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  1. Better than the orange, but I still miss the originals.
  2. Do you know the start time?
  3. Would NOT be surprised. Haha
  4. Depending on the exact reasons and how popular this decision is with the players, I wouldn't be surprised to see some new faces at Union.
  5. If Reed does end up at Battle, that's at least one guaranteed win. Lee and Central will be toss-ups. Know nothing about Marion. The rest...uphill battles.
  6. Heard he was heading a little further up 81.
  7. He may not have had a stellar record, but his teams were well prepared and very competitive. Against Union at least. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/local_high_school/stone-steps-down-as-football-coach-at-john-battle/article_34ba2536-6623-11e9-a49a-872c1aa4d831.html
  8. THAT is unfortunate! I sure hope so.
  9. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/smith-hired-to-draw-plays-for-hurricanes/article_a96a665c-5c0f-11e9-91b5-dfd38f6044f3.html
  10. It's definitely not a first choice. More like the year's supply of Rice A Roni that the losers on Jeopardy used to get as a consolation prize. It boils down to Union not being able to find opponents that aren't PowerPoint black holes, and I don't understand. They've been successful, but it's not like they win every game 50-0. I don't know about this go around, but, starting about 6 years ago, dozens of teams, at some point, have flat out refused to play. One quote from a team for 13-14 was, "we can get beat by someone closer," in a remark about the travel time. The 15-16 cycle was supposed to be the first and last, but Letcher wanted to keep playing and there wasn't really anyone to take their place. You have to be at least 2 TDs better than your KY opponent to compensate for the refs. So far, that's not been a problem. I'm more concerned with Paintsville because, unlike Letcher, they're actually good.
  11. Unless I have been misinformed, Paintsville, KY on 10/4 at Home and Letcher on 9/13 Away.
  12. Like I said...School board. Truly sad for the students at Lee.
  13. I thought the same about about Palko.
  14. The Lee Co school board is beyond dysfunctional. Nobody will ever be successful in the HFC position until some major changes, within the school system, take place.
  15. Do you think Barry Jones will make an impact? Heard he's heading that way.
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