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  1. My point is, the district is garbage on the court no matter who wins it.
  2. It's a bad league if they don't...
  3. If you block a punt, it can't be roughing...
  4. Virginia Class 1 Riverheads 31 Galax 24 Virginia Class 2 Stuarts Draft 21 Appomattox Co. 42 Virginia Class 3 Hopewell 35 Lord Botetourt 7 Virginia Class 4 Lake Taylor 34 Tuscarora 14 Virginia Class 5 Maury 28 Stone Bridge 21 Virginia Class 6 Oscar Smith 13 South County 14
  5. You could have the best helmet in the world on but if you get hit hard, your brain is still going to rattle around inside the skull...that's where concussions come from...
  6. VH$L won't get rid of benefit games, they get half the money on those...
  7. Very true, for the most-part...
  8. 5 game post season is too long. If you make the championship game, you've played a whole extra half of a season. I say start the season a week earlier and cut the playoffs to 4 games...championship games could be played on the last weekend in November. Don't get rid of the bye week, and don't allow a bye week before the fifth game of the year. That way kids can "refresh" a bit, especially if they are heading into post-season play. But that's too logical for the VH$L to figure out....
  9. Watch Graham-Appomattox Co. here... https://www.facebook.com/cnqrkdscncr
  10. In WV AAA Championship action... Martinsburg 49 Cabell Midland 14 HALF
  11. If you are talking about Cabell Midland...he doesn't throw much. They run sort of a wing-T type offense.
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