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  1. You telling me kids from Ceres go to Northwood, even though Ceres is in Bland Co.? Nebo is kind of in its own little world. Can't believe that they'd hold up "progress" for so few.
  2. First, masks. Now, goggles. What's next and where does it end??? We can't live in bubbles the rest of our lives...
  3. He can't read his phone with his mask on...
  4. Heard a rumor this morning that Bluefield has become the "Area All-Star" team...
  5. My insanity has nothing to do with your family member...
  6. Quote from the article...
  7. Dang, Graham as a legit Class A school...Graham, Giles, Radford and GW would make a nice start for creating a new district...toss in Fort Chiswell, Galax, Grayson Co. that would be as tough of a Class A district as you could find in VA.
  8. I wasn't faculty when I coached the Graham golf team in another life...
  9. They've never complained until now. If it was such a big deal, it would have happened years ago...just sayin'...
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/stonewall-jackson-no-more-prince-william-county-renames-two-schools-removing-confederate-general-s-name/ar-BB167YV9?ocid=hplocalnews
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