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  1. A depleted West? LOLOLOLOL. Shaq, great Kings teams, the Mavs, etc... Duncan had Robinson, Malone had Erving and later on Barkley. Duncan was playing Shaq, Kobe, Dirk, Weber, AI, LeBron, KG, T-Mac, Wade, later on Durant, Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Kidd, I could go on. Duncan>Malone anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge would agree. Go read some opinions, all the most knowledgeable basketball guys have TD over Malone. You also fail to understand metrics, they adjust for pace of pay. For titles, Duncan beat Ewing, LeBron, Wade, Allen, Kidd, Mutumbo, Bosh, all HOF, and had to escape the West gauntlet of Kobe, KG, Dirk, Nash, etc.... The fact you claim the West depleted shows me this isn't worth my time.
  2. Why? He didn't do anything to anyone. If he wasn't aware of any wrongdoing, why should he be punished?
  3. not now .very sensitive info and we should let the facts come out when it's over.
  4. I said the number was closer to 7%. Or did you miss that part? Not to mention your post lacks a ton of context. What crimes make up the majority of the 1.9%?
  5. Lol okay, whatever you say. Far superior? You're so, so wrong. Malone played 22 seasons, TD 19. Malone: 3x MVP 1x Finals MV P 11 time all All League 8th most games 7th most mins 3rd REB 25th blocks 2nd most turnovers Ortg-113.5 86th Drtg-101.5 Off W/S- 118.6 14th Def W/S- 101.5 LOLOL WS-179.1 14th VORP-46.7 38th 1455 games career line: 20.3/12.3/1.3/0.8 22 PER (35TH) Duncan 15x AS 3x Finals MVP 5x Champ 15x All NBA and All DDef 2x MVP 12th min 7th rreb 6th blocks 24.2 PER (14TH) Drtg-96.5 (3rd) Ortg -110 Off W/S- 25th Def W/S- 2nd wS-7th VORP-89.3 6TH 19/11/3.0/2.2 19 Yrs Duncan>Malone, it's not close. Duncan did it against much tougher comp.
  6. Duncan did it 13 straight years, even during his decline he never managed fewer than 8.9 RPG until his final year while he pulled down 7.3 RPG in 25 MPG. Career PER of 24.2 in a much different area against better competition game in game out. five titles, two MVPs, three Finals MVPs, 10 time first team All-NBA, 8 time first team All-Defense,15 AS games, 7th all time in rebounds, sixth in blocks, 17th in points, 14th career in PER (Moses-35th), 3rd in defensive rating, 2nd in defensive win shares, 7th in win shares, 6th in VORP. And I won't count all the second team All NBA and All Defense. maybe I misread, Moses FOR SURE deserves more praise, i would take him over Malone, but I thought You were saying he was more deserving than Duncan, who IMO is too five all time. Jordan, Bron, Duncan, Magic and either Wilt, Russell, Kareem or Shaq. Tim Duncan>>>>>>>>Kobe
  7. Zack needs one more vote to stay on, and looks like it'll come down to Herb Shortt, and what I'm hearing he is 60/40 to let Moore go. 😞 such a shame.
  8. Malone is overrated. Hes barely a top 5 all time PF. My list: PG: Magic Oscar Robertson Isaiah Thomas Steph Curry John Stockton Hon. Mention- Steve Nash, Clyde Frazier, Chris Paul Shooting Guard: Mike Kobe Jerry West Dwayne Wade Allen Iverson Small Forward: LeBron Bird Durant Dr. J Elgin Baylor Power Forward: Tim Duncan Charles Barkley Dirk Karl Malone Kevin Garnett Centers: Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain (could easily be #1) Shaq Kareem Hakeem
  9. Guys, false reports of rape are extremely rare. Somewhere from 2-10%, and the 10% is a dubious number. Most agree the number is closer to 7% max.
  10. In the past, Unions TE have lined up on either side of the LOS so the X is always gonna be opposite that side so I don't believe the X can be on one side every time. If it's a strong formation, the TE on the right, the X goes left but if the TE goes weak on the left side, the X either goes to the right or the typical Z WR becomes the X and starts on the line. You may be saying Unions outside WRs don't move around much and a player usually stays on whatever side for most plays, so the same WR can be X or Z during a game, which makes sense as Union runs some different formations.
  11. Blows my mind that they didn't address and try to fix that issue. They put a little sliver of orange at the top of the U, but it's still gonna look like half a logo if you are any distance away. But this is a MUCH better helmet than the orange ones IMO, but the white helmets were still the best
  12. Who played the X, the receiver out wide to the QBs right side? Or the left side if the kid is left handed. One more question and I'll stop lol; do any of the WRs have any size? Rasnick isn't big at all, I wonder how Lester has grown since his time down here, and I honestly can't remember how big the youngest two Jenkins brothers are from memory.
  13. In the current environment, I would believe that sexual harassment is an offense that leads to being fired. Maybe not just one complaint with no witnesses or corroborating evidence, but once other people make similar complaints, I'd say a school would be inclined to let a teacher go.
  14. A-Not true, no one found him 'not guilty'. He was never charged with a crime. b-That's why I said if he made sexually suggestive comments towards high school kids, I did not say he for sure made those type of remarks. But the fact of the matter is that apparently it was not one settled three year old complaint, it was multiple complaints over a short period of time. I won't presume his guilt (or innocence), but one incident can usually be chalked up to a misunderstanding or something else. But multiple complaints is a pattern.
  15. I usually go to every home game, but I always try and get there right before kickoff so I probably won't make any appearances but it's super cool of you to do this and I'm sure a lot of people will take you up on the offer.
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