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  1. If I may make a suggestion for your #4 spot... http://hof.ehc.edu/members/william-m-earp/
  2. Let's not sleep on Mountain Dew as a secondary fight song, which not only took some ingenuity, but also the use of a song traditionally recognized as a bluegrass song and performing it as a marching band number is the most "SWVA sports" thing that I can imagine.
  3. So, who had Rye Cove as the 2 seed in 1D on their 2022 bingo card?
  4. All things considered, GC and Marion seemed pretty evenly matched, which is kinda shocking considering how last week went for both teams.
  5. Gate City with the int, that'll be your final. Gate City 35, Marion 28
  6. Marion taking over with 1:16 remaining, down 7
  7. Gate City 35, Marion 28 GC with a Hail Mary on 4th and 24 4:50 remaining
  8. Marion 28, Gate City 28 LONG pass and score, Osborne to Carroll 7:15 remaining
  9. I'd rather not think about it. That game set back the sport of football by at least 75 years 🤣
  10. Gate City 21, Marion 14 Halftime Marion to receive 2nd half kick
  11. Gate City 21, Marion 14 6:14 left in the 2nd
  12. 14-14, Marion and Gate City, 8:29 in the 2nd
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