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  1. Vero Beach 21 Chaminade-Madonna 0 Turns out that Vero actually set the FHSAA record last night with their 60th regular season win in a row. They beat a C-M team that has 4 guys committed to Miami and Minnesota, one to Auburn, one to Ohio U, and two more with multiple FBS offers but haven't committed anywhere yet. Vero has one junior DE/LB who is a nice prospect in Keanu Koht. Their defense isn't big, but they're really fast and fly to the football. I really enjoy going to a game at Vero because it's one of the few communities down here among the really big (Class 8A) schools that pack the stands. Makes it feel like I'm back in SWVA, aside from a game time temperature of 82 degrees in October.....
  2. Vero Beach 7 Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood, Fl) 0 Half VB looking to tie the FHSAA state record of 59 straight regular season wins, currently held by Lakeland.
  3. They do indeed. I've watched a guy down here this season who plays for Jensen Beach named Manny Rogers. He's a 5.7 3 star OL/DL that is committed to Free Shoes Uâ„¢ . He passes the look test at 6'6 300, and has some impressive Hudl moments. I've seen two of their games this year, and outside of maybe a half dozen or so plays, he's been a non-factor and more than a few times has gotten embarrassed by smaller guys, like when the Treasure Coast 230 lb FB locked him up at the 4 yard line and drove him halfway into the end zone. This guy will have multiple snaps where he literally doesn't do much more than get out of his stance. I guess that someone from Rivals saw him at a camp and he performed well in individual drills in a tee shirt and shorts. He is athletic, and you can see his potential from time to time, but taking that many plays off should be a huge red flag.
  4. Over at Breathitt we were standing at the fence and watched right in front of us as Cedric Mitchell was taken to the ground by his face mask with the official looking straight at it. He reached for his flag not once, but twice, but never threw it. That was just one of many examples of what went on. PV had a long punt return nullified by a phantom block in the back call. Robbins kept pressing the official for who did it, and finally the guy gave him a player number. Robbins thought for a couple of seconds and yelled at the ref that number ___ wasn't even in the game on that play. The ref just shrugged his shoulders.
  5. Numbers are down here in Florida too. So far we've seen.... * Port St Lucie Treasure Coast vs Miami Monsignor Pace. Treasure Coast is in Class 8A and has 44 players. Pace is 4A and had 37 * Cocoa vs Sebastian River. Cocoa is 4A and had around 60 players. Sebastian River is 5A and had 43 * Treasure Coast vs Jensen Beach. Jensen Beach is 5A and had 36 players.
  6. Went over to Breathitt the first time PV played there. A friend who used to play for Belfry said that PV would be down 2 TD when they got off the bus. I laughed it off, but he was right.
  7. I saw the Union freshmen play at Dobyns-Bennett this past Monday. They have some big kids, but there was one wearing #44 who never got in the game, and he looked like the biggest guy on either team. Anyone know who he is, how big or why he didn't play? I would have asked a Union fan, but our grandson plays on the D-B freshman team and we were sitting on that side. Great game BTW with Union winning 18-14 as D-B completed a long pass and run down to the Union 6 before a kid from Union ran the WR down from behind. With 22 seconds to go, D-B spiked the ball to stop the clock, then fumbled the snap on the next play with Union recovering for the win.
  8. Tie game...2 seconds left...Richlands attempts a chip shot FG for the win. The snap is bad, the holder scoops it up and is headed towards the end zone when a defender gets a hand on his ankle.The holder tries to stretch out to break the plane of the goal line, but fumbles. A Union defender scoops it up and heads the other way. A Richlands player catches up with him at midfield and as he is being tackled, he laterals it blindly back over his head and another Union player scoops it up and score. In other words, a typical Union - Richlands game.
  9. Went to the game last night and wound up wishing we had stayed home. We stayed in the truck until 8:00, then waited in an on & off rain until kickoff only to watch an error and penalty filled first half that was really hard to watch, and we left at the half. Did anyone ever see how many total penalty yards there were? I'm not watching Elizabethton until tonight, but I'm guessing that Greeneville will finish the regular season at 8-2. This is the least physically imposing Greeneville team I've seen in probably 12 years or so and it really makes you appreciate just how great those last two Greeneville teams were.
  10. 09/06 - Venice @ Vero Beach....both are usually in the top 10 of the 7A & 8A polls in Florida.
  11. JDHoss

    TSSAA Playoffs

    I'd guess that Burton is close as well.They have a state title and I believe 4-5 other state title game appearances. Having that many teams is truly a statement about SWVA football. I'd say that PV, Appy, Gate City and Clintwood absolutely dwarf Elizabethton on points, with Richlands and Graham easily outdistancing them as well.
  12. In no particular order...... * Appy's Ron Davis returning an interception 100 yards for a TD against Madison Co. in the state title game. * PV's Robbie Duncan to Ricky Webb with 11 seconds to go for the win against Lunnenburg in the state finals. * Kelly's Scott Church to a player whose name escapes me at the moment for a TD pass to beat Purry McClure in the semis.
  13. Our grandson played for Robinson, and will be on the freshman team at D-B this year. Both Robinson and Seveir have struggled badly. In the coming years, last year's 4-6 record may be looked back on as a fond memory for D-B fans.
  14. A friend of mine used to play for Belfry. The first time PV played at Breathitt Co, his exact words were "your boys will be down 2 TD when they get off the bus." He knew what he was talking about.....
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