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  1. Yeah, let's all pretend the current administration is the savior here 😕 Who do people think were involved in this decision in the first place? WCYB just reported Goforth made the initial decision, and either was vague or the family misunderstood, and Chris was never banned from being involved in athletics, just that he wasn't allowed during school hours, which I can see from an insurance or safety standard. So either this was just a big misunderstanding, or someone 'modified' their initial decision. Union has other issues right now, why they decided to bring this up now blows my mind anyway.
  2. If changes need to be made, if incidents occurred with students, why the hell is a guy with developmental issues who, to my knowledge, has NEVER been anything but positive and supportive of all things Union (and Powell Valley, etc..) and didn't do anything wrong getting punished, but the bozo administration is still in place? It makes ZERO sense. If changes need to be made, start at the damn top, not the bottom.
  3. they look amazing IMO, I'm usually a traditional guy, I'm a Bama fan FFS and the Tide has been wearing same unis and helmets for 100+ years but those GC helmets are dope.
  4. they should handle open as well but with GC, it's not a given lol
  5. Not to mention if You watch the film, Duncan had a quadruple double in the Finals against the Nets but the scorekeeper screwed up.
  6. That Rockets team has five players averaging at least 10 ppg, suggesting Duncan couldn't have done as well as MM did is pure conjecture. Charles Barkley, McHale, etc... all rank TD ahead of Malone, it's not just me. And Duncan played against some of the best of the best. Yeah he had Manu, Parker, Admiral, etc.. But Bowen was never a great player, and Duncan won 3/5 titles when Manu and Parker were super young. Neither were there in 99 anyway. Duncan had to go thru Shaq, Dirk, those great Suns teams, those great Kings teams, etc... to even make the Finals. You can't count Kawhi, he was there for one title. Look at who he beat in the Finals: Ewing, Kidd, LeBron x2, Wade, Bosh, Billups, Ben Wallace, Rip, Rasheed, Etc... He won two rings before Manu and Parker got there, four before Kawhi. Should have six titles if Manu didn't choke away a West Final in 06 and Allen didn't hit that crazy shot in 2015. Stats like win shares, defensive win shares, VORP and PER all take into account eras and pace of play, and Duncan ranks higher in all those stats.
  7. Wise should be even better than GC, they're a more complete team if McAmis is 100%.
  8. A depleted West? LOLOLOLOL. Shaq, great Kings teams, the Mavs, etc... Duncan had Robinson, Malone had Erving and later on Barkley. Duncan was playing Shaq, Kobe, Dirk, Weber, AI, LeBron, KG, T-Mac, Wade, later on Durant, Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Kidd, I could go on. Duncan>Malone anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge would agree. Go read some opinions, all the most knowledgeable basketball guys have TD over Malone. You also fail to understand metrics, they adjust for pace of pay. For titles, Duncan beat Ewing, LeBron, Wade, Allen, Kidd, Mutumbo, Bosh, all HOF, and had to escape the West gauntlet of Kobe, KG, Dirk, Nash, etc.... The fact you claim the West depleted shows me this isn't worth my time.
  9. Why? He didn't do anything to anyone. If he wasn't aware of any wrongdoing, why should he be punished?
  10. not now .very sensitive info and we should let the facts come out when it's over.
  11. I said the number was closer to 7%. Or did you miss that part? Not to mention your post lacks a ton of context. What crimes make up the majority of the 1.9%?
  12. Lol okay, whatever you say. Far superior? You're so, so wrong. Malone played 22 seasons, TD 19. Malone: 3x MVP 1x Finals MV P 11 time all All League 8th most games 7th most mins 3rd REB 25th blocks 2nd most turnovers Ortg-113.5 86th Drtg-101.5 Off W/S- 118.6 14th Def W/S- 101.5 LOLOL WS-179.1 14th VORP-46.7 38th 1455 games career line: 20.3/12.3/1.3/0.8 22 PER (35TH) Duncan 15x AS 3x Finals MVP 5x Champ 15x All NBA and All DDef 2x MVP 12th min 7th rreb 6th blocks 24.2 PER (14TH) Drtg-96.5 (3rd) Ortg -110 Off W/S- 25th Def W/S- 2nd wS-7th VORP-89.3 6TH 19/11/3.0/2.2 19 Yrs Duncan>Malone, it's not close. Duncan did it against much tougher comp.
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