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  1. It'll be closer than some think...
  2. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    He may volunteer to be kidnapped tonight, Loris is at Dillon...
  3. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    At least people can watch the band at half time...
  4. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    Fact, 95% of the people that buy tickets to sporting events buy them to see the teams play said sport, not to watch the band at halftime. The band is allowed to perform during the time the teams aren't playing.
  5. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    Dang, I pissed off some band members...
  6. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    And most football fans don't care about the band director. Maybe football should be played without them...
  7. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    The band director was a band member at one point, so he/she learned it somewhere...
  8. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    That's what happens when a coach wins a state championship...been a long time for Tazewell to understand that...
  9. GMan

    Week 4 updates

    Par for the course...
  10. Those colors were used under Carlock. Pre-Carlock colors were maroon and gray. Had khaki pants when I was in school in the early-mid 80's. Wore them into the 90s as well.
  11. You misspelled The Vault... Railyard pales in comparison...
  12. There's a noise ordinance in Bluefield, WV that will keep it from being blown, or get ticketed. That's why Bluefield no longer fires their cannon...
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