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  1. Pulaski Co Central Floyd Co Radford Gate City Lee Ridgeview Union Graham Tazewell Independence WV Ft. Chiswell Grayson Co Honaker Hurley JI Burton Northwood Rural Retreat Ole Miss Minnesota Alabama Oklahoma St Florida State North Carolina Appalachian St Marshall Clemson Cleveland Indianapolis Pittsburgh Baltimore Kansas City Game of the week Narrows....50 points
  2. Sorry pal but some of us have wanted it for 30 years...if your enrollment is up that much why you still graduating around 50 per year
  3. You didn't answer mine and I didn't answer yours....well leave it at that....I got my answer
  4. I think you should run the weight room....you game?
  5. Oh I understand now....I'm done arguing ...it makes sense now
  6. Sure ya do...how long you been a Giles fan
  7. Agree...somebody in this year's backfield is likely to get moved to another offensive position next year But with no OL it will be more of the same
  8. No cause you seem to know more than me,Jeff or anyone on the giles coaching staff...so go ahead dude give them your valuable input
  9. Why don't you go tell him your opinions on what would definitely make us a better team....afterall you have a state championship as a coach...oh wait that's him
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