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  1. It's the players I feel for. They play hard and are a good group
  2. You keep calling him a cry baby, what does quoting my post have to do with you calling him names
  3. So you are judging him as a "cry baby"?
  4. You are talking about judging teenage athletes. How did what I was talking about fly over your head. Recruiters are judging teenage athletes. Guess who scores gymnastics and cheer leading competitions? Judges.
  5. I played sports. Do you think they were played behind closed doors? Nope. What part of that post did i mention his dad? Seems you are the one judging based on the father. You dont support tryouts to be on a team? Hate college sports? What do you think recruiters do?
  6. I didn't say he wasn't good. I If i was picking a team he wouldn't be on it. The games ive seen him play he is a selfish player and does have an attitude problem in my opinion. If Im putting a group of talented kids together to play other teams he isn't someone i would wont on the team
  7. He doesn't do anything to lift the talent around him. How is that for objectivity?
  8. Chris the one that does Centrals is good. He's pretty funny at times too. But yeah they are gonna be biased to a degree
  9. Looks like daddies boy is back to posting again If I was putting together a m7 team to actually play other teams. Mccamis would not be on that team.
  10. Everyone knew he was done. I even posted about it in an earlier thread. It's a shame with the talent this yrs team has he didn't let someone step in earlier. He's not the most respected person in the area. By parents or kids. I'm sure in the future he will have the gym, a section of bleachers or a parking area named after himself
  11. I expected more out of Central after consolidation. Congrats to JSB seems that program is heading in good direction
  12. Yeh it's funny hearing him talk "no pressure" or whatever when he has been gifted his career from his Daddy. Of course he doesn't have any pressure on him. Dad will take care of him. He has very few fans in Wise or Pound
  13. Yeah to a point Central has some really good players and fans. If they only had a Coach
  14. 84-67 GC. Was a blowout in second half. Out coached from the very mention of " no pressure"
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