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  1. It may have been the middle school, all I remember was the end of the field was open and down a ways a few cows were grazing. Maybe I'm confusing it with somewhere else or something but I vividly remember it somewhere and was pretty sure it was TS. Was only time I was ever down there.
  2. I'm afraid you're right and VA will have just as many issues but hopefully VA can use whatever advances we have medically between now and start of season and like you said handle the issues that come up a little better
  3. Gah it was like 2000? I'm not sure if I was even in HS yet. We went up there and played either 7th & 8th or JV, and that field was open at the end and there were cows down in a pasture. Can't I use dramatic license for an amusing anecdote Stripes? You're killin me. It was not a real threat, they were a ways away, but it was still a (very, very unlikely) possibility. Way to ruin the story.
  4. Twin Springs was the only place I ever worried about being trampled by a cow stampede during play, does that count? lolol
  5. Unfortunately, most seem to be at Heritage Hall and other places where the elderly are gathered. I think a big reason is testing, it's more widespread than we realize but the elderly are getting tested at a much higher rate than the public. It's been bad at the retirement home, man they really need to get a handle on this, this area has so many vulnerable people and we get the shit end of the stick on medical care anyway.
  6. But my point was, decisions prob shouldn't be made that close to a kickoff. Information needs to be shared quicker and situations like what happened with DB should hopefully be avoided. I'm okay with a playoff cancellation if it has to happen, but I can't imagine the information wasn't relayed until five mins before kickoff or whatever it was. It seems like WV doesn't have uniform rules for everyone and it has led to a lot of confusion. I would hope VA has a more uniform proposal for everything so everyone is aware where they stand. But it's November now. Hopefully, by Feb, the state's will have quicker testing reliability and a better grasp on things. All I'm saying is VAs decision was widely panned by most But in reality , the extra time may prove to be a godsend if VA has fewer issues and can get enough games played.
  7. I don't know if rousing success would be the right word, having playoff games called off minutes before kickoff is a pretty big snafu. If VA could have a season with no playoff games cancelled, it would be a rousing success. Tennessee has had pretty good luck but they've also had their fair share of issues.
  8. It would be neat if each region got to host the title game on a rotating basis, but that truthfully is a logistical nightmare and the VHSL has had a pretty good showing with having the neutral site games with multiple played on same day. I think we would need to see the actual class numbers but five could work. I just don't see why the VHSL is so intent on reducing classes. There's more revenue in more classes and I believe it gives a fair champion. The difference between having a pool of 100 athletic kids and 500 athletic kids to fill out a team is a gigantic gap. There's no way Norton or Hurley should be expected to compete with Goochland or RE Lee for a state title. If you shrink divisions, it would be possible to see Burton (220 kids per 2018 ADM, may be smaller now) be expected to play a team like Richlands (680) in the playoffs. Right now, the gap in 2A is around 255 kids and 1A is around 300 kids, depending on if you wanna count real outliers at the bottom like Highland, which registered 57 kids. Council was listed at 108 while the highest was Northampton at 453 (Riverheads right behind at 447). That's a big gap and fewer means even bigger gaps. I guess you could go 0-499, 500-999, 1000-1499, 1500-1999, and 2000-all. But that's still asking Twin Springs to compete against Graham (who I believe will be under or right around 500 kids at next numbers) and Tazwell (who is right near that 500 line) competing against places like Abingdon and Northside. in that scenario, if a school like Tazwell or Giles wins a 2A title, they've damn sure earned it lol
  9. Then you don't really want to let it go. If you wanna agree to disagree, cool. But if you keep responding to my posts to someone else and continually interjecting your POV, it's obv you wanna argue about it.
  10. But as of right now, VA is still gonna try for a season too. If things get under better control, then hopefully VA can have a season and hopefully a more consistent playoff process. At this point who knows.
  11. Wtf you keep quoting my posts. You can't keep quoting me then saying let it go lolol
  12. Absolutely on both accounts. But the VHSL has never been a shining beacon of common sense, so who knows how they'll decide streaming rules. In a year where teams have been CRUSHED financially and most local businesses are in no position to help out fundraising wise, letting teams run their own streaming operations seems to make so much sense. I don't know what agreements the VHSL has with streaming outlets like NFHS, but I don't believe they cover every game, esp in our area. If their prior obligations aren't gonna cover a game, let each school stream it and have them decide to paywall it or sell ads on a FB live or something. Or, leave it up to each respective district. Allow the SWD or M7 to determine how they'll handle streaming knowing it's super unlikely the state will allow full bleachers. If the M7 wants to give home teams first dibs or allow each school to run their own streams (which is pretty simple in 2020, you don't even really need announcers) and the SWD wants to do the opposite, let It happen in for this year only. But every school should be exploring streaming games regardless, it's too easy to do now to leave that potential revenue just out there.
  13. like Sasquatch said, if you're in any way competitive and you think you can win a game and not end up winless, you damn sure want that extra game to try, esp if it's not a playoff game but a year end OOC game scheduled against a team you would likely never see in the regular season.
  14. I wouldn't hate that. I do believe it's better to see the occasional bad team make playoffs over a very good team getting left out but if you wanted to keep the playoffs at 8/16 and allow non qualifiers to schedule an extra game, that seems like a good compromise.
  15. Never once did I say everyone deserved a trophy just for showing up. Winners get trophies. Why do all of you seem so perturbed by the idea of a mediocre team getting to play one extra game at the HS level? Again, who does it hurt? At the HS level, football should be more inclined to let a bad team in the playoffs than to keep a good team out. Pretty simple. This all seems to silly to me. Adults being upset over the idea of letting more teams into HS playoffs. This isn't the NFL, no one is expecting professional performance (or they should be ashamed if they are, there's a difference between getting the most out of kids and holding them to unreasonable expectations). You aren't a winner simply by making the playoffs, you're a winner when you win important, loser goes home games.
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