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  1. The Hogoheegee finals and consolation are still to be played today... The Region 1D brackets will look something like this... Softball: Northwood vs. Rye Cove/Grundy winner Council vs. Twin Springs Honaker vs. Patrick Henry Eastside vs. Holston/Chilhowie consolation winner
  2. Wrong. Council beat Grundy yesterday in the BDD semis... it will either be Grundy or Twin Valley. :-)
  3. I know, I only said that because I wanted to see three games tomorrow. Lol.
  4. 1A Region D takes 3 seeds from each of the three districts (Black Diamond, Cumberland and Hogoheegee). Regular season champs earn the 1 seed for their respective districts. 2 & 3 seeds go to the district tournament winner/finalist and winner of the consolation games respectively. Play in game of the region tournament is two of the 3 seeds. Edit: So, if the Region 1D basketball bracket is anything to go by, then the play in game will be between the BDD 3 and CD 3 seeds. Rest of the bracket looks like this: Hogo 1 vs. Play-in winner BDD 2 vs. CD 2 BDD 1 vs. Hogo 2 CD 1 vs. Hogo 3
  5. Softball is pretty much the same way... The four teams out of the Mountain 7 representing region will be: Baseball: John Battle, Union, Gate City and Wise Central Softball: John Battle, Union, Ridgeview and Gate City Wise Central is already locked in to the 4 seed out of the M7 in baseball since they didn't advance yesterday and will play the Lebanon/Virginia High Saturday winner in the first round of Region I believe.
  6. That's strange. That's way out of the way for both schools. If that's the case, why not just play it at Battle and make it a tripleheader Saturday with the M7 semifinals? Lol
  7. I said I was done talking about it. If you all want to hate on me, go right on ahead. This topic isn't about that anyway. It's about Union. Hell I don't even remember now what even brought me up. If I brought me up, then I apologize. I don't particularly care anymore. Talk about the great and powerful Union Bears. Hell I bet they could probably beat Mater Dei as awesome and powerful as they are. Rest of the Mountain 7 don't even need to take the field this season.
  8. They did split indeed. I'm not arguing with you anymore dude... Think what you want.
  9. I'm just saying that I'll have more fun sitting in the stands at a game with the person I love, win or lose, than the folks in GC will have. Besides, I am pretty certain that DB could beat just about any SWVA school in any sport with the exception of softball and girls basketball. Graham would most likely bear DB in football, but that's the only SWVA team I could see doing it.
  10. Oh well... will probably be more enjoyable than sitting through another 1-9 football season in Scott County.
  11. Yes. I believe Union and Lee is the last regular season game on Monday. I would guess the tournament would start on Tuesday. First round is always at higher seed and the semis and finals would be at Abingdon since they're the regular season champion I'm pretty sure. Seeding? Only top two have been determined. Everything else is up for grabs. Abingdon John Battle Gate City/Union/Wise Central Gate City/Union/Wise Central Gate City/Union/Wise Central Lee High/Ridgeview Lee High/Ridgeview Lee and Ridgeview play today. If Lee wins then they're the 6 and Ridgeview is the 7. If Ridgeview wins, then coin toss determines 6/7. Not sure what the Gate City, Union and Wise Central scenarios are.
  12. Head to head and if that can't decide it, then coin toss unless the tie is for first place in which a one game playoff decides it.
  13. I thought you may have been... no hard feelings... @rvtne216 and @Ryan4VT give me grief on it too sometimes. :-) Oh Lord... let's not go there. I'd rather just put that in the past and forget about it.
  14. Lol. Priorities man. Yes, I will be primarily at D-B events moving forward because my girlfriend's son goes to school and is a student athlete there. It's very possible also that in a few years, I will be a Letcher Central fan, since that is where my daughter will eventually be going to high school. I will still be at Ridgeview events when it doesn't conflict with anything else. I didn't tuck my tail and run. :-)
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