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  1. https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/smith-hired-to-draw-plays-for-hurricanes/article_a96a665c-5c0f-11e9-91b5-dfd38f6044f3.html
  2. It's definitely not a first choice. More like the year's supply of Rice A Roni that the losers on Jeopardy used to get as a consolation prize. It boils down to Union not being able to find opponents that aren't PowerPoint black holes, and I don't understand. They've been successful, but it's not like they win every game 50-0. I don't know about this go around, but, starting about 6 years ago, dozens of teams, at some point, have flat out refused to play. One quote from a team for 13-14 was, "we can get beat by someone closer," in a remark about the travel time. The 15-16 cycle was supposed to be the first and last, but Letcher wanted to keep playing and there wasn't really anyone to take their place. You have to be at least 2 TDs better than your KY opponent to compensate for the refs. So far, that's not been a problem. I'm more concerned with Paintsville because, unlike Letcher, they're actually good.
  3. Unless I have been misinformed, Paintsville, KY on 10/4 at Home and Letcher on 9/13 Away.
  4. Like I said...School board. Truly sad for the students at Lee.
  5. I thought the same about about Palko.
  6. The Lee Co school board is beyond dysfunctional. Nobody will ever be successful in the HFC position until some major changes, within the school system, take place.
  7. Do you think Barry Jones will make an impact? Heard he's heading that way.
  8. That's a bummer, but I completely understand. Thanks for the update!
  9. Forgot about that area. In addition to the high school kids that attended Appy over the years, I remember Appy Elementary getting a huge influx when Keokee Elementary finally shut down around 2013. Wasn't sure how many of those kids continued on to Union. Still closer than going to Lee I guess.
  10. Very true. Lee is a long county. Getting kids to a central location by bus every day is certainly not ideal.
  11. Both of these statements are correct. Kids attending outside their area only happens in Richlands and it is indeed bad, very bad. At Union, we like to refer to it as Intellectual Annexation. Just trying to give these kids a helping hand in being successful in achieving their goals and dreams in life. Any ability to play sports, especially football, is completely coincidental. An anomaly, if you will. Also, we are currently accepting applications for any students that may be over 6'3" and 300 lbs or can run a sub 4.6 40. After all, isn't discrimination against speedy and/or big and tall young men between the ages of 15-18 a travesty that we should all be working to curtail? 😁
  12. Not enough! Lol If we're talking about actual transfers (kids that were enrolled in Lee High at some point), a couple over the last few years. If you're talking about kids that live within Lee Co boundaries and have attended PV/Union over the years, lots. The section of 23 between BSG and Duffield and the section of 58 between BSG and Dryden have a lot of kids that attend or have attended PV/Union because of the close proximity. Less than 10 minutes to BSG or 30-60 to Rye Cove or Lee High.
  13. NO! I'm hoping Union will get fat by gobbling up some more Lee kids. haha
  14. For more information and the ever so insightful community comments... https://www.leedaily.com/2019/01/22/lee-school-board-considering-major-changes/
  15. WCYB announces a weekly televised HS football game in 2019. Wouldn't be surprised by the week 2(Virginia) broadcast, especially with it being in BSG this year. https://wcyb.com/news/local/news-5-sports-announces-full-season-of-high-school-football-with-friday-night-rivals
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