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  1. Also do you hate the app as much as I do? It's not easy to use at all and some stuff hard to find.
  2. Did you take the boosted odds on Davate Adams? I took him to score and then to score in second half, did pretty well. They also had Kelce and Diggs to both score at +400 but Diggs never found end zone. Also Brady pass attempts were at 39.5 (IIRC, might have been 38.5), I thought that was easy but damn under barely hit.
  3. Can you be more overdramatic? Jesus Christ. Union shot 1-2 from the free throw line and less than 30% from 3pt. I wouldn't count on both of those going forward.
  4. One person, not from Union, said one thing. If losing by that margin against Abingdon is getting run off the court, a nip and tuck game, then I'd hate to see what an actual blowout is called. Losing by nine at Abingdon is getting run off the court. That's hilarious.
  5. Abingdon gets it back with a double digit win at home. Teams now tied atop the M7 with one loss apiece.
  6. 20 is a lot, esp in a HS game. Union is very good, but beating one of the top two Region D teams by 20 is a huge ask.
  7. Another big win for the Bears, beating Abingdon by 12, 54-42, to take sole possession of first place in M7 and remain undefeated in league play. Union is very good.
  8. Central would be the presumptive favorite but RV and to a slightly lesser extent Union could make a run.
  9. Union handled Ridgeview with ease on the road, winning 69-40 and setting up huge showdown with Abingdon in couple days. Both undefeated in M7 play
  10. Union smashed Battle, I don't remember final score but margin was in 30s IIRC. Around 70-40 if I remember right.
  11. Scotty 100% was right but it came off as sour grapes considering when the comments were made. I've always said the blame falls on the VHSL for their inaction, can't blame JM if they're following VHSL guidelines.
  12. I'd be shocked if any team besides Radford and maybe East Rock win the title. Cormandy is legit, same with the big kid at ER. but I think Union and Graham both could hang somewhat with Radford if they're at full strength. Radford prob wins but I doubt it's a rout.
  13. A Dem is bout to be president again, time for the GOP to go back to complaining about the deficit lol. Took a four year break for some reason, I dunno why.
  14. Ah okay gotcha. Union is very talented this year. They don't have a traditional big but they are long and athletic and if it's an up tempo game, they're in their element. Tough to press as well, most of the time all five guys can handle the ball. If the outside shots are falling, they're gonna be tough to beat by the teams around here.
  15. Union lost to Science Hill 70-67 (in a game they prob should have won) Union beat GC 64-36
  16. ND takes anyone if they're talented enough (as do most P5 schools) but I was just curious why he chose ND. Julius Jones went to ND and I don't believe they're Catholic.
  17. He s a monster. ND wants him to play LB, right? And is he Catholic? Just curious why he picked ND.
  18. Musta caught that Urban Meyer Syndrome (UMS) lolol
  19. Or, the bigger P5 schools wanted him to switch positions and Toledo told him he could have a shot at RB. I don't know the situation and I don't have an answer, but there are times where a kid picks a 'lesser' school because they said he could play the position he wants. and it's not like either UT or WVU are exactly tearing it up right now, playing in the SEC is different from playing in the MAC but Toledo is prob a more solid situation than the mess surrounding UT right now.
  20. The CNN link is from March and the reason behind the logic was that they were wary of a shortcoming. "There also is the issue that we have a massive global shortage," Ryan said about masks and other medical supplies. "Right now the people most at risk from this virus are frontline health workers who are exposed to the virus every second of every day. The thought of them not having masks is horrific." I can't get my text to go back to normal but that's from the article. If masks are useless, why is it horrific if front line workers don't have them? the CA DOH: I notice you increased the size for a certain part but didn't make the part that says IF THEY USERS REDUCE THEIR USE OF STROING DEFENSES. Another misleading piece of info from you. okay, surgeon general, in Feb, ANOTHER misleading edit from you: Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS! They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus, but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk! That was his quote. It's also from Feb, almost a year ago. How bout his more recent statements? https://mobile.twitter.com/Surgeon_General/status/1285327066142048257 Now the NE JOM. I've read the study. You linked it twice. You provided no link for point B. No one said masks are going to be a magical cure. But if wearing a mask provides even 1% protection, then everyone should wear one Unless You have real, provable health reasons that would require you not to wear one. I'm done here. UVAO already called you out for being intellectually dishonest and then you just double down on it. It's one thing to say something and not be aware you're being false or misleading. It's totally different if you're aware you're being misleading or dishonest and do it anyway.
  21. I'm not even doubting Tazwell will be good. But to suggest that Adkins would be the third or fourth best player on the field if Tazwell or Richlands met was crazy to me. I actually believe Tazwell could be the SWDs best team, but in terms of singular talent, Adkins is never gonna be lower than second or third best player in any Region D game.
  22. For one, 90% of the population is not wearing a mask. I dunno where you're getting that from but it's obv untrue. Turn on the TV. let's be super simple here: if something is spread mainly from the mouth and nose area, having ANY form of cover for that area is gonna help stop the spread of germs, correct? So anything that could potentially block even 1% of the virus particles is a positive, correct? Ergo, just wear a mask. It doesn't hurt you and it can help slow the spread. It's common sense.
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