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  1. Centrals coach earned the team a few no calls. It's a a shame when coach known for being an asshat keeps hurting his team. Luckily he is sort of gone next yr. Unfortunately for the kids it's a decade to late
  2. Are they playing at same time? Thanks yall
  3. Anyone one broadcasting the union/gc game tonight
  4. Chad Dotson stepped down as judge. He is family. They like to keep things a family affair sooo
  5. Tie ball game under 2 mins central radford
  6. Do it like we use to do it district regions and state. Top 4 from regions go to state. East just has to get better
  7. I haven't been watching nfl much for past few yrs, Some of these guys are decent Players.. I hope it sticks around too and stays different
  8. I'm likeing this version of it. Anyone else been watching?
  9. That central gc game was exciting. What a game
  10. Yowza You created a new profile for that post of comedic failure. Probably played out a lot better in your head
  11. Yeh I think the limited number of tournaments will hurt small Schools. To many forfeits for dual matches
  12. 1a and 2a should have never been 2 separate divisions. Good wrestlers in both but not much depth. Where did you get info on new Divisions?
  13. It's the players I feel for. They play hard and are a good group
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