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  1. Without a doubt the best team in the state! Way to go G-Men!
  2. If they played right now Bluefield would win by 3-7 points.
  3. I’m hearing their is a pep bus for the students but not for fans. I could be wrong though.
  4. Everyone has to enter on the home side so Graham will be on the opposite side. And yes you can watch both games on one admission but you cannot leave the stadium. It was horrible back in 2015 when Galax and Riverheads played in the state game. I swear it was over in an hour and a half and I sat for 3 hours waiting for 2A to play because I didn’t want to pay another $10 to leave haha
  5. They will search bags for the Championship game. I got searched last year. Could be because I’m black but who knows... (joking)
  6. Yea cowbells, air horns, etc are allowed any other time at Salem Stadium, just not at the state game.
  7. Don't do this to me....please...
  8. The only noise makers allowed is the band. We had to get a waiver in 2013 to blow the horn once for the introduction. But you can believe once Brunswick missed that extra point we let loose haha
  9. Sadly, I don't think they are. I'll do some research. I may bring one of my own to support the G-Men if it's allowed!
  10. And to all the Graham fans on here, do what you can to encourage your fan base to show up because it’s disappointing. Do a fan bus if you need to. Goochland typically brings a big and loud crowd and that can be a difference maker.
  11. I actually just posted that to start a war haha but in all reality, there’s no way that Goochland beats the same Graham team that played Saturday. I’ve gotten to watch a lot of good football teams this season and Radford is a very good team and Graham made them look like a 1-12 team, not a 12-1 team. Graham’s performance is the best I’ve seen from any team this season. G-Men leave Salem with a 10-point victory.
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