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  1. Cocoa 56 Treasure Coast 55 Final in 2 OT Fantastic game. The Cocoa QB and RB are sensational...
  2. DOH!!! PAT WAS NO GOOD!!! Treasure Coast 48 Coca 48 2nd OT
  3. Cocoa 49 Treasure Coast 48 Final in OT What a game
  4. Treasure Coast 42 Cocoa 42 5:25 to go Helluva game.
  5. Treasure Coast 42 Cocoa 34 8:31 to go
  6. Treasure Coast 35 Cocoa 34 End of 3rd. Turns out penalties are a good way to stop the single wing. Treasure Coast just went for it on 4th and 4 from their own 27 to end the 4th, and made it.
  7. Treasure Coast 35 Cocoa 28 9:06 3rd Cocoa so explosive on offense. It remains to be seen in the 2nd half of they can stop the single wing. Treasure Coat has yet to punt.
  8. Treasure Coast 35 Cocoa 21 Half Kudos for Cocoa for not folding and getting a TD to close the half. They get the 2nd half kick. They have a 3 star QB and RB/slot who have made some big plays to keep them on it.
  9. Treasure Coast 35 Cocoa 14 2:58 2nd Cocoa really struggling to locate the football against the single wing.
  10. Treasure Coast 28 Cocoa 7 End of 1st. Cocoa has no answer for the single wing of Treasure Coast. It's as though they've never played against it bef....oh wait...🤔
  11. Treasure Coast 21 Cocoa 7 4:33 1st Edgerrin James son with a 75 yard TD run.
  12. JDHoss

    Week 4 updates

    Martin Co - 24 Seminole Ridge 6 Finally...after a lengthy lightning delay. In a game just a few miles from us, Jensen Beach v Boynton Beach was postponed by the same storms.
  13. JDHoss

    Week 4 updates

    I saw them at Richlands. It was the least physically imposing Belfry team I've ever seen over the years. I counted only 37 kids too. They're 0-5 and getting beat by an average of 41-8 in four of their losses. Their other loss was a Covid loss.
  14. JDHoss

    Week 4 updates

    Martin Co - 10 Seminole Ridge 6 9:57 2nd and in a lightning delay
  15. JDHoss

    Week 4 updates

    Martin Co - 7 Seminole Ridge - 6 11:55 2nd
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