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    I miss not having the NCAAT, and MLB. In my uneducated, hillbilly opinion....IF....we can come up with a viable, widely available treatment (not vaccine, which is probably a year away) that works really well for most cases, we could regain some sense of normalcy. Depending on when that might happen, we might see an abbreviated MLB season, possibly an 8 team NBA playoff, and perhaps even a normal football season, although I would expect that these games would likely be played without spectators.
  2. Michael Stidham - PV. Can't remember the year, but he had an awful knee injury on a kickoff against JJK as I believe a junior, and was never the same. Really nice player who could have easily played at a UVA-Wise or E&H.
  3. Yeah, I know who you are talking about, and him making controversial calls doesn't surprise me. Anybody know where this dude is from? Pretty sure it isn't the North Pole.
  4. Santa Clause? Heavy set dude with the long gray beard? And yes, I'm being serious.....
  5. Never been there. Been to AC Reynolds, Robeson and Butler (SE of Charlotte). Robbinsville sounds like a great place to go.
  6. Being retired really helps, although we've been doing this for quite a few years and have been to games in VA, TN, KY, WV, GA, MS, NC, SC and FL. Really love the Florida games because of the raw athleticism on display most nights, but the atmosphere in NET & SWVA is hard to beat. So many of the bigger Florida schools will have really nice facilities, but very little turnout. Cocoa (4A) and Vero Beach (8A) are exceptions that we've found, probably because they are the only schools in the community.
  7. We sat in the 1st section of the Betsy home side about halfway up. There were a couple of guys from New Market (TN) in front of us who really don't support a single school, but like us, try to go to the best game. If the weather holds out, we'll go to Salem next Saturday regardless of who wins this weekend.
  8. I'll go with.... Greenback Meigs Alcoa Betsy Central Murville No idea about the privates. Wish the VH$L would have an event like this. We've been several times and it's a blast. Not going this year because the wife is going to a concert with her sister on Friday night, and we're going to head up to Glade Spring for PH-Galax on Saturday.
  9. Absolutely. Population, demographics, spring football all play a big part. The decline of coal over the years has really hammered SWVA. We watched Union vs Richlands earlier this year and I reminisced about the powerful teams that these schools had back in the day. The spirit and effort is still there, but overall the talent with an exception here and there is really down.
  10. It's amazing watching that much talent isn't it? Same way down in Florida. We came back to Kingsport for the holidays and went to Elizabethton vs Nolensville. After watching football in Florida most of the year, the lack of athleticism and overall speed was astounding last night. Cocoa lost in the Class 4A semis last 20-14 to The Bolles School from Jacksonville. We saw Cocoa earlier this year and they would Mercy Rule Betsy by halftime. I will say however, that aside from the games at Vero Beach, the atmosphere in the Mountain Empire is way better.
  11. Thanks! Looks like we'll be going to Elizabethton, as we are going to keep the grandkids on Thursday night so their parents can celebrate Black Friday. If they pick them up early, we may still head to the Knoxville area, but I'm not getting my hopes up for that.
  12. We saw them the last time they played in the semis at Murville. Oakland had more talent, but Murville...well...they were just Murville and didn't do anything to beat themselves, didn't miss tackles and made plays they needed to make. We'll probably pick between them and Alcoa. We just got back from Florida yesterday. I'm dreading going from watching football in shorts, tee shirt and sandals to long johns and gloves. I love seeing family and friends, but I'm counting down the days until we go back.
  13. Trying to decide between watching Nolensville - Betsy, Alcoa - Loudon or Murville - Oakland. The easiest of course would be watching Betsy, but Alcoa and Murville games are far more compelling. but fighting the Black Friday traffic and overflow crowds will present a challenge.
  14. Deerfield Beach 35 Vero Beach 7 3rd round of the FHSAA Class 8A playoffs Great effort by Vero, but Deerfield was too big, too fast and too talented. The paper here said they had 12 guys in the junior and senior classes who were either committed or had multiple FBS offers. I guess next week we'll be freezing our ass off somewhere in East TN or SWVA at a game, and counting the down the days to a post Christmas return to Florida.
  15. Vero Beach 7 Deerfield Beach 7 8:27 2nd Deerfield Beach is extremely big, fast and talented.... surprised it's tied.
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