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  1. Ridgeview has entered the queue...
  2. Winner, winner, chicken dinner...Indy vs. Hoover for the WV AA State Championship on Friday night at Wheeling Island Stadium...
  3. Missed three out of four...going to hurt their playoff picking percentage. May need to tweek that program a bit...
  4. Out of the coverage area by 8.8 miles as the crow flies... At one time, a while back, I included everything south of Charleston in my coverage area. But once I realized that all those teams added zero value to the board, I left them out. Also included everything west of, and including, Roanoke too...they also were dropped at the same time. I condensed the area to everything west of Blacksburg and only included the WV counties that were directly on the border of the SWVA counties.
  5. They are hit and miss on whether they are open or not...
  6. He must have knocked your son on his ass at some point...
  7. Yes, he is already getting looks from some big time D1 schools in the SE...If he stays injury free and has a good season next year, we will probably be watching him on the CBS 3:30 game in a few years. MBA beat Baylor 42-34 earlier this season at home. It will definitely be a great game.
  8. I don't consider Herbert Hoover to be an upset, only in seeding. They lost their first two games of the season, including game 2 to Winfiled 19-14. Ever since, no one has been close to them, they've gotten better (healthier) as the season went on. I think it will be Indy and Hoover in the Championship.
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