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  1. That's a shame. He hasn't brought anything to Central and he's not very popular with the public.
  2. Really hoping Central is looking
  3. I think Central only has 5 or 6 on team
  4. Any links to watch the remaining games?
  5. Would love to see Amburgy back in Wise
  6. I think Mullins family is from Clintwood so I can see that happening. He should have a bright future for sure but the name of the injured kid is McAmis so Id imagine QB spot will be his
  7. Thats what i was thinking I honestly wasn't sure. I know he coached wrestling then quit when he got the head coaching job he then had the wrestling team kicked out of the room that was made for them so he could use it as a weight room for football team.
  8. I thought after the Collins left there would be a coaching change. The coach should take it upon himself and leave, what credentials did he have coaching wise? I know he played college ball but as he a head coach anywhere else, assistant, etc?
  9. Def need to get new coaches. Got a good bunch of kids and they need to wipe the slate with the coaches. The players even joke about the coaching
  10. Hope the coach and the injured kid are ok
  11. Heard a coach got knocked out but no details. Any details?
  12. Just saw the video who are the guys in it? Wasnt sure if i wanted to laugh or cringe
  13. You sound like a pessimist
  14. well crap i thought fox tri cities used to do playoffs or some station. I would call direct and tell them I moved to tn and I would get the channel
  15. Saying delayed. Ive hit refresh a few times. Was the game time changed?
  16. Will be the 2nd warriors team to beat Grundy this yr. This time will be worse. 42-16 Chilhowie
  17. Yeh man he did. It could have been bad
  18. Looks like they may prove you wrong! 🙂
  19. Its a 3 game suspension for a fight? Thats crazy!
  20. Union up 6-0 at halftime on the radio
  21. The amount of kids going down for Union was crazy. Anybody know how Mason is?
  22. Yeh i think they are union unless union is open. Was hoping one of them was gonna air some games last night
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