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  1. Cburg damn good this year...big test at Salem next Friday
  2. Who said trap game? Haha
  3. Could be worse if we didn't keep shooting ourself in the foot...good grief
  4. You are in trouble since only team you root for is richlands and they don't play. Or do you root for others
  5. A gate city-union thread turns into yet another back and forth over the already played union-graham game lol
  6. Pulaski Co. Abingdon Glenvar Christiansburg Union Patrick Henry Ridgeview Graham Grayson Co. Riverheads Chilhowie Eastern Montgomery Giles Grundy Hurley Twin Valley Castlewood Thomas Walker Rural Retreat Virginia 16 Arkansas 9 Clemson 4 Oklahoma 11 Florida Virginia Tech 12 Notre Dame Buffalo Pittsburgh Arizona Denver Green Bay Game of the week Holston.....51 points
  7. I hate the term "trap game"...good coaches get players ready to play...I think that term is just an excuse if the favorite happens to lose
  8. Exactly...people go back and watch film in slow motion and "find" all kinds of penalties...it's usually the losing team too but not always. Bad calls gonna happen, nobody is perfect...but everyone is perfect when you slow film down and dissect every play...refs doing it at full speed in game
  9. Blacksburg covid? Or just chicken shit?
  10. Does it matter? Not really lol...it don't matter at all...not Galax fault graham was down at the time
  11. They won't overlook galax
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