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  1. I disagree...think it's pointless...but just my opinion...you obviously disagree with my opinion and that's fine
  2. Do you really think many kids on an 0-10 team really wants to play another meaningless game that means zilch? I bet most wouldn't...but hey let's let them play for no reason and risk an injury in a game that means nothing May as well just let every team in the state make the playoffs reguardless of record...that way everyone is happy
  3. Agree.... VA tried to give them the best chance to play at the time IMO but everyone bashed the governor for doing it.... WV is indeed a clusterf*ck
  4. I just think it's idiotic...but you are on the other side of the fence...agree to disagree...you will never change my mind on it
  5. Even if a team is 0-10? Still reward them and let them play? Sheesh So let 0-12 teams go to a bowl game too since most will never play again...isn't that same thing?
  6. So 0-10 teams deserve a playoff spot? This is the old give everyone a trophy thing isn't it?
  7. Hell they do that already...the playoffs now are a total joke...when 2-8 & 0-10 teams makes playoffs it's a joke
  8. Yeah this sounds like a great playoffs...but they(at least some of them) got to play right SMH
  9. Yes imo 6 would be better but I doubt they ever go that route
  10. You play in what class you are in as far as enrollment period...no more of this letting teams like carroll co play down because they can't compete in their classification
  11. Glad they do cause that's what it should be IMO....4 classes
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