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  1. All things considered, GC and Marion seemed pretty evenly matched, which is kinda shocking considering how last week went for both teams.
  2. Gate City with the int, that'll be your final. Gate City 35, Marion 28
  3. Marion taking over with 1:16 remaining, down 7
  4. Gate City 35, Marion 28 GC with a Hail Mary on 4th and 24 4:50 remaining
  5. Marion 28, Gate City 28 LONG pass and score, Osborne to Carroll 7:15 remaining
  6. Gate City 28, Marion 21 11:16 in the 4th
  7. I'd rather not think about it. That game set back the sport of football by at least 75 years 🤣
  8. Gate City 21, Marion 14 Halftime Marion to receive 2nd half kick
  9. Gate City 21, Marion 14 6:14 left in the 2nd
  10. 14-14, Marion and Gate City, 8:29 in the 2nd
  11. Abingdon George Wythe Central Gate City Tazewell Patrick Henry Bluefield Rural Retreat Floyd County Giles Grundy Honaker Hurley JI Burton Rye Cove Lebanon Virginia Tech West Virginia Virginia No. 25 Oregon No. 22 Penn St. Appalachian State Marshall No. 15 Tennessee No. 24 Texas A&M Detroit Pittsburgh Baltimore Arizona Green Bay G(s)otW Galax 52 Graham 56
  12. Pulaski Abingdon Galax Princeton Radford Ridgeview Holston Union Graham Marion Tazewell Rye Cove Giles Rural Retreat Narrows Hurley Castlewood Lebanon Unake, TN No. 1 Alabama Arkansas No. 8 Notre Dame No. 6 Texas A&M No. 17 Pittsburgh Virginia West Virginia No. 12 Florida Virginia Tech No. 9 Baylor Cincinnati Carolina Green Bay Kansas City LA Chargers Dallas GotW Patrick Henry 62
  13. I will never stop calling it it Richlunds, Tazzwull, and Saulvull (on the other side of Clainch mountain). It's not a choice, it's a speech impediment 🤣
  14. They're pretty decent. They seem to have had a return to form this year. "As goes Marion's hot dog chili, so goes their football team." However, they no longer have hotdogs at the home side concession stand which creates a major logjam at the main concession stand just inside the gate. Poor logistical planning, in my opinion.
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