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  1. lolololol, why am I wasting my time trying to convince you to show some empathy, you just said Trump looked 'badass' in a mask. lolololol A rich, New York elite that lives on fast food and has never shown an iota of physical fitness, athletic ability, strength or endurance is somehow a badass. JFC. There are literally military veteran Republicans that have been shown wearing masks, but somehow as soon as Trump wears one, he's a badass and they're cool. Come on man. And to your other point in the other post, I did some digging: https://www.modernhealthcare.com/safety-quality/little-evidence-protests-spread-coronavirus-us https://www.sltrib.com/news/2020/06/27/how-much-did-protests/ https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/06/24/883017035/what-contact-tracing-may-tell-about-cluster-spread-of-the-coronavirus https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-07-01/experts-see-little-evidence-that-protests-spread-coronavirus Even the notoriously liberal National Review is unwilling to definitively state protests caused increased spread: https://www.nationalreview.com/news/protests-may-have-spread-coronavirus-some-cities-admit/ the gist: the fact that protests were outdoors (which has proven to be a HUGE factor in spreading the virus, which most people.should know by now) and a large percentage of protesters wore/wear masks have led to at best contributory factors in spreading the virus and by no means a driver in spreading the virus. Public health officials, almost unanimously, agree that the rapid spread in places like Florida and Texas have come from people not wearing masks congregating indoors in places like bars and restaurants, basically incubators for the virus. So, in conclusion, if you're gonna be inside and in close contact with others, WEAR A MASK FFS.
  2. Do I need to show you all the studies that show children are by far less likely to spread the virus? It's been posted here many, many times. What does that have to do with anything? Flip flopping? When has any reputable news organization or, more importantly health care organization, said people don't need to wear masks? Show me sources or admit you're lying. and btw, it seems pretty damning to your point that the current explosion in cases is NOT in places that have seen weeks and weeks of mass protests like the Pacific northwest of the East coast, but in places like FL, GA, etc.. that have routinely expressed their unwillingness to wear masks. How do you explain that? The darn liberal media, if they didn't report about these positive tests and deaths, we would never have to know and could keep pretending this is about some greater point. It's not. You're playing politics with people's lives and you are either unwilling to too dumb to see it. You're willing to risk spreading a deadly virus because you're mad about stupid statues or protests. Can't you see how insane that is? That you're so entrenched in this whole team sports identity that politics has become that you're willingly open to causing a deadly virus to spread more rapidly to st1ck it to teh l1bs? That's sad dude. I feel bad for you. You are so wrapped up in this hyper-partisan mess that you can't see that you're making things worse, or you can see it but choose to do it anyway.
  3. Wait, the expression is 'hail or high water'? Damn, I've been saying it wrong the entire time. WTF. I always thought 'come Hell or high water', it sounds the same but I always thought it was Hell, not hail lol
  4. Did you miss the post directly above yours giving you personal examples of how this virus has affected people in this area or are you deliberately ignoring it?
  5. So you're willing to willingly possibly endanger lives and cause other people pain, possibly even death, because you're mad at the media or the CDC? That's excellent reasoning there Einstein. Why do people HAVE to keep mixing and mashing these issues together? Why can't you be mad about someone taking down a statue but still acknowledge a serious virus is going around right now and people should take precautions? You're being every bit as disingenuous, intellectually dishonest and fear mongering as you claim from the media, but because the other issues reflect your politics, it's okay. How does that make any sense?
  6. Gah you're dumb. If there was an outbreak of STDs that killed people at this rate, was as easily transmitted as this and had no current cure, you think they wouldn't do the same? You're honestly trying to compare suicide to a virus? Seriously? That lets me know I don't have to waste any time taking you seriously, you're too entrenched in politics and let it define everything for you. Pretty sad existence.
  7. Pretty sure a virus that has killed thousands of people is why.......
  8. I've learned in my years of being an internet pest that criticizing any HS kid is a bad look. Only be positive about the kids. Adults are fair game.
  9. Asian countries, particularly Japan and Korea, have done a fantastic job managing the current virus and other viruses despite being extremely densely populated in areas because a very high percentage of people wear masks regularly.
  10. You're so edgy, intelligent, insightful and probably handsome. Dork.
  11. I would say that the vast majority of people that consume massive amounts of cable news from any outlet are steeped in confirmation bias.
  12. Of course he won, who's gonna risk a chokeslam by not voting for him?
  13. Hey you stole my link! lol, I thought the sciencemag article was really informative too
  14. I agree, it should be region-based, but that's not good news for a sports season. Leaving it up to the counties is the smartest thing to do IF, and it's a big IF, if the counties are actually gonna take it seriously and not be afraid to require masks or other requirements because it's a conservative area and the area feels like the masks are political or whatever dumb stuff people say. Wearing a mask and trying (in a reasonable manner) to keep people safe shouldn't be a political statement either way, just wear the damn thing FFS. Who does it hurt? I dont expect kids under 10 to have the ability to keep a mask on all day, but every teacher and every high school student should wear them.
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