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  1. It's kinda in the name isn't it lol But yeah kinda weird
  2. Don't know why we aren't playing them.... probably our moron AD's decision
  3. We usually go into myrtle when having dinner...but always out before the sun goes down lol
  4. We stay in that area also....never had a problem
  5. I don't think how much time he will coach means much....they were simply running out of time to hire a coach....he stepped up for their program IMO As I said I'll believe it when I see it
  6. Not impossible I guess but I'll believe it when I see it
  7. I think if you don't stay in downtown area of MB then you are fine...gets pretty rough in downtown area after the sun goes down
  8. I pick myrtle also but will not stay close to the downtown area
  9. Dang he probably does deserve a chance then...37 years...wow that's a long time and a lot of hours spent with the program
  10. Know nothing about the guy but I assume he was on the staff previously? Was he there when mance was there?
  11. Dinnis the menace you mean? Lol
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