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  1. Huge win by Central. As let down as I am at the loss my kids went to and played at CHS and this rivalry has been so lopsided perhaps this will add some juice to it. Bittersweet night in my household tonight.
  2. Perhaps the bighead after the massive win last week and overlooking Central. Young kids often do that.
  3. Central takes advantage of Bear fumble and scores 7-0
  4. The game won't be worth talking about:) The Pack plays back down in opponent caliber and lights up the scoreboard like a Christmas tree
  5. 7 years ago when I bought a house in Big Stone I begged my kids to transfer,but they were loyal to their teammates and band mates at Central and I respected that. I think if they had it to do over again they would have went to Union. No disrespect at all to the folks from Central. The majority are good folks,but just as the town of BSG has been a much better fit for me I think UHS would have been a better fit for them.
  6. 100%. I wish them both nothing but the best
  7. Size and strength will wear down a game Central squad 27-13 Bears
  8. My major takeaway so far has been that the young Union squad has grown up faster than expected. A huge part of that in my opinion is the wars with the tough schedule that forces you to grow up. I heard so much that this team was not nearly as talented as last year's team. I argued it and now things are starting to show. Yes we lost track star speed in Jenkins,but have much more team speed (really can see it on defense by how they fly to the ball)
  9. He also shuts his mouth and lets his pads do the talking. No showboating when he houses it either. He plays the game with the respect that it should be played with.
  10. For those who said he didn't have breakaway speed. Ask the Pack about that:)
  11. Let's just say that Polier is the best COMPLETE player in the region hands down. The young man does it all. You could tell him they were going to cancel the game due to flooding and he'd grab a shovel and dig drainage ditches and drive the bus to get to the park:)
  12. Not bashing him at all but when you talk about Thomas Jones that's rare air. Jones with his amazing vision and quick cuts could gash you up the middle as well not just on the ends and could deal out a bit of power and punishment as well. When Adkins tried anywhere but outside it was ugly. I wish nothing but the best for the young man,but the comparison is just not there. We can talk about how good Union's defense is,but EVERY week in the LPD and even non-distric TJ lit up good defenses. Ridgeview hadn't faced a good defense until week 7 last night,so I don't put a ton of stock in those gaudy numbers. Having said that he is good enough to play at the next level (just not sure where)..
  13. Huge win obviously for the Bears. I kept hearing Adkins was better than Thomas Jones and was the best RB to ever play in this area. He's a good football player,but not close folks (not to mention all of the great backs like Julius,Stonega Stallion,Boo Sensabaugh...etc. and vs those nasty LPD defenses as well as playing folks like GC when they were non distric). Having said that he still has time to get better and will (like James Mitchell did at Union),but an SEC D1 prospect? Not right now
  14. Great teams accept accountability. Not all of this is on the players tonight. Both Travis as well as our kids have to own this and come our ready next Friday,
  15. Absolutely deserved the L tonight. Here's hoping it's a huge wake up call
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