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  1. Another Jim Weaver type hire....good grief
  2. I'm pretty sure mcneily will decommit since his uncle will be going with Buzz to A&M....probably Harris as well but who knows
  3. Wojo...at least that's what I'm hearing
  4. Parents are a big problem at most schools...everyone's kid is as good as tom brady it LeBron James according to the parents
  5. Is this game on radio anywhere? Thanks
  6. You don't see why they would if they are a head coach of one of the fball team's in the area? Really?
  7. I've watched Graham and Radford both multiple times and I agree with you Ryan...but honestly I wouldn't wager money either on it
  8. I know that but I would think most head coaches wouldn't be stupid enough to use real names when signing up...but guess some do
  9. Just wondering how do you guys know that a bunch of head coaches read this board? Do you ask each individual coach? Or just go off the word that a person's team's head coach said they read it? Not trying to upset you...just curious
  10. Yes they have and it's as stupid in VA as it is in WV
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