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  1. Just like Richlands football in 2016, Graham/VHS know what they have to face if they advance to the championship. It sucks knowing that you’re going to get obliterated by JM but whoever wins should still be proud to make it there no matter the score.
  2. Anytime a team from 1D takes out a team from 1C in any sport it has to be a fluke..
  3. I watched some highlights. GWs defense is probably the best I’ve seen in awhile. Narrows didn’t shoot bad, they just didn’t get to shoot enough. If GW can find a way past Auburn I think this might be there year.
  4. I never even heard of them until I was working the Region 1C Championship track meet at Giles last year. I had to go to an official to make sure Highland was a real school lol
  5. Is Narrows and GW still playing next Saturday? With all the games that got postponed last week I wasn’t sure if it would affect that one with it not being a district game.
  6. They’ll handle JCA and RC with ease. The PM game should be a good one
  7. I’ve had many conversations with Fant over the years in track. I usually work shot-put and discus for the home meets at Giles. She is a good discus thrower with a great attitude and is very respectful.
  8. 1. Simon (Bluefield) 2. Palmer (Graham) 3. Turner (Union) 4. Allen (Galax) 5. Lowe (Narrows)
  9. As far as 1A/2A I say that most of the head coaches serve as one or the other. Narrows and Radford are probably one of the few schools that has an OC and DC that isn’t the head coach.
  10. Carroll beat them like 55-21 or something close to that.
  11. People can say what they want about Cromer but I think he was a damn good coach at Cburg. Hopefully he’s able to get things turned around for the Buffalos
  12. Not sure about what’s coming up. I watched their JV team against Giles. They seem to have a lot of speed but lacked discipline. They were tied 6-6 with Giles at the half but Giles blew them out the second half 50-20. I’m sure they will still be solid but they won’t have another Clark anytime soon
  13. As long as Galax allows it, it’ll be there buddy!
  14. Watch yourself Dan, you don’t disrespect the Spartan horn. I will come to Pounding Mill and blow it outside your house all hours of the night.
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