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  1. Pulaski played without their starting QB....hurt shoulder last week against Bluefield and out a month or more
  2. I'd be willing to put money on that
  3. 4 seniors on entire team ...we had multiple starters that didn't play Friday at HV either
  4. And a young giles team plays all 3 if those teams UGH....1 in a benefit game and 2 of them where the games count
  5. Why the change? We usually never scrimmage at home
  6. Well yeah but I was just talking scheduled games in regular season lol
  7. Northside and Lord Botetourt played 2 times last year
  8. Also heard the attitudes are a lot better this year too....last year was a nightmare with some of those kids
  9. How many players do the wave have our this year?
  10. Is any parent ever happy with the play calling unless it's their kid getting the ball 100% of the time
  11. Haysi was awesome....stands right on the field...great stuff
  12. Mine was about the giles-narz game lol Everyone knows richlands will beat tazewell lol
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