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  1. So, wait...the unbeatable team, the team that would beat everyone by 20+ points this season, the best team in SWVA, lost last night by double digits??? Had to be some bad officiating that caused that to happen...
  2. Graham beat Richlands 74-61 at RMS. Graves had 30, Turner-Bradshaw 17, Owens 11, Dales 10.
  3. I guess they were tired of everyone making fun of their weak non-district schedule...
  4. Graham beat V-High in Bristol last night 64-49.
  5. That's a surprise considering how awful Tazewell has been for...ever...
  6. Graham 67 Lebanon 29 Owens 15, Graves 13, everybody scored it seemed like...
  7. GMan

    Price Kollie

    Don't have to be Catholic to go to Notre Dame, especially if you are an athlete.
  8. BTW, Graham beat Pulaski Co. 77-64 to open the season. Graves 20, Turner-Bradshaw 19, Roberts 12, Dales 11, Owens 8 with 12 assists
  9. I'd say, keeping up with games/scores this season may be near impossible. I, for one, won't be upset if he doesn't and won't blame him for not doing it.
  10. Since my grandmother's family lived on Fries Road and most are buried in a small cemetery off of Windmill Road just across the county line in Grayson Co., I'd say I have ties to that area. And, my grandparents got married in Independence, so yeh, I'd say I have ties to that area. I've drank more iron water in my lifetime than most..."iron water", yes, that's how the well water from that area tastes...yeh, I'd say I have ties to that area.
  11. I have lengthy ties to both Grayson and Carroll Co....maybe I should go run things...
  12. PSA...the Sweet Red Chili wings from J&Z Grilling are also amazing. Jerk is still my favorite but SRC just moved into a close second...
  13. I don't have OCD but I do know how to kick...
  14. GMan


    Also, if you watch the play clock when they were taking a knee, they never let the clock go below 15 seconds, that cost them the win. Had they let it go to 1 each time, game was after snap on 3rd down...
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