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  1. I'm going to blame this on the Graham football players that were out rather late (for a game night) at a larger gathering in Bluefield, VA last night. Looked like they were having to good of a time and weren't thinking about today's game. Very irresponsible if you ask me. When my wife and I happened to drive by the gathering, I made the comment to her that they weren't taking the Union game seriously and weren't going to win today. But that's just my $.02...
  2. Going 0-2 in the county is a nice legacy to leave...
  3. But Bluestone is already a high school in VA...BE DIFFERENT!!!
  4. I'm telling you right now, if Tazewell Co. doesn't get creative with school names when consolidation time comes, I'm going to be pissed!!! If administrators can't be more creative than "Central", "Union", or "Ridgeview", "Bears", "Warriors, or "Wolfpack", they don't need to be in office! Tazewell Co. has enough culture, history, and geography that the names could be so unique that there may never be another school with the same name in the US. It's all right there in front of them if they could just see it. And don't let the stupid teenage kids pick the names either, they have no concept of the local culture, geography, and history of the County and they are far from knowledgeable enough to make that decision. Just use imagination and be unique, it isn't that difficult...
  5. But it is referred to as Wise Central or Central Wise because there are other "Central High School" in VA...Woodstock, Lunenburg...
  6. There's Glade Spring in VA and Glade Springs Resort in WV near Shady Spring...
  7. You're my boy, Blue!
  8. Mudslides have been cleaned up...460 is completely clear, just watch for potholes...
  9. 2 hours 20 minutes, on mostly good road...
  10. Fact...Richlands is much better now than in Week 1. Graham, maybe not. If you think this game will end up a 20 point margin like game 1, you're nucking futz. This game will be as close as the Tazewell game was and either team could win...or lose...
  11. Somebody has to win...right???
  12. GMan

    Chris Akers

    Graham broke Gate City... In the 2014 playoffs, Gate City beat Graham 70-0. Since then, Gate City has been 15-44 since then...Graham has been 58-14 with a State Championship...
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