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  1. That's how I always saw it at the bottom line, Norton was terrified of losing the "city of" and that was the big sticking point.
  2. I was always aware they kinda took over the NOVA mantle as baddest on the block once Hampton kinda cooled a bit but I had no idea they were playing with that many fewer statements. They were one of those pencil in the final four teams. Now being 3A, it's probably fair to consider them the same going forward, as a team that's probably gonna make it to the last couple teams every year.
  3. Wise probably wins but honestly Honaker could play with them, esp in 2021. 2021 they likely win 1A and 2A. This year, with emergence of McAmis, Wise prob gets them but Tigers wouldn't go down easy.
  4. I agree with that totally. But Zack said he has his set philosophy and while it didn't work out this time I trust his decision making. The point about Anderson is an EXCELLENT point. Felt like he brought the offensive spark at times, could handle the ball and wasn't a defensive liability at all but wasn't quite as big and strong so they went another way but I also kinda thought he was playing well and could have been involved more
  5. 99/100 simply isn't true, I've seen a lot of great coaches make the same choice. It's very situational and with how JR had shot, fouling makes most sense but I've seen Pop, Kerr, Jackson, etc... all decide to play defense and not foul.
  6. Why couldn't they miss against Union damnit? Union/Radford woulda been ton of fun.
  7. Now your very valid and fair observation will be discounted bc you said something negative (and apparent) about Tazwell
  8. You can't help but say stupid stuff. Your Graham boys ONCE AGAIN failed to shown up in a regional final to face Union and somehow it's homerism. How bout Graham actually being there? The SWD went 3-1 against the M7s 3-4. Cool, congrats. Didn't Graham play Abingdon in. Regular season? How'd that one go? If everyone doesn't immediately agree that a kid from Tazwell is better than any other kid, you get offended bc you're too close to the program. Zero objectivity.
  9. Absolutely. Union was down like 16-4 early, fought back, took lead, then had a crazy sequence of turnovers and missed shots to let JR get to OT then #10, helluva shooter, hits insane shot to send IT to second OT. Just brutal way to lose, Union had them on ropes and couldn't close.
  10. You could tell the kids were banged up bad before the game. Honeycutt shoulder, Jenkins ankle and Bunch foot. But hats off to JR, they hit some major clutch shots. 10, 11 and 24 are serious ball players
  11. Up six under a minute to Go, Union let's it get to OT. Up three late in OT, Union doesn't foul kid sends it to double OT. JR can flat out shoot the ball but Union had them on the ropes and fell apart. A bad turnover under the JR basket was killer but the kidngot hammered and no call.
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