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  1. Congratulations Gmen! You were by far the better team in my opinion. So proud for the young men, coaches and community. Truely a job well done. Now enjoy because it is truly a special time.
  2. It's a shame really. Both teams deserved way better than this. I hate it for both.
  3. Way to go Gmen! That's the way to take care of business. Now go get one more!
  4. I just hope that Graham wins this one and I think they will. This Richland's fan will be pulling for the Gmen.
  5. Hey Stu...pull for family. Just kidding, go ahead and pull for Graham considering your record you mentioned.
  6. 2A- Palmer (Graham) I personally think he deserves it. I think he has come a long ways the past two years. Bringing Palmer in as Defensive Coordinator was a great move.
  7. Why can't you just let it go man...it's obvious you have issues here. I normally don't call anybody out but this is rediculous. You guys won the game. GET OVER IT !
  8. Graham has to much speed for us. I think Richland's will play better this time but I think Graham is just better than we are this year. Mance will have them ready. You still have to play the game... you never know with High school football. That's why we all love it.
  9. Total DOMINATION! Well played Gmen. Much the better athletes and speed. I hope you guys can keep playing well and peek at the right time. Congratulations
  10. Marion in a close one. Marion - 35 Tazewell - 31
  11. This... An honest post from a proven fair poster here. Your reputation is cemented here and a post like this is why I respect you greatly. My opinion of course.
  12. Prayers being sent up for this young man.
  13. Sheets and Ryan agree... didn't expect that one anytime this century...lol
  14. Offense - Devon Johnson Defense - Todd Mcglothlin
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