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  1. I saw where a member of the BOS from Hurley said it wouldn't happen and they were going to take it to court. Does the BOS have a leg to stand on? I've just been reading about it from afar and have very little knowledge of the whole situation.
  2. I remember reading in the Roanoke Times that Fiddler's daughter had signed to play basketball with a school in the MAAC conference but I don't recall which one. She should be a soph or jr this year in college. So they must be talking about one of Fiddler's assistant coaches daughters- which I know nothing about any of them.
  3. John Marshall girls won 60-38.
  4. So it'll be a triple header at Wise with 1D & 2D girls?
  5. Does the Virginia High/Graham game have to be at a neutral site since it's a semi final? If so, where will they play?
  6. Honaker 59 GW 55 Boys 1:03 to go
  7. Honaker 29 GW 8 Girls Half Chilhowie 31 Auburn 41 Half
  8. Honaker 17 GW 5 Girls End of 1st
  9. Ridgeview 46 Floyd 34 End of 3rd
  10. The GW and Honaker boys game is being played at Lebanon on Tuesday at 7.
  11. Very true but don't you think a 3+ hour bus ride for the loser of the Virginia High/Graham game could play a big factor?
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