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  1. All VA and WV schedules are linked and pinned at the top of the main football page.
  2. West Virginia... https://s3.amazonaws.com/wvmetro-uploads-prod/2019/06/2019-H.S.-Football-Composite-Schedule.pdf?x43308 Virginia... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nq6ELCgtyE4Rz9lR_YU4BO4U6xiqlT5L/view
  3. Funny that someone with 4 posts is trying to tell someone with 1,444 posts how great this place is! Welcome, wheeler! We've been around for 20 years, in one iteration or another, glad you finally found us!
  4. That's what I mean, the sports I listed would be included in the facility but not baseball or football...
  5. I have a pool and a pond, the pond would be better for you...
  6. I've heard several things but "indoor football practice facility" wasn't one of them...I've heard indoor track, volleyball courts, basketball courts but not football or baseball practice facility...
  7. Am I the only one surprised by this decision??? I had an idea of where I thought he would go (no, not VT) but this one kinda came out of nowhere...wonder what they are giving these kids at UNC besides a degree without classes...
  8. He may change his mind shortly about going to Radford...info coming down soon...
  9. Nope. Even if they had won vs. Mavahi, they would not have beaten Tabb. As far as leaving Championship trophies on the table...2001 rings a bell. 1997 was another year like '81, but Graham couldn't beat Gate City. And, while we're at it, 1990 was a BIG disappointment in the State Semis at Rustburg...fumble fingers and a jobbing on a FG call put that opportunity to rest...
  10. Schedules, rankings, and message forum for West Virginia High School sports... http://www.wvtailgatecentral.com/ Lots of good folks over there with lots of good info!
  11. Nice write-up on SWD baseball... https://www.heraldcourier.com/sports/lebanon-the-favorite-in-southwest-district-baseball/article_8e2967b0-617f-11e9-abfc-bfe037f91997.html?fbclid=IwAR2I8KOSkLFm6L56tI92uLxFr5Tpnhe4vH__jbfhb6QB2NzvofblxAO8U7Q And BTW, Graham "run-ruled" Tazewell the other day 16-6...never thought that would happen...
  12. That is the way it used to be...when did it change?
  13. Right now, they just need bodies to fill the roster.
  14. I'll give him a chance but think this will lead to seven more years of bad VT basketball...
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