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  1. God, why would anybody want rebroadcast anything from Marion's 2004 season?
  2. I just flew in from Whackertown, and boy, are my arms tired.
  3. With all the covid bickering, this thread may be the last Bastian of levity on the board. *edit* Man, I should really start to Lookout at the previous puns before I post.
  4. Came in, saw all these old posts, and immediately walkered back out.
  5. I predict that Marion and Lebanon will consolidate football programs just to have enough players to field a team.
  6. There're several teams from the former LPD that would agree.
  7. How long to the point of know return?
  8. #26 - Giving up a virtual Hail Mary to Marion in 2017 which caused @Canes00 to dive over a bench in excitement, which I was not expecting, and gave me quite the spook. I demand RHS to pay for my councilling.
  9. #25 - My grandpa being ejected from a game in 1946 for fighting with a 'Nader at Richlands and then tearing the lockers out of the walls of the locker room when they told him he was not allowed to leave the field house until after the game was finished, despite the fact that the 'Nader "was asking for it," and after being ejected, didn't have to leave the sideline.
  10. #24 - Mance receiving a three minute uncharged timeout at Marion while a train passed the stadium, conveniently as momentum was turning toward Marion, because "the players have the right to hear the cadence."
  11. Not Ceres-proper, more Olympia. A small portion of northeastern Smyth County has a Ceres mailing address. I know that when I went to high school at Marion, several students travelled to Marion for high school from the "upper end" of Rich Valley and Nebo without complaint from the school board, so long as they had transportation. There were two classmates of mine, unrelated to each other, who transferred from Northwood to Marion their Junior year when they got driver's licenses, because their RVHS alum parent didnt want them going to "that damn Saltville school."
  12. Pretty rough. Not as long, but I made a wrong turn and wound up on it leaving Mountain City. Immediately regretted my decision.
  13. If it were possible to get kids from the upper end of Rich Valley to Marion without taking 16 (which buses are prohibited on) Northwood would be consolidated with Chilhowie. It's been on the agenda for the school board since the late 70s, back when it would have consolidated CHS, RBWHS, and RVHS. The school board even bought a large piece of land on 107 just outside of Chilhowie to build it on, but they viewed it as too long of a drive for students around Ceres and Nebo, and there was no way to get those students to Marion. If they had consolidated though, it would have created two Smyth County high schools, that at this point, would have almost identical enrollment.
  14. Because the state prohibits school buses on it which turns an hour drive into a near two hour drive. Not to mention the fact that Walker Mountain is literally the only reason why Northwood High School still exists.
  15. The drive between Marion and Tazewell/Richlands is the reason why the SWD can't have nice things.
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