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  1. I was there when they played Greeneville in the playoffs a couple of years ago. This clip doesn't compare to the atmosphere of that night, but it gives you an idea of it.
  2. We watched Treasure Coast vs Orlando Olympia last night in the 2nd round of the Class 8A playoffs. They had to move the game from Treasure Coast's stadium to here in The Fort due to a water main break. There were maybe 400 people there. Undefeated TC had a running clock in the 2nd half on the way to a 49-8 win. Not much of an atmosphere, but there's a lot to be said about watching late November playoff football in a t-shirt, shorts and sandals in 74 degree weather.
  3. Great VA atmospheres in no particular order past and present... * Bullitt Park (PV & Union) * Riggs Stadium (Appy) * 5 Star (Lee) * Legion (GC) * Lawson-Fitchco (JIB) * Ralph Cummins (Clintwood) * Richlands * Graham * Lebanon * Appomattox * Giles * Radford * Parry McClure * Hurley * Honaker * Carroll Dale (JJK) Out of state.... * Anderson Co (TN) Probably the best pregame entrance I've seen. * Greeneville * Dobyns-Bennett * Knox Fulton (TN) Players enter through the aisles in the stands. * Alcoa (TN) * Elizabethton (TN) * Maryville (TN) * Kingston (TN) * Gatlinburg-Pittman (TN) * Belfry (KY) * Bell Co (KY) * Dorman (SC) * Byrnes (SC) * Valdosta (GA) * Camden Co (GA) * Vero Beach (FL) Best atmosphere we've found in Florida so far. * Cocoa (FL)
  4. Strange decision is an understatement. I hate that I never got to see him play in person before we moved to Florida a couple of years ago. At any rate, best of luck to him.
  5. Tickets down here have been tough to come by as well, with many schools restricting tickets to the families of players, coaches and cheerleaders with a few allotted for students. We've not missed a week yet, but the games have all been dogs. Went to watch Okeechobee at Sebastian River last Friday. They actually had a big crowd, but evidently most of them were band parents/relatives because after the halftime show, people were leaving like a bomb threat had been announced. Props to their band though. They have a big band and they were really good performing a Queen medley for their halftime show.
  6. Valdosta is a great place to raise two families! 🤣
  7. We're about 90 minutes north of Miami. The schools here in St Lucie county have shared stadiums which are nice facilities. That's why there's usually a Thursday game, although tonight's game is a bit of an oddity. Westwood had their opened postponed due to Covid-19 last week, so they may be trying to work in another game somewhere. We had hoped to see John Carroll Catholic v Okeechobee on Friday, but Carroll has opted to only sell tickets to students, and the families of players, coaches and cheerleaders. I'll try to get tickets to Port St Lucie at Vero Beach, but that will be a tough go. Unlike most schools in this area, Vero Beach has a rabid fan base and they are only selling 1K tickets, with 750 already allotted for students, cheerleaders and players & coaches families. Talking about facilities, the best I've ever seen belonged to Valdosta (Ga) high school. We had a vendor in Valdosta who was a booster and we got a personal tour of the stadium, field house and museum. There are a lot of FCS programs who would be envious of what they have.
  8. I have tickets to Fort Pierce Westwood v Fort Pierce Central on Wednesday night. Big rivalry game, but Westwood will roll them. Hoping to get tickets to South Fork v Treasure Coast on Thursday and John Carroll Catholic v Okeechobee on Friday.
  9. JDHoss


    On a side note, does anyone know how Sammy Belcher is doing with his health issues?
  10. Went to the Jensen Beach v Treasure Coast game last night. Masks were required and they had a few deputies at the game making the rounds to enforce it. The only time I saw people with them down were when they had food or something to drink.
  11. JDHoss


    I think there were 19 games in TN that fell to Covid-19 last week. So far here locally in Florida, we have 3 schools that have canceled/postponed their opening game this week. I bought online tickets for tonight to see Jensen Beach v Treasure Coast.
  12. Here in South Florida, Martin, St Lucie and Indian River counties announced today they will cap ticket sales at 1K, with tickets being sold online only. That probably won't affect anyone much except for Vero Beach and Sebastian River. Vero turns out a great crowd every home game, and lots of parents/grandparents go to watch their kids in the band at Sebastian River. It's not quite as big as the Dobyns-Bennett band, but it's really big. The rest of these schools have sparse turnouts. We saw two games at Jensen Beach last year and I'd guess they didn't have 70 people combined at those games in spite of having one of their best years ever.
  13. Everybody should see Alcoa play at least once. Great, highly organized program from the the youth leagues up, just like Maryville. I've seen them play quite a few times over the years, and saw them back in 2017 when they came to D-B with the youngest, least physically imposing Alcoa team I had seen. They were 2-2 coming in with losses to Corbin and Maryville. They trailed D-B by 2 scores for most of the game, and were down 31-21 heading into the 4th. They got a TD, then stopped D-B on downs after a long drive. At that point, you knew they were going to score, and they did. You could see it in the body language of the players. Those kids never thought for a second they were going to lose and they kept playing hard. They wound up winning 35-31.
  14. Sullivan South cancels 1st game.... https://www.timesnews.net/sports/south-shuts-down-football-practice-after-positive-test/article_cc780f9e-d9dd-11ea-8c21-b3cbb9fe38e2.html
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