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  1. There is usually enough yearly attrition in a school system to find a job "somewhere" for an assistant. Middle school, feeder school or even neighboring school until they can wiggle them into wherever they want/need them. I've seen some pretty creative situations conjured up to hire/retain/move/accommodate a coach when they need to.
  2. That's the nature of HS sports though, and not just a Ridgeview. Some of the comments made at Union games...sheesh. Lol
  3. That would be interesting on a few fronts...1.) Sorta contradicts the reasons given to leave Fort Chiswell. 2.) Would be indicative of definitely NOT getting the Ridgeview job. 3.) Possible indication of not getting something promised for coming "home." 4.) Richlands would for certain prove his ability.
  4. To the best of my knowledge, Ft. Chiswell hasn't made it to a state championship game. They did get to the semis 2 years before he took over though. It is certainly possible they would have posted the sub .500 records in '18 and '19 had he been there, but there's no way of knowing that. The only thing that is known is how his teams competed while he was there. Don't know the guy, but posts on this forum and articles in the newspapers were very positive of his time there. But, hey, if the rumors are true, you won't have to worry about finding out what he does at Ridgeview.
  5. I'm not an expert on Fort Chiswell, but he took a 500 student school competing in 2A to the 3rd round of the playoffs in his 2nd season. He improved their ability to compete which would indicate that the kids bought in and he improved their mindset. Something you definitely want in a head coach. You don't always have talent to compete, but you can tell if the kids give up or not.
  6. If that's true, really surprised they wouldn't select Tiller unless he just doesn't want it. Taking an assistant over a proven head coach is odd to say the least.
  7. I'm talking about the Crescent/Windy Hill area of N. Mytle. The reservation I had 3 years ago referred to it as Sunset beach. Just assumed that's what it was called. Haven't stayed at any beaches in NC, so not familiar with the names/areas. Everyone that I know that has stayed in NC always make comments like secluded, peaceful, quiet, away from everything. I don't want crazy like Daytona on spring break, but I don't want grave yard or the boonies either. Guess I'll stick to Dirty Myrtle. Haha
  8. I'm with you on Myrtle. Stayed in many parts. Last 2 years in Cherry Grove and going back to Sunset this year, both in N Myrtle. Already looking at a place in the southern tip towards Surfside for next year. Been to Va Beach, Hilton Head and the Gulf in Florida. Always go back to Myrtle.
  9. Sounds like he is getting exactly what he's been wanting for a long time. Not everyone gets that opportunity in life. Good luck to Coach Mance on his "2nd" career! https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/prep-football-richlands-greg-mance-heading-to-south-carolina/article_60ea3626-52ab-11ea-99ca-1315858d8e09.html
  10. Couldn't find the hard cutoff number, but it used to be 750 with a +/- 5% over or under that number. Currently the largest 2A is 732 and the smallest 3A is738 according to the most recent ADM table.
  11. He'll definitely be closer to the beach!😎
  12. I guess not completely unexpected, but still....wow!
  13. When Basham broadsided everyone with his announcement that he was closing St. Paul, Pound and Appy in 2005, I wasn't anti consolidation, but definitely knew that wasn't the way to do it. After he was let go, talk died down until the economy turned in 2008. Thing ramped up more each year with the millions in funding cuts. At that point I was very much pro consolidation. I saw first hand that there was no way around it. Too much overhead with 5 50+ years old schools and 1 that wasn't financially sustainable with yearly losses in coal severance taxes and state/local funding. It's kind of like buying a millionaire dollar home with a 50K yearly salary. It's just not realistic. I was actually one of the few people that supported the 2 school option rather than what we have now. And if things don't change soon, that's where we'll be regardless.
  14. As an in person attendee for most of those meetings, I can't argue. Haha
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