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  1. Would be interesting to say the least. Note the ADM criteria in the article. Only grades 9-11 would be counted. Assuming equal grades, that would put Graham's count at 382...juuuuust a bit outside, BUT probably close enough to get them into 1A by 2023. That would put schools with a current ADM (9-12) of 1001 in 2A. The M7 and SW districts would suddenly find themselves competing with most schools that are currently in 3A.
  2. More than a rumor it seems... https://www.timesnews.net/Sports/2020/06/23/VHSL-committee-recommends-going-to-4-classes-from-6.html?ci=stream&lp=8&p=1
  3. I think that onus has been placed at the local level...Dr, health department, etc... I believe the Appy fire department and the Wise county EMS was doing the follow up on the residents in the Towers. For the purpose of reporting, the website I follow considers a case active for 21 days after being first reported. In VA at least. The criteria and specificity seem to vary greatly from state to state.
  4. You have to keep in mind that the term "active" doesn't mean that person is struggling for their life somewhere, whether that's at home or in a hospital. It simply means they still exhibit symptoms or continue to test positive. Some people that have contracted covid can't smell or taste up to 3 months after a confirmed diagnosis. Others that developed even mild cases of pneumonia have trouble breathing normally for months after "recovering." Doctors in NY reported seeing some of the same patients return to the hospital after being discharged. I can't account for follow up of every single case in Virginia, but there was with the elderly residents in the Towers building in Appalachia.
  5. Of the 56,238 cases in Virginia, 47,159 are considered active. There have been 1,586 deaths out of the 9,079 closed for a total death rate of 17%. This probably reflects the most vulnerable dying quickly, and as the other cases are closed that rate will fall. Even if the other 47,000 cases completely recover, the 1,586 deaths would represent an approximate death rate of 3%. That doesn't sound huge, but if that average held up for the entire country and every citizen contracted coronavirus the 3% death rate would translate to 9 million dead. There have been 5,100 cases for the under 20 age group with 0 deaths thus far. However, that is not the issue. What happens when those teenagers contract the virus and spread it to a parent with asthma or an 80 year old grandparent? That's where the problem lies. Even if these kids are perfectly safe, other people that they come into contact with may not be. And if the VHSL or individual school districts ignore official CDC guidelines and a grandparent dies as a direct result of a player contracting the virus from a rival team during the course of a game you better believe that lawsuits will start flying. At this point, every organization's; including schools, churches, businesses and athletic leagues, primary goal is to avoid a lawsuit. Whether that involves signed waivers or just staying closed to avoid any liability, they are going to do what they must to survive financially. I don't believe any brainwashing is involved. It is simply a case of unknowns. One 40 year old person can get it and have zero symptoms whereas another is dead in 2 weeks. It's a matter of not wanting to find out which 40 year old we are. As more data is compiled from the people who have contracted coronavirus, we will have a better understanding of exactly who is likely to be fine or likely to die. Then, we can make an informed decision as to whether we, as individuals, can attend a ballgame or if we should just keep our butt on the couch. My wife has already been warned by her physician that she's part of the higher risk group due to lung issues, so we know that we need to be more careful than most when we go to get groceries. I feel very confident that I'll be just fine to attend a sporting event, but what if I contract covid and then give it to my wife? Statistics are just numbers until one of them is your spouse, parent or grandparent. Testing samples from sewers in the US and Europe indicate that this virus may have possibly been around since September, and further prove the death rates will be very low. I hope that turns out to be true.
  6. I agree and I think that part was the real stink. Also why the team felt it was in a no win situation. Should have put the team first. Guess it was the principle of it. I don't recall what happened after the game as far as the injunction/eligibility went. I have searched high and low. Found articles before, after and about the game itself, but no mention of the events concerning the player.
  7. I couldn't remember why he wasn't supposed to play in the championship game(I was thinking it had something to do with a birthdate dispute), but I do remember he got a court injunction allowing him to play. I have tried to find a news article about it, but not much online from '93.... that's free anyways.
  8. There were a few small D2 schools then, on this side of the state at least. My cousin graduated from Appy in either '93 or '94 with a class of approximately 80, which was one of the larger ones. Around 300 in the whole school maybe? The last classes of Appy were in the 40-50 student range. I don't even know where to find enrollment numbers for schools back then, so that's why I went by division. But you are certainly right about Haysi. They were always competitive right up until closing. And even though some scoffed at me, I knew a good program would come from their consolidation with Clintwood and Ervinton. I'm a little surprised though at how much enrollment has dropped at Ridgeview already. That may hurt their ability to compete with larger 2A schools.
  9. You have to keep in mind that PV was more than double the size of Appy. From 1986, after the 3 to 6 division split, to 2005, Tom Turner beat PV 4 times, if I counted correctly, and had several very close games. How many other D1 schools did that during the same time period? Those players would walk through walls for him. I think Travis has that same respect from his. I didn't attend Appy, but all of my family was from there and I watched a lot of games. It was amazing to watch those scrappy teams, short on numbers absolutely whip other teams with more enrollment and players.
  10. Tom Turner could do more with less than just about anyone.
  11. This has obviously been in the making since he left Ft. Chiswell, but they certainly drug it out.
  12. Wasn't sure where to put this, but thought ghe "randomness" of this thread was a good place. Never been a Patriots fan, but this is very admirable, and their owner is to be commended. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/a-million-n95-masks-are-coming-from-china-on-the-patriots-plane/ar-BB1242KH?li=BBnb7Kz
  13. There is usually enough yearly attrition in a school system to find a job "somewhere" for an assistant. Middle school, feeder school or even neighboring school until they can wiggle them into wherever they want/need them. I've seen some pretty creative situations conjured up to hire/retain/move/accommodate a coach when they need to.
  14. That's the nature of HS sports though, and not just a Ridgeview. Some of the comments made at Union games...sheesh. Lol
  15. That would be interesting on a few fronts...1.) Sorta contradicts the reasons given to leave Fort Chiswell. 2.) Would be indicative of definitely NOT getting the Ridgeview job. 3.) Possible indication of not getting something promised for coming "home." 4.) Richlands would for certain prove his ability.
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