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  1. He's not wrong except I think the foul call at the end was in the Region D tourney and the game v. Wise was in M7 tourney but could be wrong.
  2. It's crazy to think that GC was almost eliminated in the Region D semis and then go on to make the title game. Shows how important getting hot is and having the best player on the court is in basketball.
  3. I think they give it to whichever teams coach wins the Region D tourney but could be wrong. As for the M7, maybe it's just based on who won the regular season and stuff.
  4. Auburn leads Eastside 25-17 at the half.
  5. This is incomplete as Eastside/Auburn is just getting underway. Grundy awaits to play either. If Eastside wins, it'll probably be at UVAW. Auburn wins and I dunno where it'll be held, somewhere in 1C. On the girls side, Patrick Henry and Honaker both won, setting up an All-1D semifinal. Patrick Henry beat Honaker to win the 1D tournament but Honaker just beat a team some considered a front-runner to win it all in GW. That game will be held somewhere around here, possibly UVAW.
  6. On your side, you've got Gate City v. Radford in the boys and Union v. Gate City in the girls. The boys play at Radford U (I believe) while the girls play at UVAW. On the east side for boys, it'll be John Marshall v. East Rockingham, which will be another domination. The girls, it's Luray v. Strasburg. They are similar to Union/GC as I believe this will be their fifth meeting. The girls side is much more wide open. Boys are just playing for second. I think GC has a good shot at beating Radford then losing by 30 in the final. I won't make a prediction for the girls game, but I'm hoping it's like the last six years and the team who wins the West wins it all. I believe that can happen.
  7. Meeting number five, both teams have split 2-2 so far. Tough to beat a team that many times, I'm sure they'll be no surprises for either team at this point. Unions defense has became totally smothering, if they are hitting their shots they are a tough out.
  8. The girls are ROLLING! A 50 point win over any team is impressive much less in the state tourney. It'll be a much closer game Tuesday lol
  9. He kinda has a point, why are you so happy that JM will smash Radford or GC, two local schools?
  10. Union girls up 47-17 at the half.
  11. The enrollment seems right I guess (although they were 4A pretty recently IIRC) but the way the team came together has me scratching my head. It's not usual that much talent just ends up together at one school.
  12. Do you know the story? I don't but would like to find out how a team of that caliber ends up in 2A. I would also be curious to learn how many of their kids actually started their careers at JM and how many are transfers.
  13. JM finished with 130+ points. Draft plays wild, threes every shot, 10 secs or less, etc. JM will win 2A easily but it's really ridiculous, it's basically an AAU program pretending to be a HS team.
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