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  1. Congratulations to the union bears. Hard earned victory for you guys. Best of luck the rest of the way. The G-Men will be back.
  2. Dark days ahead in western Tazewell County.
  3. Well I mean what was left to accomplish after they improved so much......
  4. Cool. And you have a blessed offseason.
  5. Sure it does, or you wouldn't respond. Crybaby.
  6. I wasn't trashing anyone but you. Crybaby.
  7. Here's a fact. Richlands will be watching the other tazewell county schools in the playoffs.
  8. Beatdown. Couldn't happen to a better bunch.
  9. Have they improved? Or have they just beaten Lebanon, Marion, and VA High......
  10. What screwed Richlands of having a chance was losing twice on your home field. To the only two teams you've played worth a $*!#. That's why you're sitting at home. Crybaby.
  11. Not a mention of the 1997 Graham team? That's the biggest what if.....Jeremy Gibson never gets hurt. That team easily could've won Div 3 that year. That injury changed Graham and cleared the path for Gate City's 1997 team. Would have loved to saw that team against PV or Appy.
  12. That's been happening here for 30 years. Wouldn't count on it.
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