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  1. Beard values defense...McClung plays zero...should be intetesting
  2. 100% truth...and would have got it if not for his tenure at Patrick Henry
  3. Oh ok never heard of him...not one of the ones I know...the ones I know are all bburg guys not people that came with him from a previous job
  4. Just asking cause I know a few of the bburg coaches but didn't pay any attention when we played them this year to see if they we're there or not
  5. Who came with him from Blacksburg?
  6. What are you talking about
  7. Agree....some fans just like to point out one play them say "refs cost is the game"....just the easiest excuse instead of placing blame elsewhere But these same fans never say "yeah they missed that call on us"
  8. No they sure didn't...come sit me down...sorry I upset you Mr glam...did you go to a game this year?
  9. Jealousy my man that's all it is
  10. Haha you crack me up tough guy. .come to Giles and take it Go bobcats haha
  11. Did I say I wanted to bet? Uh no I didn't...all I said is at this point nobody knows and it's just a guess...and it's jealousy Thanks for your input though
  12. Yeah ok lol And you can't wait till they kick Radford or GC asses? Well it's your right to root for whoever but it is not a fact right now that they will beat either...it's a wish....now it may happen who knows...nobody at this point..and why would you hope they kick their asses unless you are bagging on local schools or are jealous?
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