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  1. Never thought I would see Chris Akers become such a divisive issue. Maybe we should start talking about train horns again. 😂
  2. I thought the same thing about him stepping into the role when he left Fort Chiswell. Especially, with this line in the Roanoke article... "It came down to if I don’t take this opportunity now I don’t know when this situation with location and job would come open again."
  3. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/prep-football-rick-mullins-resigns-as-head-coach-at-ridgeview/article_4044cfec-341c-11ea-b6e1-4f8b9afc8f52.html
  4. 1st Team O... Quarterback Devin Lester Graham SR Center TJ Miller Central SR O. Lineman Trevor Wagner Union SR O. Lineman Brody Meadows Graham SO O. Lineman Josh Price Central SR O. Lineman Noah Sage Lee SR Running Back Trenton Adkins Ridgeview JR Running Back Mason Polier Union SR Running Back Stevie Thomas VA High SO Running Back CJ Crabtree Central JR Receiver Ben Brickey Central JR Receiver Sage Webb Richlands SO Receiver Xayvion Turner Graham SO Tight End Tyler McCloud John Battle SR Tight End Casey Martin Lebanon SR Kicker Levi Forrest Richlands SR Kick Returner Trenton Adkins Ridgeview JR O. All-Purpose Cade Simmons Richlands SR 1st Team D... D. Lineman Will Moss Marion SR D. Lineman Ethan Phipps Richlands SR D. Lineman Tanner Jervis Union SO Defensive End Michael Calhoun Gate City SR Defensive End Joey Yates Ridgeview SR Linebacker Mason Polier Union SR Linebacker Aaron Edwards Graham SR Linebacker Alijah Sproles Ridgeview SR Linebacker Nick Kastner Graham SR Def. Back Ethan Mullins Central SO Def. Back Devin Lester Graham SR Def. Back Josiah Jordan Tazewell JR Def. Back Marqus Ray Graham SR Punter Levi Forrest Richlands SR Punt Returner Carson Jenkins Gate City SO D. All-Purpose Logan Smith Lebanon SR D. All-Purpose Logan Tomlinson Gate City SR Offensive POY Devin Lester Graham SR Defensive POY Aaron Edwards Graham SR Coach of the Year Tony Palmer Graham
  5. Pic on Union's Facebook page today of him holding his acceptance letter from there. And a congratulations on the Bear Den page. Don't know what his scholarship status is though.
  6. If he doesn't listen to all the people yelling at him during a game, he certainly isn't going to listen to my QB advice. Lol Here's the deal, football is like that game you play with the 3D shapes that you have to put into the corresponding hole. Everyone isn't a QB, WR or RB. Lester is a great example. He may not have fit the QB spot, but he was a great DB, and is a very athletic kid in general. I don't think anyone is knocking Gibson personally. I realize he was thrown into a tough spot. I just think he would be better in a different role. And for the record, I said his talents would be best served elsewhere before the season began.
  7. I'll certainly agree that Gibson was a better passing option than Lester. Pretty sure I mentioned here, in '17, that Lester would have made a good triple option type QB.
  8. They did overachieve. 6-4 was the popular guess, amongst the crowd, at the scrimmage and benefit game. Including some people VERY close to the team.
  9. Lester wasn't a real option. I'm sure you saw that "experiment " in '17.
  10. I don't want to come across as bashing Gibson. He is a talented young man. However, there is a difference between best and only. Andy Jones was clearly in line to be the starter until he moved. Bunch didn't play his 8th or 9th grade years then came out this year. He could have easily started talent wise, but wasn't going to due to taking 2 years off. Same thing happened to Lucas Holcomb in 2011 and Trey Lomax in 2013. Those positions were easier to phase in. Can't throw a QB in the game during the middle of the season.
  11. Difference between benefit game and jamboree as far as VHSL money goes, from the handbook. Benefit game - After expenses, the competing schools will each receive one-third of the net income and the remaining one-third share will be sent to the VHSL. Jamboree - (e) Eighty (80) percent of the net proceeds will be shared by the competing member schools and twenty (20) percent of the net proceeds will be deposited into the League's treasury. Money wise, even though the VHSL is getting a larger percentage of money from a benefit game, it looks like that format gives the most money to each school. For example: if $12K were made, that would be $4K to each school in a benefit game. For a jamboree, $9600(80%) would be split. Jamboree would have 3 team minimum. That's $3200. Four teams would be $2400. From a competition perspective, I would have to imagine a jamboree would be better, especially if the teams run different styles of O, to best prepare for the season.
  12. I think that uncomfortable look is a result of the "hot", and only route being covered and him not knowing what to do. Split second to decide to force it, throw it away or run. If the right decision isn't made he risks an int, a sack or intentional grounding. A porous line didn't help much either. Even if he had the leeway to scan the field IDK if he would have time. He may improve considerably next year with more experience and better pass protection. My only concern is whether there's a better option at QB and if he would be better at another position to use his athletic ability.
  13. I'm not sure how much freedom they gave Spears, but I know going back to 2011, the QB would tell who was getting the ball in the huddle. Over the years I've seen the receiver furthest away from the side getting the pass take the play off and not even bother running a route.
  14. We can only hope that gets figured out and things fall into place. No injuries would help a lot too.
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