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  1. 17-0 in 5 no-hitter. Going to be a LONG season.
  2. Unchained

    Class Act

    Their kindness when Lomax lost his mom will be forever remembered. The most impressive thing I saw yesterday was a few Appo players stepped outside their locker room during halftime. Immediately their coach bellowed "GET BACK IN HERE!". Zero opportunity for someone to run their mouth (players or fans). Nothing but required discipline. That's a must for a championship program. The Raiders aren't where they are by accident.
  3. As well as a cross country bunch that just placed 3rd at state with zero seniors. Also the defending state wrestling champion and newly crowned All-American (crazy for a freshman to win state and then place 5th in the national championships) Thomas Potter and 3rd place finisher Satterfield. It's a great time for the athletic programs at Union. What a mighty fine year we've had.
  4. Easy there brother. Logic scares guys like that:). EXCELLENT post!
  5. She was the only classless one on that visitor's sideline. By listening to her mouth though I felt some pity. No doubt the 5th grade was the best 3 years of her life.
  6. I see heavy support on here save you acting like a 9-year old with a glass full of sour grapes. Seriously dude let it go. The vast majority of folks on here (even the Graham fans) have been nothing but classy,but as they say there's always gotta be one. Congrats on being "that guy".. BTW given Ridgeview's monumental struggle blowing a big lead and almost losing to a Blues team in turmoil thinking that they were a sure bet to beat Union was foolish. Lest folks forget that Graham got their fair share of breaks in the Union game,but everyone sees that minus you of course.
  7. Did you miss the posts about not enough practices,being short-handed,kids out late the night before...etc?
  8. They have been nothing but class each time we've seen them. Great program,great fans.
  9. Yeah I lost a ton of respect for him after that whining after the Graham game..
  10. A stark reminder today that our region just doesn't have the speed that Appo has. It's all about the Jimmies and Joes and boy do they have them. At the end of the day though I'm fiercely proud of this Union squad. To be Region D champs and a state semifinalist in a rebuilding year,to be 3-2 and make a run like this. It sure bodes well for the future. If you would have told me how far this bunch would make it entering the season I would have taken it in a heartbeat.
  11. Sure makes you wonder with the speed of Crabtree and their QB why they weren't eating folks up with screens and draws. BTW they have another upcoming RB that has really impressed me in the Sturgill kid.
  12. Ah we could gripe about us not using Gibson more on slants and such that are so often available. He has serious YAC potential as a WR,but we've forgotten him:(. As for Central being lackadasical that's a ton of arrogance there. If Union doesn't get your attention after going to Mitchell and ousting the team that knocked the Warriors out last year I don't know what does. Seeing a screen from our team lately is as rare as Haley's comet lol. I agree with you on the Central coaching though. It would have been interesting had that talent been at Union. Miserably short of potential there, but then again we're all armchair coaches here:)
  13. Gotta credit the Union D though. A lot of Central's plays had success all year, The best way to shut down the wing T is to contain and force lateral looking ball carriers who want to use that speed outside to break long ones to run north and south. You're just not going to find much room running into the teeth of that Union defense.Credit to those kids from Central for battling back. The old Wise and Pound squads would have panicked and gotten blown out. That's a credit to their character and toughness.
  14. I think more than anything Central was outcoached. Travis had them more confused than a cat trying to cover up poo on a marble floor:) In my opinion that was his finest coaching to this point. He had his team focused and very well prepared.
  15. That's an observation from his perspective. Now if we say we've graduated 67 kids in 3 years and are very young THAT'S an excuse.
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