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  1. CPF

    Tazewell Football

    Why would you doubt that he would move to tazewell county? His 90 year old father is 20 minutes away.
  2. CPF

    Tazewell Football

    Well......Im not going to come out and say it, but lets put it this way. If it happens you probably wont be a fan of it.
  3. CPF

    Tazewell Football

    If its who i am hearing,its a whopper.
  4. It was at king george. Unlike 20 years ago they have a nice field now.
  5. CPF

    Radio links

    Can anyone post radio links for playoff games?
  6. Billy miles was the offensive line coach. Not anything on defense.
  7. I sure hope that two days of practice we missed doesn't comeback to bite us in the butt.
  8. CPF


    Well then maybe you should coach. They've been putting stuff in all summer. If you ever got out from behind a computer you might know that. I forgot how wonderful this place is with you attacking my post 12 seconds after I post it. Carry on uva o......
  9. CPF


    A couple of days isn't going to matter.
  10. Congrats to Richlands, great game lots of heart on both sides. The way it should be.
  11. Need some tissues? V-High is legit, maybe you guys can't handle that fact.
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