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  1. Definite losses to RV, Richlands and Graham? No. possible losses sure, but saying it's definite Union loses all those games is very premature. Graham and Wise come to BSG and Union has historically played pretty well at Richlands.
  2. In this situation, I believe if Marion shows zero improvement, then it's prob time to explore other options. Marion could even lose the same amount of games but if the team shows improvement,maybe let him try to continue but if Marion stays the same or somehow gets even worse, the school has no choice. It's not as if there is zero talent, they had an All State player. So there's undoubtedly some talent in that school and it's the coach's job to get them to come out and play. But if a kid seems a team that can't win and doesn't see a path to the team getting better, why should he play? So this prob is the last year for him barring improvements. Marion is utterly unpredictable. Some years, they're 9-1 and playing for home playoff games and then in two years they're 0-10. Wild.
  3. I didn't know that. Then I don't believe it's fair to judge a coach after one year barring something crazy
  4. It's crazy. It wasn't long ago Marion was winning 9-10 games and competing for home playoff games and now they're in the toilet. That usually signals a head coach who maybe has overstayed his welcome or an exceptional class of kids graduated and left the cupboard bare.
  5. If Tazwell had to come to Graham, would that change your opinion at all? Graham isn't really known as this dominant home team, but any time the new kid on the block is challenging for the top spot, youd much rather make them come to you. I feel like Richlands is in a better spot than RV, they are bringing in an established coach who knows how to win, they return a ton of talent and will have the best skill player on the field maybe in every game they play in the regular season and it seems they can may be get settled in quicker than RV. I wouldn't be shocked if they won the SWD, but then I also wouldn't be shocked if they finish 6-4. Both teams have a truly exceptional talent at a skill position (I feel like Webb is better as a WR, but getting him 5-6 touches as a runner makes sense) but it seems Richlands returns more overall talent. And is this the year Tazwell was kinda building towards or was it last season and then they just had terrible luck w injuries? I know they were fully rebuilding and really thought a class of younger kids could bring Tazwell back as a legit 2D contender, but I am not sure if this is the year they were circling in particular.
  6. I can't imagine Lee will be any good but I don't see them at 0-10 so the M7 will have that advantage but then it's also very possible the M7 beats up on each other and with Abingdon being there, every M7 team could end up with 3 losses. I feel like Wise is the favorite but I'm notnsure they are a big time lock or anything, Ridgeview could be very very good with them right HC. Union is usually always good for 7-8 wins but this season both SWD teams could give them out of district losses and then it's a tough battle not to lose one or two more games to AHS/RV/WC. I think Tazwell and Ridgeview are the wildcards. Either team could win nine games and be at the top of 2D or they could lose five games and have to go to a top three seed in opened of playoffs. Ridgeview has enough talent and will prob have the best player on the field in every reg season game they play and that's a huge advantage in HSFB but they've became the Michigan or Dallas of 2D, perpetual underachievers who have a ton of talent but can't win big games. Tazwell seems more bad luck in recent years after their rebuild, the injuries have ravaged them. I believe we will see a M7 team at the top spot in 2D but 2-4 could all be SWD teams.
  7. Looks like at Tazwell and at Union could be really big for Region D standings. Everyone expects Tazwell to be a legit playoff team and Union always seems to be in the hunt, so going 2-0 on those road games could give Graham the path for hosting the 2D playoffs (providing they happen). It's a crazy year even without all the virus stuff. Two of the projected top teams are ushering in new coaches, Union has to develop a new identity with Polier being gone and Graham has to fill some very important holes left by big time talent like Lester. With the shortened prep time, this could prove a great opportunity for a team that is usually looking in from the outside to come in and surprise most and contend for the region title. Is Tazwell that team?
  8. Where does that leave Galax? A team that competed for a state title and should be very good again. Will they go in house to hire someone?
  9. That's why I said he played under Pearl and not that he was recruited by Pearl. And Coach K was important in getting Zion to the draft, he made sure he kept his weight in check and helped him showcase against the best. I'm not sure if Watson was a sure fire NBA guy going into his last year, but at the very least playing under Pearl did not hurt his stock.
  10. Well at this point, it's almost two different sports. College basketball still works a lot inside out, more structure, more sets, more condensed offense whereas the NBA is wing centric, all about spacing, mostly quicker possessions, way more shots from deep. A player can be an elite college player but if he can't shoot from three, can't get his own shot, can't get to the rim (or free throw line) against 6'7 wing defenders then he's not gonna make the NBA as a guard. Even big guys, if you can't shoot you better be an elite defender or an athletic freak with great vision to pass the ball or you won't cut it either. McClung is gonna need to become a great shooter if he hopes to play in the NBA. At his size, not being a traditional PG that works primarily as an offense initiator and a passer, if he can't hit 40%+ from three, I don't see it. Westbrook is to me the closest comparison in terms of style of play but while McClung is a good athlete, he isn't in the same universe as Westbrook. Russ can also be an elite defender when he wants to be, McClung has never shown that ability. To me, he would have to become a Dame Lillard type guard and for that to happen, he's gotta become a more reliable shooter from three and a better defender. In the Big East, he played against a lot of very good basketball players but not as many athletic freaks that he would see at the next level. Guys like Howard at Marquette and Powell at Seton Hall are extremely productive college players, but they aren't like first round prospects. In the ACC, he would be facing guys like Cole Anthony, Jordan Nwora, Tre Jones, guys who are likely lottery picks or at worst mid first rounders.n
  11. The Big East can compete, but on the whole the Big East doesn't land as many elite recruits as the ACC and the SEC. The BE teams are sometimes better, but in terms of elite recruits and athletes, the ACC still reigns supreme. The Big East school with the most first round draft picks is St. Johns, and it's 17th, with seven ACC schools ahead of them.
  12. But he specifically mentioned Pearls lack of sending PGs to the NBA. Beard has only been a P5 HC for four seasons, while Pearl has been successful for well over a decade. Not to mention that CJ Watson was an NBA PG that played under Pearl. If we are just talking about players, then Pearl has a kid that's likely a lottery pick in the next draft, Isaac Okoro.
  13. what PGs have Beard and Mussleman put in the league? I can't think of any
  14. Bolded is what I agree with 10,000% but I'm not confident in that he makes the right decision. He would be absolutely insane to not get a degree and Wake is an excellent institution with great pedigree. I think Georgetown may be held in slightly higher regard but Wake is a great school and a degree from there opens a lot of doors. Unless I'm totally wrong and McClung makes $100M playing in the NBA, leaving school without a degree is asinine. Even going to Europe, you still need a career once you hit 30 so that degree will be a huge help. Without it, it's brutal in the job market, esp to someone who's only experience is playing basketball.
  15. Mistake, I believe. He doesn't shoot well enough and doesn't initiate offense like you want from the traditional NBA PG and he isn't big enough to play like Westbrook. Even Lillard or Morant, those are better shooters with a more natural feel for passing. That doesn't even take his defense into account. should've just got a degree from Georgetown, it's one of the top universities in the nation and he should look down the road. But that doesn't seem like McClung.
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