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  1. I don't disagree there but is the inability to run the ball even with a kid as talented as Adkins not worrisome? The QB can improve and eventually hit those throws but not being able to sustain a running attack is a bigger issue IMO. The special teams gaffes can be fixed too, as can the penalties, but losing at the LOS is something that's hard to fix. RV won't see but two more teams in conference that can push them, the bottom of the M7 is very bad, but can you guys right the ship and figure out a way to run the ball against better teams? The QB completing the open looks is gonna help loosen up a defense but every team is gonna be focused on Adkins. I doubt they are willing to abandon the run stopping scheme even if RV can hit the 2-3 deep balls.
  2. Glad they made right call w Zack COY, woulda been crazy if he wins a state title but not 2D coach of the year lol
  3. His shot was very smooth and with his height and athleticism he could get it off from anyhwhere. Union did a great job of not allowing him to get any easy looks to get hot and go on a spree. Holding Cormany and Nickel to a combined 42 points is a huge accomplishment.
  4. The Monica part? Still no inclusion of anyone outside of Agatha as a true villain despite her never being much of a villain in the books. She s often worked with Wanda in recent years. It seems like we are gonna get some form of sorcery but I'm not sure if those doors are doors to diff multiverses or maybe different realms, Hel, Purgatory, Heven, Mephistos realm, Dark Dimension, etc..
  5. 0-2 Saturday but 2-0 Sunday! How bout that. Those kids worked their asses off and Zack has the perfect gameplan. They dominated today.
  6. hey you guys did better than East Rock did! lol
  7. Hey man thanks for coming back and checking in. You didn't have to do that, much respect. I think Union is just a bad matchup for Radford. Radfords lack of size really stood out whereas the Union length really gave Radford fits. Being able to fight thru the screens and change shots inside and dominate the glass really allowed Union to control the game. Cormany bringing the player out to keep Bunch out of the paint opened the lane up a bit but Union is quick and athletic enough to try and recover. But I was really impressed with Prileou, he is quick as hell, is an absolute menace to anyone dribbling and could create his own shot. Cam Cormany struggled at times to make his own shot but PJ, man he could break down the defense and get into the lane and create havoc. PJs defense on Rasnick was absolutely incredible too, Rasnick only had seven points when he was averaging 18 ppg. I'm sure you guys will be right back next year
  8. I wasn't gonna be the first to bring it up but the third quarter was a mix of sloppy Union play and the officials deciding they wanted to see a closer game. I thought the rest of the game was pretty well officiated and the game was fine over all but in the third they allowed Radford to turn up the intensity quite a bit. But they didn't decide the game and I thought 3/4 quarters were well officiated judging by the AOA standard lol. Radford had four points in second quarter. Four!
  9. You've been damn near Nostradameus but not sure even you saw this coming lol.
  10. It was the right call if the roads were clear today and it was all cleared up. Since they were, I was wrong. I believe they would have been fine Wed, to me it made more sense to try and beat the storm as opposed to waiting and hoping but it cleared up and everything worked out.
  11. Roast me All you want, but these kids man, they deserve it. Union led basically entire game. Radford had no answers inside and the combo of Bartee and Honeycutt hounded Cormany all night. He never got comfortable But the biggest shot was Rasnicks three. Wow. He was shut down all game by Prielou but he finally got some space and hit the dagger. Credit Union defense, length and quickness held Radford and a D1 player to 35 points. Hey @UVAObserver PLEASE PLEASE pick East Rock. Please.
  12. I expect Radford to win. Never once implied or stated otherwise. My entire point was it did not make sense to me to try and play the game in the immediate aftermath of a storm as opposed to before the storm. All indications were the weather would start to get bad in Radford around midnight on Wed. To me what made the most sense was to attempt to get Radford home by midnight, but I guess I'm wrong. Not the first time, won't be the last. I'm wrong.
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