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  1. Oh I don't know...you just asked if there would be openings...and I'm sure there will be
  2. I said we did destroy them and we did in 2013
  3. What would this be for the west? 7 in a row?
  4. It was not a terrible call on the punt return...it was the RIGHT call geez I know you didn't like the call and it went against your team but don't call it terrible....call it what it was the correct call
  5. If it happened to Graham in that situation you would be upset I bet
  6. I'm not....the highest rated team earned the right to host and should host the game
  7. I think making that long trip the day of the game hurts the visiting team also but just my opinion
  8. Yep....just can't crack back on a defensive player....have to know that before the game
  9. I'm sorry but it's the right call according to the rule
  10. I know but there are questionable calls every game on both teams...but the losing team always points out 1-2 plays(against them only of course) and go on and on about it
  11. No offense to anyone but why does just about every team when they lose automatically blame the refs? Guess it's just the easy out huh I wasn't at game today and not pointing anyone our so don't get upset anyone
  12. It don't matter...I'm not getting into it
  13. I have no problem with Appo other than the dancing around and stuff like that...the 4 times Giles & Appomattox have played the best team won all 4 times. I personally don't care who wins this game...and I don't root for region teams just because they are in the same region as Giles...just hope it's a good game for people to watch at the game
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