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  1. She's going to be a real good one...has the genes for it...
  2. Didn't Richlands play some school from Indiana in the late 80s/early 90s???
  3. As an employee of a McDonald's Owner/Operator, I'm forbidden from purchasing anything from a competing element...you'll get a McFlurry or nothing at all...
  4. VHS lost to Marion in the SWD tournament to get the #3 seed and avoid Union...apparently they felt good about their chances playing Graham a 4th time...
  5. Unless its something that's going to hit their pocketbook...they didn't earn the VH$L moniker for no reason...
  6. He's trying to position himself for when the next time the UT job comes open...
  7. Chapmanville had several "recruits" during their championship run...they are using "hometown" boys now...
  8. Why in God's name did someone dig up a 15 year old thread??? I should lock this on principle alone...
  9. Claiborne and another players did not play that game.
  10. King William isn’t a bunch of city slickers…
  11. King William up 16-3 on Central-Woodstock in the 2Q.
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