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  1. I'm not sure if enough retirements, from the School Board Office, have taken place to allow BI to come back to the county, given the real reason behind his resignation.
  2. We have a designated jock strap coach if that tells you anything. He coaches them up so that we get 110% support out of those things. haha Technically, Union has an OC and DC, but I think Turner and the OC work very closely. I guess it's almost like 2 coaches doing the same job.
  3. We make fun of it ourselves, but like the tasks you mentioned, somebody has to do it. There is no shortage of volunteers in Appy/BSG to help out with the football program. THAT is a blessing!
  4. For anyone that hasn't seen Paul Huff in person, he just posted his sophomore highlights. He's not slow, but if he can increase his speed, he'll definitely be getting college offers. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/16614511/656620fad468d904ec49e93a
  5. Backpacks included! As a bonus, there might even be something in them! AND if you act within the next 30 minutes, we'll even throw in a toot on the train horn!😂
  6. We'll trade 5 assistants to Graham for Jennings. Have to see what Richlands has to offer before I can make a trade with them. Lol
  7. I was hoping at least one coach, a DC perhaps, might come back. Haha
  8. So what does this hire mean for the surrounding schools? How many coaches and/or players come back or go to Richlands from Graham, Tazewell, Honaker and any other schools as a result of this coach?
  9. I would agree, but at the time they were trying to make consolidation as smooth as possible. The thought was since the students were the ones to be truly impacted it would be less controversial if they decided. Ultimately, I think the goal was to keep as much out of the hands of adults because they were the ones arguing about everything.
  10. I went back and slow-mowed it. Looked like the Essex player's butt was on the ground before the ball broke the goal line to me, but the NFHS angle isn't the best.
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