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  1. We went last year, Graham's turn this year.šŸ˜
  2. Talking about GC's last possession? This link might change your mind. Looks like a horse collar is "about" to happen, but the next pic (click to the right) still shows the QB standing up and the defender on the ground. https://www.facebook.com/UnionBearsPhotos/photos/a.3470017509690259/3470060743019269/?type=3&theater
  3. That was the CLINCH Mountain district. Union, Central, Burton and Clintwood were the LPD in 2011 and 2012, the last year of the LPD. In 2013, Abingdon, Lebanon and VA High went to the Southwest District , and Burton and Clintwood went to the Cumberland. The MOUNTAIN district was formed in 2013 with Lee, GC, Union, Central and Battle. Ridgeview was added in 2015. Abingdon was added in 2017 and the district was renamed The Mountain 7. I will agree that the Mountain 7 is not a renamed LPD. It was a new district formed from LPD and CMD leftovers. haha
  4. I'm really confused because I thought it was Pikeville vs Appomattox???
  5. We could always use 2. Could you set up behind the Graham benches? Lol
  6. I was not part of the direct communication, and if I'm wrong they can correct me. It is my understanding that Richlands' AD requested that it be blown less and that request was honored, but silenced, no, not silenced.
  7. It did, but after the AD sending the police over this year, I think it will be worse. Haha
  8. It's been said on here multiple times that Union isn't the same team since the injuries. That hasn't changed. Several posters said the GC game would be close, and a GC win wouldn't be a shocker. Those statements weren't popular with a lot of Union fans. Guess what, these posters were spot on. If GC had more depth, they would have won. It will take a perfect Union game, Graham miscues and something other than what we saw last night, as far as a gameplan goes, to beat Graham. Plain and simple. Hoping for a rabbit out of the hat, Friday night. Either way, looking for a LOUD Bullitt Park and an exciting game! Can't wait!
  9. This is the 2nd topic posted by the OP, after last night, that served no purpose. And not his first time doing that. Not sure of his intentions.
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