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  1. When I played agsint Graham, the G-Men had a wishbone formation, but rarely ran option out of it. We watched tape from their past games & they rarely pitched it so we focused on QB. When they ran it, their QB usually kept it. Don't need to pitch it if FB is gashing off tackle or QB has 15 yd hole to run thru.
  2. I didn't move man, so help me, Not an inch. Most G-Men fans don't know that we were not kicking that extra point when the illegal procedure was called because we were going for 2. I watched the vid probably 50 times over the yrs and I still haven't seen any Raddy player move on that extra pt. Graham was tough. They moved it on the ground better than us and that gave em the edge.
  3. BandanaVT, I played my freshmen year of HS at Lord Botetourt before my parents moved us to Radford. We played Richlands & it seemed liked Bryan Beavers made every tackle. I played against Chris Patton and Graham multiple times and he was great but Beavers is the best HS Linebacker I played against in my 4 years of school
  4. I respectfully disagree Bandana. Raddy will be favored to beat VH. Union has to beat JR and Raddy regardless to advance to state title. If I'm Union, I would rather have James River at home and Radford away compared to Raddy at home and JR away.
  5. Region A John Marshall vs TJ Richmond Greensville County vs Nottoway Region B East Rockingham vs Madison County Cental-Woodstock vs Stuarts Draft/Buckingham (SD and Buckingham play Wednesday the 23rd) Region C James River vs Floyd County Martinsville vs Radford Region D Still 8 teams left as the Region tournament starts Wednesday the 23rd #1 Union vs #4 Tazewell winner plays winner of #2 Marion vs #3 Ridgeview #1 Graham vs #4 John S. Battle winner plays winner of #2 Gate City vs #3 Va High
  6. Good analysis Bandanna on Raddy. Coach Cormany's done great. Beating JR once was hard enough. Beatin them again is gonna be even harder
  7. I know you don't want to play Kentucky teams, but by looking at what you wrote down, you make a good argument for........playing Kentucky teams
  8. A Triple C, Cayden Cook-Cash
  9. Congrats to Graham on a great season. I was rooting for you guys. I would have liked to see this game with your linebackers healthy. For the G-Men, I agree with some of the statements above on offense. You guys just don't seem to throw screens and had no answer for the KW's aggressive defense by having a short passing game. This is something the G-Men really need to fix in the future. At Radford, I wish throwing screens was all we had to fix. I would trade it in a minute.
  10. Appos gotta practice somewhere, but in defense of the Graham faithful, it is kind of unheard of for a team in the state semi's that is traveling to practice on the same field they will be playing on the next day. I'm sure it's happened before, but I haven't heard of it.
  11. I don't know for sure, but my guess is the anger from the Graham fans is at Bluefield, WV, not Appomattox County. Bluefield, WV, has done some suspect things with Mitchell Stadium as its arsenal over the years from stuff I've read on here over the years. I don't know how much is true or not true
  12. KW rb is bad news. Explosive speed. Best running back Graham will have played. Has had some disciplinary issues. Set out first half of Goochland and another game.
  13. My quote was "back to over 30 years ago" But, if you feel Owens was as good or better than Compton or Meadows, that's cool too. Owens was one heck of a player and I loved watching him at Tech. People can see things different ways.
  14. Don't want to split hairs, but Mike Compton was a Super Prep All American out of High School and a Consensus First Team All-American at WVU and a finalist for the Lombardi Award, played 12 seasons in the NFL and has 2 superbowl rings. I know Luke Owens was awesome, but that's some serious accolades for Compton. Owens was great and I loved watching him, but he was a 3 star recruit. Meadows just made First Team All American.and is the 12th ranked player in the state of Va by rivals.
  15. Much love for Galax. Congrats on win and hopefully you guys can find a way to bring that brass back to Galax. One helluva program you got down there.
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