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  1. 1C Top 3 - 1. Galax 2. PM 3.Giles/GW 1D Top 3 - 1. PH 2. Chilhowie 3. Holston/Grundy 2C Top 3 - 1. Appo 2. Radford 3. Glenvar 2D Top 3 - 1. RV 2. Graham 3. Union
  2. I too fell hostage to Amway between 2015-2017.
  3. I’ve won 5 of the last 7 National Championships as an OC for Virginian Tech and HC for Indiana on NCAA 14. I feel like I’m a legit contender. My record this season though is 9-3 so no rings this year. Quite the accomplishment for a 27 year old. *Smirks as I adjust my tie*
  4. Every year they have around 50+ players that come out. They actually had 85 players at the beginning of this season but had around 20 quit(at least that’s what we were told by a RH fan yesterday) When you have that many kids come out you’re going to have 15-20 pretty good athletes to put out on the field. It also helps that they execute their offense to perfection. I heard their coach was retiring(again) after this season but like Galax, I doubt you see much of a drop off.
  5. Considering what RH returns, I don’t see anyone in 1A coming within 4 tds of them next year. They are a relatively young team this year.
  6. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
  7. Imagine being a small college team and getting beat by a high school team. I said what I said LCA.
  8. Tide is driving down the field now. 3 mins left in the first half
  9. I was way off on my prediction. I honestly did not think there was a team in 2A that could man handle this Graham team…
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