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  1. This pandemic isn't going away anytime soon. I read that experts say 18 months or more. That cancels next year, too.
  2. And odds are, schools will be closed longer than two weeks...
  3. I was surprised they let today's games be played...
  4. And they all handle the same basketball all night long...kinda pointless, but I guess they feel like they did something...
  5. How pissed is everyone going to be when the VHSL cancels the tournament due to COVID-19 threat??
  6. I think there should be promotion/demotion between the NFL and XFL...worst two teams in NFL get demoted to the XFL and best two teams in the XFL get promotion to the NFL with those two XFL teams getting the first two picks in the draft. That'll stop NFL teams from "tanking" the season...I'm pointing at you Cincinnati and Washington...and give the XFL teams a little more to play for.
  7. GMan

    Mance news

    You mean this guy??? https://www.roanoke.com/news/charges-against-orlando-salinas-dropped/article_9c107eb6-a78b-5f3d-9e1a-d19ab8382db1.html
  8. Check it out yourself...this basketball board took up 2.5 pages this season...football covered over 15 pages...
  9. You don't need to go to games to realize basketball in the SWD is crap. And the rest of SWVA isn't much different with very few exceptions...if it were, this board would blow up just like the football board does every year...
  10. Haven't gone to a high school basketball game in 30 years, but I know Graham's place...and I also know everyone is playing for second place this season...
  11. Why am I jealous? I knew Graham wasn't very good this year, actually surprised they won the SWD. As a matter of fact, I don't ever think I've said they would win state in basketball in any year. Graham is what they are in basketball, and I'm OK with that. If their ceiling is the tallest midget, I'm cool with that.
  12. Did Giles even win a game in basketball this year? Sit down...
  13. OK, then, I can't wait until they beat Gate City's OR Radford's ass.
  14. No jealousy, and not bagging on local teams...just stating facts...
  15. Inner-city Richmond. They are no different than most other school that reach the State level playoffs..everyone has a transfer or two. So don't go knocking on your neighbor's door, until you clean up your own backyard...
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