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  1. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    I agree. There is an impending sense of “How will they shoot theirselves in the foot this time?” with this program. From the outside looking in….it seems they are a bit lazy and not properly prepared….like they don’t put in the extra work that is required. Let’s put it this way….if you have to bet the farm on who is working harder, RV or Union, or RV and Graham, how you betting? I know how I’m betting and I’m keeping the farm.
  2. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    Prevailing thought in a lot of places is that the coaching staff and program is the weakness. Curious question: How would you rank the coaching staffs in the M7 or Region 2D? Does anyone have RV staff as a top 3 staff in the Region? Heck May not be too 3 in M7 (Abingdon and Union are both ahead).
  3. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    He was. To the Union folks out there. Who is looking like the starting QB?
  4. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    Not that I’ve seen. If I know Turner, he’s working the Oline and RBs on power all summer. 😂
  5. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    Good. Scored at will when the big guns were in there. If their Oline does it’s job, I’m not sure how you’re gonna defend those WRs with that QB. They may be best WR core in the state on several different classifications and they are big…all three are between 6’ and 6’3…athletic and can catch. And the O’Quinn looks a lot bigger than last year….really filled out. The Hill and Counts kids both scored and looked good and the Beavers kid scored several times….took the top off even with them playing 10-12 yards off. You can’t double that kid this year, they’ll kill you elsewhere.
  6. SwvaOG

    7 on 7

    Ridgeview, Lebanon and JI Burton are playing at Burton today.
  7. I enjoyed the Bluefield/ Ridgeview game. Glad to see them get out of the SWD and play some M7 teams. That game this year is at Mitchell stadium and should be a game featuring D-1/ D-2 talent all over the field.
  8. Interestingly enough, you’d figure TN High would play a few more VA teams. I think it’s just been Abingdon. I’d like to see Union or Ridgeview on their schedule occasionally. But, it’s a lot easier for them to fill out a full schedule with TN teams than it is for Bluefield to fill theirs out with WV teams. While we’re at it, let’s schedule Bluefield to play TN High!
  9. Five Virginia teams, three WV and 2 KY. I’m curious how many other teams play a schedule with three different states represented.
  10. We need a prospect board pinned to the top that tracks all this. Anyone want to volunteer? Lol
  11. I don’t think Ridgeview was taken seriously the first 3-4 years after consolidation. They were considered a one pony team but have quietly put together a good three year run. I think both sides have enjoyed this little rivalry that’s brewing. Once Richlands gets back up to full speed it will be better. Hopefully it will stick. I don’t see either side opting out.
  12. I see between 3-7 and 5-5. To their credit, not one single A team and they picked the three toughest M7 teams. It could be a rough season for the Blues.
  13. What’s the logistics of Bland folding up into other schools? They really don’t have a lot of options and I feel for the kids.
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