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  1. Better than Battles ace or Abingdons best? He must be dominant then.
  2. Pretty sure they are. Actually were third but Abingdon doesn't count so Union would be second someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I agree for the most part. But DB has fallen on hard times and some of their recent teams have not been much better, if any better, than the best of SWVA. But on the average you're totally right
  4. Now you're being a dick. When I have EVER been an over the top Union homer? you're being WWWAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY more sensitive about DB than I am about Union.
  5. Sorry you're so arrogant that you believe DB would just roll over Union.
  6. And with McClung, id pick GCs bball team over them.
  7. Over the past 6-8 years, I'm very confident Union wins 3-4 games in football. And that's with 5-10x the enrollment
  8. At least Union avoids Abingdon and could possibly make a final if they upset a great Battle team
  9. how can you argue his point? Has any team in the area underachieved like DB has for the most part? I don't think so
  10. Anything over four wins should be seen as a great season and overachieving considering the circunstances. If I was a bookie, GC would be favored in three games, four max (on the road at Battle could be seen as a coin flip), and would be a double digit dog in five games. I don't know much about South and what they return but it is a home game for GC. But having to go to Richlands, Ridgeview, GW and Union are tough tasks and the home game against a very good Abingdon team will be rough as well.
  11. It'll be a decent unit at the very least, they return at least two kids (maybe three? I can't remember) and should be able to find kids to fill the holes as IIRC the two returnees are at the two vital positions, LT and C. it's still early and who knows at this point, but Union may need to really rely on the OL early since its breaking in a new QB but has a very talented stable of returning runners.
  12. Maybe Battle scored first in the 3rd and RV scored 24 straight?
  13. In 2A, it's Graham then everyone else. I really think Abingdon will be a good team this year and may be the second best in the VA area but they're 3A.
  14. the academic angle is one I didn't initially think of but like you and Stripes said, Elon is an elite academic institution and isn't that far away.
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