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  1. Pretty much. They essentially did a land swap.
  2. Not entirely. The money would have gone to the newly merged school district. Not the county, nor the city. The financial benefit for Norton would have been taking the sole cost of their school system off their backs. Since Wise Co's LCI was lower, this would have reduced the tax burden on Norton's citizens if the council so chose, or they could have used the additional tax revenue that was no longer going towards the schools to fund other projects. I think the real reason Norton didn't want to consolidate was the fear of eventually losing their City status due to a declining population from not have a HS, and all the associated money that comes with that.
  3. Norton really blew the consolidation with Wise Co. in 2011. They could have locked in a low LCI, and gained 30 million free dollars from the state over 15 years. Norton wanted Central to be located in Norton City limits. That was their nonnegotiable demand, and it was a big one. Wise Co refused, and Norton backed out. At the time, the then City manager said that Norton could only survive for 5 more years unless they found a new revenue stream. It's been 11 years and they're still going. Guess they found money somewhere. And absolutely no clue on how much longer Burton can stay open.
  4. Not sure about you, but I've never been smarter in my life than when I was 18. haha
  5. A tackling dummy that screams obscenities.
  6. Wise is political in everything.
  7. Chicago is 5 games below .500 this year. That record would kill our PowerPoint rating.
  8. University of Pikeville is the Bears. That might be where the confusion came in at. Uncle Percy probably knew that though.😉
  9. I think that has become code for "I'm in a crappy situation and need out ASAP while saving face."
  10. After reading the article on his previous retirement, and given his age, it would appear that he has more than 30 years in the VRS, assuming his entire career was in Virginia. I know nothing of his history prior to coaching at Riverheads. Edit: found an article that stated he had 4 years as an assistant at RH prior to being head coach. Also, spent time at 2 other Virginia schools before that, so definitely has his 30 in.
  11. As do I. I know nothing about his coaching ability firsthand, but certainly wish him success.
  12. Introducing Rye Cove's new coach Gary Collier... https://www.timesnews.net/sports/collier-hired-as-new-football-coach-at-rye-cove/article_da1bbd6c-6e92-11ec-b36c-ffb44ce04b3e.html
  13. "Spend more time with family" https://www.timesnews.net/sports/owens-resigns-as-wise-central-football-coach/article_18647c28-6e5f-11ec-9c52-27875dd7f7f1.html
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