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  1. 21 catches for 12 TDs is insane. That means every two times he catches a ball, he scores. 29-775-8 is a fantastic stat line too, that's like 25 yards per catch
  2. That kids have options and can basically choose their school.
  3. Okay? How close are Christiansburg, Blacksburg, Pulaski, etc..? How many high schools are within a 30 mile radius? At least three IIRC.
  4. Lol if you actually believe that number. If you guys are so confident, why not petition up and play (or ya know, have legit enrollment numbers)? If no one in 1A can dream of competing, might as well seek out a challenge and I'm sure Regions C and D would be happy to accommodate you.
  5. I understand that, but it's that way almost everywhere that has suburbs or housing developments that may fall outside city limits. BSG and Appalachia, plus the areas towards Lee County that may come to Union, are still significantly lower than a place like Bristol or Radford. There's probably around 7,000 people if you expand everything, maybe a little more, and that's total population not adjusted for any factors. Compared to Radford or Bristol, it's still a significant gap.
  6. But the area that sends kids to Union is still significantly lower than Radford or Bristol/Abingdon. BSG is listed at 5,263. I'd say Radford, excluding commuting students, it's probably around 10K and prob same for Bristol, VA.
  7. I don't wanna sound like I'm bashing Riverheads, there's an argument to be made they have had the single best run over the past decade or so in the state regardless of division. They're incredible. But it seems like they should be a 2A team by actual enrollment, going by what I've learned from very trustworthy sources. The stated enrollment of 476 does not seem accurate at all. ADM numbers say Riverheads has about 60ish less students than defending 2A champ Graham, and I would be very surprised if that was actually true. the top 2A school in ADM is 732 and the lowest is at 477, about a 260 student gap. In 1A, it's 453 at most and 108 at the bottom throwing out one school with only 57, with a gap of 345.
  8. don't agree, I thought last year Chilhowie had a shot if they played perfect. They didn't and you saw what happened. I don't believe Warriors were 30+ behind Riverheads last year. But Big Red is more than welcome to come play the bigger dogs in 2A, their numbers show that's where they should probably be anyway.
  9. They defeated an eventual state champion Powell Valley team led by Thomas Jones in 1994 IIRC. They have always had talent in Lee County, it just goes elsewhere now.
  10. I think people were under the illusion it bothered me, that couldn't be further from the truth. I'm genuinely curious to hear how he can logically make the case.
  11. that's excellent. I love that, way better than the Wal-Mart stuff. A+
  12. There were a couple doozy calls, headscratchers, but nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe 2-3 egregious calls/no-calls that a good crew fixes but it wasn't like a KY clown show or anything.
  13. I couldn't care less about this game until I read this thread, now I hope Galax wins by 40.
  14. But those are much harder to find around here. Ridgeview gets tons of points from their 1A slate now that they are counted as 2A
  15. I think that's much better.
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