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  1. Lee was D4 Final Four as well
  2. And just think, Union may have been able to do same had game been played.
  3. Wait a measly 2A team somehow stayed within 18 points and actually led at half time against Riverheads? This has to be a mistake, I think you got a 2 and a 6 mixed up or maybe left off a 0 for RHS.
  4. A fumble, a decision to punt then an INT. Not a great last three drives for the Bears. Had this game in hand but gave Graham the slight crack and they took it. Penalties and turnovers kill any team.
  5. Congrats to Graham, made big play when it counted.
  6. Gonna have to here. Gotta push the ball.
  7. Union has relied on the run, can't do it here. Gonna be very tough
  8. Damn. Think everyone sees what's about to happen here.
  9. Too much time. Not sure I punt there
  10. Another huge third down.
  11. Man no wonder he's cramping. Hes been a horse so far.
  12. You can sense it. A Graham TD with no time left and wins by a point.
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