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  1. (304) 952-5841 1324 Bland St Bluefield, West Virginia 24701
  2. Have not had Sweet Red Chili yet...not certain I want to challenge my digestive system with too much heat. Have a feeling these might light you up...
  3. There is no seating right now, its pretty much call in order and pick up or they'll deliver. Be careful what you wish for in regards to the heat, they can melt your brain if you want...they have one called "Tongue Torch", it isn't just a name, it's telling what it will do...
  4. The only problem I've run into is they are sometimes out of bone-in wings and I end up getting boneless...not really a problem in my opinion. My wife swears by the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. The fried pickles are good to....caught me by surprise the first time, thought they'd be "chips" but turned out to be "spears". I do highly recommend the Jerk wings...add heat as desired...
  5. https://www.dallasnews.com/high-school-sports/football/2020/05/19/national-recommendations-detail-restrictions-three-phases-to-resuming-high-school-sports-amid-coronavirus/
  6. Can a "random football thread" go off-topic? If so...J&Z Grilling in Bluefield, WV has the best darn jerk chicken wings a human can find this side of Cuba...ask them to add just a little heat and they are superb!!! I've had them three times in the last two weeks...thank you for my stimulus check, Uncle Don!!!
  7. Oh, by the way, welcome to the board...
  8. I used to have a quick trigger finger, but as I've aged, I've mellowed and allow just a little bit more than I used to. However, if you hit that right note...
  9. He and I sparred several times over there...pretty certain he hated everything "SWVA"...
  10. Congratulations, Rick!! It is so awesome that we have such an amazing source for high school sport history right here on this forum!!! I am very thankful and grateful that you are here and share your knowledge with all of us. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that this little forum covering sports in southwest Virginia and southern West Virginia would have such an outstanding gentleman in it's presence. Well done, good Sir!!
  11. Hey, Legend! Welcome to SWVASports.com! Don't be a stranger when football rolls around again, whenever that may be!
  12. GMan

    Honest Answers

    <Hokie Fans> What tournament??? </Hokie Fans> 🤪
  13. This pandemic isn't going away anytime soon. I read that experts say 18 months or more. That cancels next year, too.
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