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  1. They did use power points in 2009, but I would have no idea where you would find them. BHC archives?? Found this. Not related to Riverheads, but ratings in general. https://www.dailypress.com/dp-mtblog-2009-10-the_surry_football_game_is_hur-story.html https://www.dailypress.com/dp-mtblog-2009-10-vhsl_power_ratings_project_pla-story.html
  2. I think he would look REALLY good in orange. Just saying... I'd settle for VT though.
  3. For those wanting to watch DB... https://www.timesnews.net/news/local-news/d-b-releases-stadium-guidelines-ticket-information/article_4eb778dc-ed75-11ea-8acb-ef3844bb0f61.html
  4. I don't bother trying to discuss anything even remotely political anymore, and these days, that's nearly everything, because I found myself making everyone mad. No political party has a monopoly on ignorance. If Republicans passed a resolution that the sky was blue, Democrats would oppose it, and if Democrats passed a resolution that grass was green, Republicans would oppose that. I miss the days when people did what was right, NOT what is right for THEM. If people are so stubborn/ignorant that they will not believe the very truth that is before them because it doesn't align with their private "reality", then that only leaves us with a cleaner gene pool. Might be harsh, but you can't fix stupid.
  5. In light of the new information that this thread brings, I guess we Union fans should be thankful to be a part of this storied history. 😂
  6. Like a motivation or timeshare convention? 😋 I might be reading too much into his quote, but I thought the wording was the interesting part. He didn't say "Wells' football philosophy." He said "philosophy as a ... coach." To me, and like I said might be reading too much, it would indicate his problem is with HOW he coaches not WHAT he coaches.
  7. I agree. Would love to know what his full thoughts are there.
  8. The same way everything else gets dragged through the mud... discussing Riverheads' enrollment. 😁
  9. The crazy ones on social media shouldn't be allowed to procreate! Lol
  10. I think it's more of the bandwagon fans that aren't even from Appo that are the problem, on the forums at least. The ones I know that are actually from Appo and have supported them for years are nice folks. In person, they were very nice in 2016 with both the game and the passing of our cheerleader's mother. Many reached out on Union related social media.
  11. You mean "Hail"?? 😁 The real hoax is the price of that thing on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Muller-Heavy-Duty-Garden-Root/dp/B077Y5C8XT
  12. In the exact same press conference, the CDC also said they don't have enough data to definitively prove that, because the bulk of testing is on adults. The only thing that seems to be true is that confirmed cases in children have been mild or asymptomatic. That's good news! Another thing to consider is comparisons of US children to other countries. Several studies from European countries would indicate exactly what you said. However, children in the US have higher rates of asthma, diabetes and obesity than their European counterparts. These are all huge risk factors in adults, regardless of country. Everything about this virus is changing constantly. What they say to worry about one month, they say not to the next, and vice versa. They are even noticing a marked difference in blood type with O blood being less susceptible vs A blood. Just hoping the good news from the Moderna vaccine trials continue to be good.
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