. Lol.
  3. I don't disagree with you at all... but at least you're not an ass clown about it like some other folks.
  4. I don't think Graham fans would pull for Ridgeview at all if we somehow advance. Yes, I mean we might as well not show up if that team in maroon with a sherriff's badge with a goofy looking 'G' in the middle of it is on the other side of the field. It's all over! I mean, Graham will probably beat everyone by 60+ and win the state by that much as well. Hell, they would probably beat Maryville, Tennessee and Bishop-Gorman, Nevada as well.
  5. That was Hess that game... but overall, Hill has been the better player all season.
  6. If Phillips is 100%, then he will be an option. He played Friday night, but he definitely was NOT 100%.
  7. Cannon Hill is better than Hess... and he's only a Freshman. Hill will be known more for his defense in the coming years though. He's the second coming of Sproles... punishes people with nasty hits.
  8. The Warriors are rolling. This isn't the same lovable Rollback Renegade Walmart Warriors we all knew back in week 3. This is a brand new team that deserves respect and this game will be MUCH closer than the week 3 matchup. Game is Friday night at 7:00. Who wins?
  9. The sane Ridgeview fans are... we know that this isn't the same Central team we faced in week 3. Going to be much closer this time around.
  10. Thank you for this. Pikeville would beat Graham by at least 30.
  11. Oh Lord... don't start this crap! Let's beat Central first.
  12. Sure boss... whatever you say. I'm sure you were there in person like I was last night?
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