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  1. GMan


    OK, it's been long enough, here are mine... Honorable Mention - Schools that play in a lower class than they should be playing in...you know which ones I'm talking about...<pointing finger>Riverheads, Grayson Co</pointing finger> #3 - Princeton - There's nothing about them that I've ever liked...always have a chip on their shoulder for no reason at all, they were never good, until maybe this year. And their fans are just awful, finger nails down a chalkboard bad. We'll just leave that one there. #2 - Radford - I just don't like them, Ugly uniforms, their black and gold looks like baby poop and their garbage stadium that should have been condemned in the 1980s. And then there was that playoff game in the 90s...I think there was some illegitimacy to that win...they knew every play that Graham was running. And, I'm sorry if this pisses off a few people on this board... #1 - Gate City - Hated them from the earliest days that I can remember. Their holdbacks, the kids that came over from TN, their train horn, the fact they don't care what side of the stadium they sit on. On top of that, they always seemed to beat Graham when I was a kid, the hate was real. My uncle played on the team that lost 52-0 and 70-14 in the early 70s, I think he helped fuel my hatred for GC. Fortunately, my years in high school, we took 3 of 4...I'll sill can see Eddie Hall picking off a screen pass and sprinting 40+ yards to the endzone my freshman year. But I digress, I just don't like them.
  2. GMan


    Hello Mr. Pot, I'm Mr. Kettle...
  3. To be honest, they had a great game plan last night. They took it right at Hairston and got a couple of fouls on him early so he couldn't be aggressive. Bluefield kept firing up threes, Graham kept getting easy bucket in close. Not sure Bluefield was ready to go up against a team that had as many good athletes as they have. Best high school game I've watched in a while.
  4. Graham just beat Bluefield 58-56...the G-Men will be in the mix late this season...
  5. GMan


    This may get very weird, but here goes... What school(s) do you absoloutely hate, can't stand them, hate so much you hope they lose every game??? Name up to 3...it could be a school your team played every year, just once, or even never. You can give your reasons why or not. Go...
  6. They didn't catch a break getting Bridgeport. They are good, don't let the #8 seeding fool you. They only lost one game, to Morgantown, and they run a single wing type offense and pound it down your throat all night long. I watched them kick the poop out of Cabell Midland, that game was only in doubt in the 1st Q. They came out and ran 8.5 minutes off the clock driving 68 yards to start the 2nd half for a TD and the game was over at that point, CM knew they couldn't stop them and were beat mentally at that point. I think Princeton's run ends next week at Anne P Hunnicut...
  7. Tazewell does this finds there groove in the 2nd Q, let's the other team mount a comeback in the 3Q, and then finishes them off in the 4Q...
  8. Pass Sas on my way work some mornings as he’s on his way to work…he probably doesn’t realize it…
  9. Yes, that’s true. I had a lot of free time when I started the original site, it then evolved into this board. The idea for this board came from Lance Ratliff, he had the connections and suggested it to me. He runs it now since I stepped down a while back.
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