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  1. Ah, the 1930s Shakers... The best team money could buy.
  2. That'll create a 3A school. If folks in region 3D thought that the travel distance to and from Abingdon was tedious...
  3. I know that the three Tazewell County schools were the class of the SWD, and I hate the "everyone gets a trophy mentality" that we seem to have these days, but there are 75 positions on this all district team; let me reiterate, 75 positions on this all district team, and VA High and Marion combined to put two players in the team, one a piece. I know that neither team was very good, but come on now, there are 75 spots on the all-district team and six schools in the district. That's enough spots that every team could have put their starting eleven on the list and still had room for their kickers, and you mean to tell me that there's only 2 athletes south of Clinch Mountain worthy of being all-district?
  4. I will never not take the opportunity to answer that question with this:
  5. I've tried to be as positive as possible this season, and I appreciate that you're trying, but this is a team that has gotten worse in every game that they've played in partially because of injuries, I'll give you that, but more importantly because the team has lost all semblance of fundamentals. I've seen more horsecollar penalties from this team than the previous five years combined. They are consistently tackling by the shoulder pads and helmet, taking the wrong angle, not attempting to find the ball on pass plays, and getting stood up at the line of scrimmage because they aren't getting low enough to have a shot at winning at the point of attack. They lost an all-state player in the preseason, but there are two more all-state players who are on the team. If the team has lost 12 players (an entire team's worth) that is an alarming statistic that reflects horribly on the coaching staff. Rather than galvanizing under pressure as the season progressed like the Carroll coached teams did, a mediocre team has become the worst team that the school has produced since WWII as the season has progressed. A team that has three wins, have given Virginia High their only win of the season, getting beaten by 35 points, despite two of those three victories coming over teams that had beaten VA High. We're talking about a team that has fundamentally regressed to the extent that they don't even begin to resemble the same team they were five weeks ago, and sure, the players quitting hurt, but you can't convince me that twelve players quitting isn't reflective on the coaching staff. I'm not here to take a crap on Smith's staff because he is working with a stacked deck and it's his first year, he's still learning, but if any one can absolve the coaches of responsibility means that we're watching two different teams.
  6. Marion breaks another one of the "wrong kind of records." 61 points is the most points allowed by Marion since 1923.
  7. She b purdy as the sun So, you're saying that if you look directly at her you'll be permanently blinded?
  8. You got it, @Liam McPoyle. Also, for what it's worth, the out of touch uncle that got us the incense burner (who means well but it trying too hard) may be running for state Senate this year.
  9. Every man over the age of 35 has a slacker nephew that they just can't relate to. Today's music, fashion, and irrational interest in flavored water vapor that may or may not have nicotine or THC in it is beyond you, and while you're sure he's a good kid, times have left you behind and the only thing that you have in common is that you both have an AC/DC shirt in your closet because you both "used to like them when you were young and stupid." But one way or another, Christmas is coming and you have no idea what to get this brat, so while your wife browses Bed, Bath, and Beyond, the mall takes you to Spencer's Gifts to see what may be suitable to convince this kid that you're not completely out-of-touch. Then, you see it! You have no idea what it is, but it looks wicked awesome. The fact that it's sat on the shelf for so long that it's now listed at 75% off list price just means that he will be the only cat the block who has one. The label says it's an incense burner, which is super sweet, because every body knows that all the cool kids are into smoking things. So, he opens it, and of course, he hates it, but he pretends to like it before putting it in the closet and pretending like it doesn't exist. This is where the story gets complicated. Your nephew has a stepbrother, and the stepbrother is the black sheep of the family, mainly because he is constantly being unfairly compared to his two older biological brothers who are far more successful. It's not his fault, he just doesn't have the natural skills that his brothers have, but it's left him with a chip on his shoulder. So, every year, usually about the time the family opens up the closet to get out the Halloween decorations, he is reminded of the incense burner that his stepbrother has kept tucked away on the top shelf. Now, he doesn't really care about the incense burner, but if he can't one-up his older brothers, he might as well take something from his stepbrother; after all, he's had it for like three years and never shows it off! Meanwhile, your nephew really doesn't want that rejected prop piece from ABC's Dinosaurs, but the last thing he wants is to let that freshman annoyance that his mother married into the family get a hold of anything that is his. And thus, "The Battle for the Spencer's Gifts Clearance Sale Incense Burner" was born.
  10. Maybe I'm wrong, but I've seen both teams at midseason form and based on what I've seen, I'd pick Lebanon by two scores on a neutral field. It's not Battle's fault, they've just got too many injuries.
  11. I'm honestly not so sure that Battle is better than Lebanon at this point.
  12. 2011 SWD Standings: 1. Richlands 4-0 (10-0) 2. Marion 3-1 (4-6) 3. Carroll County 2-2 (3-7) 4. Abingdon 2-2 (3-7) 5. Tazewell 0-4 (0-10) They sent two teams to playoffs; Marion was booted in the first game, Richlands in the second. The district champions beat the district runner ups by 49 points, who in turn, beat the third place team by three scores... who beat the fourth place team by two scores... who beat the last place team by four scores. Only one team in the district posted a winning record, and the second best team in the district went 1-5 in out of district play, despite playing almost exclusively 1A teams. The entire district, excluding Richlands, went 3-20 in out of district play.
  13. Largest margin of defeat for Marion since 1936. Third largest margin of defeat in school history.
  14. Lebanon's defense is the reason why Marion won that game. Lebanon was only the second team this year to allow more than seven points from Marion's offense (they scored nine points in two games by getting safetys). In fact, if you remove garbage time and defensive scores from the equation, Marion was only averaging 8 points per game before Lebanon, while allowing 23 points, which isn't bad considering that they were turning the ball over four times a game. I've seen every game that Marion's this season and I have to say, I don't believe the narrative that Marion has suddenly found an offense, and I don't say that to crap on Marion or Lebanon, but it was the traditional "Marion homecoming shootout" that the Canes play every year, and I don't think based on what I saw that their offense is that good or that their defense is that bad.
  15. Marion's defense has been stout against downfield run-oriented teams and their offense has been anemic most of the season. If the season thus far has been an indication, if GC scores 21 points, they win.
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