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  1. The Union boys beat Ridgeview handily tonight to advance to second round.
  2. Not surprised. Heard rumblings about him being done after his son graduated but apparently it's gonna happen.
  3. Agreed. I hate rotating locations. You play the regular season to earn the top seed and get to host the games. It's been at GC in the M7 for like a decade now but they've earned it. Region tourneys should be at a neutral spot, but in conference let the team who earned it host.
  4. That, capacity or distance issues are the only explanations I can think of but maybe it's a random pick. If it's rotating, that sucks for the top seeds as they've earned the top seed but don't get to host because of the year. If it's capacity issues or simply the most central location, it still sucks but not as badly because you know you didn't have a shot at hosting anyway.
  5. And why is Hurley hosting both boys and girls when Grundy and Honaker are the top seeds respectively?
  6. Thanks for that @Beamerball, really handy.
  7. What's the bracket for the girls? Will winning one game punch Unions ticket to the Region D girls tourney? I assume Union will draw Wise as the 4/5 matchup.
  8. Imagine how good Grundy would be if their best player didn't leave.
  9. Yup, the girls have had some pretty good teams but never could get that W. On the biggest stage, for a state title, the Union girls really controlled the game but the RV girls found a way to get the W.
  10. I know, I just wanted Havoc to post it lol. He ribs me about Union never beating Ridgeview girls but it finally happened last night and it was on the road.
  11. Hey @swva_havok_fan who won in Clintwood last night? I haven't saw scores
  12. Are the standings finalized? Can someone post them?
  13. I understand the monetary situation and to me, that seems like it's the main driver here. I hate the beach so maybe I'm being a harsher critic lol, but I just see this as jumping into a brand new fire after escaping another fire. There's a lot of pressure in Richlands, maybe this new job is less intensive, SWVA football is different from most areas, but that area consistently has some extremely talented kids who go play big time FBS football so it'll present different challenges. That last part, I gotta admit puzzles me. Mance is a beloved guy up there and I'm sure the town and his players, past and present, would have liked a little notice so they could show their respect and gratitude. Everyone knew their were rumblings but surely the HS and the football program knew this was coming, right? If not, they're really in a tough spot. This a little after the traditional HS silly season, so finding a new coach will need to happen quicker than if he let some people know after the season and then the program can be looking for his replacement. Is anyone on staff the front-runner? Two huge openings in Region D, both with big expectations and fanbases that expect to win. I can't remember a time when there was so much coaching turnover at the same time. How will the Ridgeview search, which had some head start but not much, affect the Richlands search and vice versa? I'm sure there are some candidates both schools want to interview. But I don't think names like Wells or Dixon are even remotely possibilities. Is Tony Palmer?
  14. Possibly, but this seems like another high stress job for a team that expects to win. I doubt the fan base is as rabid but I expect he will be coaching some extremely talented kids. It's also not the nicest area of Myrtle Beach, is it? I'm not as informed but I always thought the northern areas of MB were much nicer.
  15. What connections does Mance have to that area?
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