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  1. Do you mean if both finish with the same record? Keep in mind, head to head games mean absolutely nothing in the point system unless both teams finished with the exact same rating. Points are based on wins and losses and opponents' wins and losses. Basically, a strength of schedule. If Battle finished 9-1 with their only loss to a 1-9 Marion, we wouldn't say that Marion deserved to get in over Battle.
  2. There are offsetting penalties in HS. I believe the play referenced was either personal fouls or unsportsmanlike on both Graham and Union. While the officials were discussing it, a Graham player came over to a Union player and began talking to him. Obviously, I have no clue what was said, but it was close enough to an official to be heard, and apparently drew an additional flag. b. If both teams commit unsportsmanlike, nonplayer or dead-ball personal fouls prior to the completion of penalty administration for those fouls, the distance penalty for an equal number of 15-yard unsportsmanlike, nonplayer or dead-ball personal fouls will offset. Any remaining penalties will be enforced separately and in the order of occurrence
  3. WOW! Beyond ridiculous. I REALLY hope we can find some Tennessee teams to play after this cycle.
  4. Really shows the conditioning because they chased Lester around for what seemed like miles. And he was cool as a cucumber the whole time. Just an incredible game and tremendous effort by both teams.
  5. Much respect to the GMen. They have a great team with athletes everywhere. Stats will be interesting. While Union played a tremendous game and showed incredible heart, I do feel the ball bounced our way tonight. One play here or there could have went differently and we would have had a long ride home. I do not want a rematch! Haha Good luck to Graham the rest of the way.
  6. Oh Lord, my poor butter and grease filled heart!
  7. Offsides on D is immediate dead ball.
  8. This is just a battle of speed vs power. Graham is way faster than Union across the board. Union can't answer Graham's speed and the GMen are having a hard time with the Bear's power. Great game!
  9. Better to be lucky than good sometimes!
  10. Guess I should apologize for the things I yelled at them. Lol
  11. Graham sent the police to remove an air horn from the Union stands. That was NOT the train horn.
  12. Also, radio coverage. There will be no audio on the online stream until the game broadcast starts. http://www.wlsdradio.com/
  13. It's not the McDonald's production, but here's this weeks hype video. https://www.facebook.com/129545150718962/videos/326456498148616/
  14. Nice article... https://www.bdtonline.com/sports/graham-union-meet-for-first-time-in-regular-season-friday/article_70e01fb2-da8a-11e9-9fc4-af9d6112a685.html
  15. A new fieldhouse is part of the BSG future plans for town improvements. Not sure if we will all be just old OR just dead then. Lol
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