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  1. Oh I think that's you...great guy there lol
  2. Really? Yeah I'm the one that gets defensive over cleats,recruiting or the great Thad Wells....lol
  3. Just don't respond if it bothers you that much...and it obviously does
  4. Chill man....damn you get too defensive...still sore about the cleats huh? Geez relax
  5. Blah blah blah...useless bullshit as always...thought you left till august? A lie I see...happens alot up that way doesn't it
  6. If if it.....if you played D2 you would get your asses kicked....see I can do the if game too
  7. Playing the class we should be in unlike you....got our asses kicked by appo a few times...same thing y'all would have done if you had the balls to play them in playoffs...but you beat up on little brothers...pathetic
  8. Thought you were gone till august? So you lie like your school does about their enrollment...seems about right
  9. No more than you clowns do....ass kicking you got then ran shortly after
  10. My team is the red team and stomped your little red teams ass in 2013....yeah right before y'all ran to the little brothers
  11. What will satisfy us is you playing in class you should be in and not fibbing about numbers to beat up on little brothers in playoffs
  12. Yeah total garbage coach and not a good person either
  13. If you are in D2 where you belong we sure can ..but you're gonna beat up on little brothers yet again I'm sure
  14. Congrats on your D2 title...oh I mean D1...don't have the nads to play teams with similar enrollments...my bad You won't be missed...neither of your names
  15. Good call...got one right haha
  16. Boy we can't wait....maybe by then you will man up and play D2 where you belong...but I doubt it...keep beating up on little brothers
  17. And lots of lying in the staunton area also
  18. He don't want to listen to reason...he will disappear after about Sunday
  19. Rather you just go back Into your hole
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