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  1. Not that it's a shock. Scotty would have cruised through the distric with the kids TJ has. Everybody else sees it
  2. The second Bear signs with UVA-Wise as Bryce Guerrant inks as well. Looks like I'll be going to see more Cavs games next year:)
  3. Not real smart knowing how young this Union squad is
  4. Bottom line and the folks from Wise get their panties in a wad when I talk about mediocre coaching on the boys side although the record speaks for itself. The cold,hard truth is you give Scotty 5 seniors to put on the floor and GC beats everybody in the distric by 20+ and plays for the state title. I knew Central was in trouble when they barely scraped by the youngest Union squad I've seen. There's only one excuse for this Warrior team to not sail through the distric. we know what it is:)
  5. This young Union squad is a year away,but come tourney time they'll be the team you'll not want to play. This team is going to be very good in the very near future.
  6. I should have said only the 2nd SWVA team to win their first Arby's appearance opening game
  7. Only the 2nd team from SWVA to win in the Arby's Classic Central beats Tabernacle Baptist 58-40. Impressive win
  8. If Brody remains as the QB Travis absolutely is going to change up some things to allow him to utilize his mobility. He looks very uncomfortable just dropping back and throwing the ball
  9. The part that got me was his religious references. i am deep in my faith,but I am here to tell ya God doesn't give a rat's rectum about a silly ball game:)
  10. I would tab Central as the favorites but Union will have a say in this-lots of solid kids coming back and lots of youngsters who gained valuable experience this year.
  11. Without the miscues Graham is the best in the state. Christmas comes early in Appomattox. You can not leave what the G-Men left on the table on the road vs a good team and walk it out.
  12. They beat themselves-way too many missed chances:(
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