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  1. To quote a wise man, "Tom Turner has more coaching knowledge in his chaw spit than your head coach."
  2. Pokey? Psht, to be the man you've got to beat the man, and Pocahontas hasn't beaten the Steers in 71 years. Jonesville on the other hand, could be a dark horse. I hear they picked up a couple of studs from Whitewood.
  3. Put your money on Rich Valley. If they can get past Garden, nobody in the East will touch then.
  4. Fun fact, the song "Russell County Line" was actually written about the buffet queue at Bonanza.
  5. Looks like it wasn't deleted, but was moved over to the College/Pro Sports board
  6. R.B. Worthy. Can't tell me they aren't recruiting and holding back. 9 state titles were bought and paid for by Olin Matheison, and it's hard to score against a team of 30 year old railworkers who can't read.
  7. Abingdon Signed, every single school with more than 450 students west of Roanoke
  8. One player's injury doesn't define a team... GRAHAM EARNED THAT PLAYOFF SPOT! ...Wait, what were we talking about?
  9. Sometimes "here comes the train," sometimes "here comes the airplane." It's all about knowing your personnel and Harris is excellent at it.
  10. Great effort by the Bearcats. It didn't look good for them at times, but they gave Marion everything they could handle at the end.
  11. Marion and VA High tied at 7-7 after one quarter and, somehow, only one first down in the entire first quarter for either team.
  12. What many people don't know about Coach Tarter is that he actually started his career as head coach of the '87 SMU Mustangs.
  13. 11 consecutive fullback dives up the middle, same ball carrier, 8 min off the clock, and Richlands had no answer. That's deflating if you're a Tornado.
  14. Jack Ginn has won an NCAA playoff game as a head coach and some how is still completely incapable of coaching 2A high school ball.
  15. Games aren't played on paper, and Marion has only beaten Richlands once in the last 20 years and twice in the last 40. Richlands can absolutely win this game. Will they? Who knows.
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