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  1. The kickoff return by Beavers that got called back was the turning point in this one. A chance to go up 21-7. Tough break and opened the door to numerous mistakes and some questionable decisions and Graham started rolling. Can someone explain the approach of giving Graham the ball on the 50 each possession? Horribly thrown 3 yard out that gets pick sixed. Felt like the Fr QB got “sped-up” during second half. Kid has to learn to throw the ball away….some pretty bad ball decisions….needs to live another day and just eat the sack sometimes. RV’s special teams has been average at best this year and today they were awful. Anyone know why they don’t roll the QB out more? Move the pocket and not let Graham’s good DL just tee-off? Good learning experience for the young Wolves…..physically they gave as good as they got. Graham moves on and we still have several SWVA teams advancing on!
  2. Yeah, I don’t think anyone is arguing against Meadows at all.
  3. I’ll kick it off. All M7 RB- Lomax (Union), Houndschell (Abingdon), Jenkins (GC) QB- Bunch (Union), should be O’Quin (RV), Cole (Abingdon) WR- Beavers (RV), Jenkins (Union), McClanahan (Abingdon) OL- Tough to pick these, A couple of Abingdon kids for sure. Belcher (Central) at Center. I’ll leave the defense to a separate post.
  4. This caught my eye too Giles. I thought the same thing…..you can’t lift this away. He needs to develop his skill personnel and find ways to consistently get them in space. SWVA teams can’t just line it up and run it down your throats and win state championships anymore. You have to have a varied offense and stress the defense and not just in a physical way. Look at what RV did to Central. They said “Yeah, you’ve got the best run stopping LB core in the M7, but can they cover and make stops out in space”. They couldn’t and RV moved the ball in chunks from the 2nd quarter on. Union needs a football evolution….NOT a revolution. They also need to be careful because I can see talented WRs/ skill positions saying “I don’t want to spend 4 years blocking on the edge, I wanna go where I can catch footballs”.
  5. For the Graham folks, here is your Ridgeview primer. Offense: Advanced passing attack. IMHO, with the exception of Blevins as I haven’t seen him, O’Quin is the best passing QB in SWVA. He is also a threat to run and isn’t your typical Fr. The running attack is average at best, use a lot of zone reads…no power. The WRs are, once again IMHO, the best in SWVA. Beavers has elite hands and ball skills and more than enough speed and wiggle to do damage. Hill has been WR and RB and is one of the best athletes on the field for either team. What makes them dangerous is their other two kids would start for pretty much any team in the region (#5 and #11). They have very underrated speed. The Oline is big but they don’t seem to run block well and do an adequate job of pass protection. Graham might exploit this match up. RV will counter will quick throws. Defense- Undersized and athletic. They have an All-State level DL in #62. Kid is a beast and won’t be scared of #78. I think the #57 is a playmaker at DL as well…but it’s a small front. The LB’s are led by #13 and #14 and are one of the better units in M7. The DBs are fine and #7 will probably shadow Bradshaw and #11 is good but I’m not a fan of how deep they play off the ball. Special teams are average but #7 and #13 can hurt you on returns. FG kicker could be a liability and Graham will have the kicking advantage.
  6. Ironically, I feel like if they had held Adkins back this RV team would be a threat to win it all. They don’t have very talented RBs and it shows in the running game.
  7. Off the top of the head: Down 14-0 at Union, lost 28-21 Down 14-0 or 17-0 to Bluefield, lost 21-19 Down 17-7 or so at Richlands, won 29-28. Down 10-0 and 17-7 to Central, won 26-20. They seem to not generate much on their first 2-3 drives.
  8. Oh, Im sure they are in the know. Fortunately the kid can scramble and run pretty well…cause he will have to. I’m sure Graham won’t “sneak up on” RV….they know who they are.
  9. Fair assessment. I’m hoping for a coherent and aggressive game plan from RV. I’d just like to see both teams at their best…, if so it will be a good game with some fireworks. RV starts horribly and seems to “ wake up” when they go down two scores. They do that on Sat and the game will be over early.
  10. Thought about going to this one but will probably be at Graham/RV. I’ve been a Holston fan all season….just felt like everyone overlooked them as if their winning is only because PH and Chilhowie are down. Similar to RV in 2D…overlooked and under appreciated. Pulling hard for both of them this weekend.
  11. Wonder if they pick up some of the Abingdon kids that aren’t happy with playing time.
  12. I’m thinking 35-21-ish Holston. Beason will generate enough scoring for PH to keep it respectable. If they shut him down, Holston wins by 3 or more scores.
  13. Damn, you spitting’ some truth here. I enjoy the 1A and think Holston has a nice little program down there in Trail Town.
  14. Not sure why this isn’t being discussed or why more people haven’t talked about the great season the Cavaliers have had.
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