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  1. This. Nothing will kill a football program faster than instability; see John Battle, Fort Chiswell, Lee, Northwood, etc. If they weren't going to pull in a huge splash hire, Tarter is the best man for the job to keep the Richlands program healthy.
  2. Money, of course, but outside of that, a quality feeder system and low expectations. You've got a lot more job security at a school that isn't used to winning. Richlands is a tough job to fill because the expectations will be high and it's the worst kept secret in SWVA that the Tornado is about to take a big step back in talent.
  3. I like Patterson, and I think he's a better coach than most folks used to give him credit for, but let's not go overboard here. Holston went to back-to-back state tournaments in '08 and '09; the "decades" part is an exageration. Again, I think he's a better coach than it would indicate, but let's not forget that he has gone 5-35 when he doesn't have a once in a generation run of talent and possibly the best athlete in 1A in the offensive backfield. I do think he's a quality coach, but the jury is out for me as to whether he's a great coach. Does anyone know if Jason Matlock is still working for the Bristol school system? I don't know if he would be interested, but as long as we're throwing out names with a connection to Holston...
  4. I don't believe in superstars Organic food and foreign cars I don't believe the price of gold The certainty of growing old That right is right and left is wrong That north and south can't get along That east is east and west is west And being first is always best But I believe in Lee I believe in Coach Carroll too I believe in "five years and see" And I believe in you
  5. He was. He was head coach at Marion from 2011-2018. Finished as (at least) district runner-up 6 out of 8 seasons. Was an assistant under Steve Wright and DC under Mike Briscoe prior to that.
  6. Home run and a half. This is a bigger hire than Lee should have ever been able to pull in on paper. He had the most consistent success at Marion that any coach had since the mid-70s, and you can see how well they've done without him. In two years, he appeared to have turned around Person despite being a high enrollment school playing one of the toughest schedules in NC. I don't know how many district titles they'll be pulling in, but I would be very surprised if Lee stayed a bottom dweller in the M7 under Carroll's watch.
  7. There are only five other schools in the Hogo. If they're playing a full schedule, there should be five out of district games.
  8. The prominent Lee County businessman:
  9. Galax folks had to drive through Chilhowie to get to Saltville on the day of the Chilhowie Christmas parade. Chilhowie has restaurants and gas stations; Saltville's were rendered useless by being so close to the stadium that their parking lots were closed. Marion has a bigger stadium with more convenient infrastructure in and out, but a game in Marion meant no one was going to have to go to the Town of Chilhowie. At the point in which the Marion Director of Economic Development writes an open public letter to a Congressman on Facebook on behalf of Chilhowie, you realize that economics were the driving factor and not what was best for the kids. Which, it's true, the Town of Chilhowie planned for the crowd and it was a big deal for them, but the football team couldn't have cared less.
  10. Yeah, no such luck. Logged out and back in with no changes. The same thing happened last month when it billed me; it told me I didn't have a subscription over the weekend and then started working again on Monday. Since @THS6805 contacted customer service and hasn't gotten a reply, I would guess that they don't have anyone staffed to process payments over the weekend, which puts anyone who gets charged on Friday in limbo for the weekend. Pretty frustrated about it. Here's to hoping that we can get to see games in person this fall, because I'm not continuing with the network either way.
  11. I've got the same problem. Tried logging out and logging back, uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. I can't even unsubscribe to keep it from billing me because it says I'm not subscribed to a plan. It automatically charged me yesterday for this month's subscription.
  12. Good on Holston and congrats to Galax. It's been a long time since the Cavs' state tournament runs under Matlock, and they've been the underlings of the Hogo for longer than they'd like to admit. Hope this gives them some experience to stay competitive the next couple of years. Good to see one of the lower enrollment VHSL schools swing above their weight class, and hopefully the Tide can pull the upset against Riverheads.
  13. Woah there, BW, let's not get too braggartly 😂
  14. That makes perfect sense as to why it has seemed like a lot of bands aren't playing as often during a game as they used to. They can be penalized for playing after the huddle is broken, and for no huddle teams, that can be almost immediately after the play. It would seem that the roles should probably be reversed, with the band able to play during the pre-snap cadence and artificial noisemakers being prohibited. Either way, it's better than the old NCAA rule where a team could be penalized if their fans were making too much noise during pre-snap cadence.
  15. My understanding is that there is a "right to hear the cadence" rule that is open to interpretation for the officials. It's designed to prevent the defense from shouting "false cadence" that may cause the offense to false start. I know that the rule has been interpreted as "the stadium is too loud" in college before (see the Earthquake game between LSU and Auburn in '88), and I recall two different occasions where Mance successfully had the game paused when Richlands played at Marion due to a train passing the stadium. Maybe it's just an unwritten courtesy thing as opposed to being put in writing, but I have seen it occur before.
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