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  1. I saw Galax and Graham 2 weeks ago on NFHS and Graham last night in person and Galax tonight in person. I think Graham will be tough to beat. Galax's rush defense up front/on the ball might be as good as Union's, but Union's back 7 is better and Union's OL is better including the running back for Union. The QB for Galax is really good. No offense to Graham's QB, Union's QB, and even my own QB at Radford, but I think the kid at Galax is equally as good as all three. Galax is a tough bunch, but I would have a hard time picking against the G-Men. As good as Glenvar and Radford are on the line of scrimmage, Graham is a whole other beat on the line of scrimmage. Just like Union pushed Graham off the ball on O, Graham also did the same thing to Union with their OL shoving Union's DL back a time or two. I favor Graham here, but no quit in the Maroon Tide. Those guys come in and think they are winning every game they play. Tough outfit.
  2. Wow, that was a heck of a game and comeback by Galax. I was really impressed with Galax's QB and their run defense up front. Solid team that deserved to win the game. Hopefully the Bobcats can regroup and be ready to get back in the W column. Congrats to Galax on the win. Classy program.
  3. Yep, the Bobcats let off the gas some, but credit Galax for just continuing to do their thing. They beat us up front on the line of scrimmage which is our weak spot. We are very young up front and have a bunch of new starters that are going to be good, but they need time. Also, they are undersized. This is not a big Radford team by any means. Congrats on Galax for continuing to keep that rushing game going with great blocking. The QB for Galax is very good. Hopefully the Bobcats can bounce back next week. The better team won the game tonight.
  4. More Final Scores Amelia 50, Atlavista 7. Amelia advances to 3-0 on the season in Region A. Clarke County 13, Central Woodstock 7. Clarke County moves to 3-0 in Region B, and Central Woodstock, suffers its first loss of the season Martinsville beats Dan River 31-28 in a Region C rivalry game and moves to 2-1 on the season. Thomas Jefferson of Richmond wins 25-8 over Greensville County who remains winless. TJ, a region A school moves to 3-1 on the season with Amelia as its only loss.
  5. Final from Radford, VA. Galax 34, Radford 27. King William 65, Carolina 6 Poquoson 14, Tabb 7
  6. Men, excuse me if I got some typos in this message. My wife is driving while I'm riding shotgun and typin. Just wanted to say those boys on the field tonight were studs. Two great teams with great coaches and great fans. Men, there is no way I'm handing Appo a title yet. That's one of the better High School games I've seen in a while with that ending. It was just knock out blow after knock out blow. The fans at Mitchell were nice. I met a bunch of Bluefield Beaver fans and got to see a few from Giles and Narrows (Giles County was in the house up there). Great atmosphere. Oh yea, my car (vehicle) was a near miss. My wife is much faster than me and she got that puppy out of there before the "tide" came in. I always love the tip to Bluefield. We did Trents Grocery this time, which for you folks in Bluefield that used to hang out or party on Wilderness Road, that's the little Grocery/Grill that's known as one of the key locations related to murder on the Appalachian trail and for the somewhat recent shooting of the two guys from Bluefield in 2008 by Randall Lee Smith. Trent's was one of his hangouts, and if you are really old like me, Trents was also the hangout of suspected Serial Killer George Bird, the psychopath from Bland County that did his damage in the 70's. Anyway, Trents has some darn good pizza and Trents is still open, after all these years. Hats off to both Union and Graham. That was quite a show. I don't think I will be voting the Bobcats over either one of you guys very soon in the top 10 poll. Both teams are light years ahead of Radford right now and both teams, whether they know it or not, are actually right there with Appo, and I'm talking about the healthy Appo, not the injured one.
  7. Farmers is good. It's on the West side of Bluefield, WV very close to Virginia/border.
  8. Man, that's a sharp uni. I agree man, especially the away with white top/khaki in your picture.
  9. I was told we might have one of our top lineman out this morning. We got lots of speed and athleticism on the outside with depth, but the starting line is pretty good, but doesn't have much depth. Galax seems to be always strong on the line, so this could hurt us a bunch if he is out. Safe travels for the folks coming from down around route 58.
  10. I recall Nick Colobro's years at GC when GC went from the Royal or Gate City Blue to Carolina Blue for many years, then they switched back to the regular GC blue
  11. Many decades ago, when I played against the GMen, they wore Khaki colored bottoms with cardinal colored tops at home. On the road, Khaki pants with white tops. It was a cool and sharp uni. I noticed this looking back through old pics yesterday. Don't know if GMen do the Khaki pants now.
  12. At a normal school, Satterfield would also be the best players on that team's offense, but Union isn't normal.
  13. Hey guys, where has Jenkins been offered? I'm happy for this kid because he's a stud. I didn't know Jenkins has D1 offers. Where and what are his offers. He's a stud. It's pretty scary to have three guys of the caliber than can hawl the pigskin. Also, question for Union folks. Who is faster, Satterfield or Jenkins?
  14. Exactly, for me, it would be like buying a subscription for Penthouse and having the Lack of enough nudity.
  15. No dog in the Fight, but if your going by D1 recruits with 2 of Graham's and the other 9, then we have to remember for Union it can be Lomax and the other 10. He is Div 1, so the GMen aren't the only team in the contest with a D1 recruit.
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