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  1. If Jimbo is forced out I can see the Bears picking up some footballers:)
  2. Former HC at Abingdon
  3. Pendegraft resigns. I'd like to see this program get a solid coach
  4. Such an amazing run. All of SWVA should be mighty proud of these ladies and their class act leader.
  5. Great season Spartans. To get back with all you lost last year is extremely impressive. Heads up Sparty
  6. It begs the question "Why was there no 3 point line?"
  7. 19-18 Central at the half
  8. Central 10-8 over RV end 1st
  9. I was just saying the same thing to the better half. Not many programs could lose what they lost last year and be back.
  10. Tough night for Mahavi with the boys and girls both going down
  11. Great job as usual Beamer keeping us updated. We appreciate you pal.
  12. Sounds like the Tigers did a solid job containing Essex Brown. She really impressed me watching her vs Eastside at UVAW
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