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  1. Grayson 15, Marion 9 Final
  2. Grayson 15, Marion 9 End of 3rd
  3. Cassell with a 3yd TD run. 2-pt conversion. Marion is, once again, crumbling. Grayson 15, Marion 9, 2:08 left in 3rd
  4. Beautiful catch and run by Grayson gets the Devils on the board. Marion 9, Grayson 7, 5:02 left in the 3rd
  5. I challenge everyone with NFHS to go watch the last two minutes of regulation in the first half. I have never seen anything this comical.
  6. Osborne with a 9-yd QB keep for 6. XP is good. Marion 9, Grayson 0, :26 left in half
  7. Grayson QB cant handle snap in end zone, safety for Marion. This has been a beautifully disgusting masterpiece thus far. Marion 2, Grayson 0, 2:09 left in 1st half
  8. Marion is playing Grayson at Marion's Homecoming. Stephen James, Marshall Doss, and Tim Smith are all coaching in the game and Steve Wright is on the Marion sideline with Fellowship of Christian Athletes duties. All of whom are participating in an impromptu 20 year reunion of Marion's 2001 State Tournament team (Wright and James were coaches, Smith and Doss were players).
  9. Pulaski Tennessee, TN Glenvar Christiansburg Union Patrick Henry Ridgeview Graham Marion Riverheads Chilhowie Eastern Montgomery Giles Honaker Hurley Twin Valley Castlewood Claiborne, TN Parry McCluer Virginia No. 7 Texas A&M No. 9 Clemson No. 4 Oklahoma No. 11 Florida Virginia Tech No. 12 Notre Dame Buffalo Pittsburgh Arizona Denver Green Bay GotW Week 6 Holston 48
  10. GC is going to have to block their tails off, and Marion is going to have to limit turnovers. Marion's front 7 is very stout and is more than capable of catching Jenkins in the backfield, but if he gets to the second level, forget about it, he's gone. Meanwhile, Marion has to establish a run game to take the load off of the passing game. Marion has excellent receivers, but if you're forced to run four verticals on every 3rd down due to being shut down on first and second, it makes the defense's job easy. I think it'll be a very entertaining high-scoring game, just maybe not a "68-40" level high scoring game like last year.
  11. Abingdon George Wythe Galax Marion Tazewell Patrick Henry Ridgeview Ft. Chiswell Giles Honaker River View, WV Twin Valley Thomas Walker No. 8 Cincinnati Tennessee No. 15 Virginia Tech No. 1 Alabama East Carolina No. 10 Penn St. No. 21 North Carolina No. 23 BYU Buffalo Pittsburgh New Orleans Seattle Kansas City G(s)otW Graham 77 Virginia @ Central
  12. I swear I'm not trying to be argumentative; I really don't have the slightest of clues as to what's going on at VA High other than what I've been told, so you're as likely to be correct as anything else I've heard, but Keith Perrigan is saying there were three positive tests in a public press release on behalf of Bristol City Schools. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4387421951339568&id=468912466523889&m_entstream_source=timeline
  13. The press release from Perrigan stated that there are three positive tests. They could all be coaches, I don't know, but it doesn't seem to be as simple as a coach got covid, quarantined, and no one else got it.
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