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  1. Graham @ Bluefield James Monroe @ Greenbrier East PikeView @ Summers Co. Montcalm @ River View, 8/26 River View @ Mount View, 8/30 Fort Chiswell @ Rural Retreat Blacksburg @ Giles George Wythe @ Radford Central-Wise @ Eastside Gate City @ Richlands John Battle @ Abingdon Union @ Lee Ridgeview @ J.I. Burton Honaker @ Lebanon Marion @ Chilhowie Tazewell @ Virginia Galax @ Glenvar Alleghany, NC @ Grayson Co. Narrows @ Auburn Grundy @ Twin Valley Tug Valley, WV @ Hurley Patrick Henry @ Castlewood Rye Cove @ Jenkins, KY Thomas Walker @ Cumberland Gap, TN Twin Springs @ Northwood Eastern Montgomery @ Holston
  2. Dang, if it's in Grayson Co. on Thursday, you won't hear anything about it until Saturday...
  3. You need to stay off the Natty Lite, Makers Mark, and whatever it is your smoking.
  4. According to Google Maps...the shortest, fastest way... GW-TV 3:17 164 miles HHS-AHS 2:47 148 miles JRHS-CCHS 1:40 98 miles Bluefield High School to Wheeling Island Stadium 4:21 285 miles...went ahead and put this here since they go so often...plus you have to go through either Ohio or Pennsylvania to get there.
  5. Tug Valley isn't in Williamson...it's further...
  6. Christiansburg was not involved in this scrimmage...never was the plan...
  7. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SWVASportscom-254444619060/?ref=bookmarks Twitter - @SWVASportsC
  8. It isn't that Tony "darkened" them, its just that is the color Nike offered.
  9. Just had a call... Phone rings. I answer in a slightly Mexican accent, "halo?" Telemarketer with a bit of an accent: "I'm looking for the owner of the house." Me: "What is the owner?" Telemarketer: "Are you the owner of the house?" Me: "Owner?" Tele: "Yes, the owner. I'm looking for owner of the house. Are you the owner?" Me: "No" Tele: "May I speak with the owner of the house?" Me: "No, there is no house" Tele: "So, do you have an apartment?" Me: "No" Tele: "Well, where do you live then?" Me: "In a tent. Behind the big wall." The telemarketer hung up. I win again!
  10. Yeh, he's going to be collecting Bear teeth for the VDGIF...
  11. Here's a link to GC Twitter and you can see some pics of the field...that sod is going to be torn up by September... https://twitter.com/GateCityCowbell/status/1156293250342379532/photo/1 Look at pic 2, you can still see the squares of sod just sitting on the field. The grass hasn't taken root nor has it grown together to cover the seams.
  12. I hear Ronald will be making an appearance on the G-Men sideline...checking out the troops this season...
  13. 4-6...but will have to win their final three games to do it...
  14. The ceiling is the roof...
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