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  1. My brother was (RIP) an old school guy. He also knew an asshole when he saw one. It's possible to be "old school" and not be an asshole too.
  2. My brother was working on a construction project close to the JJK practice field back when Saunders was there. He said he didn't know how Saunders hadn't been attacked by his players or parents.
  3. Almost all of the counties/communities in SWVA face trouble with economics and dwindling population, and I'd guess that Lee county is one of the hardest hit. It's been several years, but the last time I drove through there it was so depressing looking at it, and I can't imagine it's gotten any better. I really hope the hire works out for them, but I'm guessing Lee may be the toughest 2A job in SWVA.
  4. Remember when the local papers had detailed rushing, passing, scoring and defensive stats for individual players as well as teams? 🤔
  5. Watched the game on NFHS. The final margin was about what I thought it'd be, but Union moved the football better than I thought they would. If they could have cut out the turnovers, it would have been a little closer, but they had no answer for the speed of Appomattox. Great season for the Bears though, and hopefully they can use it as a springboard to the upcoming fall season.
  6. Of the 16 teams in the 8 state title games here in Florida, 8 were privates.
  7. Liberty Christian? I was always under the impression that the VHSL didn't allow privates to compete with public, at least in the playoffs. I haven't lived in VA in over 30 years though, so I guess I missed that.
  8. Satterfield's run reminded me of the Richlands game (can't remember the year) when Union rallied with a couple of late touchdowns to tie it, and it looked to be headed to overtime but the Bears picked off a pass and took it to the house on the last play of the game. I can't remember the name (this is what getting old does for you) of the kid who made the pick, but to this day I don't believe the Richlands QB ever saw him out there.
  9. I'll go with Appomattox by a lot. Still, it's been a great season for Union regardless of the outcome. The run by Satterfield to win the Graham game was right out of a movie script and will be remembered for years.
  10. That 83 playoff game was bizarre. If you had looked at the stat sheet without knowing the final score, you'd have assumed PV had won by a couple of TD+. PV spent the entire day starting every drive with terrible field position, and moved the football up and down the field but could never punch it in and lost 7-3.
  11. Anyone else watch this online? I got about every 2nd or 3rd play. Worst stream of the year by far.
  12. I've watched Union v Lee & GC and watched Abingdon v Wise. I'll go with Abingdon by 3 TD. Good test for Union to see where they are though. Looking forward to watching it, even though the video quality will probably be poor and the camera will have trouble following the action. Still, it's better than not being able to watch. We got our fist Moderna shots this week. I'm soooo looking forward to a normal football season in August.
  13. What was the final score? I was hoping this was going to be a Friday night game. I was tempted to watch, but it was a drop dead gorgeous 81 degree day with light winds.
  14. Got to watch it on a rainy afternoon here in Florida. The resolution and camera work was awful, but better than not being able to watch at all. I liked the GC QB, but he really needs to play a little smarter when trying to escape pressure. I'm guessing between the sacks and grounding penalties, he might have lost 80 yards. Maxpreps has the Lomax kid listed at 209. Is he really that big? Maxpreps rosters can be notoriously inaccurate sometimes.
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